20 Dec 2020

Hackers leak documents revealing China’s coronavirus censorship
China’s efforts to influence online opinion during the coronavirus pandemic has been brought to light through secret government directives and other documents that have been discovered and reviewed by The New York Times and ProPublica. It is no secret that China rigidly controls internet content, however the discovered documents…reveal just how much back-stage effort is involved in maintaining government control on the internet.

Joe Biden says ‘no time to waste’ as climate team unveiled
US President-elect Joe Biden has introduced his climate and energy team, saying they will lead an “ambitious plan” to combat climate change. Mr Biden has vowed to make the issue a top priority in an agenda that reverses many Trump administration policies. He said there was “no time to waste”.

Congress poised to vote on COVID aid package after Fed compromise
The U.S. Congress appeared poised to vote on Sunday on a $900 billion coronavirus aid package after senators struck a late-night compromise to clear one of the final hurdles, a dispute over Federal Reserve pandemic lending authorities. Senate Democratic Leader Chuck Schumer told reporters at the U.S. Capitol late on Saturday night: “If things continue on this path and nothing gets in the way, we’ll be able to vote tomorrow.”

Furious Netanyahu slams ‘secrecy’ over coronavirus mutation
Prime Minister Benjamin lashed out at officials for keeping “secret” reports of a coronavirus mutation spreading in the UK, as ministers dealing with the pandemic met Sunday to mull tighter measures to counter Israel’s growing infection rate. Deputy National Security Council chief Eitan Ben-David told the meeting that, “the issue of the mutation has been known for a week, from information not based in the media.”

EU welcomes formation of Yemeni government, praises role of Saudi Arabia
The EU welcomed the formation of a Yemeni government on Saturday and praised Saudi Arabia’s efforts to achieve the Riyadh Agreement. “The announcement of a new Yemeni government within the framework of implementing the Riyadh Agreement is a positive step toward a comprehensive political solution for the country,” a spokesperson for the European External Action Service said.

Armenian church leasing land to Israelis causes Palestinian worry
A previously unknown agreement to turn sensitive land in the old city of Jerusalem into a parking lot — largely for the exclusive use of Jewish residents of the old city — is causing concern for the Palestinian leadership and members of the tiny Armenian community. The contract, a copy of which is with Arab News, will take effect on Jan. 1, 2021.

Palestinian foreign minister urges Israel to return to talks
The Palestinian foreign minister on Saturday urged Israel to return to talks based on a two-state solution for the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, ahead of the transition to a new U.S. administration. Palestinian Foreign Minister Riyad al-Malki’s comments came in a joint statement with Egypt’s Foreign Minister Sameh Shukry and Jordan’s Foreign Minister Ayman Safadi.

Thousands of tiny earthquakes hit deep under western Washington, Oregon and British Columbia AGAIN and indicate that The Cascadia megaquake is coming soon
A swarm of thousands of tiny earthquakes deep under western Washington, Oregon and British Columbia started again back in October 2020. These small quakes are happening 40 to 60 miles deep, where the lower slab of the oceanic Juan de Fuca plate moves toward, and eventually is shoved beneath, the continent (North American plate) along the Cascadia Subduction Zone.

Tropical Depression “Vicky” kills 5, set to make landfall over Palawan, Philippines
At least five fatalities were reported during the onslaught of Tropical Depression “Vicky” in the Philippines on Saturday, December 19, 2020 — the storm is forecast to make landfall over the central portion of Palawan on Saturday night, and intensify into a tropical storm once it reaches the West Philippine Sea.

Severe storms produce massive sandstorm and damaging hail in central Argentina
A line of severe storms struck central Argentina on Friday, December 18, 2020, producing a massive sandstorm, powerful winds, and hail. Widespread power outages and property damage were reported.

Down to the Wire: Growing Call to Invoke the Insurrection Act
Liberal Democrats are terrified that President Trump will invoke the Insurrection Act. Things are getting down to the wire, with the window of opportunity for President Trump to take bold and decisive action rapidly closing. A declaration of a national emergency is looming on the horizon.

Benjamin Netanyahu Becomes Latest World Leader To Publicly Receive Pfizer COVID-19 Vaccine, Says All Israel Must Now Get Vaccinated
COVID Theater is really heating up as Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu becomes the latest world leader to pretend to get vaccinated, or maybe he actually got vaccinated, but who really knows at this point? If masks work, then why the social distancing? If social distancing works, then why the masks? If masks and social distancing work, then why the lockdowns?

London, Italy Enter Full Holiday Lockdowns; England COVID Mutation 70% More Infectious: Live Updates
The number of new COVID cases reported Friday in the US was just shy of the record highs reported earlier this month…

Democrats In Congress Now Backing A Group Calling To Silence Christians On The ‘Religious Right’ And A Purge Of ‘Biblical Principles’ In America
Back on September 15th, at the Human Rights Campaign’s 2018 annual dinner at the Washington Convention Center, president-elect Joe Biden gave a startling speech that should have sent shock waves across America, but somehow it didn’t. Joe Biden stood up and unleashed a viscous attack on the 73,000,000 Americans who would vote to elect Donald Trump in November, and Biden called  them the ‘dregs of society’ that needed to be purged. You can see that video below, I suggest you watch it so you know what’s coming. And it is coming.

Christian group urges Pres. Buhari to rescue all Boko Haram captives after freeing 344 boys
A persecution watchdog group is urging Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari to rescue the boys who are still being held captive by Boko Haram after security forces rescued 344 of the kidnapped students in northern Nigeria late Thursday.

China To Vaccinate 50MM People Before Lunar New Year
Though interestingly enough most of the vaccines produced in China will be sold to buyers abroad…while China soaks up hundreds of millions of doss in imports…

Californians Can Now Pay A Premium To Power Their Homes With Manure
AOC is going to love this. Now, instead of eliminating red meat – one of the myriad ludicrous proposals included in the Green New Deal – the Congresswoman can instead move to collect all of that cow manure and use it to create a renewable energy resource.

Mississippi governor declares Sunday a statewide ‘day of prayer, humility and fasting’
As 2020 comes to a close and the United States continues to grapple with the coronavirus pandemic and the resulting economic fallout, the governor of Mississippi has called for a statewide day of prayer, humility and fasting.

Why AOC lost secret ballot for a seat on powerful House committee
In Congress, the most brutal battles are internal. House Democratic colleagues of Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez sent her a chilly message yesterday when she lost 46-13 to a fellow New Yorker, Rep. Kathleen Rice, in a secret ballot for a seat on the powerful Energy and Commerce Committee.