3 Oct 2020

Special Prayer From Jerusalm for the Healing of President Trump and Melania
Israel365 News correspondent Joshua Wander recites a special prayer for the healing of President Trump and his wife, Melania, from the Mount of Olives overlooking the Temple Mount. The president and his wife were diagnosed with COVID-19.

Hurricane Marie Gains Strength
Hurricane Marie continues to gain strength in the eastern Pacific Ocean and is forecast to become a Major Hurricane with winds in excess of 110 mph soon. The storm, located now about 895 miles southwest of the southern tip of Baja California, is forecast to pass over open waters between Hawaii and the U.S. West Coast in the coming days.

Earthquake Swarm Continues in California; Quakes Every Few Minutes
An impressive earthquake swarm continues to rattle southern California, making locals and scientists wonder what is next. Several hundred earthquakes have struck an area near the Salton Sea in the last 36 hours, with more than 150 2.5 or greater magnitude earthquakes in just the last 24 hours. The strongest of the swarm so far a a 4.9 that struck yesterday evening at 5:31 pm local time.

Gamma on the Way in the Gulf
A new tropical depression has formed in the northwestern Caribbean Sea; over time, it is expected to become a tropical storm and be named Gamma. Ahead of the storm, watches and warnings have been posted.

Proud Boys founder to sue Biden, CNN for ‘white supremacist’ label
A co-founder of Proud Boys said Friday he will sue Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden and media outlets that have called the organization “white supremacist” and “Nazi.” “I’m suing them. I’m suing Joe Biden. I’m suing CNN. All of these reporters that call this multi-racial patriotic group white supremacists and Nazis,” said Gavin McInnes in an interview with Newsmax TV.

US in talks to move key airbase out of Turkey. To Greece or the UAE?
A plan to remove the highly strategic US air base from Incirlik, Turkey, to Crete, Greece, was discussed by US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo in talks with PM Kyrias Mitsotakis on Tuesday, Sept. 29, DEBKAfile’s US sources disclose. This plan was the real purpose of Pompeo’s visit to a US naval base at Souda Bay on the Island of Crete, before he sat down with Greek PM Kyrias Mitsotakis to talk about tensions with Turkey over East Mediterranean energy exploration rights.

Medical Journal Calls For Mandatory COVID Vaccine: “Non-Compliance Should Incur A Penalty”
A paper published in the New England Journal of Medicine has called for mandating a coronavirus vaccine, and outlined strategies for how Americans could be FORCED to take it. The paper proclaims that “noncompliance should incur a penalty” and notes that it should be a “relatively substantial” one. It suggests that “employment suspension or stay-at-home orders,” should be issued, but that fines should be discouraged because they can be legally challenged, and “may stoke distrust without improving uptake.”

Erdogan: ‘Jerusalem is our city, a city from us’
Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan opened the Turkish parliament’s legislative session on Thursday with a long speech that addressed the city of Jerusalem and the Palestinian people, in which he stated: “Jerusalem is our city.” Erdoğan referred to the Ottoman Empire’s rule over Jerusalem, which lasted four centuries (1517-1917), to justify his claim.

Iran, Egypt and Gulf cautiously watch Azerbaijan-Armenia conflict
The Middle East is closely watching the outcome of fighting between Armenia and Azerbaijan. This is unusual because previous clashes in 2016 and in July of this year did not receive the same level of attention. The reason that the region is watching is because of Turkey’s deep involvement in pressuring Azerbaijan to push forward and “liberate” territory as protests take place in Iran.

Macron launches crackdown on ‘Islamist separatism’ in Muslim communities
French President Emmanuel Macron pledged on Friday to fight “Islamist separatism”, which he said was threatening to take control in some Muslim communities around France. France has struggled with homegrown Islamist militancy for years, but Macron’s government is increasingly worried by broader signs of radicalisation – often non-violent – within Muslim communities, French officials say.

Israeli navy prepares for arrival of new upgraded warships
…Israel’s navy is preparing for the long-awaited arrival of its next generation of missile boats — giving it a powerful new tool to defend its strategic natural gas industry from the threat of the Lebanese militant group Hezbollah. The first missile boat of “Project Magen” is scheduled to arrive by early December, with three more…scheduled to arrive over the next two years.

The BP, DHS and Locals Are All Saying That CHICOMS Are Crossing the Border In Force
The BP, DHS and Locals Are All Saying That CHICOMS Are Crossing the Border In Force (video)

Is the POTUS Covid-Based Quarantine a Cover Story for the Enacting of Continuity of Government Protocols?
POTUS and FLOTUS have reportedly tested positive for the Coronavirus. Here is the President’s statement announcing his supposed contraction of CV-19.

Satanic Imagery, Curses Appear with Trump’s Tweet on COVID Diagnosis
The public response to President Donald Trump’s positive COVID-19 diagnosis went a step beyond the malicious Friday morning, as strange accounts flooded the social media announcement with Satanic imagery and apparent curses.

Virginia Forces Christian Ministries to Adopt ‘Government Ideology’ or Pay $100K
Three Christian schools and a Christian network of pregnancy centers are suing Attorney General Mark Herring (D-Va.) in order to prevent Virginia from implementing two pro-LGBT laws that force “people of faith to adopt a particular government ideology under threat of punishment.” The two laws purport to prevent “discrimination” against LGBT people but, in reality, they force Christian ministries to choose between violating their sincerely held religious beliefs or paying hefty fines, as much as $100,000 per offense.

NYC Hammered By 40% Bankruptcy Surge, Braces For Next Wave
While Wall Street panic buys stocks again, on hopes Washington can pass the next round of much-needed economic stimulus, the broader commercial real estate market continues to implode and nowhere more so than the epicenter in New York City, where nearly 6,000 business closures, has resulted in a 40% eruption in bankruptcy filings across business districts of all five boroughs this year, reported Bloomberg.

The Most Miserable Place On Earth: Disney Firing 28,000 Workers
In what may be the biggest mass layoff in recent history, after the market close Walt Disney unveiled its transformation to the most miserable place on earth, announcing that it would lay off 28,000 workers in its U.S. resort business, in the latest confirmation that the covid pandemic continues to devastate all tourism and communal experiences.

NY TIMES: Up to 90% Who’ve Tested COVID-Positive Wrongly Diagnosed! TRUTH: A Whole Lot Worse! (Pt 3/3)
In the previous entry, we learned how a process invented to increase the size of research samples of DNA called polymerase chain reaction is used to test for viruses even though the guy who received a Nobel Prize for inventing it said using it that way doesn’t work.

Coronavirus vaccine trial subjects report extreme exhaustion, shortness of breath, day-long headaches and shaking so violently that one of them cracked a tooth 
Get ready for the depopulation kill shots that cause severe neurological damage and lobotomize anyone stupid enough to take them. Even mainstream media outlet CNBC.com is now reporting that vaccine trials conducted by Moderna and Pfizer are producing extreme side effects in trial subjects.

President Trump Airlifted To Walter Reed Medical Center ‘Fever And Fatigue’ Symptoms As Doctors Anticipate Possible Need For Emergency Care
As I write this, President Trump is being airlifted to Walter Reed Medical Center on Marine One out of an “abundance of caution’ should his symptoms grow worse quickly. When you consider the optics of what this move represents, an incapacitated president, you start to think that the president is probably a lot sicker than what they are telling us.

Soros Laid Groundwork for Bloomberg to Help Felons Vote in Florida
Far-left anti-Trump billionaires George Soros and Michael Bloomberg are behind the recent effort to pay off the debts of convicted felons to enable them to vote in Florida, according to reports.

Two Boeing E-6B Mercury Aircraft Known As ‘Doomsday Planes’ Were Launched Moments After News Of President Trump’s Positive COVID Diagnosis Revealed
Talk about the ‘October Surprise’ that keeps on giving. Not only was the incredible news of President Trump and FLOTUS being COVID positive launched in the wee, small hours of Friday morning, something else was launched as well. Two Boing 3-6B Mercury aircraft known as ‘Doomsday Planes’ for their ability to launch nuclear strikes were launched as well. And all this on the Feast of Trumpets, to boot!

UPDATE: 11th Circuit Court Overturns Democrat Attempts to Steal Georgia – This is SIXTH LEGAL WIN for GOP and Election Integrity this Week
The 11th Circuit Court on Friday overturned the Democrat Party’s attempt to steal the election in Georgia. The court ruled ballots must be postmarked on November 3rd, election day, and not later as Democrats would like. It helps them to steal the elections.

 ‘October Surprise’ Month Off To A Roaring Start With Trump COVID Diagnosis, What Else Can We Likely Expect?
In the early morning hours today, the news that President Trump and First Lady Melania have been diagnosed with COVID-19 coronavirus not only lit up social  media, it has completely taken it over. Trump’s tweet making the announcement has been liked over 1.4 million times, with nearly half a million comments to date, making it his most interacted tweet to date.

President Trump And First Lady Test Positive For Coronavirus, Will Begin Standard Two Week Quarantine Just Like We Did In Our Home Last Month 
The fact that President Trump and the First Lady have just tested positive for COVID-19 coronavirus may just be the best thing that could happen to his campaign. It is an excellent opportunity to show America and the world that that overwhelming number of people who get coronavirus get through it just fine with little to no symptoms at all.