29 Sep 2020

Hackers have infiltrated many of Washington state’s agencies
Hackers have launched a sprawling, multifaceted cyber-attack against the state of Washington, according to two people familiar with the matter. The attack infested many of the state’s agencies with sophisticated malware, including one type known as Trickbot, according to the two people, who requested anonymity because they aren’t authorized to talk to the media.

Iran-trained terrorists captured in Saudi Arabia, raid results in seizure of weapons, explosives
Saudi Arabia arrested an alleged terrorist cell of 10 people, the Saudi Presidency of State Security said in a statement Monday. Three of them reportedly have ties to the Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps, Saudi security forces raided a house and a farm last Tuesday and seized explosives, ammunition and weapons. “Every Saudi success,” he said, “is a failure for Iran.”

Here Are 4 Potential Hotspots Where The Next World War Could Erupt At Any Time
Already reeling from a mass propaganda campaign of division created by the MSM corporate outlets, Americans were still attempting to claw their way out of an economic depression with some success. In America, however, amid the economic collapse and COVID hysteria, a new threat has emerged. Almost every major city in America is experiencing violence on a nightly basis. Riots, physical assaults, vandalism, and street clashes are becoming ordinary. Some conflicts are deadly as the “right” begins to fight back against the attacks of the “left.” We’re seeing armed conflict in our streets on an increasingly regular basis. While the world’s people are focused on a virus and America teeters on the brink of a civil war, the world’s governments are positioning themselves for a global conflagration, the likes of which we have never seen if for no other reason that the existence and proliferation of nuclear weapons.

More than 160 House Democrats Vote Against Anti-Semitism Amendment
More than 160 U.S. House Democrats voted on Sept. 16 against an amendment to combat anti-Semitism. The Republican-offered measure was added to a Democrat-backed bill, the Equity and Inclusion Enforcement Act, which would allow for the filing of private civil suits for breaches of federal rules that “prohibit discrimination on the ground of race, color or national origin in programs or activities receiving federal financial assistance.”

20 years after Second Intifada, Palestinians look toward bleak future
“Today, we are still in the intifada, there are attacks every day, people wounded and nothing has been solved,” said Sara, her sister nodding her head in agreement. “There is no future here, the only two options are immigration or fighting.” “There haven’t been elections for 15 years and with the economic crisis… young people think more about trying to find a job,” said the Palestinian expert.

Trump-backed Canadian railway to Alaska could free landlocked oil
Trump wrote on Twitter over the weekend that he would issue a permit for the Alaska-Alberta Railway Development Corporation (A2A Rail) project to move Alberta crude 1,600 miles (2,570 km) to the Alaskan coast, as well as freight in the other direction. “I will be issuing a Presidential Permit for the A2A Cross-Border rail,” Trump said. He said his decision was based on the recommendation of fellow Republicans Dan Sullivan, a US senator, and Don Young, a US representative. Projects that cross the US border require presidential permits.

Fire bomb hits Iranian court where wrestler was sentenced to death
In apparent retaliation for the execution of the reportedly innocent Iranian champion wrestler Navid Afkari, assailants on Sunday fire bombed the entrance of the revolutionary court in the city of Shiraz that sentenced Afkari to death.

Project Veritas: Massive ballot-harvesting election fraud in Minneapolis — tied to Ilhan Omar; Trump: Does DoJ have this under review?
It’s an open secret,” says Omar Jamal, both a member of the Ramsey County Sheriff’s Office and the head of Somali Watchdog Group. “It’s already too big to stop,” Jamal adds in his interview with Project Veritas about the “massive, criminal voter fraud” in Minneapolis. PV shows a campaign worker for a local city councilman on video with a car full of absentee ballots bragging about his voter-fraud exploits, but James O’Keefe connects it all the way to Ilhan Omar.

Heat wave, dry winds stoke existing wildfires and raise threat of new blazes in fire-weary California
California’s unprecedented wildfire siege just won’t end. The blazes that began in mid-August have burned a record expanse of more than 3.7 million acres and killed 26, according to Cal Fire. Five of the state’s top 20 largest fires have occurred in 2020, including the largest, known as the August Complex. Now, a prolonged period of near-record heat is combining with periods of strong, dry winds across much of the state, from the Oregon border south to the San Francisco Bay area and, eventually, in Southern California, as well.

US threatening to close Baghdad embassy if Iraqis can’t stop militia’s rocket attacks
The Trump administration is reportedly considering closing its embassy in Baghdad, Iraq unless the Iraqi government can stop rocket attacks against U.S. forces and facilities. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and U.S. ambassador to Iraq Matthew Tueller both delivered warnings to top Iraqi officials that the Shiite militia attacks must stop, officials told Wall Street Journal.

Netanyahu: Preliminary strike against Iran still an option
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu warned that Israel has not ruled out a preliminary strike against Iran during a memorial service on Tuesday for those who fell in the 1973 Yom Kippur War. “A preventive strike is a difficult thing to do – I know that if Iran wants to base itself in the North, we are ready to fight them. This is a direct lesson of the Yom Kippur War,” said Netanyahu.

All eyes might be on the Temple Mount after the UAE-Israel deal
When he dedicated the Temple he built on Mount Moriah, King Solomon prayed that God’s house would be a center of prayer for all the peoples of the world. Now, in the wake of the recent Abraham Accords – the normalization agreement entered into by Israel, the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain – the possibility exists that Solomon’s aspiration could be recreated.

Egypt-PA crisis looms as Abbas moves closer to Turkey, Qatar and Hamas
Egypt is upset with the Palestinian Authority leadership for reportedly undercutting Cairo’s role as a main player in the Palestinian arena, particularly with regards to ending the Fatah-Hamas rivalry, Palestinian sources said on Monday. The Egyptians are also said to be disturbed by the recent rapprochement between the PA, Qatar and Turkey.

Severe weather hits SE Europe, leaving at least 5 people dead
Severe weather affecting southeastern Europe over the past couple of days resulted in a significant drop in temperatures, strong winds, hail and high elevation snow, very heavy rain, floods, landslides, and dozens of waterspouts, of which some turned into damaging tornadoes. At least 5 people were killed in Italy, the worst affected country.

Obama’s Deep State Provided Private Companies Access to US Databases to Illegally Surveil Americans – Report Released Today Confirms FBI Wants to Keep It Going
We reported in February that it was time we learned what entities Obama gave access to the US Intelligence database during his Administration.  Today we didn’t learn these entities names but instead we learned that FBI Director Christopher Wray’s FBI would like to keep this activity going.

Reports: Nearly 1,400 Virginia voters got two ballots in the mail
According to several media reports about 1400 voters in Virginia got two absentee ballots mailed to them, but elections officials said only one would be counted.

As Australia Falls to the CHICOMS, America Loses Another Key Ally
China is in the process of controlling and controlling multiple nations. They are focusing on American allies who are done with America because China controls them. Here are few examples of how China is now in control of Australia.

School Teacher In France Spends 460 Hours Getting Full Body Tattoos With Blacked-Out Eyes To ‘Fight Racism’ And ‘Homophobia’ With First Graders
File this article today under ‘more signs of the times’, as it is almost too incredible to believe. Would you allow this man to teach your children? I absolutely would not. Anyone who is capable of this level of destruction to his own body would have no problems encouraging others, like impressionable young children, to do the same. Even Jack Chick, Christian cartoonist and gospel tract creator, did not imagine a world like this outside of the great Tribulation. But here we are, and there can be no turning back at this point.

37 Days Until The Promised Burning Down Of America By The Democrats And The Radical Left Will Take Place
We have been warning you for months that there would be a moment before the election in November when a countdown clock would begin to tick, counting down the days until the Democrats and the radical Left launched all-out war against America and its citizens. That clock was started on Saturday with the nomination of Amy Coney Barrett for the United States Supreme Court by President Donald Trump. Today is Monday, we have 37 days left until the promised destruction begins.

Wisconsin authorities recover trove of pro-Trump ballots that were discarded in a ditch
The most contested Presidential election in the history of the United States is underway, as absentee ballot fraud is already being discovered in battleground states. Wisconsin authorities have just recovered a trove of pro-Trump ballots that were discarded in a ditch.

Christian minister silenced after Muslims disrupt famed ‘home of free speech’
A Christian street preacher speaking at London’s famed “home of free speech” was removed by police after using a visual aid to point out there are “holes” in the Quran, with dozens of differences in various publications of Islam’s holy book.

Biden’s Texas Political Director Accused of Illegal Ballot Harvesting At Texas Supreme Court
The Joe Biden campaign’s Texas Political Director has been formally accused of helping to run an illegal ballot harvesting operation, according to two separate affidavits filed Monday at the Texas Supreme Court.

China Teaches Students that Jesus Stoned Woman to Death, Changes Biblical Passage in Textbook
The ending of a biblical story where a woman was forgiven by Jesus after committing adultery has been altered in a Chinese textbook to make our Savior out to be a killer.

Based on latest CDC data, the Wuhan coronavirus poses virtually no death risk whatsoever for people under the age of 50
New CDC data confirm that the Wuhan coronavirus poses almost zero death risk in people below the age of 50 (see details below). At the same time, these data also confirm the virus remains extremely dangerous to people over the age of 70, and the CDC estimates that 1 in 18 elderly people who contract the virus (i.e. are “infected”) end up being killed by it.

Project Veritas Exposes Ilhan Omar Allies in Alleged Ballot Harvesting Operation in Minnesota
Ilhan Omar connected Ballot Harvester in cash-for-ballots scheme: “Car is full” of absentee ballots

Scientists grow fresh dates from a 6th BC seed
Grown from ancient seeds found at Masada and Qumran and likely brought back to Judea from Babylon in the sixth century BC, the fresh dates symbolize the remarkable resilience of nature

‘Demonic’ meltdown on U.S. flight: ‘We’re going to [bleep] all night’
In what’s being compared to a scene from “The Exorcist” horror film, video has emerged reportedly showing a woman on a Detroit-bound flight having an obscenity filled meltdown in the sky.

Indications Are that AG Barr Is Working on a Massive Sedition and Conspiracy Case Against Those Behind Violent Riots Across the US
..There are numerous signs that AG Barr is now working on a conspiracy and sedition case against the evil forces attempting to destroy US cities through violent and deadly protests.

Another Horrific Chicago Weekend: 5-Year Old Girl Stabbed, 49 People Shot
Police can’t get a handle on spiraling bloodshed in urban neighborhoods…