22 Sep 2020

Revealed: US Air Force has secretly built and flown a new fighter jet
Will Roper, the head of Air Force acquisition, revealed the existence of the new jet, which he said was part of the service’s Next Generation Air Dominance, or NGAD, project. “NGAD right now is designing, assembling, testing in the digital world, exploring things that would have cost time and money to wait for physical world results,” Roper said during a video presentation at the Air Force Association’s Virtual Air, Space & Cyber Conference on Tuesday. “NGAD has come so far that the full-scale flight demonstrator has already flown in the physical world. It’s broken a lot of records in the doing.”

In Stunning Reversal, CDC Says It Published New Guidance On Risks Of ‘Airborne’ COVID-19 “In Error”
After publishing guidance warning about the serious risks of “airborne” infection associated with SARS-CoV-2, the CDC just seriously harmed its own credibility by acknowledging Monday that it had posted the new guidance “in error”, following a pressure campaign from the WHO. All this scrutiny is helping to cement a new nickname for the agency. Centers For Damage Control.

NBA Playoffs Sponsored by Chinese-Owned Teen Surveillance App
A Chinese-owned teen surveillance app is sponsoring a controversial American sports league under fire for its friendly ties to the Chinese government and its acquiescence in the face of Muslim genocide. the basketball league has been criticized for its own close ties to China amid its ongoing efforts to tap into the profitable Chinese market. While NBA league officials, executives, and players have been outspoken in their criticism of social injustices in the United States, they have been increasingly reluctant to say anything that might anger the Chinese government.

Former prosecutor: Cops in Floyd case ‘did absolutely nothing wrong’
The available evidence in the George Floyd case exonerates the four Minneapolis police officers who were charged with second- and third-degree murder, a former federal and state prosecutor said in a Minneapolis radio interview Sunday. “The murder theory makes no sense at all. These police officers — let me say this very clearly — these police officers did absolutely nothing wrong in their handling of this situation,” said George Parry in an interview on WCCO radio’s “Real Talk with Roshini” Rajkumar. “The toxicology report is central to the whole case,” Parry said. “This is an incompetent prosection. This is an incompetent performance by the authorities.”

A restaurant-closing tsunami is on the way, New York restaurateurs warn
Restaurateurs in New York are warning of a restaurant-closing tsunami as summer turns to fall, due to the ongoing coronavirus restrictions.

Qatar, who Once Backed Hamas, Now Looking into Normalization with Israel
After meeting with Sheikh Sabah Al Ahmad Al Sabah, the son of Kuwait’s ruling emir, on Friday, President Trump announced at a media conference that Kuwait may be the next country to sign a normalization agreement with Israel. “[The Kuwaitis] are so excited that we signed the first two countries and I think they’ll end up fairly quickly being a part of it,” Trump said, referring to the recent signing of the Abraham Accords with the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain.

Trump to make high court pick by Saturday
President Donald Trump said Monday he expects to announce his pick for the Supreme Court on Friday or Saturday, after funeral services for Ruth Bader Ginsburg and just days before the first presidential election debate.

Feds may punish cities for weak response to violence
The Justice Department identified New York City, Portland, Oregon, and Seattle as three cities that could have federal funding slashed under a memorandum by President Donald Trump that sought to identify localities that permit “anarchy, violence and destruction in American cities.”
The Justice Department said the three cities were designated because they meet four main criteria, …

US-Brokered Talks Between Israel and Lebanon Close to Conclusion
A report on Debka File, an English-language Israeli military intelligence website, reported that US-brokered talks between Israel and the Lebanese government focusing on two main issues, borders and rights to offshore gas fields, are moving towards a resolution. The talks being held at the UN camp in Naqura on the Lebanon-Israeli border have reportedly concluded the border dispute, settling on demarcation established in 2011 and referred to as the Blue Line.

China releases video of simulated bombing attack on US military base
A video released by China’s People’s Liberation Army (PLA) Air Force appears to depict a nuclear-capable Chinese H-6k bomber dropping a bomb on Andersen Air Force Base in the U.S. island territory of Guam.

High court front-runner hailed by right, feared by left
A front-runner to fill the Supreme Court seat vacated by the death of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg is a federal appellate judge who has established herself as a reliable conservative on hot-button legal issues from abortion to gun control.

Egypt and UAE push to be ‘pillars of stability’ in Middle East
Egypt’s Foreign Minister Sameh Shoukry called at the UN regarding the need for the international community to confront terrorism that “seeks to dismantle national states,” according to a report at Al-Ain. The comments were addressed to the global community, urging security and peace.

Taiwan invasion: China ‘rehearsing takeover’ of island – horrifying warning sent to Trump
CHINA’s military drills are a “rehearsal” for a full-scale invasion which WILL happen if Taiwan continues to align itself with Donald Trump’s United States, the island has been told. And the slightest misjudgement by either Taiwan’s President Tsai Ing-wen, or US President Donald Trump, risks triggering a catastrophic war, it has been claimed.

Monday’s stock-market selloff sets up worst September in 18 years
Stocks on Monday were seemingly unraveling a bullish trend that now risks thrusting U.S. equity benchmarks into a bearish tilt that could set the stage for the worst September selloff in years for the major equity gauges. The broad-market S&P 500 index SPX, -1.15% was down 2.5% at 3,326, at last check, putting it on the brink of sinking to 3,222.76, representing a 10% drop from its recent Sept. 2 record peak.

Gantz heads to U.S. with shopping list of weaponry
When Defense Minister Benny Gantz departed for the United States late Monday for meeting with American counterpart Mark Esper, he took with with him a list of munitions Israel says it needs to maintain its military superiority in the Middle East. The two were expected to discuss U.S. weapons sales following the purported sale of F-35 fighter jets and other advanced weapons systems to the UAE…

Soaring food prices hit Sudanese as floods ravage the country
Flooding is adding to the misery of the Sudanese people, who have been struggling with a steep rise in the price of food. The inflation has also affected the provision of aid to tens of thousands of people displaced by the floods in 17 of the country’s 18 states. Prices of essential commodities like bread and sugar are rising to more than double and long queues for bread are now almost everywhere.

Sudan leaders in UAE for talks with Emirati, US officials
A high-level delegation led by the head of Sudan’s ruling council was in the United Arab Emirates for separate talks with Emirati and US officials on Monday, including discussions on its removal from the US’s list of countries that “sponsor terrorism”, according to state media.

Tropical Storm Beta makes landfall, brings flooding to Texas
Storm surge and rainfall combined Tuesday to bring more flooding along the Texas coast after Tropical Storm Beta made landfall, threatening areas that have already seen their share of damaging weather during a busy hurricane season. The storm made landfall late Monday just north of Port O’Connor, Texas.

The Depopulation Agenda Connected to the COVID-19 Lockdowns
Many people has noticed that dating, courtship, marriage and parenting levels have dropped to historic lows.Thanks to Ted Turner who has made it clear what the globalists truly desire, which is extreme negative population growth. In fact, the aware among us know that a 90% depopulation of the population is the ultimate goal

Scores of temperature records smashed as cold blast sweeps through Eastern U.S.
Dozens of temperature records were smashed or tied across the Eastern U.S. over the weekend as a shot of cold air swept through the region, weeks ahead of the average for much of the area. The National Weather Service (NWS) issued frost advisories and freeze.

Hurricane “Teddy” forecast to become a strong post-tropical cyclone before reaching Nova Scotia, Canada
The center of Hurricane “Teddy” is moving east of Bermuda on September 21, 2020, bringing tropical-storm-force wind gusts. Teddy is forecast to become a strong post-tropical cyclone before reaching Nova Scotia, Canada on September 23.

2 missing after worst rainfall in 120 years triggers flash flooding in southern France
At least 2 people are missing after torrential rains triggered flash flooding in several departments of southern France on Saturday, September 19, 2020. Valleraugue commune in Gard Department recorded up to 468 mm (18 inches) of rain in just a 6-hour period, which is over six times the average rain for September of 75 mm (3 inches)– the worst since 1900.

NYPD officer, Army reservist charged with acting as an illegal Chinese agent
A naturalized American citizen who serves as a member of the New York City Police Department and the U.S. Army Reserves has been charged with acting as an illegal agent of China, the Justice Department announced Monday.

RIVETING: New Video Exposes China Supporting Marxist Group Behind Mass Rioting in 40 US States — MUST SEE VIDEO
Minneapolis communists from the Freedom Road Socialist Organization claim credit for “sparking” recent riots that spread to more than 40 states. Freedom Road supports the Communist Party of China. And FRSO supports the communist mass murderers Mao and Stalin.

BREAKING: DOJ declares Seattle, Portland and New York to be lawless anarchist zones, setting up federal arrests of Democrat mayors after the election 
As we reported two weeks ago, President Trump has a “secret weapon” against the left-wing insurrectionists and treasonous actors who are trying to destroy this country. That weapon is the Fourteenth Amendment, which unambiguously states that the President of the United States must remove those from power who are engaged in granting aid or comfort to insurrectionists who are waging war against this nation.

HOME INVASION: Rioters On The Radical Left Surround The Home Of Lindsey Graham Demanding He Not Support Trump Supreme Court Nomination
Think about how chilling this is. Rioters from ANTIFA and Black Lives Matter went to the home of Lindsey Graham early this morning, and began banging pots and pans in something called ‘Operation Wake Up’.

Alexandra Ocasio Cortez Backing Plan For Complete Socialist Takeover Of New York City Including Taxing The Rich And Removing The Police
The Democratic Socialists of America are rising in power and influence as Congresswoman Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez is not only a member but throwing  congressional support behind them as well. They have set their sights on rapidly crumbling New York City, the newest third world nation, and if New Yorkers are careless with their votes this year, they just may get it.

Why Is FOX News Preventing Negative Reporting of George Soros? Gingrich and Toensing Speak Out
We’ve reported on Creepy George Soros and his actions that have destroyed the inner cities in the US. Anti American George Soros was interviewed by 60 Minutes years ago. In this infamous interview Soros claimed to have no shame for turning in fellow Jews to the Nazis in World War II Hungary.

FBI Agent Who Uncovered Weiner Laptop with Hillary’s Emails says FBI Leadership Told Him to Erase All of His Findings
John Robertson, was an FBI Agent who investigated crimes against children.  This is how he stumbled upon Hillary Clinton’s emails.

As Poisoned Package Sent To President Trump, Democrats Say Now Is The Time To Declare War On America
One of the main founding fathers of the radical Left so loved by the Progressive Democrats, which is all of them now, is a man by the name of Saul Alinsky who wrote a book called ‘Rules For Radicals’. It was a how-to manual of steps for ‘action through agitation’ that he felt needed to be taken to drive the American constitutional republic to the ground, and inspired radicals like Barack Obama. One of the most-striking features of ‘Rules For Radicals’ was that Alinsky dedicated the book to Lucifer.

Chicago postal workers threaten to stop delivering mail after multiple employees shot on the job
United States Postal workers who deliver mail in some of Chicago’s more violent neighborhoods are threatening to halt their services after a mail carrier was shot in the city’s South Side earlier this month.

How ‘Cuties’ Got Caught in a Gamergate-Style Internet Clash
Even before Netflix released the French film Cuties in the United States, review sites were brimming with emotional audience judgements. The movie, which centers on a panicked Parisian preteen named Amy (Fathia Youssouf) as she joins a rebellious clique and navigates her family life, currently holds an 11 percent audience rating on Rotten Tomatoes. “