19 Oct 2020

7.4 Magnitude Quake off Alaska Prompts Tsunami Warning
A reported 7.4 magnitude earthquake off the Alaska Peninsula on Monday prompted tsunami warnings for a vast swath of communities. The warning was issued by the National Tsunami Warning Center, following an earthquake off Sand Point, Alaska.

Steve Bannon Talks About what the Biden Family Faces in Fallout From Hunter’s Laptop, There is More to Come
“It’s the actions represented on the hard drive that the American people must understand our enemies know about. The cash and equity given for access to Biden, the favors done for that cash, the drugs, the depravity. The CCP, Russian Intel, the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Intel Services — they know the Bidens are for sale,”

Biden: Muslims Will Serve ‘At Every Level’ of His Administration
The Muslim Brotherhood is rejoicing as Joe Biden is promising to habve Muslims working for him at every level just as they did under Barack Obama. Obama had a real love affair with the Muslim Brotherhood. (MB) It was one thing to support them when they took over Egypt, but it is something else when you support them as the entire population turned against them.

First Space Force recruits head to basic training this month
The first seven direct enlistees in the U.S. Space Force will head to basic training this month at Lackland Air Force Base in Texas where they will train together with Air Force recruits. Chief Master Sgt. Roger Towberman, senior enlisted leader of the Space Force, told Military.com that the Space Force recruits will go through Space Force’s first Basic Military Training (BMT) and will be distinguishable from those in the Air Force. “They needed to know they were different; that’s important to us,” Towberman said.

2020: Year Of The Black GOP Renaissance, Thanks To Trump
While James hopes to join South Carolina’s Tim Scott (pictured above) in the Senate, 26 Black Americans are running as Republican nominees to make history in the House of Representatives. Can you imagine how courageous you have to be to run in 2020 as a Black Republican, with all of the vitriol and cancel culture attempts from the radical liberal left?

“Die In A Fire”: “Professional, Objective” Twitter Employees’ Hatred Of Trump Exposed
the war between Twitter and Trump has been ongoing and vicious. Employees of the company haven’t been shy about posting their hysterical hatred of the president and his supporters. One Twitter engineering manager said Trump should “die in a fire” in a January 2017 tweet. A year later, he rang in the new year by saying “Happy 2018! Donald Trump is dead!” None of these comments have ever been flagged by Twitter or been subject to any other form of official sanction, even as the social-media giant dishes out discipline to others for sharing legitimate news stories that might hurt Biden. The company finally ordered the vicious tweet to be deleted on May 29 — years after being posted.

Biden Surrogate on Hunter Emails: ‘I Don’t Think Anybody Is Saying They Are Inauthentic or Not’
Jenna Arnold said Sunday on Fox News Chanel’s “America’s News HQ” that no one from the campaign has addressed the authenticity of emails allegedly from Hunter Biden linking his father, former Vice President Joe Biden, to his Ukraine business dealings.

Democrats creating new ‘rule’ for Supreme nominees based on how they MIGHT vote
“It is court packing without any pretense. Like our current politics, it would finally strip away any nuance or nicety. The court, like Congress, would become subject to raw and brutal politics at its very worst,” Turley writes on his website.

‘Teaching yes, bleeding no’: France pays tribute to beheaded teacher
Thousands of people gathered across France on Sunday to support teachers and defend freedom of expression after the killing of Samuel Paty, a history teacher beheaded by a suspected Islamist on Friday.

Iran defense minister: Stage set for Iran to buy and sell arms
Iran’s Defense Minister Amir Hatami said on Sunday that Iran will start selling and buying arms now that the arms embargo has been lifted, according to Ynet. Hatami said that it is Iran’s “right to get what we need and to supply others in the world with what they need from us. Iran will not sell for the money as the US does, but rather will sell to countries that want to make legitimate self defense use” of Iranian weapons.

‘Today we are one family, the family of the sons of Abraham’
During the ceremony, Ben-Shabbat turned to his Bahraini hosts and said, “Today we are one family, the family of the sons of Abraham.” Bahrain’s Foreign Minister Abdullatif bin Rashid Al Zayani echoed that sentiment, saying that the “positive and healthy relations that have been formed between the two nations have helped made the Abraham Accords possible as well as brought about peace between the peoples. We are following the path set by Abraham, our common patriarch.”

Biden Comes Out in Support of Mutilating Children in the Name of Pre-Adolescent Transgender Treatments
Biden: Children Can Decide to be Transgender In a town hall on Thursday night, Joe Biden, the Democratic candidate for the upcoming presidential election, said that if he were elected, he would change the “dangerous and discriminatory agenda” that prevent gender transition treatment for children.

‘Blue Moon’ to appear on Halloween Signaling End of Paganism on Eve of Election
blue moon is an additional full moon that appears in a subdivision of a year, The phenomenon is relatively rare, occurring once every 2.5-3 years, hence the idiom, “Once in a blue moon.” But the blue moon this year taking place on Halloween is even rarer, appearing every 19 years in some time zones. A Halloween blue moon was seen in 2001 but the last time before that was in 1955. The next Halloween blue moon will appear in 20139.

Trump: ‘In God we Trust, and that won’t be Changed’
“Masks, no masks, everything, you can do all you want, but you know, you still need help from the Boss, we need help from the Boss, that’s what happens, we need help,” Trump said, pointing to the sky as an audience member shouted “Amen.” “We still need help. It’s okay to say. They’ll criticize me for that. They’ll say, ‘How dare he say that.’ Nah, I’ll say it. “Somebody said to me the other day, ‘You’re the most famous person in the world by far,’” the President continued. “I said, ‘No I’m not’. They said, ‘Who’s more famous?’ I said, ‘Jesus….’ I’m not taking any chances.’ And let me look up and I’ll say, ‘And it’s not even close.’”

Gantz threatens to pass bill that would end Netanyahu’s career
Blue and White raised its threat against Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on the weekend, warning that if he does not enable the passage of the 2021 state budget by the end of the year, it would propose the so-called anti-Bibi bill. The bill would prevent anyone charged with serious crimes from forming a government, including Netanyahu, who is on trial for fraud, bribery and breach of trust.

Abbas’s Fatah warns Jerusalem Arabs against UAE funding
The Palestinian ruling Fatah faction headed by Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas on Sunday stepped up its attacks on the United Arab Emirates and accused it of stabbing the Palestinians in the heart with a dagger. Fatah also warned residents of east Jerusalem of the “Emirati money dipped in Palestinian blood,”…

Chinese military beefs up coastal forces as it prepares for possible invasion of Taiwan
Beijing is stepping up the militarisation of its southeast coast as it prepares for a possible invasion of Taiwan, military observers and sources have said. The People’s Liberation Army has been upgrading its missile bases, and one Beijing-based military source said it has deployed its most advanced hypersonic missile the DF-17 to the area.

Japan to join forces with U.S., Europe in regulating Big Tech firms: antitrust watchdog head
Japan will join forces with the United States and Europe to take on any market abuses by the four Big Tech companies, the new head of its antitrust watchdog said on Monday, a sign Tokyo will join global efforts to regulate digital platform operators. Kazuyuki Furuya…also said Tokyo could open a probe into any merger or business tie-up involving fitness tracker maker Fitbit FIT.N…

Russian fighter jet dangerously shadows Israeli passanger plane
A Russian fighter jet on Sunday reportedly came dangerously close to an Israeli passenger aircraft while on route from the Greek island of Rhodes to Tel Aviv’s Ben Gurion airport. The incident occurred when the Israir flight entered Cypriot air space. No casualties or damage were reported.

Islamic State tells supporters to target Saudi Arabia over Israel ties
An Islamic State spokesman called on the militant group’s supporters to target oil pipelines and economic infrastructure in Saudi Arabia over the Gulf state’s ties with Israel. “Targets are plenty … Start by hitting and destroying oil pipelines, factories and facilities which are the source (of income) of the tyrant government,” the spokesman, Abu Hamza al-Muhajir, said…

10 newly-discovered asteroids within 1 lunar distance in 10 days
10 newly-discovered asteroids with a close approach within 1 lunar distance (<1LD asteroid) were discovered from October 12 to 18, 2020, marking a significant increase in detection and flybys of asteroids within 1 lunar distance in such a short period of time.

EXCLUSIVE: Chinese whistleblower reveals Hunter Biden “sex tapes” contain video of Joe Biden’s son sexually ABUSING multiple under-age Chinese teens
..Why did Hunter Biden possess these child abuse sex tapes? And why did the CCP send a copy to Nancy Pelosi and the DoJ? The entire thing is an Epstein-style operation that the CCP ran on Hunter Biden in order to control Joe Biden, his father, should Joe win the presidency. It means the Biden administration is already compromised via CCP blackmail related to these sex tapes (and who knows what else).

UPDATE: Suspects Say Ring Leader in Plot to Kidnap Wretched Governor Whitmer Was an Alleged FBI Informant — Who Pushed the Entire Plan
…Meanwhile, Hunter Biden’s laptop filled with criminal drug, sex and million dollar criminal dealings sits on a shelf at the FBI collecting dust — if they haven’t destroyed it already.

Joe Biden Says They’re ‘Just An Idea’ As Neo-Fascist Anarchists ANTIFA Now Targeting And Attacking Blacks And Women In Violent Confrontations
During their debate, President Trump asked Joe Biden if he would condemn domestic terror group ANTIFA, and Biden replied that ANTIFA wasn’t real, that they were “just an idea”. Well, that “idea” viscously attacked Trump supporter Philip Anderson, a black man, as well as a white woman at a Free Speech Protest rally at Twitter headquarters in San Francisco.

Pfizer begins manufacturing COVID-19 vaccines ahead of expected approval
US pharmaceutical giant Pfizer has begun manufacturing hundreds of thousands of doses of its COVID-19 vaccine ahead of its expected approval next month.

FBI Launch Corruption Investigation Into How Gov. Tom Wolf Issued Permits for Pipeline, Report
The FBI has launched a corruption investigation into how Governor Tom Wolf (D-Pa.) issued permits for construction on the multibillion-dollar pipeline project across Pennsylvania, according to an explosive report by the Associated Press.

Obama and Eric Holder are Deeply Involved in Weaponziing Antifa and the Cartels That Will Assist with the CHICOM Red Dawn Invasion 
..One might think given all the knee-jerk reaction to the New York Post’s publishing the tale of Hunter Biden’s salacious and criminally (ie Joe Biden’s influence peddling, malfeasance of office, and treason) convicting laptop contents that this was by far and away the most controversial story ever published by the New York Post. Well, that would an incorrect assumption.

Record-breaking auction for Obamas’ book deal tops $65m
Penguin Random House will pay more than $65m for the global rights to two books to be written separately by Barack Obama and his wife, Michelle, after a blockbuster auction that set a record for US presidential memoirs.

Soros Triples Election Spending, Pouring $70 Million Into 2020 Efforts 
Liberal billionaire George Soros has funneled nearly $70 million into the 2020 elections, tripling his previous record, new filings show.

Fukushima To Dump 1 Million Tons Of Radioactive Water Into Pacific
More than one thousand storage tanks…

US Episcopal Church attendance has fallen by nearly a quarter since 2009
There has been a steep decline in attendance at the US Episcopal Church over the past decade. Latest figures from the liberal denomination show that the number of people regularly attending Sunday service fell from 724,000 in 2009 to 518,000 last year

US power advantage over China declines in wake of coronavirus pandemic: Lowy Institute
The United States’ handling of Covid-19 has accelerated its declining power advantage over China, according to a new index of power in Asia, with the gap between the superpowers halving since 2018.