18 Oct 2020

Israeli delegation lands in Bahrain to sign ‘peace statement’
Israeli officials landed in Bahrain for a series of meetings and signing of declarations, including one establishing full diplomatic relations and peace between the countries on Sunday. The flight, number 973 like Bahrain’s country code for phone calls, was the first El Al flight to Manama.

Iran’s regime celebrates end of UN arms embargo
Iran’s regime is celebrating the end of an arms embargo. Despite US pressure and calls for the embargo to be extended Iran, believes it has defeated Washington and sees the end of the embargo as a good omen of more things to come. Iran’s Foreign Ministry said the UN Security Council arms restrictions against Tehran have ended.

Palestinians accuse Gulf visitors of ‘desecrating’ Al-Aqsa Mosque
A recent visit by Gulf Arabs to al-Aqsa Mosque has sparked outrage among east Jerusalem residents and the Palestinian ruling Fatah faction, who accused the visitors of promoting normalization with Israel and “desecrating” the holy site. Palestinians initially claimed that the visitors were from Oman. Later, however, they said the delegation members who prayed at the mosque were from the United Arab Emirates.

Obama National Security Director Now Leads China-Linked TikTok ‘Trust And Safety’ Team
Collins, who identifies himself as having served as Director of the Office of Europe and Eurasia at the National Security Council from 2010 to 2011, has worked at TikTok since November of 2019. While at the White House, he served as a “Presidential advisor and… “regularly advising and briefing U.S. President and National Security Advisor on breaking regional developments.”

Thailand protests: Riot police fire water cannon as protesters defy rally ban
Thousands of Thais have rallied in Bangkok for the second day to demand political reforms, defying an emergency decree banning such gatherings. Police used water cannon to disperse the mostly young activists, who tried to push back with umbrellas. A few threw plastic water bottles. Prime Minister Prayuth Chan-ocha warned a curfew might be imposed, rejecting calls for him to resign.

Senate to vote this week on ‘skinny’ pandemic relief bill, PPP funds
The U.S. Senate will vote on Wednesday on a $300 billion Senate Republican coronavirus relief bill that is far below the estimated $2 trillion that Democrats have demanded. The bill, dubbed a “skinny” relief bill for its pared-down funding, was already rejected here by Democrats in September and is again expected to fail.

Turkey raises Black Sea gas field estimate after new discovery
Turkey has raised the estimated reserves in a gas field off its Black Sea coast to 405 billion cubic metres after finding an additional 85 billion cubic metres, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said. Erdogan said in August the field contained 320 billion cubic metres of gas, making it Turkey’s biggest natural gas discovery.

Lebanese top cleric urges leaders to stop delays in forming government
Lebanon’s top Christian cleric urged Lebanese leaders to stop delaying talks on forming a government in a scathing Sunday sermon in which he blamed them for the country’s financial crisis and political deadlock…“The responsibility and accountability is collective. Who among you officials has the leisure of time to delay consultations to form a government?” he said.

Colorado’s largest-ever fire brings new round of evacuations
A Colorado fire that’s been burning since mid-August flared up anew Saturday amid warm, dry weather and high winds, prompting new mandatory evacuations, authorities said.

Black Lives Matter co-founder is leading an initiative funded by a pro-Chinese Communist Party group
A liberal initiative led by a co-founder of the Black Lives Matter movement is funded by a group linked to the Chinese Communist Party, it has been revealed.

Beijing Views US Consulates As “Hostile Forces”, Orders Monitoring Of Diplomats: Leaked Documents
…effectively “blocking [the consulates] from establishing connections with key [Chinese] political figures, prominent lawyers, ‘public intellectuals’, ‘rights defenders’, and special interest groups…”

Supreme Court rejects SC’s appeal to stop giving Medicaid funds to Planned Parenthood abortion clinics
The U.S. Supreme Court on Tuesday rejected an appeal from South Carolina lawmakers to end taxpayer funding of Planned Parenthood abortion clinics through Medicaid reimbursements.

Steve Bannon associate, Miles Guo, says Trump and the DOJ are in possession of “nuclear bomb hard drives” related to Hunter Biden, Xi Jinping, and China’s biological weapons program
Steve Bannon associate and Exiled-CCP Billionaire, Miles Guo, has dropped some new intel claiming President Trump and the DOJ are now in possession of three “nuclear weapon hard drives” with damning evidence that will put an end to the Chinese Communist Party’s reign and their puppets; the Biden Crime Family.

Ilhan Omar Funnels 70 Percent of Campaign Expenditures to Husband
The jihad spox is laughing all the way to the bank. She’s broken more laws than most folks serving prison time, but she is in a protected, superior class.

Bombshell Report: Obama, Clinton, Soros, Biden, Mattis and Harris Are Covertly Leading the Coup Against Trump and the American People
Since leaving office, Obama has been busy. He plans to return to the White House as a conquerer. Obama is the Benedict Arnold of our generation and unlike Arnold, Obama has been successful in developing a revolutionary force consisting of existing military that is loyal to Obama, paramilitary groups of terrorists and the Communist Chinese and the United Nations that will one day cross American borders and drive a dagger into the heart America. Who is the leader of this Maoist organization that is leading this coup against Trump and the American people? It is former president Obama.

Severe floods claim 47 lives, damage more than 900 000 ha of crops in Maharashtra, India
Heavy rains affecting parts of India over the past 7 days claimed at least 47 lives in Maharashtra and 50 in Telangana. In Maharashtra alone, more than 900 000 hectares (2.2 million acres) of crops have been damaged across state.

“I Got Rich Off Of EDD:” Feds Bust LA Rapper For $1.2M Unemployment Scam Detailed In Music Video
A tidal wave of first-time jobless claims during the virus pandemic overwhelmed California’s computer systems, as it was a perfect opportunity for scammers to use stolen identities and file false claims. This is precisely what happened in Los Angeles when a get-rich-quick unemployment benefits scheme netted one rapper more than $1.2 million, reported CBS Los Angeles.

Andrew Cuomo Targets Jewish Community Again, Blaming Them for Viral Spread in New York 
New York’s Andrew Cuomo — the Democratic governor who has, at the same time, praised Black Lives Matter protests while repeatedly condemning religious folks for gathering during the pandemic — has singled out the Jewish community yet again, saying Wednesday observant Jews are spreading the coronavirus “because of their religious practices.”

Visualizing The World’s Gold & Silver Coin Production Vs. Money Creation
Put another way, for each ounce of minted gold coin, the global money supply increased by more than $908,000…

China bans copying of hymns, punishes Christians who print religious materials
hina has been tightening restrictions on the distribution of religious materials in recent months by threatening fines, the closure of printing shops, or even imprisonment for selling Christian books or allowing customers to photocopy hymns.