4 Dec 2020

Israeli Scientists Kill Cancer With Revolutionary DNA-Altering Treatment
“By cutting their DNA in specific genes that are responsible for cell division or cell survival, we basically neutralize them and they die from the treatment,” he said. “The system we developed is based on the Cas9 CRISPR protein in a [messenger] RNA format.” The process, known as CRISPR genome editing, allows researchers to alter DNA sequences.

Do You Really Think The Empire Will Sacrifice The Dollar To Further Enrich Billionaires?
The Federal Reserve is widely worshiped as the Ultimate Power in the Universe, a kind of financial Death Star. The Fed has seen fit to crush the USD to further boost the wealth of billionaires and save global stock markets from their well-deserved ruin. Saving the world, ho-hum, just another day for the god-like Fed.

Matt Taibbi: Don’t Trust The News
The five media behemoths who own more than 90% of all US media outlets (Comcast, Viacom, Disney, Time Warner, Newscorp) have discovered that it’s much more profitable to focus on discrete audience segments and give them the information they want to hear.
t’s no wonder that a recent Gallup poll revealed that the majority of Americans no longer trust the US media to report accurately or fairly.

Philadelphia Priest Dies After Participating In Moderna COVID Vaccine Trial
As millions of elderly Americans prepare to take COVID-19 vaccines that, according to numerous reports, can elicit some pretty serious post-2nd dose side-effects for a day or so, LifeSiteNews has reported that a Ukrainian Greek-Catholic priest died at his PA home after participating in Moderna’s vaccine trial. …organizations have raised questions about the rate of “serious” injury in the high-risk group of Moderna trial volunteers, as was disclosed with the latest round of ‘Phase 3’ trial data.

The Mainstream Press Has Failed America
…the mainstream press continues to maintain that Trump’s charges are “false” and “baseless” and that his allegations are damaging trust in America’s democratic electoral system. Actually, however, it’s the other way around: It’s the mainstream press, owing to its extreme deferential attitude toward the Washington, D.C., establishment, that has severely damaged trust in America’s democratic system.

Bill Clinton ‘Couldn’t Stay Away’ From Jeffrey Epstein, Visited ‘Pedo Island’ According To Former Chief Aide
Bill Clinton’s former top aide and Chelsea Clinton nemesis Doug Band has told Vanity Fair that former President Bill Clinton did visit Jeffrey Epstein’s infamous “pedo island” in January 2003, and that he was unable to push Epstein out of Clinton’s orbit since they flew to Africa together in 2002 aboard the the pedophile’s (Epstein’s) private 727, dubbed the “Lolita Express.” Band said he had no idea about Epstein’s sex crimes back then but got enough bad vibes that he advised Clinton to end the relationship. But Clinton continued to socialize with Epstein and take his money.

‘Immunity Cards’ To Be Issued To All Americans; Enable CDC To Track COVID-19 Vaxx Status In Database
On Wednesday the Department of Defense released the first images of a COVID-19 vaccination record card as well as vaccination kits, according to CNN. “Everyone will be issued a written card that they can put in their wallet that will tell them what they had and when their next dose is due,” says Dr. Kelly Moore, associate director of the Immunization Action Coalition. “Let’s do the simple, easy thing first. Everyone’s going to get that.”

DOJ sues Facebook for discrimination against U.S. workers
The filing alleged, based on the department’s nearly two-year investigation, Facebook deliberately created a hiring system in which it denied “qualified U.S. workers a fair opportunity to learn about and apply for jobs that Facebook instead sought to channel to temporary visa holders Facebook wanted to sponsor for green cards,” the DOJ said.

Poll reveals President Trump’s approval at 50%
A poll of likely voters published Thursday found 50% approve of President Trump’s job performance, including 39% who strongly approve.

Hackers set $1M ransom for data stolen from insurance company
The Black Shadow hacker group, who took responsibility for a cyber attack on the Israeli insurance company Shirbit on Monday, is demanding a ransom of 50 Bitcoins – worth approximately $1 million – for the data the group allegedly stole from the company’s servers.

Jordan fears losing control over Muslim sites in Jerusalem
Jordan is growing increasingly worried about reports suggesting that Israel has offered Saudi Arabia control over the Islamic holy sites in Jerusalem, including Haram Al-Sharif/Temple Mount, Jordanian and Palestinian officials said on Thursday. The recent secret meeting between Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman has increased fears in Jordan that the kingdom may lose its status as custodian of the Jerusalem holy sites, the officials said.

Israelis told to avoid Gulf due to threat of Iranian attacks
The National Security Council’s Counterterrorism Bureau urged Israelis on Thursday to avoid travel to the Gulf states of the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain, citing threats of Iranian attacks. The travel advisory comes as Iran is threatening to attack Israeli targets following the assassination of its top nuclear scientist last Friday.

Trump imposes new sanctions on Iran
The United States on Thursday imposed fresh Iran-related sanctions, blacklisting an entity and an individual as Washington continues to ramp up pressure on Tehran during US President Donald Trump’s final months in office. The US Treasury Department in a statement said that it had slapped sanctions on Shahid Meisami Group and its director, accusing the entity of being involved in Iran’s chemical weapons research

316 out of 2,000 Ethiopian Jews make their home in Israel on Aliyah
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Thursday greeted at Ben Gurion International Airport the first group of Ethiopian immigrants to arrive in the country within the framework of “Operation Tzur Israel” (“Rock of Israel”).

Israel’s fourth election: What will be the same, what will be different?
Here we go again: For the fourth time in two years, Israel is hurtling full force to another election. And while one could justifiably ask why the results this time should be any different…it is worth noting three factors that may come into dominant play this time that were not significant in the three previous campaigns dating back to March 2019: the coronavirus, US President-elect Joe Biden and Iran.

Iran trying to attack Israelis in neighboring countries, NSC warns
Israelis visiting countries neighboring Iran could be targets for terrorist attacks, the National Security Council warned in a rare public statement on Thursday. “In light of the threats heard recently from Iranian factors, and in light of past involvement in Iranians in terrorist attacks on various countries, there is a concern Iran will try to act in this way against Israeli destinations,” the NSC cautioned.

LA Mayor Bans Unnecessary Walking As Part Of New COVID-19 Restrictions
Democratic Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti issued a new emergency order…that bans unnecessary “travel on foot” as he warns the city is nearing a “devastating tipping point” in their fight against COVID-19. “Our city is now close to a devastating tipping point, beyond which the number of hospitalized patients would start to overwhelm our hospital system…risking needless suffering and death,” Garcetti wrote…

Navy promises Senate it will respond to Russian provocations near Alaska
The Navy has promised greater visibility along its Alaska coastline after an incident earlier this year that saw Russian warships and aircraft take part in military exercises off the coastline. “Russia has re-militarized the Arctic,” Navy Secretary Kenneth Braithwaite told the Senate Armed Services Committee in a Wednesday hearing on Navy and Marine Corps readiness.

Denmark set to end all new oil and gas exploration
Denmark will end all new oil and gas exploration in the North Sea, as part of a wider plan to stop extracting fossil fuels by 2050. Its government also agreed to cancel its latest licensing round on Thursday, which gives firms permission to search for and produce oil and gas. “We are now putting a final end to the fossil era,” said Denmark’s climate minister.

Jordan urges Israel to stop undermining peace opportunities with Palestine
Israel should stop engaging in activities that undermine peace with Palestine, Jordanian Minister of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates Ayman Safadi said, reiterating the importance of the two-state solution in maintaining harmony in the region. Safadi…said the Jewish country should stop provocations in the Al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem, and that it should honor its commitments, state news agency Petra reported.

Shallow M5.0 earthquake hits Turkey and damages homes
A M5.0 earthquake shook Turkey’s southeastern Siirt province on Thursday morning, at 08:45 a.m. local time (0545GMT). The shallow quake hit at a depth of 10 km (6.1 miles) near Kozluk, Batman, Turkey. Many news agencies are reporting no damage. But these reports are not close to reality.

Vicious blizzard buries Norilsk under mountains of snow
A snow apocalypse is currently burying homes, cars and animals under mountains of snow in Russia’s northernmost city, Norilsk. The teriffying blizzard, with gusts of strong wind reaching up to 27 meters per second, is hitting the region for almost a week now. Local media report that more than 6 thousand cubic meters of snow were removed last week…from the streets in the Siberian city.

Tropical Cyclone “Burevi” makes landfall over Sri Lanka, heads toward Tamil Nadu
Tropical Cyclone “Burevi” made landfall over northern Sri Lanka late December 2, 2020 (LT) with maximum sustained winds up to 90 km/h (55 mph) and heavy rain. This the 5th named storm of the 2020 North Indian Ocean cyclone season and the second to form in the Bay of Bengal in a week. Burevi is now heading toward Tamil Nadu where red alerts are in effect. There are currently no reports of casualties.

Facebook Bans Anti-Vaccine “Conspiracy Theories” As US Rollout Begins
“This could include false claims about the safety, efficacy…[f]or example, we will remove false claims that COVID-19 vaccines contain microchips, or anything else that isn’t on the official vaccine ingredient list…”

Supreme Court blocks ruling against church fighting California’s orders limiting in-person gatherings
The United States Supreme Court on Thursday granted temporary relief to a church fighting a legal battle against California over its restrictions on in-person worship gatherings.

Vatican Says Biden Presidency Can Play ‘Key Role’ in Paris Climate Deal
The Vatican suggested Thursday a Biden presidency might inject new life into the stagnant Paris Climate Accord after President Trump pulled the U.S. out of the deal in 2017. The Vatican COVID-19 Commission announced Thursday that it is organizing a webinar next week in preparation for a December 12 global climate summit to be co-hosted by the United Nations and the UK to mark the fifth anniversary of the Paris Agreement.

Situation Update, Dec. 3rd – Trump invokes foreign interference provision of his 2018 executive order, authorizing military response to cyber warfare, see NSPM 13
Ask yourself this question: What was the purpose of yesterday’s White House speech about election fraud and vote rigging?

Journalists target churchgoers for defying lockdown rules
Multiple Canadian journalists and pundits are upset that Christians are trying to attend church during the coronavirus pandemic.

Capitalism For Me, Socialism For You – AOC Unveils “Tax The Rich” Sweatshirts… At $58 Each!
“At $58.00 for a sweatshirt, you’re not taxing the rich, you’re overcharging the stupid,”

TIME WARP: 1969/70 Anarchy … Recycle 2019/20
…Antifa is the Weather Underground of 50-years ago, just without the bombs — YET!  Same guerilla tactics; same goal: destroy America.  Anti-military and anti-police back then; primarily anti-police now, but anti-authority of any kind.

Evidence emerges that COVID tests are faulty. FDA and CDC admit as much
“Something extremely bogus is going on,” billionaire Elon Musk tweeted two weeks ago, after he had received two negative and two positive coronavirus test results within a day. In fact, even the U.S. government has admitted on multiple occasions that rapid tests for COVID have serious accuracy problems.

Voting Machine USB Drives Had Totals Altered Overnight, Witness In Nevada Election Contest Alleges
“What that means is that literally in the dead of night, votes were appearing, and books are disappearing on these machines…”

Iran ready to show goodwill if U.S., Europe abide by nuclear deal: Zarif
Iran will fully comply with a 2015 deal aimed at preventing it from developing nuclear weapons if both the United States and Europe honour their original commitments, Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif said on Thursday.

Iran Passes Bill to Increase Uranium Enrichment Levels
The Iranian parliament has passed a bill to increase uranium enrichment to weapons-grade levels in the wake of the assassination of Iranian nuclear physicist Mohsen Fakhrizadeh,