3 Dec 2020

General Thomas McInerney Says the President Must Take Action Now Against Acts of Treason Through Executive Order and Insurrection Act
host Fredericks welcomed General Tom McInerney to the show who urged the president to claim a national emergency regarding acts of treason through cyber war and let the American people know the seriousness of the situation immediately. We are not talking about fraudulent voting acts. But what we are talking about John is treason. when you coordinate six to ten states using cyber warfare to change the outcome these are treasonous acts.

Defunding Police Backfires In Minneapolis As Shootings, Homicides, And Carjackings Surge
Minneapolis has transformed into an inner-city warzone in six months, just like Baltimore and Detroit, with violent crime surging to levels not seen in decades after millions of dollars in police budget cuts. Minneapolis, or as some say, “Murderapolis,” has witnessed an explosion in homicides and carjacking this year as a severe shortage of police officers has resulted in dwindling patrols.

Israeli Army Teaches Soldiers About Jesus
The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) are using the teachings of Jesus to help train soldiers. And why not? He is the Jewish Messiah according to many prophecies, and his teachings are rooted in the Hebrew scriptures, reflecting the best in Jewish wisdom and faith.

Israel receives its most advanced warship as Iran tensions rise
Israel received its most advanced warship on Wednesday, describing the German-made vessel dubbed “Shield” as a bulwark for vulnerable Mediterranean gas rigs as tensions with Tehran soar over the assassination of a top Iranian nuclear scientist.

Dissolution of 23rd Knesset approved in preliminary reading
The Knesset approved in preliminary reading bills to dissolve the 23rd Knesset. The bills passed with a majority of 61 in support compared to 54 opposed. The Ra’am faction was absent from the vote. Yamina Chairman MK Naftali Bennett spoke at the debate on the dissolution of the Knesset and attacked MK Yair Lapid.

Trump: This may be the most important speech I’ve ever made
Trump releases pre-recorded previously unannounced video speech on his legal battle against alleged voter fraud. (video)

Biden stands by intention to return to Iran nuclear deal
President-elect tells New York Times: If Iran gets a nuclear bomb, other countries in the region would be pressured to get one too.

US CDC shortens COVID-19 quarantine period
The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) on Wednesday said that it was adding two shorter self-quarantine periods recommended after potential exposure to the coronavirus to seven days with a negative test and 10 for without a test.

France to inspect close to 80 mosques for extremist links
The French government will launch a “massive and unprecedented” wave of measures to combat religious extremism, Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin said on Wednesday, adding that one step would be to inspect 76 mosques. Darmanin said in a statement on Twitter that some of the mosques could be closed as a result.

Sidney Powell, Lin Wood tell rally it’s ‘1776 again’
Before an enthusiastic, flag-waving crowd in Atlanta on Wednesday that clearly believes President Trump won the election, attorneys Sidney Powell and Lin Wood declared the power resides in the people and they must exercise it to ensure justice in the outcome of the 2020 vote. Wood, at the “Stop the Steal Rally,” called on Republican Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp to order a special session of the state legislature “to fix the mess he created.”

Michael Flynn endorses martial law and national re-vote for president
Former national security adviser Michael Flynn promoted a petition Tuesday calling on President Donald Trump to temporarily suspend the U.S. Constitution, declare martial law and order the military to oversee a national re-vote for the 2020 presidential election. The petition, published Tuesday by the Ohio-based non-profit group We The People Convention, said there was “no peaceful way left to preserve our Union”

Trump lawsuit presents video evidence of Dems’ cash-for-votes scheme
A Trump campaign lawsuit in Nevada provided video evidence that Democrats are running a cash-for-votes scheme on Native American reservations, offering T-shirts, gas cards and raffle tickets in exchange for voting.

Barr tells AP no fraud found as eyewitnesses describe it
The U.S. attorney general said Tuesday the FBI has failed to uncover evidence of election fraud, a statement that comes at the same time Americans are testifying they witnessed blatant fraud firsthand.

Neutrino detector finds new type of “ghost particle” from the Sun
Detecting CNO neutrinos was no easy task. Although around 65 billion solar neutrinos strike every square centimeter of the Earth’s surface every second, they very rarely interact with matter, passing straight through the entire planet like it was air.

First immigrants from Ethiopia in Operation Rock of Israel land
In the opening flight of Operation Rock of Israel, 316 members of the Falash Mura community from Ethiopia arrived in Israel on Thursday morning together with Aliyah Minister Pnina Tamano -Shata, and were greeted by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Alternate Prime Minister Benny Gantz, Jewish Agency Chairman Isaac Herzog and other dignitaries.

US planning ‘outreach building,’ not consulate in east Jerusalem
The US government is planning to open an “outreach building” in east Jerusalem to improve relations with Palestinians and east Jerusalem Arabs. Senior US officials said that the office would not be a consulate and would not have the facilities of one. They denied reports circulating in media that there was a plan to open a consulate in east Jerusalem.

Hezbollah’s Nasrallah to move to Iran amid regional tensions – report
Hezbollah Secretary-General Hassan Nasrallah plans to move to Iran and may have already made the move, an informed source told the Kuwaiti Al-Jarida newspaper on Wednesday. The source told the paper that intelligence services in Lebanon and neighboring countries have monitored extensive, encrypted communications between the Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps and Hezbollah concerning the move.

Jordan: Israel attempting to impose new fait accompli on al-Aqsa mosque
Israel must maintain the status quo at the Jerusalem’s al-Haram al-Sharif/Temple Mount, a Jordanian representative told the UN General Assembly in advance of the plenum’s vote on five pro-Palestinian and anti-Israel resolutions. Israel is attempting to “impose a fait accompli on al-Aqsa mosque and Jerusalem,” he said, adding that Jerusalem’s “holy sites will remain the focus of Jordanian care and guardianship.”

Reports: Trump admin orders Baghdad embassy drawdown due to Iranian Gen. Soleimani killing anniversary
The Trump administration ordered a drawdown of diplomats at the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad…until some time in January due to risks of a potential attack….officials told The Washington Post that some staff members were withdrawn…for a “de-risking” period that will extend until after the one-year anniversary of Iranian general Qassem Soleimani, who was killed by a U.S. airstrike on Jan. 3, 2020.

Iran nuclear crisis: Law aims to boost enrichment and block inspectors
Iran has moved to stop UN inspections of its nuclear sites and step up uranium enrichment under a new law approved by its parliament. The bill would require the government to resume enriching uranium to 20% – well above the 3.67% agreed under a 2015 nuclear deal – if crippling sanctions are not eased in two months. Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani said he opposed the implementation of the law.

Israel elections loom as lawmakers back bill to dissolve parliament
Israel looks to be heading for its fourth election in less than two years after parliament backed a preliminary vote to dissolve itself. The vote passed with support from the party of defence minister Benny Gantz, which entered into a power-sharing deal with PM Benjamin Netanyahu in April. Party leaders have since been locked in political squabbling over the budget.

US pushes ahead with new rules for Chinese firms
The US House of Representatives has passed a law to kick Chinese companies off US stock exchanges if they do not comply with its auditing rules. The act would also require companies to disclose whether they are owned or controlled by a foreign government. The Holding Foreign Companies Accountable Act still needs the US president’s approval.

Israel receives its most advanced warship as Iran tensions rise
Israel received its most advanced warship on Wednesday, describing the German-made vessel dubbed “Shield” as a bulwark for vulnerable Mediterranean gas rigs… The Saar-6 corvette that docked in Haifa port, and three of the same model to follow next year, will bring to 15 the number of missile boats deployed by an Israeli navy which, while small, carries out missions as far away as the Red Sea and the Gulf.

Biden: Iran nuclear deal best way to avoid Middle East arms race
United States President-elect Joe Biden has said in a new interview that returning to the 2015 nuclear deal with Iran is the best way to avoid a nuclear arms race in the Middle East. Biden, in a New York Times interview published on Wednesday, reiterated that the US would rejoin the agreement, known officially as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) if Iran returns to “strict compliance”.

LA County Mayor Says Not Wearing A Mask Is “Act Of Domestic Terrorism”
“If it were up to me, anybody not wearing a mask when they are out in public would be arrested…” 

Dutch Doctors Can Now Sedate ‘Agitated’ Dementia Patients Before Using a Lethal Substance to End Their Lives
Physicians in the Netherlands are now authorized to sedate dementia patients – without prior approval – before euthanizing them if it is conceivable that they will become “agitated or aggressive” while the doctor gears up to end their life.

LSD use in the ranks prompts testing at USMC base
The Marine Corps is conducting random drug testing at one base in North Carolina because of reports that personnel there are using the hallucinogenic drug lysergic acid diethylamide, better known as LSD.

UK High Court Rules Against Clinic, Children Under 16 Can’t Consent to Puberty Blocking Drugs
Britain’s High Court ruled Tuesday that children under the age of 16 who are considering gender reassignment are not mature enough to give consent to receive puberty-blocking drugs.

BREAKING: Dominion Software was Accessible to Far Left Indivisible.org Group on Election Night — An Obama-Linked Group That CAMPAIGNED FOR JOE BIDEN
On November 25th a 21-year-old electronic intelligence analyst under 305th Military Intelligence with experience gathering SAM missile system electronic intelligence signed a declaration of evidence for Attorney Sidney Powell in her investigation of the massive fraud in the 2020 presidential election.

Britain Today Becomes World’s First Nation To Approve COVID-1984 Coronavirus Vaccine As Majority Of UK Conservatives Say Make It Mandatory
Winner, winner, chicken dinner as England becomes the first nation on Earth to approve a COVID-1984 coronavirus vaccine, and will begin rolling it out next week. As we told you yesterday, the UK’s new vaccine minister Nadim Zahawi is already on record as saying that immunity passports will highly likely become mandatory. That means the vaccine will also be mandatory, and no surprise, the majority of Conservative Party voters and a plurality of Britons as a whole are in favor of making the Chinese coronavirus vaccines mandatory.

China military expanding, has global ambitions: Congressional report 
China‘s military is rapidly expanding the ability to project power globally and in the coming decade will be capable of waging war far from the homeland, according to a major congressional report.

Trump Attorney Phil Kline Claims Two Trailers Full of Completed Ballots Were Delivered to Pennsylvania from NY — One on November 4th!
Phil Kline, attorney for President Trump, claims that one truck carrying completed ballots was sent from Bethpage, New York to Pennsylvania. The ballots traveled from New York, through New Jersey and then to Pennsylvania. That in itself is a crime. This could also explain how Biden was able to make up so much ground so quickly. A second Truck was allegedly delivered to Wisconsin.

THE DAYS OF NOAH: Schumer Says He Agrees With Joe Biden Giving Transgender Students Access To Bathrooms And Locker Rooms On First Day In Office
It is impossible to change your gender, that has never been done and never will be done, and only a lost person could ever think that could happen. You can change your appearance, you can surgically alter your body, but when you are done with all those changes, a biological man remains a biological man. We warned you for the last decade that the LGBTQ+ was coming for your kids, and now transgender students are a protected class. Game over.

Did AG Barr Create Durham Special Counsel to Prevent President Trump from Releasing Information Related to Crossfire Hurricane?
Today we found out that AG Bill Barr stated, while apparently blindfolded in Biden’s basement, that he sees no fraud in the 2020 election that would overturn the election.  He either is totally blind, totally incompetent or totally corrupt.  Although we weren’t convinced until today, we now are leaning towards the latter.  This comes at a pivotal time as more and more corruption in the election is being uncovered.

All Hell Is About to Break Loose As Washington DC Is In a State of Absolute Panic
.. The courts are hopelessly corrupt as they will not even hear one of the President’s court cases. Not one shred of evidence has been presented. Summary judgment rules the day. The judges are either Obama-appointees, corrupt and being bribed or, are afraid of the violence that will ensue if Trump remains in power and this corrupt Democratic regime takes over.

“This Gives Some Hope” – Japanese Study Finds 98% Of COVID Patients Still Have Antibodies 6 Months Later
“In general, people with neutralizing antibodies are believed to carry a low risk of reinfection…This gives some hope” for the effectiveness of the vaccines that are soon to be delivered to the public.