26 Sep 2020

Israel, Lebanon agree to hold maritime border negotiations
Israel and Lebanon reached an agreement to hold negotiations on their maritime border, after a years-long impasse, a spokesman for Energy Minister Yuval Steinitz confirmed on Friday. Talks are expected to begin in mid-October, after the Sukkot holiday, in Naquora, a city in southern Lebanon near Rosh Hanikra, where headquarters for the UN Interim Force in Lebanon (UNIFIL) are located.

Archbishop Vigano: Trump faces ‘biblical challenge’ against ‘demonic forces of … New World Order’
Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò said the 2020 presidential election presents Americans with a “biblical” challenge “against the demonic forces of the deep state and against the New World Order.” The Catholic Church’s former Apostolic Nuncio to the U.S. once again warned voters that warring principalities unseen to the human eye will clash on Election Day.

5G wireless radiation ‘leakage’ may lead to incorrect weather forecasts, study warns
High-tech 5G networks are here and will likely be the new standard in wireless communications in the near future. For people who love to check the weather on their smartphone however, that new signal may actually be a problem. A new study finds radiation “leakage” from 5G networks may throw off weather satellites, giving you a bad forecast.

‘Why Bother?’: Pelosi Suggests Biden Skip Presidential Debates
House Speaker Nancy Pelosi…defended her previous suggestion that…Joe Biden should not debate President Trump, claiming the president has “no fidelity to fact or truth.” Ahead of the first presidential debate next week, Pelosi doubled down…on comments she made…that the former vice president should skip the debates so they don’t become “an exercise in skullduggery.”

Abbas calls for UN-led peace conference early next year
Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas on Friday called for United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres to convene an international conference early next year to launch “a genuine peace process” between Israel and the Palestinians. Abbas urged Guterres to work with the Middle East Quartet of mediators – the United States, Russia, the European Union and the UN….

Floods-hit Sudan facing ‘unprecedented challenges’, UN warns
Humanitarian workers in disaster-hit Sudan are in danger of running out of funds to continue operations, the United Nations has said, warning that heavy rain and flooding were continuing to pose “unprecedented challenges” for thousands of vulnerable families across the country.

Iranian president accuses US of savagery after new sanctions
Iranian President Hassan Rouhani accused the United States on Saturday of “savagery” after Washington imposed new sanctions on Tehran, and said Iranians should direct their anger at the White House. “The Americans have inflicted tens of millions of dollars of damage on Iran,” Rouhani said in televised remarks, his voice shaking with anger.

Revolution 2020: How Did We Get Here… And How Will It End?
Our revolution is by the ruling class – a revolution from above. Crushing obstacles to its growing oligarchic rule is the proximate purpose… But the logic that drives the revolution aims at civilization itself.

Creek Fire becomes largest single blaze in California, spawning 2 rare fire tornadoes
The Creek Fire in California has become the state’s largest single blaze record, scorching up to 117 935 ha (291 426 acres) of land as of Thursday, September 24, 2020, and is only 34 percent contained. The blazes spawned two rare tornadoes rated EF-1 and EF-2 a day after the fire started earlier this month, the National Weather Service (NWS) confirmed.

The Satanic Temple Is In Fact Emblematic Of The Leftist Worldview
Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Satanism, and motherhood converged in the pages of the Huffington Post on Thursday when Jamie Smith, an attorney and mom, wrote that the death of the Supreme Court justice motivated her to join the Satanic Temple.

Black Lives Matter Founder Patrisse Cullors Admits That Chanting ‘Say Her Name’ Is Call To ‘Resurrect A Spirit’ From The Dead To Lead Them
The more we learn about the Black Lives Matter Movement, the worse it gets. Today we find out that the founders of BLM, in addition to being self-admitted ‘trained Marxists’, are also ardent followers of the Yoruba religion of West Africa. Yoruba is a spiritual system that uses sacrifices very much like what is found in Santeria and voodoo. It is demonic, and it is at the very core of what is driving the agenda of the Black Lives Matter Movement. You can hear it from themselves in the video below.

Black Lives Matter And ANTIFA Are Bringing The Spirit Of Antichrist On America As God’s Judgment Begins To Fall
As of this writing, America is not only under attack, America I believe is under the active judgment of God Almighty. Hate filled rioters clog the streets in every American city, spewing the most hate filled language you could image, language that is back up by demonic violence. The spirit of Antichrist is rising over America, and here is what you need to know.

Delaware Police Seize Enough Fentanyl To Kill At least 75% Of State’s Population
On Monday, Delaware State Police and the FBI announced a two-year, multi-jurisdictional investigation that led to the arrest of more than two dozen people connected with a significant drug organization operating in Deleware, reported local news station WDEL.

REPORT: Dems Considering ‘Total War’ If GOP Fills Supreme Court Seat, Want ‘Major Changes,’ New States
“Furious” Democrats are considering “total war” next session if Republican press through and fill Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s vacant Supreme Court seat, Axios reports — and their plans may even include adding states to the union to ensure their permanent control of Congress.

Evangelicals to rally on National Mall Saturday
Evangelicals are set to descend on the National Mall Saturday, just weeks before the 2020 elections, with some joining a prayer march led by the Rev. Franklin Graham and others gathered to hear a pastor warn of the Biblical apocalypse he says may await America after this campaign season.

Dr. Dobson Applauds Trump for New ‘Born Alive’ Order That Protects Babies From ‘Botched Act of Barbarism’
President Trump has announced an executive order to ensure babies who survive botched abortions receive medical care and aren’t just left to die. And he’s receiving widespread praise from the pro-life community, including Dr. James Dobson.

MORE ELECTION FRAUD: Democrat Officials In Massachusetts DESTROY Over 1 Million Ballots from Senate Primary
Former US Senate candidate Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai, the inventor of Email, accused Massachusetts officials of illegally destroying over 1 million ballots in a US Senate primary race.

Breakthrough Research On Severe COVID-19 Infections Opens Door To New Treatment
“It looks like this virus has one big trick…”