14 Oct 2020

US state, education officials call for review of Confucius Institutes
The administration of U.S. President Donald Trump has called on the country’s higher education sector to reconsider their partnerships with cultural and language-teaching institutes run and partly funded by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). The State and Education departments warned in letters sent recently to universities and state education officials that Confucius Institutes, which are administered by a branch of China’s State Council, provide Beijing with a “foothold” to exert political influence on American campuses, and pose a threat to free speech.

US Air Force Targets Taliban With Airstrikes For Violating Recent Peace Deal
The U.S. Air Force conducted multiple targeted strikes this week to defend Afghan forces facing attacks from Taliban fighters in the province of Helmand, military spokesman Col. Sonny Leggett said Monday. The attacks carried out by the U.S. were consistent with a deal made between the U.S. and the Taliban in February, Leggett said. However, the attacks executed by the Taliban reportedly violated the deal.

Judge refuses to shut down Clinton Foundation probe
Just the News reported U.S. Tax Court Judge David Gustafson denied the IRS request and instead will allow the whistleblower complaint to proceed. The judge said the concerns from former Drug Enforcement Agency official John Moynihan and tax expert Larry Doyle provided “specific credible documentation” supporting their allegations of possible tax-exempt legal violations by the Arkansas-based Clinton charity.

CDC: 85% of COVID patients ‘always’ or ‘often’ wore a mask
A study by the Centers for Disease Control indicates that Americans are adhering to mask mandates, but they don’t appear to have slowed or stopped the spread of the coronavirus. And further, mask-wearing has negative effects. In its survey of symptomatic COVID-19 patients, the CDC found that 70.6% reported “always” wearing a mask. An additional 14.4% say they “often” wear one. “The study offers insight into the reality that tens of thousands of Americans are acquiring COVID-19 on a daily basis despite overwhelming adherence to mask wearing,”

Gulf media obsessed with Clinton’s emails and Muslim Brotherhood
According to Al-Ain, one of the emails, which they posted, dated January 28, 2011, reads: “Revealed correspondence of former US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, showing her coordination with the Qatari channel Al-Jazeera regarding Washington’s hard line stance on former Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak.”

China, Cuba, Pakistan elected to UNHRC
Former US Ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley tweeted in response, “the UN Human Rights Council is a total farce not worthy of its name or the United States giving it any credibility.”

Turkey is the next Iran
Erdogan could drive the modern and moderate Turkey he inherited into destructive radicalism in the style of the Islamic Revolution. For now, the threat from Ankara is materializing, but not the hopes for Tehran. In addition to the disaster he has brought down on his own country, Erdogan’s megalomaniac policies have outraged his neighbors in the Fertile Crescent, the Arabia Peninsula, and the Mediterranean Basin.

Mainstream Media Portrays Jews as Source of COVID
In a report published on Friday, ABC News published an article on a forecast by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). The report was dire but even more shocking was the illustrative image which prominently featured Haredi (ultra-Orthodox) Jews, implying that Jews, more than any other group, are responsible for the continuing pandemic.

On 9/11, President Bush was Supposed to Recognize ‘Palestine’, Saudi Official Reveals
bin Sultan revealed that on September 11, 2001, Washington under the leadership of former President George Bush Jr., was supposed to sign an agreement to recognize Palestine. But after the Twin Towers were taken down, Bin Sultan admitted that it “was not meant to be.”

25 Hurricanes Left Florida Unscathed after its Governor Prayed in Jerusalem
The 2020 Atlantic hurricane season has been the busiest in history forcing meteorologists to resort to labeling storms with Greek letters. But throughout the stormy season, one state, normally receiving the brunt of the ocean storms, has been entirely spared. While experts scratch their heads, some connect this anomaly with the prayers the governor offered in Jerusalem.

Astronomers watch black hole stretch a star into stellar “spaghetti”
Astronomers have witnessed a rare celestial light show – a star being stretched into “spaghetti” by a black hole. The event occurred over 200 million light-years from Earth over the course of six months, as the dying star was ripped to shreds by immense gravitational forces.

IDF Special Forces carry out covert operation, destroy two Syrian outposts
In a secret operation that took place last week and was made known to the public on Tuesday, IDF Special Forces crossed the border into the demilitarized zone between Israel and Syria and destroyed two outposts belonging to the Syrian army, N12 reported. The operation was carried out following Syria’s continued violation of the disengagement agreement between Israel and Syria…

EU wins right to place tariffs on $4 bln U.S. goods in aircraft spat
The European Union has won the right to impose tariffs on $4 billion in U.S. goods in retaliation for subsidies granted to planemaker Boeing under a World Trade Organization (WTO) ruling on Tuesday. The award…threatens to stoke transatlantic trade tensions just three weeks before U.S. presidential elections on Nov. 3.

Michigan Supreme Court Orders Lockdown Lifted Immediately, Rejects Whitmer’s Request For Delay
The Michigan State Supreme Court ruled on Monday that an Oct. 2 decision striking down Democratic Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer’s emergency orders is effective immediately. The court decided in a 6-1 ruling to deny Whitmer’s request to allow her orders to stay in place until Oct. 30.

Norway blames Russia for cyber-attack on parliament
Norway has blamed Russia for a cyber-attack on the email system in the Norwegian parliament in August. Foreign Minister Ine Eriksen Soreide called it a serious incident affecting the country’s “most important democratic institution.” “Based on the information available to the government it is our assessment that Russia stood behind this activity” she said without giving any evidence.

Moon rising: 8 nations sign lunar settlements, exploration pact
Eight countries have signed an international pact for moon exploration called the Artemis Accords…The accords, named after NASA’s Artemis moon programme, seek to build on existing international space law by establishing “safety zones” that would surround future moon bases to prevent conflict between states operating there, and by allowing private companies to own the lunar resources they mine.

East Med crisis: US demands Turkey end ‘calculated provocation’
The United States on Tuesday demanded that Turkey pull back an energy research ship that it sent back into waters contested with Greece, calling the move a “calculated provocation”. Turkey’s move on Monday to carry out a seismic survey south of the Greek island Kastellorizo prompted anger from Greece, France and Germany.

US playing ‘dangerous game of nuclear chicken’ by flying B-52H bombers over Russia
The US Air Force is playing deadly game of brinkmanship that could result in a nuclear conflict, according to one defence analyst. One of the USAF’s nuclear-capable B-52H Stratofortress bombers can carry eight city-killing AGM-86B nuclear-armed, air-launched cruise missiles (ALCMs) in its bomb bay.

Radical left-wing group posts BATTLE PLANS to unleash mass CHAOS and shoot Trump supporters in the streets if Trump wins the election 
A radical left-wing group that claims it is working to stop the “violent white supremacist machine that is the Trump administration and its supporters” has posted a Google document containing detailed battle plans to take down the U.S. infrastructure and bring the nation to its knees following another Trump victory.

How Is It Possible That China, Russia And Cuba, With Their Horrible Record Of Abuses, Can Become Members Of The UN Human Rights Council?
When I think of oppressive, bloody dictatorial regimes that stomp the faces of their citizens into the ground under the heel of steel-toe boots, I think of nations like Russia, China and Cuba. The fact that any of these three brutal countries could become part of the UN Human Rights Council is stupefying, but all three becoming members on the same day? Demonic. But that’s all “par for the course” at the godless United Nations. Did you know that God mentions the United Nations in the bible prophecy? It sure is.

Netflix Co-CEO Defends ‘Cuties:’ It ‘Appeals to the Prurient Interest in Sex’
Netflix Co-CEO Ted Sarandos defended the controversial movie “Cuties,” which has been accused of promoting pedophilia, arguing the film is not understood by American audiences.

Yet another case of the missing virus; they lied and locked down the world
I’ve been exposing the fact that the CDC, in July of this year, admitted, in a document, that… They didn’t have the SARS-CoV-2 virus. It wasn’t “available.” This means they couldn’t obtain an isolated specimen of the virus. There is only reason why.

Death toll climbs to 29, over 130 000 houses flooded in central Vietnam
At least 29 fatalities have been confirmed in central Vietnam as of Tuesday morning, October 13, 2020, after prolonged heavy rains triggered destructive floods and landslides. 12 others remain missing, more than 130 000 houses have been inundated, and wide swaths of crops have been damaged or destroyed.

Gov. Cuomo: ‘I Don’t Care’ About Your Religion — ‘You Have to Follow the Rules of the State’
Friday, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D) responded to religious groups filing separate federal lawsuits against him over his new restrictions limiting attendance at religious gatherings amid a spike in cases in some New York City neighborhoods.

Death toll soars as Armenia-Azerbaijan ‘conflict’ escalates: ‘THIS IS A FIGHT AGAINST JIHADISTS’
Will the world ignore a second Armenian genocide at the hands of jihadis? One and half million Armenians Christians were ethically cleansed, slaughtered by the Islamic Ottoman empire. Turkey refuses to recognize or even acknowledge the genocide, let alone apologize. The silence and sanction surrounding the Armenian genocide makes a continuation of their Islamic slaughter inevitable.

READ: Left-wing Radicals Post Online Guide to ‘Disrupting’ the Country if Election is Close
An organization of radical left-wing activists has posted an online guide to “disruption” that outlines a plan to shut down the country and force President Donald Trump from power in the event that the 2020 election is too close to call.

EXPLOSIVE: UPDATE- CIA Whistleblower Exposes Biden’s Alleged Role with the Deaths of Seal Team- Claims to have Documented Proof 
BREAKING: In this article is a full interview of a CIA Whistleblower, Allan Harrow Parrot, who is being interviewed by Charles Woods and Nicholas Noe. It surfaced on Sunday and shows the three talking about the blackmail /extortion of $152 Billion US dollars, that was sent to Iran to cover up the deaths of Seal Team 6 by the Obama/Biden administration.

NYC at the Abyss 
De Blasio announced that New York City was defaulting on a long-scheduled $900 million deferred payout to current and former employees.

“Facts Do Not Matter” To The Covidian Cult
One of the hallmarks of totalitarianism is mass conformity to a psychotic official narrative… A totally delusional official narrative that has little or no connection to reality and that is contradicted by a preponderance of facts…