13 Dec 2020

Oman, Indonesia likely next countries to forge ties with Israel
The two countries that are most likely to establish diplomatic relations with Israel in the coming weeks are Oman and Indonesia, a diplomatic source said on Sunday. The Trump administration is continuing in its efforts to bring more Arab and Muslim countries into the Abraham Accords, in which the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Sudan and Morocco have agreed to normalization with Israel.

Syria makes command changes to 1st Corps following Israeli threats
The Syrian Arab Army has made changes to the leadership of the 1st Corps and its operations center in the southern part of the country, following threats to its leadership by the Israeli military. The IDF…has been dropping leaflets along the Israeli-Syrian border in recent weeks warning the SAA’s 1st Corps not to work with the Iranian proxy group.

Israel normalizes ties with Bhutan
Israel established full diplomatic relations with Bhutan for the first time on Saturday night. Ambassador to India Ron Malka and his Bhutanese counterpart Vetsop Namgyel signed the final agreement normalizing ties on Saturday night. The countries’ foreign ministries held secret talks over the past year towards the goal of forging official ties, which included delegations between the two capitals…

President Trump makes Christmas Eve a federal holiday
President Trump on Friday signed an order giving federal workers a paid day off work on Christmas Eve. The news was a welcome surprise for workers who expected at most a half day. Trump’s order says, “All executive departments and agencies of the Federal Government shall be closed and their employees excused from duty on Thursday, December 24, 2020, the day before Christmas Day.”

Breaking norms, Jared Kushner scores late-term success in push for stalled Mideast peace process
The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is getting top-of-the-line fighter jets. Morocco is winning recognition for decades-old territorial claims. And Sudan is coming off the US terrorism blacklist. The Arab nations are suddenly achieving long-sought goals after agreeing to normalize ties with Israel, in a last-minute triumph for the unorthodox diplomacy of outgoing President Donald Trump’s son-in-law, Jared Kushner.

Newt Gingrich On Georgia Runoff: “We Need To Win By A Bigger Margin Than The Left Can Steal”
“If you’re a conservative, you have to vote… These two runoffs… have the potential to change the whole direction of the country…”

Fake Test Numbers, Fake Victims and Fake Doctors Have Led to the Destruction of the United States 
America has been conquered by a greatly exaggerated virus. The tests are bogus, the lockdowns are irrelevant, but the destruction of our country and the coming dangers are very real!

Latest from Pope Francis: ‘Fuggetaboud’ Singing Christmas hymns, Take Your Tylenol Instead
…“This year, wanting to ride the coattails of the largest crime against humanity ever perpetrated which the Antichurch is a full and enthusiastic collaborator, and demonstrating a hamfisted lack of self-awareness the likes of which has never been seen, Antipope Bergoglio is giving people a handful of Tylenol as their Christmas gift.

Even Much Worse Than That, Tucker
…Sidewinder was a controversial report put together by a small but hard-working team of RCMP and CSIS (Canadian Security & Intelligence Service) officials. It was Sidewinder that sounded the first alarm bells that China is one of the greatest ongoing threats to Canada’s national security and Canadian industry.

Asteroid 2020 XX3 to fly by Earth at 0.1 LD on December 18
A newly-discovered asteroid designated 2020 XX3 will fly by Earth at a distance of 0.15 LD / 0.00038 AU (56 847 km / 35 323 miles) from the center of our planet on December 18, 2020.

NJ State Lawmaker: Coronavirus Vaccine Should Be Required for Children
A New Jersey state lawmaker believes that the coronavirus vaccine should eventually become mandatory for children and revealed that it has been a topic of discussion among legislators.

Transgender Athletes Are Ruining Women’s Sports And The Idea That Men Can Become Women Is A Dangerous Lie That Is Destroying Our Nation
In the religious dogma of the radical Left, you are forced to suspend science, biology, reason, and what you see with your eyes, and believe that it is somehow possible for a person to switch from one gender to another, by sheer force of their desire to do so. It is not, it has never happened and it never will happen. Anything to the contrary is demonic delusion, which is exactly what the LGBTQ+ is operating under. But the problem has really become evident with the emergence of transgenders, biological men, taking over women’s sports and naturally dominating in every category they are entered in.

UK ministers warn supermarkets to stockpile food on no-deal Brexit fears
British ministers have warned supermarkets to stockpile food amid possibilities of a no-deal Brexit, with shortages feared as talks with the European Union remain deadlocked,

THE NIGHTMARE BEFORE CHRISTMAS: Vatican Unveils Visually Repulsive 2020 Nativity Scene That Would Be Right At Home In Any Horror Movie
We have done hundreds and hundreds of stories, articles and exposés on the Roman Catholic Church that your King James Bible says is the biblical and prophetical Whore of Babylon as found in Revelation 17 and 18. We have shown you the utter spiritual depravity of its leader, Pope Francis, who is not only the Roman Pontifex Maximus, but also the king over the Holy See at Vatican City. We even showed you how he speaks in open defiance of the words of Jesus Christ. And today, Jorge Bergoglio, leader of Chrislam, takes things to a whole, new level with this repulsive nativity scene that is absolutely perfect for this prophetical year of 2020.

If You Thought 2020 Was Bad, Watch What Happens In 2021
Distractions abound, and the reset agenda looms, but I don’t see the globalists coming out of this unscathed. Too many people now know who they are and what they are up to…

Christian lawyer in hiding after receiving death threats for defending victims of Fulani attacks
A Nigerian Christian lawyer and leader of the Emancipation Centre for Crisis Victims in Nigeria is now in hiding after receiving death threats for speaking publicly about the unrelenting attacks on Christians.