2 Jan 2021

Abbas announces agreement with Hamas to hold elections
Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas announced on Saturday that he has reached agreement with Hamas to hold presidential and parliamentary elections. Abbas’s announcement came after he received a written letter from Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh about ending the dispute between Hamas and Abbas’s Fatah faction.

IDF thwarts two attempted infiltrations from Lebanon and Gaza
Several suspects approached the Lebanese border on Friday evening and escaped after IDF troops fired warning shots to the air, Israeli media reported. The suspects reportedly approached the border from the Lebanese side, near the area of Manara. IDF troops that were dispatched to the scene after receiving an alert from a nearby observation point, noticed the suspects and fired warning shots…

Turkey’s goal in Caucasus was to increase Russia’s role
Turkey and Russia are increasingly becoming strategic partners in an effort to work with Iran and remove the US from the Middle East. This is Turkey’s overall goal, and the recent conflicts and chaos that it has spread from Syria to Libya, the Mediterranean and Caucasus are designed to partition these areas into Russian and Turkish spheres of influence.

Bojo Tweets Praise for the Great Reset. Strap in Everyone, 2021 is Going to be a Wild Ride
UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson…tweeting his support of the Great Reset. ‘Build back better’…the slogan of the World Economic Forum’s…Fourth Industrial Revolution…‘the Great Reset‘…whose aims include the…crashing of the world economy, the crushing and destruction of small businesses, and the creation of a new cash-free society in which no one (save the…elite) owns private property.

OPEC+ meeting to decide oil production levels after a dismal 2020
Members of the OPEC group of oil producers and their partners will meet via videoconference on Monday to decide on production levels for February, hoping to turn the corner on a difficult year. The OPEC+ ministerial meeting comes after oil consumption tanked in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic and a price war between Saudi Arabia and Russia.

Iran tells IAEA it plans to enrich uranium to up to 20 percent
Iran has told the United Nations nuclear watchdog it intends to enrich uranium to up to 20 percent purity, a level it achieved before its 2015 deal with major powers at its Fordow Fuel Enrichment Plant buried inside a mountain…“Iran’s letter to the Agency … did not say when this enrichment activity would take place.”

Syria blasts US for sanctions, following UN expert’s remarks
Syria…lambasted the U.S. government for sanctions it has imposed on Damascus, following a U.N. special rapporteur’s statement that called on Washington to remove unilateral sanctions…The Syrian Foreign Ministry described U.S. sanctions against the country as equal to “crimes against humanity” that impact the life of normal citizens as the country looks to rebuild after 10 years of civil war.

These Companies Are Linked to Forced Uighur Slave Labor
A number of companies and brands have been linked to labor forced on Uighur Muslims by the Chinese government, according to multiple reports. Apple supplier Lens Technology uses Uighur workers in its factories, … The report listed popular clothing companies

Hearing Granted in Georgia on Forensic Inspection of Fulton County’s Mail-In Ballots
Fulton County Superior Court has granted a hearing for a forensic inspection of Fulton County’s mail-in ballots. Voters Organized for Trusted Election Results in Georgia (VoterGA) relayed the news in an email sent to The Georgia Star News on Thursday. The announcement followed Georgia Senate Judiciary Subcommittee’s motion to request all absentee mail-in ballots from Fulton County on Wednesday. The next day, the subcommittee sent their formal request to the county.

‘At Least 140’ House Republicans Plan To Object To Biden Electoral Votes
“You’ve got 74 million Americans who feel disenfranchised, who feel like their vote doesn’t matter. And this is the one opportunity that I have as a United States senator, this process right here, my one opportunity to stand up and say something, and that’s exactly what I’m going to do,” Hawley said on Wednesday.

42 People In West Virginia Mistakenly Given Regeneron Antibodies Instead Of Vaccines
In keeping with the news of our flawless national roll-out of various Covid vaccines (which you will now potentially need to do such mundane things such as attend the movies), it was reported yesterday that 42 people in West Virginia actually wound up receiving Regeneron’s Antibody Treatment instead of the Moderna vaccine they were supposed to get. “The 42 individuals received the antibody product at a vaccination clinic hosted by staff at the Boone County Health Department,”

“Bomb Cyclone” Detonates Over Alaska’s Aleutian Islands Unleashing Hurricane Force Winds
A monster storm explosively intensified in the northern Pacific near Alaska’s Aleutian Islands on New Year’s Eve, battering the region with hurricane-force winds, heavy seas, and torrential rains, according to Reuters. “It’s the most intense storm ever recorded in the North Pacific, excluding typhoons,” …, waves greater than 50 feet were seen with winds more than 80 mph, or on par with a Category 1 hurricane.

“I’m Choosing The Risk Of Getting COVID”: Over Half Of Health Care Workers At California Hospitals Refuse Vaccinations
California’s health workers are refusing to take the new COVID-19 vaccines – with over half of frontline workers at one hospital unwilling to take it, and between 20% and 50% of workers at other facilities who feel the same…vaccine doubts among healthcare workers have come as a surprise to researchers, ‘who assumed hospital staff would be among those most in tune with the scientific data backing the vaccines.’

China Uses Private Companies To Process Stolen Data
China’s ability to force private companies to process stolen data gives the country an edge over United States intelligence agencies, a recent report shows. At the beginning of President Donald Trump’s term, Chinese and U.S. intelligence agencies were embroiled in conflict over data, Foreign Policy reported. Hackers working for China were able to pull off a massive hack of Equifax, one of the largest credit-reporting firms in the U.S., and steal personal information like Social Security numbers and credit card information from around 145 million Americans.

Coming soon! U.S. intelligence report on ‘unidentified aerial phenomena’
UFOs long have been the subject of comic books, conspiracy theories and scary movies. Soon they’ll be in a coming report from America’s intelligence agencies to members of Congress, specifically the intelligence and armed services committees.

Pence may choose 2020 election winner ‘as he sees fit,’ Gohmert says in court filing
“Under the Constitution, he has the authority to conduct that proceeding as he sees fit,” Gohmert argues. “He may count elector votes certified by a state’s executive, or he can prefer a competing slate of duly qualified electors. He may ignore all electors from a certain state. That is the power bestowed upon him by the Constitution.” Gohmert’s new brief contends that the Constitution effectively makes Pence the sole arbiter of which electoral votes to count when he presides over a Jan. 6 session of Congress meant to count electoral votes and certify the 2020 election.

After barring New Yorkers from celebrating in Times Square, de Blasio celebrates New Year’s by dancing in Times Square
de Blasio (D) was clear: do not come to Times Square for New Year’s Eve. Watch it at home on television. In case anyone missed the point, the city erected barricades to keep pedestrians away. The only people who would be allowed downtown would be the performers for the show, along with a few dozen carefully screened front-line workers. Of course, these rules, which were promulgated by the mayor’s office, apparently did not apply to the mayor himself, whose office actually tweeted out pictures of the mayor dancing with his wife in Times Square…

Iranian commander: We’re fully prepared to respond to US military pressure
“Today, we have no problem, concern or apprehension toward encountering any powers. We will give our final words to our enemies on the battlefield,” Salami said, without mentioning the US directly.

Iran tells IAEA it will enrich uranium at 20%
“IAEA DG reported to the (IAEA) Board of Governors … about intention of Tehran to start enrichment op to 20%,” Russian Ambassador to the International Atomic Energy Agency Mikhail Ulyanov said on Twitter on Friday, referring to Rafael Grossi, Director Genreal of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA).

Shia militias threaten US, Israel in Iraq
A high-ranking Iraqi delegation arrived in Iran this week, carrying a message from Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa al-Kadhimi to the Iranian regime. The delegation, according to a report in Asharq Al-Awsat newspaper, was headed by a former director of the Iraqi Prime Minister’s Office. Its intention was to request that Iran exercise greater control over the myriad of militias that it supports in Iraq. Should the Iranians decline to rein in their proxies, it is not clear what Kadhimi would be willing to attempt, or even what would be possible.

Battle for control in East Jerusalem
The race for authority the Muslim holy sites in Jerusalem after more Arab nations normalize relations with Israel is raising concerns in Jordan that it may be sidelined as Turkey is seen as attempting to step in and assert its role as representatives of Palestinian cause. The Turkish presence in East Jerusalem is highly visible. This not only worries Israel, but is also a source of concern for the so-called moderate Arab states,

Media Bias May Be One Reason for Claims that Countries Led by Women Fared Better in Pandemic
various media have been taking it as a truism that countries led by women presidents or prime ministers have fared better than those led by men. researchers in the US and the UK – half of them women – have published an article in the respected scientific journal PLoS (Public Library of Science) One claiming that this “fact” was not proven.

“I’m Choosing The Risk Of Getting COVID”: Over Half Of Health Care Workers At California Hospitals Refuse Vaccinations
“Hospital and public officials met to strategize how best to distribute the unused doses…

Rouhani Declares Trump Will Be Dead ‘in a Few Days’ as Iran-US Relations Keep Crumbling
Iranian President Hassan Rouhani declared that President Donald Trump will be dead ”in a few days” during a speech to his Islamic nation’s cabinet as the first anniversary of the killing of a general in the country’s military approached.

Democratic New Mexico governor fines churches $10,000 apiece after Christmas Eve service videos go viral
New Mexico’s Democratic Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham fined two churches $10,000 apiece for violating the state’s social distancing requirements, and her communications director released a statement accompanying the fine implying that the pastors involved were “pro-virus,”

Israel performs first-ever augmented reality, 3D eye socket surgery
“The future is already here,” according to Prof. Masad Barhoumm, director-general of Galilee Medical Center, after a team of Israeli doctors from his medical center successfully completed the first-ever repair of a fracture in the floor of an eye socket using augmented reality (AR) and three-dimensional technology.

Arizona Gov. Ducey to China: ‘Lots of opportunities’ to exploit ‘our defense industry, mining and ores’
“We just had a great meeting with the Chinese Chamber of Commerce just now. And, very exciting, lots of opportunities, including public-private partnerships. I’ve mentioned [semiconductors], electronics, aerospace, our defense industry, mining and ores that we do…. So I think from the franchise business to the aerospace and defense business, we would like to do more business with China, with Chinese business people.”

Pedophiles, Traitors and Satanists Will Now Determine Your Physical Destiny! Your Spiritual Fate Is Still Up to You!
I would like to wish everyone a Happy New Year. However, there is nothing happy about a country that is passively accepting a stolen election because what will follow this classic Bolshevik Revolution is despotic leadership that will quite predictably lead where all Bolshevik Revolutions end. The loss of rights, the loss of property and the massive loss of lives in a purge to rid the regime of the nuisance that dissidents will bring to the table.

The Submarine Fleet and the Space Force Are the Last Guardians of America As They Stand Between Patriots and Utter Obliteration
…”Nashville Bomber”..rolled out by the criminal FBI/AFT is a classic false flag narrative. The problem with this fake revelation is that we have conclusive evidence that the AT&T building was already burning as the RV, momentarily, was intact and there is an absence of a crater on the street. Thanks to many, including Daboo 777 for exposing this fact.

Judicial Watch: Records Show Obama DHS Scanned Georgia Election Site in 2016
Judicial Watch announced today that it received 243 pages of records from the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) that show the Obama administration’s scanning the election systems of Georgia, Alaska, Oregon, Kentucky and West Virginia in 2016. This activity prompted a letter from then-Georgia Secretary of State (now Governor) Brian Kemp to then-DHS Secretary Jeh Johnson accusing DHS of, “an unsuccessful attempt to penetrate the Georgia Secretary of State’s firewall.”

WARNING: Pope Francis In His New Year’s Angelus Commands Catholics To ‘Trust Themselves To The Gaze Of Mary’ Because She ‘Can Do All Things’, But She Can’t
There was a time in my  life when I, as an unsaved Roman Catholic, would get on my knees and pray to the ‘virgin Mary’ as I was instructed to do, and ask her to take control of my life. But even as a lost person, that never felt quite right. The preeminence that the Roman Catholic Church gives to Mary in their worship of her, placing her above Jesus Christ, is not only idol worship, it can doom you to an eternal Hell. Then in 1991 I got saved, and with the Holy Spirit inside me, I could then see why this exaltation of Mary is so deadly.

Muslim Mayor Of London Sadiq Khan Lights Up The New Year’s Eve Sky With Black Lives Matter ‘Marxist Fist ‘ As Part Of The Fireworks Display
From the beginning of the Black Lives Matter Movement…its founders have always been outwardly proud of the fact that their movement was based on Marxism and Communist Russia. BLM co-founder Patrisse Cullors says that she and her two fellow Black Lives Matter co-founders are ‘trained Marxists’, and indeed the very symbol of Black Lives Matter is the Marxist fist of Communist Russia. Yet somehow, all of that truth telling is overlooked by the fake news media…

BREAKING BIG: Jovan Pulitzer says Georgia Called in Trucks to Get Rid of the Evidence in Fulton County He is Supposed to be Scanning! (VIDEO)
..Jovan Pulitzer destroyed Georgia’s corrupted 2020 election process and results during the hearing on Wednesday. Pulitzer explained how he can look at the Georgia ballots and determine almost immediately if a ballot is fraudulent or not. Pulitzer notes that he can look at 500,000 ballots in a couple hours.

The Abraham Accords Forever Changed The Middle East As Israel Is Now On A Rendezvous With Destiny And The Daniel 9:27 Peace Covenant Confirmation With Antichrist 
What a year it was. If you are a student of bible prophecy, 2020, was absolutely off-the-charts for you, I know it was for me. COVID-19 and the Great Reset aside, the story of the year was the stunning revelation and subsequent development of the Abraham Accords peace treaty between Israel and, well, all the Muslim nations that surround them. You know that old expression “kill them with kindness”? That would appear to be exactly what is taking place through the Abraham Accords.

Iran Puts Maritime Forces On Higher Alert As Top General Warns ‘Ready To Respond’ To US Pressure
“Not clear if moves are ‘defensive’ because they expect US attack, or are signals Iran preparing for operations in the Gulf against the US…” notes CNN’s Pentagon correspondent.

New Mexico church responds to $10K fine for holding services amid COVID-19
A New Mexico evangelical church is maintaining they took measures to limit the spread of COVID-19 after state authorities levied a substantial fine against them.