23 Dec 2020

The Story Behind Handel’s Messiah
A deeply religious man, he turned away from the human foibles common to his operas and chose his text and themes from Scripture. It was then that something remarkable happened. He began composing with a super-human zeal and energy. People thought he was mad, or even under a spell. One servant reported that Handel seldom ate or slept and worked with such frenzy that his fingers could no longer grip his pen. He was, in fact, in the grip of divine inspiration. The result is one of the world’s great masterworks, Messiah.

Kushner: “Jerusalem is the Source of the ‘Explosion’ of Peace”
“It turns out Jerusalem is not the cause of the problem — it is the core of the solution,” Kushner said at the ceremony, explaining that, contrary to many prevailing opinions, it was the president’s recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s eternal capital that led to the unprecedented wave of peace washing over the region.

The Top 3 Prophetic News Headlines Of 2020
1) The COVID-19 Pandemic. 2) Calls for Government-Backed Cryptocurrencies. 3) Peace Treaties with Israel.

The city of Detroit is suing BLM demonstrators for engaging in a ‘civil conspiracy’
The city’s suit alleges that the demonstrators in Detroit are part of a “civil conspiracy” in place to “disturb the peace, engage in disorderly conduct, incite riots, destroy public property” and resist the actions of city police. The city is asking the court to issue judgements against protestors who are a part of this “conspiracy” and who worked to defame the mayor and police department. The suit also requests that damages be awarded to the city.

Trump Says Sen. John Thune Will Get ‘Primaried in 2022’
President Donald Trump vowed Sen. John Thune, R-S.D., will face a primary challenge in two years after Thune criticized efforts by GOP House members to challenge certification of the Electoral College.

Congresswoman-elect calls for ATF to be ‘defunded and eliminated’
10 years ago today, U.S. Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry was murdered in cold blood with a gun provided to Mexican drug cartels through Barack Obama and Eric Holder’s ATF “Fast & Furious” program. The ATF is an oppressive government agency that should be DEFUNDED and ELIMINATED! ATF Acting Director Regina Lombardo said the Biden transition team had already reached out to the ATF in order to under the agency’s “top priorities.”

San Diego Schools Eliminate Grading In Anti-Racist Education Push
District officials in San Diego evidently believe that the practice of grading students based on average scores is racist… Under the new system, pupils will not be penalized for failing to complete assignments or even show up for class, and teachers will give them extra opportunities to demonstrate their “mastery” of subjects. What constitutes mastery is not quite clear, but grades “shall not be influenced by behavior or factors that directly measure students’ knowledge and skills in the content area,”

Orange County Cities Join Sheriff In Opposing Order To Release Inmates
Cities throughout Orange County, California, are standing by Sheriff Don Barnes as he fights a court order demanding the release of 1,800 prisoners from county jails. During special city council meetings, the cities of Irvine, Mission Viejo, and Westminster voted unanimously to file legal briefs supporting Barnes’ challenge. The cities joined Newport Beach and Yorba Linda, which filed briefs on Dec. 18.

Hospital Workers Turn Down COVID Vaccine: “There’s Too Much Mistrust”
The hospital, a major healthcare provider for the Black community, received 725 doses of the Pfizer vaccine Dec. 15 and expects to receive a second shipment this week. As of Dec. 18, only about 600 of the hospital’s 1,900 employees had signed up for the shots

Report: Fishing Boat Captain Publicly Executed In North Korea For Listening To American Radio
“In mid-October, a captain of a fishing boat from Chongjin was executed by firing squad, on charges of listening to Radio Free Asia regularly over a long period of time,” a law enforcement official from North Hamgyong province said, according to Radio Free Asia. “During an investigation by the provincial security department, Captain Choi confessed to listening to RFA broadcasts since the age of 24, when he was serving in the military as a radio operator.”

How the Centers for Disease Control Went Woke
Dayna Bowen Matthew, the dean of George Washington University Law School, published a paper concerning racial disparities in health care. She traced those disparities back to the Founding Fathers and argued their persistence today reflects the “structural violence” of American society. Matthew was 1 of 11 people who helped draft the Centers for Disease Control’s ethical framework for allocating COVID-19 vaccines. She is also listed as a “health equity” consultant to the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices, which voted in November to vaccinate essential workers before the elderly, partly on the grounds that the elderly skew white—only to pull back Sunday in the face of outrage from across the political spectrum.

6.3 magnitude quake strikes off Japan’s Aomori Prefecture, no tsunami warning issued
An earthquake with a magnitude of 6.3 struck off Aomori Prefecture in Northeast JApan on Monday. … no tsunami warning has been issued.

Medical worker accidentally injected with whole vial of COVID-19 vaccine
Uday Azizi received an injection that amounts to five or six regular doses in one shot, and in addition, the vial was not diluted in accordance with health directives. Apparently, the healthcare worker administering the shot did not realize that each Pfizer vial contains several doses of the vaccine.

Trump grants full pardon to Russia probe figure George Papadopoulos
President Donald Trump granted a full pardon on Tuesday to George Papadopoulos, a former campaign aide who pleaded guilty as part of the investigation into Russian meddling in the 2016 presidential election. Trump also pardoned Alex van der Zwaan, 36, the Dutch son-in-law of Russian billionaire German Khan.

Diaspora Jews should not be given a formal voice in Israel
A proposed Knesset bill, supported by Diaspora Affairs Minister Omer Yankelevich, would give Jews abroad a say in Israeli decision-making. Given the leanings of world Jewry today, this is a very bad idea.

Israel, Arab states seek ‘seat at the table’ in Iran talks
Ambassadors from Israel, Bahrain and UAE tell Politico those three states’ input must be heard before any deal is concluded.

Orange County Cities Join Sheriff In Opposing Order To Release Inmates
“Our City Council wholeheartedly supports Sheriff’s Barnes’ appeal to keep these criminals off our streets and his plan to appropriately respond to coronavirus issues in the jail system…”

BREAKING EXCLUSIVE: Ron Raffensperger, the Brother of Georgia Secretary of State, Brad Raffensperger, Works for Huawei in China – How Close Are They to the China Government?
Georgia’s Secretary of State has got himself in a mess.  He just oversaw the most corrupt election in modern Georgia history.  He was caught and he still won’t allow a real count of ballots in the state and a signature match of absentee ballots with signatures on record.

First Evidence of Microplastics Found In Human Placentas
For the first time ever, microplastic particles were detected in the placentas of unborn babies, according to researchers who warn these “potentially harmful (plastic) particles is a matter of great concern.”

Trump Administration Sues Walmart over Alleged Role in Opioid Crisis
The Justice Department is suing Walmart, alleging the company unlawfully dispensed controlled substances through its pharmacies, helping to fuel the opioid crisis in America, a person familiar with the matter told The Associated Press.

Ohio Authorizes Military To Begin Mass Injections Of Citizens With COVID-19 Vaccine By The National Guard
And so it begins, watching COVID-19 vaccines being administered to civilians by the United States military, where do you think all that is going to lead us to? Let me tell you where it leads, it leads to mandated, forced vaccinations of the civilian population at the point of a gun. Oh, it will start voluntarily all right, the kind-hearted National Guard soldiers working to inoculate people against a deadly virus, and then when people have accepted receiving voluntary injections from the military, things will turn and it will become mandatory.

The five key events in the fake pandemic
This article is a summary. I’ve written extensively on each of the five key events. ONE: The false claim that a new virus was discovered and isolated. No true isolation has been performed. The so-called genetic sequencing of the virus was actually a concoction, a cobbling together of pieces of data referencing segments of RNA. These segments were PRESUMED to be parts of the new virus—-but researchers didn’t have the virus, so their presumptions amounted to fraud.

PepsiCo, IBM, Mars Food, Dow Chemical all infiltrated by CCP loyalists (China Communist Party)… IBM sold early computing machines to the Nazis to process Jews for extermination 
The Epoch Times has just rolled out a bombshell story that reveals CCP loyalists have been identified in key U.S. corporations, including PepsiCo, IBM, Mars Food, 3M, Dow Chemical and many others.

Trump threatens $900B relief bill with huge demand
The president is asking Congress to make several changes to the bipartisan legislation and increase the “ridiculously low” $600 direct payment to Americans.

Pelosi: ‘LGBTQ Americans Have Always Served in Our Military with Honor and Distinction from the Earliest Days of America’s History’
America owes LGBTQ servicemembers “an immense debt of gratitude” for their distinguished service ever since the moment the nation was founded, House Speaker Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) declared Tuesday.

‘We wanted to focus on people’: Missouri church packs over 40,000 meals to help community
A congregation in Missouri packed approximately 40,000 meals for the less fortunate, with more than 500 volunteers taking part in the charitable endeavor.

Kamala Harris: ‘It Is Within Our Power to Change the Course of the History of This Country’
“It is within our power to change the course of the history of this country,” Vice President-elect Kamala Harris said as she addressed a bunch of beeping cars at a drive-in rally in Columbus, Georgia.

Anti-vaxxers could face public transport ban in France
People who fail to get a Covid-19 vaccination could be banned from using public transport in France, according to a draft law sparking angry protests from opposition politicians on Tuesday.