2 Nov 2020

Erdogan ‘trying to start a war in the Med’
Turkey has extending research activities of its Oruc Reis seismic research vessel in the disputed waters of the eastern Mediterranean until Nov. 14. The move is likely to re-ignite regional tensions after the 7.0 magnitude earthquake that hit Turkey and Greece last week, which was expected to lead to a period of earthquake diplomacy, as happened in 1999.

China now has the ability to track internet users who ‘scale the wall’
internet user Zhang Tao received a visit from police soon after after using the open-source online encyclopedia, suggesting that the authorities’ ability to monitor people’s internet activity in real time has been stepped up recently. In a now-deleted online announcement from the Zhejiang police, screenshots of which were still available on social media this week, Zhang was accused of using the circumvention tool Lantern, downloaded following a Baidu search, to “make repeated, illegal queries on the Wikipedia website.” His behavior met the criteria for “setting up and using illegal channels for international internet access without authorization,” the notice said. … police can now locate anyone in mainland China using circumvention software to “scale the Great Firewall.”

Two charged after Philadelphia police find van packed with explosives
When authorities pulled over and searched the van, they discovered a quarter- or half-sticks of dynamite, a handheld propane tank torch, a Taser and various tools including electric drills, bolt cutters, and machetes, …

North Korea’s Kim calls for ‘diplomatic and military countermeasures’ as year-end deadline looms
Kim Jong Un called for “diplomatic and military countermeasures” for preserving the country’s sovereignty and security ahead of Pyongyang’s self-imposed year-end deadline for U.S. concessions in nuclear talks, state-run media reported Tuesday. Kim issued the calls during a seven-hour “comprehensive report” on the third day of a plenary meeting of the Central Committee of the North’s ruling Workers’ Party.

Hunter Biden’s ‘Laptop From Hell’ Was National Security Nightmare
Hunter Biden’s abandoned laptop contained a ‘treasure trove of top-secret material, including his father’s private emails and mobile phone numbers,’ and was protected by the password “Hunter02”, according to the Daily Mail.

Dems Panicking Over Early Results
I was phone-banking for PA Dems yesterday and we have about 30% of Dems that I called going for Trump.

Sanders accuses Israel of ‘White Supremacy’ at Soros backed Event
At a virtual event commemorating the deadliest anti-Semitic attack in US history, Bernie Sanders turned to focus towards white supremacy, a crime that Sanders claimed does not exclusively target Jews and is, in fact, perpetrated by the Jewish State.

Rabbi who uses Bible to Accurately Predict Elections Worldwide: ‘Trump will Win’
Rabbi Turnheim, who has accurately predicted the outcome of every Israeli election since 1996, bases his predictions on a complex method of isolating letters from one Bible passage whose reading falls on the anniversary of the week of the elections in the portion read on the day of the elections. Regarding the upcoming U.S. election, Rabbi Turnheim’s decisive answer is that Trump will be reelected. The rabbi started his unique pastime after arriving at the conclusion that everything that happens in the world is inside the Torah. Therefore, a topic as important as the Israeli and international elections can also be found in the Torah.

Leaked Zoom calls: Federal workers conspiring to shut down White House in contested election
Dozens of leaked internal documents and Zoom call video footage were made public Sunday describing plans by progressive activists and federal workers to disrupt and destabilize the outcome of Tuesday’s presidential election, including plans to “shut down the White House.” “It’s a coup. Don’t let anyone tell you it’s not,” a woman states during one Zoom session.

Ten dead, three missing as 2020’s strongest typhoon slams Philippines
At least 10 people died and three others were missing after Typhoon Goni, the world’s strongest typhoon this year, barrelled through the south of the Philippines’ main island of Luzon on Sunday,

French Muslims, Stigmatized By Attacks, Feel Under Pressure
The pressure rises with each gruesome attack. After three in five weeks, France’s Muslims are feeling squeezed. A spotlight of suspicion was trained on them again even before the latest acts of extremist violence, including two beheadings. President Emmanuel Macron has forged ahead with his effort to rid Islam in France of extremists, part of a project he labels “separatism,” a term that makes Muslims wince.

Report: US officials briefed on threat against Pentagon leaders
US military, intelligence and law enforcement officials were briefed late last month on a threat against the Pentagon’s most senior leaders while they are on American soil, not just traveling overseas, five senior US officials with direct knowledge of the matter told NBC News on Thursday.

Leading national religious rabbis: Vote for Trump
We urge you to support Donald Trump’s candidacy for President of the United States. During his presidency, President Trump blocked Iran’s nuclear program – the greatest threat to World Peace. Iran has been developing nuclear weapons, declaring time and time again that it wishes to eliminate the State of Israel.

The killing takes the number of militants killed in the Muslim-majority region so far this year by Indian troops to 190.
Indian security forces killed the chief of the largest militant group in Kashmir in a gun battle on Sunday, as the disputed region is riven by violence more than a year after New Delhi withdrew its semi-autonomy. The killing takes the number of militants killed in the Muslim-majority region so far this year by Indian troops to 190, police official Vijay Kumar told Reuters.

Egypt tells Hamas to keep ceasefire until after US elections – report
During a visit by a Hamas delegation to Cairo last week, Egypt called on the terrorist group to maintain the ceasefire reached with Israel…until after the US election… A Hamas delegation left the Gaza Strip for Cairo last week to discuss bilateral relations, mutual interests, regional politics, the humanitarian situation in Gaza and developments between Gaza and Israel, among other topics.

Palestinian Authority communicating with Biden campaign
Two senior Palestinian officials have confirmed to The Media Line that the Palestinian Authority is maintaining direct channels of communication with the campaign of US Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden. The officials, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said a Palestinian-American businessman had helped establish contact between the PA and Biden’s top advisers.

Turkey pushes new tensions with Greece despite earthquake
Weeks after walking back a provocative naval maneuver near a Greek island in the face of criticism from European countries, Turkey has said it will resume provocative naval exercises. Turkey uses a research ship…to claim it is conducting “research” but uses large naval forces to harass Greek islands under the guise of research missions…

Biden staffers can’t stop calling Kamala ‘the next President’
At a campaign stop in Fort Worth, Texas on Oct. 30, Kamala Harris was introduced as the “next president of the United States.” She is on the ballot as the a candidate for vice president, although people on staff in Fort Worth didn’t seem to be aware of that. “Without further delay, I am so honoured to introduce the next President of the United States Senator Kamala Harris!” Rebecca Acuna announced.

Typhoon Goni: Fears after Philippine town said to be 90% damaged
A typhoon which slammed into the Philippines on Sunday may have damaged 90% of the buildings in the first town it struck, according to the Red Cross. Philippines Red Cross Chairman Dick Gordon said an assessment suggested that Virac, home to 70,000 people, had been severely damaged by Typhoon Goni. At least 16 people were killed after the storm made landfall on Sunday…

Palestinian Authority to resume accepting tax money collected by Israel
The Palestinian Authority will begin accepting tax revenue collected by Israel after months of boycotting the funds over Jerusalem’s now-defunct annexation plans and deductions made to prisoner salaries. The change in policy will likely come at the end of the month without concessions from the PA.

Iran begins annual air force drill with drones, fighter jets
Iran’s air force began an annual drill Monday, state television reported, with its aging fleet of US- and Russian-made jet fighters taking part alongside locally made drones and other aircraft. The drill will see forces from eight air bases take part over two days in exercises that include missile firing and mid-air refueling.

Libya’s warring sides discuss implementing cease-fire
Military leaders from Libya’s warring sides met Monday in the oasis town of Ghadames, the United Nations said, the first face-to-face military talks inside Libya since last year’s attack on the capital by the forces of military commander Khalifa Hifter. The fifth round of talks, brokered by the U.N., came less than two weeks after the two sides inked a permanent cease-fire in Geneva on Oct. 23…

Super Typhoon “Goni” hits Philippines as the strongest storm of the year
Super Typhoon “Goni” made landfall in the Philippines over Bato, Catanduanes at 20:50 UTC (04:50 LT, November 1) and Tiwi, Albay at 23:20 UTC on October 31, 2020, with maximum sustained winds of 225 km/h (140 mph) and gusts to 280 km/h (174 mph) — which made it equivalent to a Category 5 hurricane on the Saffir Simpson Hurricane Wind Scale. This is the strongest tropical cyclone of the year and the strongest to hit the Philippines since Super Typhoon “Haiyan” killed more than 6 300 people in 2013.

Media Cheer ‘Thank God for Abortion’ Music Video
There are many ways to perform an abortion: pills that expel the baby’s body, suction vacuums, injected drugs that cause cardiac arrest. But there is only one result: death. This death is worth celebrating, according to one abortion activist. And, she says, God is still “cool” with her.

Resisting Voting for the Demonic –
A couple of years ago, author and home schooler Ayun Halliday wrote an article about a child who rode the New York City subway costumed as Hieronymus Bosch’s demonic bird.

Attempt to register dead people in Florida County discovered
In attempt to register dead people to vote in Broward County, Florida reportedly was uncovered, but no mail-in ballots were sought nor used through the fraud.

Obama HUMILIATED as almost no one shows up to Miami event – only 70 people watch online
Barack Obama was just humiliated in Miami after holding a campaign event to build momentum for Democrat nominee Joe Biden, but only succeeded in drawing a dismal number of people to the event and an even more pathetic number of viewers online.

Officials OUTRAGED After Trump Campaign Asks for Names of People Transporting Ballots and Locations of Where Ballots Are Stored and Counted
Crooked politicians are OUTRAGED that the Trump Campaign is not letting them get away with their Dirty Tricks.

In Defense Of The Electoral College
The Electoral College remains one of America’s last defenses to protect middle America against corrupt urban power, and a great check-and-balance against totalitarian rule-by-the mob…

Joe Biden Pledges to Gut Religious Freedom
Joe Biden made no bones about it: If he wins the presidential election, he will gut religious freedom protections that allow faith-based homeless shelters, charities, and small business owners to act according to their consciences. Specifically, he will shove LGBT ideology down the throats of religious Americans in the name of fighting “discrimination.”

Mueller gathered evidence suggesting DNC, Clinton camp manufactured Russia collusion story
Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s office gathered evidence suggesting that Hillary Clinton’s campaign and the Democratic National Committee launched a political “smear job” in spring 2016 tying Donald Trump to Russia collusion through the lobbying work of his campaign chairman Paul Manafort in Ukraine, according to memos that were excluded from the prosecutor’s final report.

Archbishop warns Trump of ‘Great Reset’ plot to advance globalism
President Trump is “the final garrison” against a plan by globalists to exploit the coronavirus pandemic, contends Roman Catholic Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò, a former papal ambassador to the United States.

SIX IN CUSTODY: Muslim Migrants Arrested in Jihad-Beheading Slaughter in Church Attack, 3 DEAD
15 years after the Danish cartoon crisis, this is where we are. The first (and only newspaper) newspaper to run the cartoons, back in 2005, now refuses to publish Mohammad cartoons. No one, save for Trump and Macron, are decrying Islamic terror and sharia carnage.

The Autocratic Future Of The United States?
…when the state, the judiciary, opposition parties, and the free press suppress verifiable information instead of informing the public about it, these institutions of democracy instead become vehicles to sabotage a democracy.

Pope criticizes people who complain about restrictions…
Pope Francis called for patience and solidarity while criticizing those who complain about restrictive measures during the coronavirus pandemic, according to an interview published Sunday by Serbia-based Politika newspaper.