5 Jan 2021

FDA staff recommends watching for Bell’s palsy in Moderna and Pfizer vaccine recipients
The FDA said that there were four reported cases of Bell’s palsy among Moderna’s 30,000 trial participants, including three who got the vaccine.

3.1 magnitude earthquake felt in southeast South Dakota
A 3.1 magnitude earthquake was registered in South Dakota on Monday, according to the U.S. Geological Survey. The USGS earthquake notification system reported the quake in Bon Homme County, a little over three-and-a-half miles north northeast of Tyndall. The USG says it occurred at about 8:55 a.m. Central Time and was located about three miles underneath the earth’s crust.

Georgia State Senators Call on Pence to Delay Jan. 6 Electoral Vote
Republican state senators in Georgia started a push on Monday to delay the Jan. 6 counting of electoral votes. At least a dozen have signed a letter directed to Vice President Mike Pence asking him to officially delay the count—and the number is still growing.

Man Wielding Bat Goes On GTA-Style Crime Spree In Lower Manhattan
Days after a gang of thugs in Manhattan attacked multiple cars in broad daylight, a man on Sunday evening went on a violent crime spree with a wooden bat, attacking people and vehicles in Lower Manhattan. NYPD officials are baffled at the “frightening violent crime spree” and are still “trying to make sense of” what happened, said CBS New York.

Cruz: Google Is The “Most Dangerous Company On The Face Of The Planet”
“I think hands down Google is the most dangerous company on the face of the planet. Google is the most dangerous because it’s the biggest by far. It is the most powerful by far. It controls the vast majority of searches people do,” Cruz noted after describing big tech as the “single greatest threat” to “free and fair elections.”

FDA Admits PCR Tests Give False Results, Prepares Ground For Biden To “Crush” Casedemic
The FDA today joined The WHO and Dr.Fauci in admitting there is a notable risk of false results from the standard PCR-Test used to define whether an individual is a COVID “Case” or not. Experts compiled three datasets with officials from the states of Massachusetts, New York and Nevada that conclude:“Up to 90% of the people who tested positive did not carry a virus.”

Anyone Else Would Have Received the Nobel Peace Prize
To win a Nobel Peace Prize, you probably have to have the right name. Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, with the help of his partner in Washington, US President Donald Trump, achieved in just two months what his predecessors only dared to dream. Four Arab countries in the Middle East have signed historic peace agreements with Israel, and negotiations are currently underway with others behind closed doors.

DC Mayor Mobilizes National Guard To Police Massive Gatherings Of Trump Supporters
Washington, D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser announced Monday that she was mobilizing roughly 100 D.C. National Guard troops to help police the thousands of Trump supporters expected to descend on the city in the coming days.

Iran warns its Lebanese, Gaza proxies can ‘level Haifa, Tel Aviv to the ground’
A senior Iranian commander has warned that the country’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei has given the green light for Tehran-backed proxies in Lebanon and the Gaza Strip “to level” two of Israel’s three largest cities.

Report: Iran seizes South Korean-flagged chemical tanker in Persian Gulf
Iran’s Revolutionary Guards Corps seized a South Korean-flagged tanker in Gulf waters, Iranian media said on Monday, at a time of tension between Tehran and Seoul over Iranian funds frozen at South Korean banks due to US sanctions.

The ‘USS Nimitz’ turns around: US 100,000-ton message to Iran
Ninety-six hours after being told to come home the ‘Nimitz’ got another order to “halt its routine redeployment” and remain on station.

One World Government: A Necessary Evil for Messiah to Prevail, Mystical Rabbi Proclaims
“You can clearly see that the force of evil and darkness is trying to annihilate the force of good,” he stated. “The reality is that we are facing annihilation any way you look at it.” He emphasized that worry is a waste of time, since this is all part of God’s final battle against evil. Turning his attention to the plan for a one world government, which he says is a plot of those on the side of evil, Anava suggested that they are, ironically, actually preparing for the universal rule of the Messiah.

Iran votes to Destroy Israel: ‘Haman’s decree repeating itself’ says Rabbi
Last week, on the anniversary of IRGC commander Qasem Soleimani’s assassination, Iran’s published their plan to exact vengeance for his death – by destroying Israel …

US Congress opens with ‘Blasphemous’ Prayer to Hindu Idol Brahma
Democratic Missouri representative Emanuel Cleaver, a ‘pastor’, recited the opening prayer on the first day of the 117th Congress on Sunday. The ‘prayer’ began with a hint of hope for decreased political division. But towards the end of the ‘prayer’ Cleaver asked the Hindu deity Brahma for “peace across the land” and inside Congress as well. ” Now and evermore, we ask it in the name of the monotheistic god brahma and god known by many names by many different faiths”

Israel-Europe ties improving, warming up to Abraham Accords – exclusive
The Foreign Ministry sees positive trends in Israel-Europe relations and has even won over some of the Abraham Accords skeptics. “For years, European states connected developing relations with Israel to the conflict with the Palestinians,” Foreign Minister Gabi Ashkenazi said… “The ministry’s goal has been to reduce the tension and the connection and continue advancing bilateral dialogue while dealing with the Palestinian issue.”

Israeli and Greek governments set to sign expansive defense deal
Israel and Greece are set to sign a wide-ranging USD 1.68 billion security agreement, which includes the procurement of ten M-346 (Lavi) aircraft and the establishment of a flight school. According to a Defense Ministry statement that was released on Tuesday, the Greek government approved the deal ahead of the signing.

At max speed, new Iran enrichment could cut nuke breakout to 6 weeks
A lot is not known about Iran’s newly announced move on Monday to enrich uranium up to the 20% level, but at maximum speed, a top nuclear expert has told The Jerusalem Post that its nuclear breakout time to a bomb could be cut to only six weeks…David Albright said that there were many variables, such as how many IR-1, IR-2ms or even IR-4 or IR-6 centrifuges were being used.

Singapore reveals Covid privacy data available to police
Singapore has admitted data from its Covid contact tracing programme can also be accessed by police, reversing earlier privacy assurances. Officials had previously explicitly ruled out the data would be used for anything other than the virus tracking. But parliament was told on Monday it could also be used “for the purpose of criminal investigation”.

Health officials sound alarm as Israel’s hospitals overflow, virus keeps spreading
Health officials…demanded urgent action and sounded alarm over the worrying rise of coronavirus infections that has put COVID-19 wards across the country on the brink of collapse. Health Minister Yuli Edelstein and the ministry’s public health chief, Dr. Sharon Elrai-Price, staged an urgent press briefing after Israel reported over 8,000 new daily virus cases…despite the tough restrictions currently in place.

UN adopts $3.2 billion budget over U.S. and Israel objection
After down-to-the-wire negotiations, United Nations members have adopted a budget for 2021 that was higher than Secretary-General Antonio Guterres proposed and was strongly opposed by the Trump administration for including money to commemorate the outcome of a 2001 conference in South Africa that it called anti-Semitic and anti-Israel.

Egypt urges GERD agreement ahead of reservoir filling
Egypt has urged the need for an agreement “at the earliest possible time” with Sudan and Ethiopia on the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD) ahead of the second phase of its operation. The three countries have agreed to bilateral meetings with experts to negotiate the filling of the dam’s reservoir.

Trump pulls off another miracle in the Middle East
President Trump appears to have been instrumental in pulling off yet another miracle in the Middle East with the announcement that Saudi Arabia would be reopening its airspace and land and sea border with Qatar.

Historic low temperatures sweep North India, a month’s worth of rain in a day hits Delhi
Heavy rains, snow, and persisting cold wave have been creating difficult conditions for people in northwestern India– in Delhi, heavy rains surpassed its monthly average for January of 21.7 mm (0.8 inches) when Safdarjung observatory recorded more than 25.1 mm (0.9 inches) into Sunday, January 3, 2021. The city also recorded its lowest temperature in 15 years when the mercury dropped to 1.1 °C (34 °F) on January 1, while Hisar had its coldest in 47 years with a minimum temperature of -1.2 °C (29.8 °F) on December 31, 2020.

Lin Wood drops major bombshells: Entire world controlled by pedophile extortion and blackmail schemes, ensnaring top influencers like Justice Roberts
Attorney Lin Wood has been peeling away the layers of evil, revealing the truth about how the entire world is controlled by a global cabal of extortionists who blackmail top leaders with video tapes that capture their acts of pedophilia and child murder.

Election theater is cover for the global extermination agenda
The coronavirus bioweapon, forced lockdowns and dangerous covid-19 vaccines have all been rolled out for the same purpose: To carry out mass global genocide against humanity as part of an emergency depopulation order.

God Help Us: Massachusetts Lowers Age To Get an Abortion Without Parental Approval to 16
It is now legal in Massachusetts for 16- and 17-year-olds to get an abortion without parental or judicial permission, after a veto override by the state legislature.

LESBOS: The Greek island that has become Europe’s scapegoat as an illegal alien Muslim invader dumpling ground
Lesbos has become a living Hell for its population of only about 80,000 residents. At any given time, there are some 25,000 or more Muslim invaders posing as refugees on the tiny island, the prime destination for Muslimes mainly from North Africa, trying to reach the generous welfare havens of the European Union. In fact, more than a million Muslim invaders have landed on Lesbos in just the last five years.

NBC News Warns That ‘Christian Nationalism’ Is Stopping People From Getting Vaccinated And That ‘Overcoming This Hurdle’ Must Be Addressed For Herd Immunity
NBC News posted a blistering attack against “Christian Nationalists” who refuse to allow themselves to be injected with the mRNA COVID-19 vaccine that has already caused over 3,150 adverse reactions, heart attack deaths, a confirmed case of Bell’s Palsy, and anaphylactic shock among other things. Just like in the end times movies we have all watched, soon they will be hunting Christians who refuse to go along with the New World Order and the scheme to vaccinate the whole world. This is how persecution will come to bible believers in America in 2021.

New York Democrat Pushes Bill That Would Allow Governor to Detain People Suspected of Having Contagious Illness
Bill brought forward by a Democrat New York lawmaker would allow the governor to detain or force-medicate anyone they deemed to be a public health threat.

Vatican Pushes Open Borders: Migrants ‘Displaced Like Jesus’
The Vatican has invited the faithful to view migrants as people who have been “displaced like Jesus,” in a tweet on Sunday.

Democrats Have Placed United States 117th Congress Under A Curse By Opening The First Session With Prayer To The Hindu Pagan God Brahma
For months now, we’ve been telling you that 2020 would pale in comparison to what would be taking place in 2021, and we didn’t get 72 hours into the new year before chart-topping events started taking place. We told you that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is going to introduce rules to make Congress gender neutral. Yesterday, Democrat Emanuel Cleaver officially opened the first session of the 117th Congress with a prayer to the Hindu god Brahma, placing it under a curse.

Not ‘The Onion’: Democrat Ends Prayer With “Amen… And A-Woman”
“Amen is a Latin word that means ‘truly’ or ‘so be it.’ Awoman is a nonsense word that means nothing. Dems find a way to make everything stupid and nonsensical. Utter clowns, all of them,”

Iran’s IRGC Navy Seizes South Korean-Flagged Tanker In Gulf, Arrests Crew
More than likely related to the billions in frozen Iranian assets held by South Korean banks…

Matt Chandler warns love has been ’emptied of its meaning’ in post-truth culture
Pastor Matt Chandler said Christians must recapture the biblical meaning of “love” to have an impact in a post-truth culture.

6 Ontario church elders charged with exceeding worship limits, face $10K fines
Six elders of a church in Ontario, Canada, have been asked to appear in a criminal court for holding in-person services in violation of COVID-19-related restrictions.

Pelosi: ‘We Must Pursue Justice–Economic Justice, Justice in Health, Racial Justice, Environmental and Climate Justice’
After winning her fourth term as House Speaker on Sunday — with only 211 votes to Republican Kevin McCarthy’s 209 — Rep. Nancy Pelosi addressed the 117th Congress, urging her fellow Members to “all pray personally, pray that let there be peace on earth, and let it begin with us.”