20 Sep 2020

Magnitude 4.6 earthquake rattles California
A magnitude 4.6 earthquake struck Southern California late Friday night, according to the US Geological Survey The earthquake struck around 11:40 pm, about 2 miles (3 kilometers) outside of South El Monte, near Los Angeles, the agency reported There were no immediate reports of damages or injuries.

Tropical Storm Beta to Drench Texas, May Trigger Storm Surges
Slow-moving Tropical Storm Beta is likely to reach hurricane strength as it meanders across the western Gulf of Mexico and Texas coast, bringing heavy rain as far as Louisiana, as well as raking off-shore energy fields with high winds next week.Winds from Beta could hit 80 miles (129 km) per hour by Monday, making it a Category 1 hurricane on the five-step Saffir-Simpson scale as it nears Corpus Christi, Texas.

McConnell Announces the Senate Will Hold a Vote on Any Nominee Trump Puts Forward To Replace RBG
Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said the Senate would seek to restore the body to full strength, assuring in a news release of his own that “President [Donald] Trump’s nominee will receive a vote on the floor of the United States Senate.”

Reports: Package sent to Trump contained deadly ricin poison
A package containing the deadly poison ricin addressed to President Donald Trump was intercepted by law enforcement sometime this week, before it was delivered to the president, two law enforcement officials told CNN on Saturday. Two law enforcement officials also told CNBC about the ricin package that was addressed to Trump.

Category 4 Hurricane Teddy may skirt Bermuda, days of rain headed to Texas
Hurricane Teddy is charging ahead as a powerful Category 4 storm, and by Sunday night or Monday morning, it may skirt Bermuda as a Category 2 or 3 hurricane.

Tropical Depression 22 expected to strengthen as it moves over Gulf
Invest-90 L has formed into Tropical Depression 22, according to the National Hurricane Center’s latest advisory. The storm is approximately 235 miles east of Tampico, Mexico and is moving northeast at 3 mph and showing sustained winds of 35 mph. The depression is forecast to move slowly to the north through the weekend with a turn north and then west anticipated over the weekend.

Momentum growing among Republicans for Supreme Court vote before Election Day
Momentum is growing among Senate Republicans for a Supreme Court confirmation vote to take place before Election Day, something that GOP strategists say would rev up conservative voters and deliver a huge accomplishment for President Trump before voters go to the polls.

Another famine coming? China struggles to meet basic food demands
China, which embarked on the mission of becoming a superpower by showing its economic and military might to the world, now may be brought to its knees over a shortage of food. Reduction in overall domestic food production; a recent deluge in the Yangtze River basin, the rice bowl of China; and a slash in imports, mostly aggravated by deteriorating diplomatic relations, has caused Beijing to hit the panic button.

Iran’s regime ‘so hated, another revolt’ may come after wrestler execution
Radio Farda said in indirect speech that, “according to the statement, the Iranian leaders responsible for Afkari’s death are so hated that another revolt may be on the horizon.” Afkari said he was brutally tortured to confess to a crime he did not commit. “If I am executed, people should know that in the 21st century, Iran still executes innocent people,” he said.

US reimposes sanctions on Iran
The US announced on Saturday night that UN sanctions are being reimposed on Iran. The snapback of sanctions was triggered 30 days ago, following the Security Council’s vote not to extend the arms embargo on the Islamic Republic. It was not immediately clear if other members of the Security Council would comply with the new sanctions.

Magnitude 4.5 earthquake rattles Southern California, but no major damage reported
A magnitude 4.5 earthquake was reported late Friday night, rattling a wide swath of Southern California but causing no major damage. There were no immediate reports of serious damage or injuries, but the 11:38 p.m. quake was felt across the region and as far as San Diego, according to the U.S. Geological Survey, which revised its magnitude downward after initial reports.

Singapore rolls out Covid tracing tokens
Singapore is distributing thousands of devices that can track where a person has been and who they have interacted with. The small bluetooth device is meant for those who do not own smartphones and cannot use a contact tracing app that was previously rolled out by the Singapore government.

Police clash with protesters at anti-lockdown demonstration in London
More than a thousand people gathered in central London on Saturday to protest against lockdown measures aimed at slowing the spread of the coronavirus, before the event was broken up by police. The protest, which led to 32 arrests, came as Prime Minister Boris Johnson is considering whether to reimpose some lockdown restrictions across England.

Iranian commander vows to avenge US assassination of top general
The commander-in-chief of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) on Saturday doubled down on a threat to avenge the US killing of Iran’s top general Qassem Soleimani in early January. “Our revenge for the martyrdom of our great general is certain. It is serious. It is real,” Major-General Hossein Salami said in a speech, directly addressing US President Donald Trump.

Thousands test positive for bacterial disease after leak from Chinese factory
A gas leak at a Chinese research lab has infected over 3,000 people with a bacterial disease that can cause lifelong illness. Staff working at China Animal Husbandry Lanzhou Biopharmaceutical Factory, which used the bacteria that cause brucellosis in animals as part of a vaccine, had used out-of-date disinfectant for cleaning.

Water shortages in US West likelier and spreading faster than previously thought
There’s a chance water levels in the two largest man-made reservoirs in the United States could dip to critically low levels by 2025, jeopardizing the steady flow of Colorado River water that more than 40 million people rely on in the American West. After a relatively dry summer…models…suggesting looming shortages in Lake Powell and Lake Mead…are more likely than previously projected.

Popular Children’s App Allegedly Requests Minor To Take Naked Pictures
…threatened to strangle the child if they didn’t comply.

Two dead, 14 injured in Rochester shooting: ‘All-out warzone
A shooting at a wild house party in Rochester early Saturday left two teenagers dead and 14 other victims injured in what police are calling “a tragedy of epic proportions.”

Parady Site: Biden Forgets To Put On Clothes, Media Praises His Majestic Outfit
Joe Biden was taken out of the cooler in his campaign bus to give a speech at a campaign stop today, but oops! He forgot to put on clothes. No worries for the Biden campaign, though. The media quickly praised his “regal” and “elegant” outfit, calling it “majestic” and “presidential.”

Amy Coney Barrett emerging as a front-runner to fill Ginsburg’s Supreme Court seat
At a campaign rally Saturday in North Carolina, President Donald Trump left no doubt about the gender of his forthcoming choice for the Supreme Court: “It will be a woman.”

Saudi royal family said divided over possible future ties with Israel
The Saudi Arabian royal family is reportedly split over possible future ties with Israel following landmark agreements with the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain, the Wall Street Journal reported Friday.

Police depts report spate of retirements; Recruitment difficult
Police forces are suffering from diminishing ranks, slumping morale and declining public support as the nation nears the end of a long, fraught summer defined by protests against policing tactics and racial injustice.

Judge Orders School District to Halt Prayers, Bible Reading after ACLU Suit
A federal judge this week ordered a Tennessee school district and its employees not to participate in or promote religion at school activities after the district acknowledged it had allowed certain religious expressions in violation of U.S. Supreme Court decisions.

A DARPA-Funded Implantable Biochip To Detect COVID-19 Could Hit Markets By 2021
The most significant scientific discovery since gravity has been hiding in plain sight for nearly a decade and its destructive potential to humanity is so enormous that the biggest war machine on the planet immediately deployed its vast resources to possess and control it, financing its research and development through agencies like the National Institutes of Health (NIH), the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) and HHS’ BARDA.

New Zealanders rank climate change above Covid this election
..We asked Guardian readers >what issues they would be voting on come 17 October, and perhaps surprisingly, for many, the pandemic took a back seat. In 90% of the responses, one topic reigned supreme: Dorothy, 71, from Auckland summed it up, in her two-word response to our callout, which garnered hundreds of replies: “Climate change.”

Why Can’t We Talk About George Soros’s Plan To Remake America?
Since 2015, George Soros has been executing a plan to reshape the country through local district attorney elections by pumping unprecedented amounts of money into races that typically only see candidates spend in the low five figures.

Evangelical Lutheran Church Of Iceland Launches Sunday School With Hideous Ad Depicting An Effeminate Trans Jesus Wearing A Dress 
Jesus Christ is the only begotten Son of God, He is perfect, righteous and holy. He died and rose again to save sinners, but in no wise approves of sin or excuses it. The only place a trans Jesus exists is in the mind of unrepentant sinners who want Heaven without holiness, redemption without repentance, and salvation without sacrifice.

Soros-Backed Coalition Preparing for Post-Election Day Chaos
Under the guise of seeking to “prevent a constitutional crisis,” a massive network of well funded left-wing activists and progressive groups are training, organizing, and planning to mobilize millions of Americans should President Trump “contest the election results,” refuse to concede, or claim an early victory.

162 House Dems Vote Against Measure to Combat Antisemitism 
More from the Democrat Party of anti-Semitism. With election season in full swing, the Dems are going full on Nazi now. This latest slap from the Dems against American Jews represents a major failure for AIPAC and much of America’s Jewish leadership. Shame on any American Jew who votes Democrat this November.

DeVos to withhold millions in federal funds to Connecticut schools over transgenders on girls teams
Education Secretary Betsy DeVos says she’ll withhold millions of federal dollars from Connecticut schools that won’t withdraw from an athletic conference that allows transgender students to enter competitions based on their chosen gender.

Feds Arrest Over 100 Gang Members, Rescue 5 Missing Children in Weeks-Long Operation
United States Marshals in Oklahoma City apprehended over 260 suspected criminals, including approximately 140 gang members, and located five missing children in a weeks-long operation.

Netflix ‘Cheer’ star Jerry Harris charged with producing child pornography
Celebrity cheerleader Jerry Harris, a performer from the Netflix reality series ‘Cheer’ who rose to stardom this year and even interviewed Joe Biden, has been charged with producing child pornography.

Obama Moves to California to Presumably Assist with California’s Treasonous Calexit Initiative
Obama Moves to California to Presumably Assist with California’s Treasonous Calexit Initiative