29 Nov 2020

Iran media highlights Turkey’s foreign minister: Palestine is our dream
Iranian media highlighted Turkey’s support for Palestinians…asserting that “Palestine is our dream” and quoting the Turkish foreign minister. The statement comes to mark an international day of solidarity with the Palestinians. Iran’s rhetoric and Turkey’s ruling party rhetoric are increasingly similar on the Palestinian issue, viewing it as a “holy” cause devoted to “liberating” Jerusalem from Israel.

Israel raises alert level in delegations abroad
Fearing an Iranian response to the assassination on Friday of its top nuclear scientist, Israel increased security at its embassies across the globe. The heightened state of alert was said to be over concern that Iran – known to have terrorist infrastructure in Europe, Africa, Asia and South America – would try to hit an Israeli target to avenge the killing of Mohsen Fakhrizadeh…

Bahrain trade delegation to visit Israel next week
Bahraini Minister of Industry, Commerce and Tourism Zayed R. Alzayani plans to visit Israel next week, the Foreign Ministry confirmed on Sunday. Alzayani will be accompanied by a 40-person trade delegation, the first-ever from his country to Israel, meant to encourage Israeli investments in Bahrain. The minister is expected to meet with Foreign Minister Gabi Ashkenazi and Economy Minister Amir Peretz.

The PA State Legislature Hearing Was a Powerful Moment for the Trump Legal Team
As I prepared for my Thanksgiving superspreader event, I listened to the Pennsylvania state legislature’s four-hour public hearing on irregularities witnessed by polling observers in the 2020 election. I expected the testimony would simply be a repeat of what we’ve heard from the Trump legal team. It turned out to be far more powerful, persuasive and riveting than anything I’ve heard before.

Farm workers killed in ‘insane’ Nigeria attack
At least 43 people have been killed in what the Nigerian president has described as an “insane” attack in north-east Nigeria on Saturday. The attackers tied up agricultural labourers working in rice fields and slit their throats near Maiduguri… This is one of the worst attacks in recent months in a region where the Boko Haram and the Islamic State West Africa insurgent groups are active.

France: Tear gas fired as protesters rally against police security bill
French police have fired tear gas at protesters rallying in Paris against a bill that would make it a criminal offence to film or take photos of police with malevolent intent. Clashes began after some in the crowd threw stones and fireworks at police. Cars and a newspaper kiosk were set on fire and dozens were arrested.

In pictures: Hurricanes leave Hondurans homeless and destitute
Honduras is one of the countries in Central America to be hit not by one but two hurricanes this month. Eta arrived in Nicaragua on 3 November as a category four hurricane and ripped through Honduras and Guatemala on its path north. Less than two weeks later, Iota – also a category four hurricane – made landfall just 15 miles (24km) south of where Eta had hit.

State of panic in Tanzania as soils are liquefying and swallowing homes in Dar es Salaam, the finance capital of the African country
The soil under Dar el Sallam, the finance capital of Tanzania, is mysteriously liquefying under homes and businesses. Mud has been seen coming out of the soil, destroying at least 9 houses (total collapse), cracking tens of others and prompting mass evacuations. Residents started taking the situation seriously when a child and a cow almost drowned in one of the mud pools.

“Life Won’t Ever Be Completely Normal Again” – Renowned Infection/Immunity Expert Warns COVID Is Not Going Away
“It is going to be a recurring problem. I don’t think life will ever be completely normal again.”

Twitter allows pro-Marxist burn priests alive hashtag to trend in Spain
A hashtag calling for Catholic priests to be burned alive, which was started by several pro-Marxist accounts, has not been removed by Twitter despite numerous complaints.

What A Biden Administration Means For Border Security
Remember: In “COVID-world,” you cannot go to the gym, and you must “social distance” in absurd ways — but the border is open, and no one is screened…

Hayward: Coronavirus Helps China’s Totalitarian Social Credit System Spread Worldwide
While addressing a virtual summit of G20 nations on November 21, Chinese dictator Xi Jinping suggested the entire world should adopt a “QR Code” health tracking system similar to the one used in China.

Release The Kraken
Democrats capable, willing to silence millions of American voices, take on an operation of cyber-warfare against the United States of this magnitude during a presidential election is beyond disturbing, comprehension and beyond sedition. It is treason

And, The Truth Will Set You Free
The truth be told, America is not involved in a contested election process to determine who won and who lost. This is a coup. We are being deceived by a cabal of very powerful, dark forces, both foreign and domestic, who are in the process of implementing a well-coordinated Color Revolution to corrupt our election process in order to overthrow our Constitutional Republic.

Biggest sunspot in years producing multiple B- and C-class solar flares
Although solar activity remains at low levels, Active Region 2786 — the biggest sunspot in years — has produced multiple C- and B-class flares since November 25. Coronal Mass Ejections (CMEs) were also observed, but none was Earth-directed. While we are still experiencing solar minimum effects, solar activity is ramping up as we head deeper into Solar Cycle 25.

United Nations Urges Restraint As Iran Vows Revenge Against Israel For Targeted Killing Of Their Top Nuclear Scientist Mohsen Fakhrizadeh
Israel and Iran are dominating the weekend news cycle for a couple of reasons, one of which will serve to explain why I think Donald Trump will not be successful in his bid to prove system vote manipulation by Dominion Voting. On November 23rd, President Trump ordered B-52H Stratofortress bombers to the Middle east, on November 26th, the IDF was reported to be preparing for a possible strike on Iran, and then yesterday the 27th, Israel moved on top Iranian nuclear scientist Mohsen Fakhrizadeh and took him out. Let me explain why I think this points to the fact that Trump will not be having a second term.

COVID-1984: Los Angeles Imposes 21-Day Lockdown On Residents, Pope Francis In Rome Calls For Creation Of A ‘New Political And Economic System’ 
They are pounding us from all sides now, Democrats governors and mayors across America in far-Left Liberal regions of PA, CO, CA, GA NY and other places issuing endless draconian restrictions on our freedoms and liberties, while across the pond in the Revived Roman Empire, the King of Vatican City calling for a new COVID-centric world with ‘new politics and economics’. No, you’re not paranoid, they are after you. Actually, they’ve caught you. On Friday, Los Angeles was placed on yet another massive COVID-1984 lockdown.

Suspected terrorists kill 4 Christians, burn church members’ homes after attack on Salvation Army’s service post
Police in the Muslim-majority archipelago of Indonesia were searching for suspected terrorists Saturday after the throats of three Christians were slit, another was beheaded and a Salvation Army post and Christians’ homes were burned down on the island of Sulawesi.

China drafts new rules cracking down on citizens’ religious exchanges with foreigners
The Chinese Communist Party has drafted strict new rules preventing foreigners in the country from discussing religion with locals, a move experts say will make practicing belief far more difficult.