17 Oct 2020

Why Progressive Christianity Is ‘Another Gospel’
From church pulpits to the Christian blogosphere, from once-reliable Christian publishing houses to the campuses of Christian colleges that are Christian in name only, from beautiful and historic churches decorated with gay pride flags and pastored by ordained ministers who “bless” abortion clinics to the “exvangelicals” who become self-styled spokespersons for “what Jesus would really say and do,” there is, in our day too, a Christianity that is no Christianity at all.

Paris attacker decapitates teacher for using drawings of Prophet Muhammad
A middle school history teacher in France was knifed to death near the school where earlier this month he had shown his pupils cartoons of the Prophet Mohammad, considered blasphemous by Muslims, French officials said on Friday. The attacker was shot dead by a police patrol a few streets away from the scene of the attack late on Friday afternoon, in a residential suburb northwest of Paris.

Israel, Bahrain to sign interim diplomatic relations agreement – report
Israel and Bahrain will sign a declaration on the the establishment of peace and diplomatic relations, senior American and Israeli officials told Walla. The agreement will serve as an interim agreement and will include the establishment of diplomatic relations and the opening of embassies in the respective countries.

Five European nations condemn Israeli approval of 5,288 new settler homes
Five European countries and the European Union’s Foreign Policy Chief…condemned Israel’s…plans for 5,288 new settler homes. The foreign ministers of France, Germany, Great Britain, Italy and Spain issued a joint statement Friday in which they called on Israel to permanently halt plans to annex portions of the West Bank, as well as settlement activity, which imperils a two-state solution.

Biden says children as young as eight should be able to change their gender
Presidential candidate Joe Biden said that children as young as eight should be able to decide that they want to change their gender. The remark came at a Biden town hall in Philadelphia, after a question was asked regarding the rights of transgender people in the United States.

Boris Walks Away! Bombshell Announcement as UK Declares EU Talks Have Failed
The European Union has shown no intention of accepting entering into a “Canada-style” deal with the United Kingdom in the post-Brexit era and talks have therefore failed, Boris Johnson said on Friday on the second day of a crunch EU summit. The United Kingdom will now be putting its energy into preparing the country for a full no-deal Brexit on January 31st, Prime Minister Boris Johnson said…

EMAILS: Hunter Biden’s Chinese ‘consulting’ deal worth 10x Burisma; 10% cut for Joe?
In what was sure to be the first of many explosive follow-up stories tied with the trove of data gathered from Hunter Biden‘s abandoned laptop, the New York Post revealed that Hunter sought to reap profits more than 10 times as big as his controversial Burisma deal from a Chinese energy firm seeking access to the Obama administration.

The Harris-Biden Ticket Actively Supports Middle East Terrorist Groups Who Have Massacred American Citizens 
..Nancy Pelosi has referred to Trump supporters as “enemies of the state”. She is correct, you and I are indeed enemies of the state, the police state, to be exact. I specifically asked Robert Griswold if he expected a genocidal purge should the radical Left capture the Senate and the Presidency and he, unhesitatingly, answered in the affirmative, and I could not agree more.

The Catch-22 of Woke Racism… And Other Absurdities
So, just to be clear, if you confront someone else for being racist, then you’re racist. But if you don’t confront them, then you’re also racist…

Death toll jumps to 77 as unseasonal, record rains hit parts of India
Heavy rains affecting parts of India, including Telangana, Maharashtra, and Karnataka this week claimed the lives of at least 77 people by October 16, 2020. Meteorologists described the rains as rare and unseasonal.

Pope Francis Declares That “No One Gets Saved Alone” As He Prepares To Attend Chrislam Ecumenical ‘Peace Event’ In Rome Next Week
Now that Chrislam has been officially established, there is seemingly no end to the events in which Pope Francis is working to promote it. What is the theme of next week’s Chrislam meeting? Glad you asked, it is, and I quote, “No one is saved alone — Peace and Fraternity”. Yep, that’s the actual theme, all right. How exciting it is to see a false fraternity coupled with a false salvation, and sold to bible illiterates as the “infallible words of the vicar of Christ”.

The Gloves Are Off As The Great Civil War Battle We Warned You Was Coming Has Now Begun In Earnest
This week, we watched in horror as the two most-powerful tech companies in the world, Facebook and Twitter, began a Nazi-like campaign of unsheeted aggression to suppress a news story proving that Joe Biden lied about his involvement in the Ukraine scandal. Targets included the New York Post, founded in 1801 by Alexander Hamilton, and went all the way up to White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany. Thousands of American patriots like me and you found our own posting of that story either blocked or limited as well.

Twitter Follows Facebook in Move to Pull Posts Denying Holocaust
Just days after a similar move by Facebook, Twitter has said it will remove all posts that deny the Holocaust — which the platform says violates its policy against spreading hateful content.

Researchers At Large Hadron Collider Are Confident To Make Contact With Parallel Universe In Days 
The astoundingly complex LHC “atom smasher” at the CERN center in Geneva, Switzerland, are fired up to its maximum energy levels ever in an endeavor to identify – or perhaps generate – tiny black holes.

Trump Admin Announces $100M Grant to Fight Human Trafficking 
President Donald Trump’s administration has announced a massive $100 million grant to fight human trafficking.

Taiwan Must Prepare To Deter Chinese Amphibious Landing: National Security Advisor O’Brien
“They’re bullying Taiwan, they’ve taken over Hong Kong lock, stock, and barrel… they’ve asserted rights to the South China Sea like it’s Lake Tahoe or something.”