26 Dec 2020

Congress Betrayed Americans By Wasting Stimulus Money – But Can They Make It Right?
It was a strange session yesterday that saw the market bolt higher on glimmers of hope that maybe there could be more household relief in a relief package that was heavy on help; it just seemed to forget about helping the nation’s most needy folks. The billions going to build museums and fund the wealthiest organizations that are frequented by the wealthiest folks is kind of despicable under the current circumstances. Even more egregious are the enormous sums being sent aboard while millions face an eviction cliff. And do not give me that junk that one bill is the budget and the other Covid-19 relief, so they should not be conflated.

Minnesotans have eradicated the flu by masking and distancing. So how did COVID-19 survive?
On the face of it, this seems strange. Why should non-Covid-19 hospitalizations be taking such a sharp fall? We are heading into flu season which typically sees hospital admissions rise, putting great pressure on hospital capacity even in years with Covid-19 to contend with. Why is this year so different? My guess is that many of these Covid-19 ICU hospitalizations are ones which would have occurred anyway given the usual seasonality, but are being logged as Covid-19 hospitalizations this year.

Did Fauci Just Admit He Lied About Herd Immunity To Trick Americans Into Vaccine?
Dr. Anthony Fauci, the Democrat-approved ‘science’ in ‘trust the science,’ appears to have just admitted to lying about COVID-19 herd immunity in order to goad more people into taking the vaccine, according to a new report in the New York Times. Fauci acknowledged that he had slowly but deliberately been moving the goal posts.

US sanctions put spotlight on Iran’s international network of religious seminaries
Since the Islamic Revolution in 1979, Iran’s clerical establishment has used religious organizations to expand its clout abroad. Key among them is the Al-Mustafa International University, a network of religious seminaries based in the Shi’ite holy city of Qom that has branches in some 50 countries. The university claims to teach Shi’ite Muslim theology, Islamic science, and Iran’s national language, Persian, to tens of thousands of foreign students across Asia, Europe, Africa, and South America. But Tehran’s adversaries say the university has been involved in espionage and recruited foreign fighters for Iran’s proxy war in Syria.

RV Broadcast Evacuation Message Before Nashville Christmas Day Explosion: Police
An explosion shook the largely deserted streets of downtown Nashville early Christmas morning, shattering windows, damaging buildings, and wounding three people. There was a loudspeaker warning people to clear the area before the massive blast, according to a Metro Nashville Police spokesperson and surveillance ootage. All buildings in this area must be evacuated now,” a voice could be heard in the video. “If you can hear this message, evacuate now,” the warning continued, before the blast occurred.

IDF strikes Gaza in response to earlier rocket attacks
The IDF struck targets belonging to Hamas terrorists in the Gaza Strip late Friday night in response to rockets fired from Gaza into Israeli territory earlier in the night. During the IDF operation, a rocket weapon production site was targeted, in addition to underground infrastructure and a Hamas military post.

IDF Spokesperson: Iranian retaliation likely to come from Iraq, Yemen
Israel is monitoring Iran’s movement in the region and expects that the Iranian threat will likely come from Iraq and Yemen, IDF Spokesman Brig.-Gen. Hidai Zilberman told the Saudi news website Elaph…Zilberman referred to Iraq and Yemen as Iran’s second circle after Lebanon and Syria, considered the first circle in its proxy conflict with Israel…

Boko Haram kill villagers in Christmas Eve attack
Several people are dead in northeast Nigeria after Boko Haram militants raided a mostly Christian village and burnt down a church on Christmas Eve. Local sources said at least 11 people had been killed, according to AFP news. Fighters rode into Pemi, in Borno state, on trucks and motorbikes shooting indiscriminately, a local leader told the news agency.

Nashville explosion: Camper van blows up in ‘intentional act’ on Christmas morning
A parked camper van exploded in the US city of Nashville, Tennessee, early on Christmas morning, injuring three people and knocking out communications systems across the state. Possible human remains were later found near the blast site, US media report. Police believe the powerful blast was caused deliberately.

China extends tariff exemptions for imports of some U.S. products for one year
China’s finance ministry said on Friday it will extend tariff exemptions for imports of 6 products from the United States including white oil and food-grade petroleum wax, for another year. The extension, effective on Dec. 26, will last through Dec. 25, 2021, the ministry said.

Gaza militants fire two rockets toward southern Israel
The Israeli military said on Friday that Palestinian militants in the Gaza Strip fired two rockets toward southern Israel. The rockets were aimed at the coastal city of Ashkelon, but air defenses intercepted them, the military said.

PREPARE FOR WAR: After Jan. 6th, expect all hell to break loose across America 
For the past month or so, I’ve been posting daily Situation Update reports based on deep research and insider sources who help keep me informed. You can listen to all these Situation Update podcasts at this link on Brighteon.com.

Tropical Storm “Chalane” to make landfall over Madagascar, head toward Mozambique
Tropical Storm “Chalane” formed east of Madagascar on December 24, 2020, as the 3rd named storm of the 2020/21 Southwest Indian Ocean Cyclone Season. Chalane is forecast to make landfall over Madagascar on December 27, exit into the Mozambique Channel late December 28 and head toward Mozambique. Authorities in Madagascar, Mozambique, Malawi, and Zimbabwe are on alert and have started coordinating disaster preparedness activities.

Storm Bella to bring severe winds and flooding to parts of UK on Boxing Day
Storm Bella is set to slam parts of the UK with severe gales and flooding rain on Boxing Day through Sunday morning, December 26 to 27. The Met Office has issued several yellow warnings for much of the country, while amber warnings are in place for parts of England and Wales.

Nazi Holocaust Of The Jews Which Lasted From 1938 To 1945 Is A Grizzly Type Picture Of The Coming Time Of Jacob’s Trouble And Great Tribulation
Within mere weeks after Adolf Hitler became Chancellor of Germany in 1933, reeducation camps were established largely for Communists and political dissidents, but over the next 5 years the focus gradually shifted to the Jews. In 1938, the year that plans to exterminate the Jews were formally enacted with Kristallnacht, or the ‘night of broken glass’, a plan was put into place that called for nothing less than the killing of each and every Jew in Europe. This systematic extermination of Jews lasted 7 long years, and as horrific as all this was, it is only a type picture of what is coming for the Jews in the very near future in an event the prophet Jeremiah calls the Time of Jacob’s Trouble.

H.G. Wells’ Dystopic Vision Comes Alive With The Great Reset Agenda
If Wells’ outlines look similar to those ideas recently made public by the World Economic Forum’s Great Reset, then don’t be surprised…

COVID THEATER: Anthony Fauci Appears To Get Vaccinated On Live Television In His Left Arm But Then Points To His Right Arm As Injection Site Afterward
As all the various celebrities and politicians parade themselves on live television, making such a huge show about getting vaccinated with the “safe and reliable” vaccines from Pfizer and Moderna, the slip-ups in this COVID Theater are beginning to mount. Such is the case of Anthony Fauci, who forget which arm he was injected in, and makes the fatal error on live TV.

Our Upside-Down Post-Election World
To keep track of our brave new American world is easy… Just consider everything said to be bad by the “Animal Farm” media before Nov. 3 as now good. And remember that everything said to be good two months ago is now actually bad…

What global churches did when their governments said they couldn’t have large gatherings
The evidence is anecdotal, but the lesson from the reaction of some of the world’s poorest Christians to hunger and government restrictions on large gatherings amid the coronavirus pandemic is a powerful one for their American counterparts, says Janice Rosser Allen, CEO and president of the global church planting ministry ICM.

December Now Deadliest Month of Pandemic
December is now the deadliest month of the COVID-19 pandemic in the U.S. Since the spring, month by month, the country had held the death toll below the terrible peak of the early pandemic, according to data from the COVID Tracking Project at The Atlantic. April began with 4,332 dead and ended with 59,599 dead—an increase of 55,267. In May, states reported 41,181 deaths—a significant decrease, but still what had been the second-highest monthly toll. Since then, each month brought more than 19,000 deaths, with a smaller peak in August, at 30,239 deaths. In November, deaths rose once again, to 37,058.