26 Jan 2021

US military intel agency buys, uses bulk US phone location data without warrants
Last week the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) admitted to bulk purchasing commercially available U.S. smartphone location data and using it to search the movements of Americans. In a memo provided to Sen. Ron Wyden (D-OR), obtained by the New York Times, the DIA confirmed it has a database of U.S. phone location data, which it has used five times in the past two-and-a-half years since the database was established.

Democrats Have Released A Roadmap To One-Party Rule
The Democrats appear intent on instituting one-party rule in the United States. They’re trying to use the U.S. Capitol riots as an excuse to criminalize dissent and banish conservative voices from the public sphere, and at the same time they’re hoping to use their temporary, razor-thin majority in Congress to rewrite the rules governing our elections in a way designed to keep the Democratic Party entrenched in power for decades to come.

Leon Black Steps Down As Apollo CEO After Review Finds He Paid Jeffrey Epstein $158 Million
Over the past year and a half, Apollo CEO and founder Leon Black had been caught in a web of allegations that he was “too close” to suicided and disgraced pedophile Jeffrey Epstein after it emerged Black had paid Epstein $158 million after he was released from jail. And while Black published a letter in which he admitted that “it was a terrilble mistake” to associated with Epstein and “like many people I respected, I decided to give Epstein a second chance,”

Apple Paid Lobbyist To ‘Educate Policymakers’ Regarding Bill To Stop Uighur Slave Labor
Apple, the trillion dollar tech company, paid a consulting firm $90,000 to “educate policymakers” regarding a bill that would prohibit U.S. companies from using forced labor of Uighur Muslims in China, according to lobbying disclosure reports filed on Friday. Apple paid two consulting firms for work on the House version of the Uyghur Forced Labor Prevention Act in the fourth quarter of 2020, according to the lobbying reports. The company paid $90,000 to Invariant LLC and the same amount to Fierce Government Relations, the records show.

As Thousands Die From COVID on His Watch, Biden Vows to ‘Speed Up’ Efforts to Redesign $20 Bill
Nearly 18,000 Americans have died from COVID-19 on President Joe Biden’s watch—the equivalent of 7.5 Pearl Harbor attacks. In response, the Biden administration on Monday vowed to “speed up” efforts to redesign the $20 bill.

New phase in anti-terror op launched in eastern Turkey
A new phase of Turkey’s domestic counter-terrorism operation has been launched in the country’s east, expanding the country’s fight against terrorists, the Interior Ministry said on Saturday. Operation Eren-3 is moving forward in the Mt. Agri (English Mt. Ararat) region of the eastern Agri province with 59 operational teams, including over 1,000 personnel from the gendarmerie, police, and village guards.

Tulsi Gabbard asks Joe Biden: ‘Have you declared martial law?’
With the National Guard now expected to remain in the nation’s capital during the second impeachment trial of former President Trump through March, a former congresswoman is asking President Joe Biden if he has declared martial law. “President @JoeBiden, have you declared martial law? Because that is what it’s starting to look and feel like. Let our troops get back home to their families,” Tulsi Gabbard tweeted on Monday.

63 people who received second vaccine dose contracted COVID-19
The Ministry of Health on Monday evening published data regarding cases of coronavirus that were discovered in people after they received the second dose of the vaccine. Of the 428,000 people for whom a week has passed since they received their second vaccination, 63 have contracted the virus.

Iran’s Zarif urges Biden to act first in returning US to nuclear deal
Iran urged new US President Joe Biden on Friday to “choose a better path” by returning to a 2015 nuclear deal between Tehran and global powers, but said the opportunity would be lost if Washington insists on further Iranian concessions up front.

Second wave of locusts striking hard-hit East Africa
A second wave of desert locust swarms has begun striking an already hard-hit East Africa in recent weeks after heavy rains and a late-season cyclone sparked a new round of breeding, with swarms invading Kenya and southern Ethiopia

Recent Chinese military moves pose big questions for new US administration
Taiwan reported a “large incursion of Chinese warplanes for a second day running,” the BBC reported. Some 15 aircraft flew near Pratas Island in the northern part of the South China Sea administered by Taiwan. From Beijing’s perspective, it is merely flying over areas it claims.

F-35s caught by Hezbollah TV over Lebanon in rare operational flight
Israeli F-35s are never seen in combat, but on Monday they seemed to have been captured by a Lebanese photographer patrolling the skies over Lebanon.

REPORT: Arab Countries’ Support for PA Dropped 81% in 2020
A recent report showed that support from Arab countries for the Palestinian Authority dropped 81.5% in 2020. A closer look reveals that the situation for the PA is much worse than even that.

Syrian Arab Army forces position themselves on Mount Hermon – report
The Armed Forces, the land body of the Syrian Arab Army, were spotted on the Lebanese side of Mount Hermon in the north of Israel on Monday night, Syrian state-media reported. The Syrian Army is under the directive of President Bashar Assad and consists largely of Sunni Muslims. Recently, reports have surfaced of both Israeli and Syrian airstrikes in areas close to the border.

China to conduct military drills in South China Sea amid tensions with U.S.
China said on Tuesday it will conduct military exercises in the South China Sea this week, just days after Beijing bristled at a U.S. aircraft carrier group’s entry into the disputed waters. A notice issued by the country’s Maritime Safety Administration prohibited entry into a portion of waters in the Gulf of Tonkin to the west of the Leizhou peninsula in southwestern China from Jan. 27 to Jan. 30…

Blast shakes Riyadh three days after projectile intercepted
A loud explosion shook Riyadh on Tuesday three days after the kingdom intercepted a projectile fired over the Saudi capital. No immediate reaction came from Saudi Arabia, which has come under repeated missile or drone attacks from Houthi rebels in neighbouring Yemen since 2015. The blast rattled windows across the Saudi capital at about 1pm (10:00 GMT), witnesses said.

Jordan demands Israel end Al-Aqsa ‘provocations’
Jordan urged Israel on Monday to stop blocking restoration work at Jerusalem’s Al-Aqsa mosque compound, Islam’s third holiest site. Jordanian foreign ministry spokesman Daifallah Alfayez said he had sent a “protest note” demanding Israel “refrain from such violations and provocations, and respect the mandate of Jordan in administering Muslim holy sites.”

US exploring new bases in Saudi Arabia amid Iran tensions
The U.S. military is exploring the possibility of using a Red Sea port in Saudi Arabia and an additional two airfields in the kingdom amid heightened tensions with Iran, the military said Tuesday. While describing the work as “contingency” planning, the U.S. military said it already has tested unloading and shipping cargo overland from Saudi Arabia’s port at Yanbu, a crucial terminal for oil pipelines in the kingdom.

House Delivers Impeachment Article To Senate But Biden Doesn’t Think Trump Will Be Convicted
“The outcome would be different if Trump had six months left in his term…”

Californian dies hours after getting COVID-19 vaccine, prompting probe
A California resident who was vaccinated against COVID-19 died just hours later — and authorities are trying to find out why.

Storm Hortense hits Mallorca with wind gusts up to 170 km/h (105 mph), Spain
Storm Hortense left a trail of destruction after it made landfall in Mallorca, Spain on January 23, 2021. Significant damage was reported across the island and at least 2 people were injured.

Prof to give talk on ‘demilitarizing whiteness’ so white people can ‘become human’
The narratives springing forth about the U.S. Capitol riot on January 6 are becoming more and more inventive.

BREAKING: Trump issues statement, establishes “Office of the Former President”
Moments ago the office of former President Trump released the following statement: According to the release “the Office of the Former President” will manage Trump’s correspondence, public statements, appearance and official activities, according to a press release from the office. “President Trump will always and forever be a champion for the American People,” the release adds.

All states need to immediately enact a vaccine bill of rights
The rollout of “Operation Warp Speed” Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccines is now in full swing, and it appears as though getting jabbed will eventually become a requirement in order to travel, keep a job, buy food, and conduct business. There is still time to prevent this nightmarish dystopia from happening, though.

SPAIN UNDER ATTACK! Illegal alien, military-aged Muslim invaders form Africa, many of whom are infected with COVID-19, storm border fence
In the early hours of the morning, 150 potentially dangerous Muslim invaders stormed Spain’s border fence in Melilla, a Spanish enclave in North Africa bordering Morocco.

States eye allowing concealed carry of guns without a permit
Republican lawmakers in several more states want to loosen gun restrictions by allowing people to carry concealed firearms without having to get a permit, continuing a trend that gun control advocates call dangerous.

Christian Church Bombed in California, Media Blames Church For Preaching Traditional Marriage
If you saw the headlines for the story about what took place at the First Works Baptist Church in El Monte, California you wouldn’t have thought it was as alarming as it turns out to be.  At first, when you read the headline you thought it was just a minor incident, maybe punk kids screwing around with fireworks.  But it wasn’t fireworks, rather, it was a real hate crime.

British Broadcasting Company Releases Program Aimed At Prepubescent Children Teaching That There Are More Than ‘100 Genders’ Available Now
We warned you about 8 years ago that the global LGBTQ+ P for Pedophile Movement was recruiting children, and we received all kinds of hate mail telling us how wrong and mean we were to say such things. But the reality is that the LGBTQ+ people are making a very strong pitch for recruiting children to their doctrine, as we see here in this BBC ‘special’ that is aimed at very young children to fill their heads with ridiculous ideas about changing their gender.

Well, it appears that another Democrat has been caught on camera where he seemingly has been outed as a Chinese dictator super fan.

The trigger for the military to move against Biden (you won’t like this)
A lot of people won’t want to hear today’s Situation Update, even though it still delivers many action items and justification for optimism. What people want to hear are instant solutions: “Joe Biden will be removed by Saturday” or “there will be a new election on March 4th under the restored republic.”

Twitter Launches ‘Birdwatch’, A Liberal ‘Fact Checking’ Feature Designed To ‘Combat Misinformation’ But Is Actually Meant To Silence Christians And Conservatives
Not content with their silencing and censoring the views and opinions of people like Donald Trump, Twitter now turns to the Twitterverse to enlist them to do their dirty work for them. Censorship will become a group effort, where no opinion will be allowed except for the opinion of the group. This is exactly what George Orwell warned would happen one day in America, that day is now here. Check out this bible verse written over 3,000 years ago by the wisest man that ever lived, King Solomon, it’s almost like he could see the future.

MOTB UPDATE: Get Ready To Get One Step Closer To The Mark Of The Beast With FacePay Biometric Currency That Uses Your Face To Buy And Sell
Today on our Prophecy News Podcast, we talked about the aims and goals of something called The Fourth Industrial Revolution, a paradigm shift currently underway right now by the New World Order heavyweights like Klaus Schwab of the World Economic Forum. As you read this, Davos 2021 is busy mapping out our short-term global future, and it includes lovely little goodies like biometric currency known as FacePay. Currently it’s all the rage in Europe and Asia, and as the old saying goes, coming soon to a theater near you. Or in you. Yep, that’s the plan.

Fauci Pledges New Admin’s Commitment To Taxpayer-Funded Abortion
Dr. Anthony Fauci pledged the new administration’s aggressive pursuit of gender equity, including abortions funded by American taxpayers, after President Joe Biden rejoined the Chinese-dominated World Health Organization (WHO) last week.

Godiva Closing All US Stores On Plunging Sales
“Of course, this decision was difficult because of the care we have for our dedicated and hard-working chocolatiers who will be impacted.”

Xi Warns Biden & Globe Against ‘New Cold War’ In Davos Opener As Pundits Tout “Great Reset”
Great Reset or a Threat?… “to build small circles or start a new cold war, threaten or intimidate others, willfully impose decoupling, supply disruption or sanctions” will push the world into “division or even confrontation.”