15 Oct 2020

GOP Rep Introduces Resolution To Push for the End of Pelosi’s Career
House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is at it again with her partisan, anti-Trump antics — but this time, Republican Rep. Doug Collins is giving her a taste of her own medicine. Collins has decided to turn the tables on Pelosi, putting her on the examination table regarding her own “capacity” for her position. “It’s clear that Nancy Pelosi does not have the mental fitness to serve as Speaker of the House of Representatives,” the Georgia Republican said in a tweet Sunday. “I’m introducing a resolution to push for her removal.”

NASA rainfall imagery reveals Norbert regains tropical storm status
Norbert has been meandering around in the Eastern Pacific Ocean for several days as a tropical depression. A NASA satellite rainfall product that incorporates data from satellites and observations revealed that Norbert has regained tropical storm status after showing increased organization and deep convection.

The stunning GPT-3 AI is a better writer than most humans
Long gone are the days of crummy internet bots that scrape websites to produce unintelligible spun content. In this day and age, we have machine learning-enabled language generation programs that can spill out news stories, sports summaries, poems, novels, or even computer code — and there’s no other AI out there more impressive out there than GPT-3.

Over 34,000 Health Experts Sign Declaration Against COVID-19 Lockdowns, Petition by Epidemiologists Claims
More than 34,000 medical doctors and health scientists from around the world have signed a declaration against lockdowns put in place to curb the spread of COVID-19, saying the measures are causing “irreparable damage,” according to an online petition initially created by three epidemiologist from Harvard, Oxford, and Stanford.

Amy Coney Barrett Corrects Amy Klobuchar: ‘I Don’t Attack People, Just Ideas’
Judge Amy Coney Barrett of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 7th Circuit set the record straight Tuesday with regard to questions of character and judicial partiality, telling Minnesota Democratic Sen. Amy Klobuchar that she does not “attack people, just ideas.” The remark came during the second day of Barrett’s Supreme Court confirmation hearing held before the Senate Judiciary Committee, when Klobuchar accused the judge of having previously criticized Chief Justice John Roberts …

Report: France Considers Alternatives to Two-State Solution
A recent report cites senior French diplomats as saying that the Trump-negotiated Abraham Accords have changed the political reality in the Middle East, opening up the possibility of a negotiated reconciliation between Israel and the Palestinians that does not necessarily require the creation of an independent Palestinian entity inside Israel.

While Cuomo targets Orthodox Jews, Muslim mass gatherings go on
On Oct. 4, a huge knot of Muslim men packed closely together in circles, not wearing masks or with masks down, chanting and furiously beating their chests in memory of Hussein’s martyrdom. Some are shirtless in the traditional fashion. The slaps are meant to be hard enough to cause real pain and there’s plenty of reddened skin on display. The Shi’ite procession marches down Flushing’s Main Street, past rows of Chinese stores without a police officer in sight. The media also doesn’t stop by to document the event.

Grand Mufti of Jerusalem calls on Muslims Worldwide to wage War against Israel
Grand Mufti of Jerusalem Muhammad Hussein said that Islamic law obligates Muslims to “fight against the thieving Jews.”

New Report Reveals: Kamala Harris tied to Hamas Front Group
A recent report revealed that Kamala Harris has a long-standing relationship with a Muslim organization that is connected to Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood. The mutual admiration goes so deep that Harris responded to a Muslim terrorist attack by hosting an anti-Islamophobia event.

Pompeo says China has deployed 60,000 soldiers on Indian border
China has deployed tens of thousands of soldiers on India’s Northern border, U.S. Secretary of State Michael Pompeo said, in further signs that a deadly military standoff between the world’s two most populous countries is far from cooling down.

China’s Xi Jinping tells troops to focus on ‘preparing for war’
Chinese leader Xi Jinping called on Chinese troops to “put all (their) minds and energy on preparing for war” during a visit to a military base in the southern province of Guangdong on Tuesday.

US hypersonic missile hit within 6 inches of target says Army Secretary
U.S. Army Secretary Ryan McCarthy announced that a hypersonic missile being developed by the Pentagon has hit within six inches of its target, showing the military’s modernization efforts are progressing. “Our modernization efforts and investments are maturing with tranches of advanced equipment,” McCarthy said during his remarks at the opening ceremony of the virtual Association of the U.S. Army conference on Tuesday. McCarthy listed a hypersonic missile as among the advanced equipment in development by the U.S. military.

Iran-backed militants release 2 US hostages, remains of 3rd in return for 200+ prisoners freed by Saudi Arabia
Two American captives and the remains of a deceased third American who have been held by Iran-backed Houthi militants in Yemen were freed on Wednesday as part of a U.S.-backed prisoner exchange, in which more than 200 captured Houthi militants were also released, according to U.S. and Saudi Arabian officials who spoke with the Wall Street Journal.

FBI Allegedly Obtained Hunter Biden Computer, Data on Ukraine Dealings, Report Claims
The FBI allegedly obtained a laptop computer and a hard drive that had emails addressed to and photographs of Hunter Biden, Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden’s son, according to an alleged subpoena and other documents published on Oct. 14 by the New York Post. The billing information allegedly given for the computer was Hunter Biden’s name and the computer allegedly bore a sticker from the Beau Biden Foundation, which was named after Hunter Biden’s late brother. The store’s owner allegedly said the computer and hard drive were seized by the FBI after he alerted authorities to them.

Sudan to normalize ties with Israel after US ultimatum – report
Sudan has reportedly decided to move forward with normalizing ties with Israel, after the US reportedly issued a 24-hour ultimatum to the country demanding that it recognize Israel in order to be removed from a US blacklist, a source close to Sudan’s leadership told i24News. The decision was made after a heated discussion on Wednesday, according to the news station.

Israelis most want ties with Saudi Arabia next – poll
More Israelis want the country to deepen relations with Saudi Arabia than with any other country in the region, a new poll by Mitvim – The Israeli Institute for Regional Foreign Policies found. About a quarter of respondents (24%) said it is “most important for Israel to develop cooperation” with Saudi Arabia, followed by Egypt at 12%, the United Arab Emirates at 11% and Jordan at 4%.

WH press secretary locked out of Twitter for sharing Post’s Hunter Biden story
White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany on Wednesday was locked out of her personal Twitter account for sharing The Post’s bombshell cover story on Hunter Biden’s alleged hard drive and an email linking Joe Biden to his son’s job at a Ukrainian energy company. “Your account has been locked,” a message from the social media network informed McEnany, whose account has more than 1 million followers.

FBI, DHS say hackers have gained access to election systems
Hackers, possibly nation-state actors, have penetrated U.S. government networks and accessed election systems, the FBI and Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) said in a joint alert. In some cases, there was unauthorized access to election support systems, CISA added.

China bans haj for Muslims who fail patriotism test
China has ordered Muslim citizens to prove that they are patriotic and law-abiding before they are allowed to undertake the haj, under a new law that it says will safeguard national security. Beijing said that it was banning private haj trips, with all pilgrimages now organised through the state’s Islamic Association.

Saudi Arabia fails to join UN human rights council but Russia and China elected
Russia and China have been elected to the UN human rights council for the next three years, but Saudi Arabia failed in its attempt to win a place on the 47-seat body. The result is a severe blow to the country’s efforts to improve its image in the wake of the admitted killing of the Saudi citizen and Washington Post reporter Jamal Khashoggi.

Thai protests: Large gatherings banned under emergency decree
Thailand has issued an emergency decree banning protests as it clamps down on largely peaceful pro-democracy rallies that have also targeted the monarchy. In a televised announcement the government said urgent measures were needed to “maintain peace and order”. It justified the orders partly on the grounds of some protesters disturbing a royal motorcade during a mass march in Bangkok on Wednesday.

Google reveals Mineral crop-inspecting robots
Google’s parent company, Alphabet, has unveiled prototype robots that can inspect individual plants in a field, to help farmers improve crop yields. The robot buggies roll through fields on upright pillars, so they can coast over plants without disturbing them. The goal is to collect huge amounts of data about how crops grow.

China angered as U.S. names human rights envoy for Tibet
China accused the United States on Thursday of seeking to destabilise Tibet, after the Trump administration appointed a senior human rights official as special coordinator for Tibetan issues. U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo announced on Wednesday that Robert Destro, Assistant Secretary of State for Democracy, Human Rights and Labor, would assume the additional post…

Euthanasia of kids aged one to 12 approved in the Netherlands for terminally ill
The Netherlands has backed plans to allow the euthanasia of terminally ill kids aged between one and 12. Hugo de Jonge, the country’s health minister, said it would prevent some children from “suffering hopelessly and unbearably”. The rule change means doctors will not be prosecuted for carrying out an approved euthanasia on youngsters within the age bracket.

At least 13 killed as worst rains in more than 100 years flood Hyderabad, India
A deep depression that crossed Andhra Pradesh coast near Kakinada on Tuesday, October 13, 2020, brought unprecedented rainfall over Hyderabad, capital of the Indian state of Telangana, from Tuesday night to Wednesday morning, claiming the lives of at least 13 people. Authorities are urging residents to stay indoors and remain cautious as more heavy rainfall is expected in the days ahead. Meteorologists said the rains that hit the region are rare and unseasonal.

China sees historical 21 large-scale floods and national average rainfall in 2020
China has seen 21 large-scale floods in 2020, 1.6 times more than that of past years, hitting a record since 1998. This year’s national average rainfall of 616 mm (24 inches) is 13% more than the same period in 2019, setting the record for second-highest since 1961.

‘Extremely rare’ red auroras seen for two nights in a row over Finland
Extremely rare red auroras were seen over Utsjoki, Finland, on Monday and Tuesday, October 12 and 13, 2020. These natural light display, also referred to as northern lights, are normally green. However, for some reason, the solar wind on Monday excited oxygen at altitudes higher than normal, producing the rare red color.

Twitter And Facebook Declare Open War On Conservatives After New York Post Story On Hunter Biden’s Secret Ukraine Emails Show Sleepy Joe Lied
There is outrage tonight all across social media as Conservatives are finding their articles not being allowed to be shared, and in some cases, finding themselves locked out of their accounts on Twitter and Facebook. Why is this happening? Because the New York Post released a story showing emails from Hunter Biden proving that Democratic candidate for president Joe Biden lied repeatedly about what he knew about the Burisma Ukraine scandal. When that much truth gets out 20 days before the election, the Liberals who run Twitter and Facebook start turning off Conservative voices. It’s the only way they can win, but as we see, it is only increasing voter support for President Trump.

China Had COVID-Like Patients Months Before Official Timeline
At least one patient started experiencing COVID-19-like symptoms in September 2019, according to hospital data obtained by The Epoch Times from a trusted source who has access to government documents. Dozens more were hospitalized over the following month.

Legit Bombshell As It’s Revealed Democratic Candidate For President Joe Biden Lied About Involvement With Son Hunter And Ukraine Burisma Scandal
Joe Biden is on record dozens of times denying all knowledge of all involvement of his son Hunter Biden with the rapidly-escalating Burisma scandal that took place in Ukraine. We have a video clip at the bottom of this article showing you Joe Biden denying all knowledge of what took place there. Today, the New York Post broke things wide open with copies of the emails sent by Hunter Biden proving that Joe Biden not only knew all about it, but was a key player.

U.S. destroyer crosses Taiwan Strait, risking Chinese anger
A US battleship crossed the Taiwan Strait on Wednesday, the US Navy said, risking angering China, which claims sovereignty over the maritime thoroughfare.

Former NYPD commissioner: Democrats gave their cities to domestic terrorists
Democrat mayors and city councils have surrendered America’s largest cities to “domestic terrorists,” said Howard Safir, former New York City police commissioner and fire commissioner, offering his remarks on Monday’s edition of SiriusXM’s Breitbart News Daily with host Alex Marlow.

17-Year-Old Student Cyberbullied By Teacher and May Be Expelled for Sharing Conservative Content on Instagram
A 17-year-old student at a Virginia boarding school is facing disciplinary action for opposing Black Lives Matter and posting mainstream conservative content on Instagram.

ICE arrests more than 100 criminal illegal immigrants in California
Immigration and Customs Enforcement has arrested dozens of criminal illegal immigrants residing in California in “phase one” of a nationwide operation.

Obama, Clinton, Biden and Brennan will “hang for treason” when this evidence comes out… BOMBSHELL recordings prove they had Seal Team Six EXECUTED to cover up deep state crimes
This story is rapidly unfolding and looks to be one of the most damning indictments of the deep state in modern U.S. history. According to numerous firsthand sources and witnesses, a treasure trove of audio, video and photographic evidence exists that reveals Obama, Clinton, Brennan and Biden to be complicit in outright treason against America.

After covid, your entire life will be controlled by smartphone apps funded by Rockefeller, Clinton Foundation 
As soon as they are ready for full commercial release, a new series of smartphone apps funded and created by Rockefeller and Clinton Foundations, among other nefarious players, will control every aspect of post-COVID life.

SMOKING GUN EMAILS: Joe LIED, Hunter Biden introduced Ukrainian businessman to VP dad before getting prosecutor fired
Another nail in the coffin of the Democrat party. They went after President Trump on Ukraine, accused him of the very malfeasance Joe Biden was guilty of, in order to distract and deflect from Biden’s crimes. Just like they did with Russia.