22 Nov 2020

IDF strikes Hamas infrastructure in retaliation for rocket fire
The Israeli military struck Hamas military infrastructure early on Sunday morning in response to rocket fire launched towards the southern city of Ashkelon, the second time in two weeks. The strikes…targeted Hamas military sites including “two rocket manufacturing sites, underground infrastructure and a training facility for the Hamas terror group’s naval force,” the IDF Spokespersons Unit said in a statement.

Explosives placed by terrorists near Jerusalem over weekend
Terrorists placed explosives by the Qalandiya Crossing north of Jerusalem and by Rachel’s Tomb on Friday night, according to the Border Police. Two suspects arrived at the crossing, placed two explosives next to the crossing and ran away from the scene. One of the explosives detonated next to a car passing through the crossing, without causing damage or injuries.

Iran has a new warship packed with drones and missiles
Iran unveiled a new ship over the weekend called the Shahid Roudaki. It is part of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps and was given a spotlight at Bandar Abbas port near the strategic Straits of Hormuz on Thursday. The ship is so interesting to Iran watchers that the United States Naval Institute ran a story about it.

In new twist, Georgia governor urges audit of ballot envelope signatures to look for fraud
After certifying his state’s election results, Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp is now urging his state to conduct an audit comparing the signatures of voter applications and mail-in ballot envelopes to those on the approved voter file to determine if fraud occurred. Kemp, a Republican, made the appeal to Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger during a news conference on Friday.

FEC Chairman: Trump campaign bringing ‘legitimate accusations’ of election fraud to court
The Trump campaign is bringing “legitimate accusations” to court through affidavits of credible witnesses and other evidence used in its challenges to electoral outcomes in various states, Federal Election Commission Chairman Trey Trainor said. Trainor said his review of evidence…met the first level of legal scrutiny under what’s known as motion to dismiss or “Rule 12(b)(6)” of the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure…

Guatemala: Congress on fire after protesters storm building
Hundreds of anti-government protesters in Guatemala have vandalised and set fire to parts of the Congress building, before being dispersed by riot police. The building in Guatemala City was empty at the time of Saturday’s attack, which lasted for about 10 minutes. The fire services put the fire out, but several people were treated for the effects of smoke inhalation.

Iran vows to crush any Israeli attempt to hit its “advisory” role in Syria
Iran on Sunday vowed to defeat any Israeli attempt to harm its role in Syria, saying the era of “hit and run” attacks by Israel there was over, days after Israel carried out air strikes on Syrian army and Iranian paramilitary targets in the country. Israel, which views Tehran as its biggest security threat, has repeatedly attacked Iranian targets and those of allied militia in Syria…

Mourning after deadly new Daesh attack north of Baghdad
Iraq’s Salahaddin province declared three days of mourning from Sunday over a deadly attack blamed on the Daesh group, as some criticized the state for failing to fight back militants. Late Saturday, a roadside bomb hit a civilian car on an open road about 200 kilometers north of Baghdad, police and a local official said.

G-20 summit opens as leaders urge united response to virus
The Group of 20 summit opened on Saturday with appeals by the world’s most powerful leaders to collectively chart a way forward as the coronavirus pandemic overshadows this year’s gathering, transforming it from in-person meetings to a virtual gathering of speeches and declarations.

The Great Reset: What You Need to Know
While we are fighting each other, a top down revolution is underway. A select few elites in a small smoke-filled room are making decisions concerning the future of America and the world, made infinitely easier with the possibility of a Biden win.

John Kerry Says ‘Great Reset’ Is Needed To Stop Rise Of Populism
Former Secretary of State John Kerry attended a panel discussion at the World Economic Forum during which he asserted that a great reset was urgently needed to stop the rise of populism.

State of emergency in the Russian Far East after destructive unseasonal ice storm collapses all key infrastructure systems
Several people froze to death and over 150 000 were left without electricity, water, and heating in the Russian Far East after a destructive unseasonal ice storm hit the region on November 18, 2020. The chief regional meteorologist said wires and trees were encrusted in up to 1.2 cm (0.5 inches) of ice — an occurrence not seen in 30 years​.

US Urgently Needs To Challenge China’s Chokehold On Rare Earth Materials
The Defense Department has not acted with the sense of urgency demanded by the president… if US-China relations plummet to the point where conflict appears imminent, America’s military would be disadvantaged…

Lin Wood Files Suit in GA ‘Beginning of the Tsunami of Evidence’ | DJHJ Media
Lin Wood, an independent Attorney, has filed a second lawsuit in Georgia, this one a 188-page lawsuit, with affidavits pointing to massive election fraud, to stop the certification of the election results for the 2020 Presidential election based on evidence of fraud, and Wood wants a full hand recount in Georgia.

History and Hollywood Is Telling Us What Is Coming-God Help Us!
As It is with some alt media journalists, we are in possession of documents, official documents that paint the most dystopian future for America that will seem unbelievable to most Americans. Even the most direct evidence will not overcome, most American’s cognitive dissonance. All of what is being revealed is prpatory for the age of Transhumanism. Averge people must be purged. And the purge begins with America. America, as a nation, is not around for the final act.This is in preparation to the end days. Most reading these words, if the globalists have their way will not be hear by 2025. If you doubt what is being written here, read the Deagel Report.

Leftists suggest “re-education camps,” “firing squads,” banning talk radio to “reprogram” 75 million Trump supporters
Leftists responded to a Twitter thread asking “how do you deprogram 75 million people?” by suggesting Trump supporters should be interned in “re-education camps” and that all conservative talk radio should be banned.

“Get Out! – Go Get a Warrant!” – Business Owners in Buffalo, New York Stand Up to Cuomo’s Covid Orders, Kick Out Sheriff and “Health Inspector”
Business owners in Buffalo, New York fed up with Cuomo’s authoritarian Covid lockdown orders asserted their Constitutional rights and kicked out sheriffs and “health inspectors” on Friday night.

Conference of Christian Churches Refuses to Take a Stand Condemning Abortion 
An Oklahoma Catholic bishop withdrew his diocese from an ecumenical religious organization this month after it refused to acknowledge that unborn babies are discriminated against by society.

Secretary Pompeo Lands in Israel; PM Netanyahu Hosts Trilateral Meeting: Israel-USA-Bahrain 
The pro-Jewish Trump administration is again making history. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo will become the first high ranking American diplomat to visit a Jewish community in Judea and Samaria. For decades Israeli Jews living in Judea and Samaria were subjected to abuse, libels, and bigotry in international forums such as the UN. In addition, the Obama Administration was vicious in condemning Jews who chose to live in their ancestral homeland. This visit by Secretary Pompeo will go a long way in further legitimizing Jewish rights in Judea and Samaria. Gd bless President Donald Trump and Secretary Mike Pompeo.

Pennsylvania Judge Throws Out Trump Campaign Lawsuit, Setting Stage For Supreme Court Showdown
“This is another case that appears to be moving quickly to the United State Supreme Court.”

US appeals court rules bans on therapy for unwanted same-sex attraction unconstitutional
A federal appeals court ruled that bans on therapy for minors struggling with unwanted same-sex attraction violate the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution.