22 Oct 2020

Russian private firm to create orbital cluster of 510 satellites
The new Russian private space firm Success Rockets is planning to create three satellite constellations of various designation, with one of them to comprise over 500 satellites, according to the company’s presentation obtained by TASS on Monday.

Boeing relocating to a state without Democrat lunatics who raise taxes, punish businesses
Boeing announced … that it has decided to end the production of its 787 Dreamliner jet in Everett, Washington. The company said that it will be consolidating the aircraft’s manufacture at its facility in Charleston, South Carolina. The move is a significant blow to the economy of the Northwestern United States.

Wikipedia Bans Editors From Declaring Support for Traditional Marriage
Wikipedia recently banned its editors from including any messages of support for traditional marriage in their userboxes, but will still allow messages of support for same-sex marriage.

Northern Hemisphere Snow Mass Above Average + Greenland Ice Sheet’s Astonishing Gains Continue
Despite decades of doom-and-gloom prophecies and fear-mongering claptrap, the Northern Hemisphere continues to GAIN “snow mass” at a rate comfortably above the 1982-2012 average:

Indian Navy test fires supersonic Brahmos Missile
The missile was fired from INS Chennai, a Kolkata-class stealth destroyer, and hit its target with pin-point accuracy after performing “extremely complex” maneuvers, officials told Times of India.

Trump simplifies election: ‘American dream vs. socialist hellhole’
President Trump on Tuesday boiled down his message in the final two weeks of the 2020 campaign to a simple choice: “the American Dream versus a socialist hellhole.” If Joe Biden is elected, Trump warned in an interview with “Fox & Friends,” the Democrats would take away “your guns, your oil and your God.” “They want to take away your Second Amendment, they want to take away fracking and oil,” he said. “They don’t care.”

Hot mail: Letters threaten to burn down homes of Trump supporters
Those who apparently hate President Trump, and his fans, have mailed letters to residents in a New Hampshire region threatening to burn down their homes if he does not “concede” the election. WMUR reports police in Milford are trying to track the source of the letters “that were sent to supporters of President Donald Trump threatening to burn down their homes.”

Report shows steep decline in Jewish population of Europe
A new report published today by the European Jewish Demography Unit at the Institute for Jewish Policy Research (JPR) shows that the proportion of the world’s Jewish population living in Europe today is at its lowest level for almost a thousand years.

US ambassador: Peace with more Arab countries ‘a certainty’
Ambassador David Friedman tells Israel Hayom’s editor-in-chief that if President Trump wins the election, the processes launched by his administration “can really change the Middle East for a hundred years.”

Report: Israeli strike targets Iranian, Hezbollah forces in Syria
According to a U.K.-based Syrian war monitor, the early morning attack targeted a school hosting Iranian forces and groups loyal to the Lebanese Shi’ite terror group Hezbollah.

Despite Biden’s Pandering: 2 Out of Three US Islamic Leaders are Voting Trump
A poll performed over the last two weeks by Aksam, a Turkish daily newspaper based in Istanbul, questioned 109 Islamic American leaders representing more than two million Islamic voters from 19 states, 8 of them swing states. The states included in the poll were Virginia, Michigan, Florida, Pennsylvania, Colorado, Minnesota, Ohio, Nevada, California, New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Maryland, Texas, Illinois, Connecticut, Kentucky, New Mexico, Indiana.

Volunteer in COVID-19 Vaccine Trial Dies: Health Officials
A volunteer in AstraZeneca’s COVID-19 vaccine trial died in Brazil, the country’s health authority confirmed Wednesday. Anvisa, the authority, said it wouldn’t stop the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) virus vaccine trials for now and is investigating the death.

Francis becomes 1st pope to endorse same-sex civil unions
Pope Francis became the first pontiff to endorse same-sex civil unions in comments for a documentary that premiered Wednesday, sparking cheers from gay Catholics and demands for clarification from conservatives, given the Vatican’s official teaching on the issue.

Epsilon Upgraded to Hurricane
The National Hurricane Center in Miami, Florida has upgraded Tropical Storm Epsilon to Hurricane Epsilon, the tenth hurricane of the record-breaking 2020 Atlantic Hurricane Season. Only 4 other years in the satellite era which began in 1966 have there been 10 or more hurricanes in the Atlantic basin by this date: 1969, 1995, 2005, and 2017. Epsilon was used only once before as a hurricane name in 2005, when it became the 27th named storm of that season. The 2005 hurricane season produced one more named storm that year: Zeta, which formed on December 30.

Sudan agrees to normalize relations with Israel -report
Sudan has reportedly agreed to fully normalize relations with Israel, an initial report by Israel Hayom stated late Wednesday night. According to Israel Hayom, the only mainstream outlet to publish the report so far, a political source involved in the diplomatic talks between Israel and Sudan confirmed that the countries will be normalizing relations very soon.

Oil prices fall as inventory report reflects demand weakness
Oil prices settled lower on Wednesday after U.S. inventory figures showed demand weakening for refined products as global COVID-19 cases spiked…Overall product supplied, a proxy for demand, remained down 13% on the year and over the past four weeks when compared with the year-ago period.

Australia to join U.S., India, Japan in ‘Quad’ naval war game, in signal to China
An international Pacific security partnership that previously was dismissed by China as ephemeral has in recent days signaled to the world that the pact has grown stronger. The partnership is between four democracies — the U.S., Australia, India, and Japan — that comprise the so-called “Quad,” the Quadrilateral Security Dialogue.

US approves $1.8bn weapons sale to Taiwan
The US has approved arms sales to Taiwan worth around $1.8bn (£1.4bn), in a move that is likely to increase tensions with China. The Pentagon said the deal comprised three weapons systems, including rocket launchers, sensors and artillery. Taiwan, which considers itself a country, is seen as a renegade province by China.

Covid: No safety concerns found with Oxford vaccine trial after Brazil death
Trials of a Covid-19 vaccine being developed by AstraZeneca and Oxford University will continue, following a review into the death of a volunteer in Brazil. Brazil’s health authority has given no details about the death, citing confidentiality protocols. Oxford University said a “careful assessment” had revealed no safety concerns.

China threatens retaliation over new U.S. arms sales to Taiwan
China threatened on Thursday to retaliate against the latest U.S. arms sale to Chinese-claimed Taiwan, as the island welcomed the weapons package but said it was not looking to get into an arms race with Beijing. The Trump administration has ramped up support for Taiwan through arms sales and visits by senior U.S officials, adding to tensions between Beijing and Washington…

Pope Francis calls for civil union law for same-sex couples, in shift from Vatican stance
In a documentary that premiered Wednesday in Rome, Pope Francis called for the passage of civil union laws for same-sex couples, departing from the position of the Vatican’s doctrinal office and the pope’s predecessors on the issue. The remarks came amid a portion of the documentary that reflected on pastoral care for those who identify as LGBT.

Pandemic worsens NYC’s food crisis
The lines are long and the need is enormous. More than 1 million New Yorkers can’t afford food, and standing on long lines at food banks is now too common amid the pandemic.

California City Begins Handing Out Free Cash To “Address Inequalities For Black People”
“This is a great opportunity to address inequalities for Black and brown people and also additional opportunities for upward mobility.”

Early-season winter storm hits northern U.S., breaking scores of snowfall records
A winter storm hit parts of the northern U.S. this week, breaking scores of snowfall records in Montana, Iowa, and Minnesota, where more than 1 100 road accidents were reported due to heavy snow. A deepening upper-level trough and a surge of cold Canadian air now set the stage for yet another early-season winter storm and more rounds of snow through early next week, possibly as far south as Texas.

M5.6 earthquake hits Reykjanes peninsula, the largest since 2003, IcelandA shallow M5.6 earthquake hit about 5 km (3.1 miles) W of the geothermal area in Seltun on Iceland’s Reykjanes peninsula at 13:43 UTC on October 20, 2020. This is the largest earthquake measured in the peninsula since 2003.

Pompeo said planning to declare major human rights groups as ‘anti-Semitic’
US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is working to get the US State Department to declare several major international human rights groups, including Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch and Oxfam, as “anti-Semitic” and end American support for them, the Politico news site reported Wednesday.

USPS First Class Mail Not Arriving On Time In Battleground States Like Pennsylvania And Michigan
In early October, only about 80% of mail was delivered on time in Philadelphia. That number fell to 71% in Detroit.

Pope Francis Becomes First Gay Affirming Pontiff As He Now Adds The LGBTQ+P For Pedophile Movement To His Roman One World Religion
For years now, we’ve been telling you and showing you how and why Pope Francis began courting the LGBTQ+P for Pedophile Movement for inclusion into the Roman religion. That reason is because he needs to populate the One World Religion of Chrislam that began officially and in earnest back in February of 2019. Pedophile priests are nothing new in the Roman Catholic church, and soon they will be an official protected group.

Joe Biden and Jews with Trembling Knees
..In 1982..Biden thought he could appeal to the perceived nativism of the Dixiecrats by publicly threatening to cut off aid to the Jewish state. In July of that year, he used an appearance of Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin before the Senate Finance Committee to threaten to cut off aid to Israel. After enduring Biden’s fist-pounding tirade, Begin responded with the eloquence that was his trademark.

The Joe Biden transition team is compromised by Chinese elites who have already taken advantage of Hunter Biden’s White House connections
The American government was originally intended to be of, by, and for the American people, but under the eight grueling years of the Obama-Biden Presidency, the American government was bastardized by well-connected politicians and their crooked family dealings with foreign governments. The Bidens exchanged favors with Chinese elites, and gave them red carpet treatment at the White House, selling America out as competing nations continued to take advantage of corrupt government officials.

BOMBSHELL: Covid-19 isn’t a pandemic plan, it’s an EXTERMINATION plan for humanity
About a year ago, I gave a live presentation in Branson, Missouri, that is only now being made fully public. The presentation, shown below via Brighteon.com, reveals that the real master plan which led to COVID is actually an extermination plan for humanity.

JPMorgan’s Kolanovic Has Another Warning For Those Expecting A Crushing Biden Victory
“Social media sentiment appears to be a leading indicator of the polling average. Therefore, all else equal, one could expect the polls to tighten in the near future.”