14 Sep 2020

Ernst Röhm, Maximilian Robespierre, and Democrat Party Stormtroopers
Goering’s first step was staging a grand purge of the police and hiring National Socialist Party activists with no police experience to replace the thousands of dismissed policemen. How could the head of police practically leave citizens to their fate without police protection? This seems more than strange, but Goering had a different task. The fact is that by that time, the Nazis had already created alternative police, which was subordinate only to the party – the so-called SA (Sturmabteilung). The SA stormtroopers wore light brown uniforms. Democrat mobsters imitate the Nazi Brownshirts in many ways, the Brownshirts of the German National Socialists (in their methods of terror), and the Maoist Hongweibing (in ideological stubbornness).

S.D. Weather Station Breaks U.S. Record For Shortest Gap From 100-Degree Reading To Measurable Snow
A noted climatologist on Twitter reported that a weather station in South Dakota just broke the standing record for the quickest gap between a 100-degree temperature reading and measurable snow. In the span of two days, the Rapid City station achieved the feat. It was 102 degrees on Sept. 5, and then on Sept. 7 the station marked just over a half-inch of snow recorded.

Pro-abortion Biden is no ‘ally of the light’ but a friend of darkness
“I will draw on the best of us, not the worst,” the former Vice President said. “I’ll be an ally of the light, not the darkness…Not only is Biden and his running mate Kamala Harris puppets for the open borders, Wall Street, Chamber of Commerce crowd, he’s an angel of death whose presidency would hasten the demise of the United States. Think I’m being too extreme? Here’s just a few of the many anti-Christian policies Joe Biden has promised to support if elected: He wants abortion on demand until birth.

Bloomberg to spend $100 million in Florida to help Biden
Michael Bloomberg, who spent $1 billion of his own money on a failed 2020 US presidential bid, will inject at least $100 million to help Democrat Joe Biden’s campaign against President Donald Trump in the key swing state of Florida.

From 9/11 To COVID-19: Nineteen Years Of Permanent “Emergency”
In many ways, the current hysteria is even worse than that of the early years of the twenty-first century. It affects the everyday lives of countless Americans in ways the 9/11 panic did not. But the current crisis is nonetheless very much a continuation of the attitudes and paranoia that surged nineteen years ago. Then, as now, the public was repeatedly instructed to trust the experts and not question government officials in any way. The experts, of course, were wrong. Moreover, many were simply lying. There were no WMDs, and Saddam had nothing to do with 9/11. But millions of Americans believed the experts, and thus believed the lies. And now we see the same thing today. We’re repeatedly ordered to trust the official arbiters of scientific truth. Never mind the fact, however, than many other experts have dissented on a wide variety of topics, from the lethality of covid-19 to the wisdom of lockdowns.

Oracle Reportedly Wins Bidding War For TikTok; Microsoft Offer Rejected
Amazingly, WSJ is reporting that ByteDance has accepted Oracle’s “offer” for TikTok’s US business, which, in reality, is more like a proposal for a licensing deal whereby Oracle will earn money by serving as BD’s “trusted tech partner” in the US. The key takeaway: the deal will not be structured as an outright sale, which means Oracle won’t have direct access to TikTok’s “secret sauce” the algorithm responsible for feeding users new content. It’s seen as the key driver of the app’s highly addictive quality.

Every Jew should be a registered Republican
Not a day goes by without someone reaching out to me in New York lecturing me that Jews must register as Democrats even if they are voting for President Donald Trump. Facts and history prove otherwise. I’m using New York as an example, but the same holds true in other parts of the country, particularly in states run by Democratic governors and mayors with a majority of Democratic elected officials running their state and representing them in Washington DC. Let’s start with Governor Cuomo and Mayor DeBlasio…

US wildfires scorch area the size of New Jersey
US officials warned Friday of potential “mass” fatalities as more than 20,000 firefighters from across the country battled sprawling deadly wildfires up and down the West Coast that have scorched a landscape the size of New Jersey.

Trump threatens to quit WHO or permanently end funding unless it stops China’s influence
President Donald Trump sent a letter on Monday to World Health Organization (WHO) Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus urging the organization to distance itself from China or lose the U.S. permanently.

How the pandemic is helping the military prep for World War III
It was a first-of-its-kind warning generated by an experimental data collection system tied into the Pentagon’s planned next-gen combat information effort. Although the data collection and prediction process was unproven, Gen. Terrance O’Shaughnessy and his commanders decided to trust it.

Two LA County sheriff’s deputies shot, gravely injured in attack captured on video
Two Los Angeles County sheriff’s deputies were fighting for their lives after being shot Saturday evening in Compton what authorities described as an “ambush” that was captured on surveillance video.

Danish PM opposes bill banning circumcision, cites her promise to Jews
Mette Frederiksen of the ruling Social Democrat party made the statement during an interview Thursday on TV2 about a bill submitted last month in parliament by a leader of the left-wing Forward party, which seeks to outlaw the circumcision of minors without medical reason as done by Muslims and Jews.

New satellite photos show airstrikes on secret missile facility in Syria
New images reveal evidence of an attack on a secretive missile facility in Syria. The photos, released by ImageSat International on Sunday, show that two structures at Al-Safirah missile factory near Aleppo were hit. ISI assessed an intelligence report that this attack was “intended to weaken the missile production in Syria.” It also says that this factory may have been producing missiles for Hezbollah. Crucial “elements” of the site were hit.

Trump Admin Reveals they Gave Torah Scroll to King of Bahrain, as Commanded for Kings of Israel
Jared Kushner told reporters on Friday that the recently brokered normalization deals between Israel and the United Arab Emirates and now Bahrain, will enable Muslim countries to prioritize their own national interests over the interests of the ‘Palestinians’ reports TOI. This included access for tourists from the Gulf states to pray in the Al Aqsa Mosque.

On Anniversary of Oslo Accords, Abbas’ Fatah Praises “Intifada,” Calls for “Resistance”
Mahmoud Abbas’ Fatah party, the dominant faction of the Palestine Liberation Organization and Palestinian Authority, marked the 27th anniversary of the Oslo Accords on Sunday by praising intifada and calling for resistance.

CIA: Iran seeks to assassinate US Ambassador to South Africa – report
Iran is weighing an assassination attempt against the US ambassador to South Africa, Politico reported… Citing multiple US intelligence sources and a CIA global threats document, the report frames the issue as the Islamic Republic’s preferred method for retaliating against US President Donald Trump’s assassination of Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps Quds Force chief Qasem Soleimani in January.

Netanyahu lands in Washington to sign deals with UAE, Bahrain
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu landed in Washington on Monday as Israel prepared to lock down to combat the spread of coronavirus. He left for the airport Sunday night immediately after a press conference in which he announced new restrictions. Netanyahu emphasized the historic nature of the trip, in which he is set to sign normalization agreements with the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain…

New satellite photos show airstrikes on secret missile facility in Syria
New images reveal evidence of an attack on a secretive missile facility in Syria. The photos, released by ImageSat International on Sunday, show that two structures at Al-Safirah missile factory near Aleppo were hit. ISI assessed an intelligence report that this attack was “intended to weaken the missile production in Syria.”

A major American city may soon allow 16-year-olds to vote — and others could follow suit
San Francisco residents will cast ballots in November to determine not just who should be in the White House but also whether 16- and 17-year-olds should be allowed to vote in local elections. A similar measure introduced in 2016 narrowly failed, with 48 percent of the vote, but local activists and organizers are confident that it will pass this time.

Democracy in America plunges to new low amid chaos of 2020, watchdog poll shows
As millions struggle to make ends meet during the coronavirus pandemic, a new survey claims American democracy isn’t faring much better. According to…Bright Line Watch…August 2020 poll, featuring 776 political science experts, finds large declines among several principals including protections of free speech, toleration of peaceful protest, and protection from political violence.

Belarus protests: Lukashenko to meet Putin as unrest continues
Belarus’s embattled President, Alexander Lukashenko, is flying to Russia for talks with Vladimir Putin.
It will be their first face-to-face meeting since protests broke out in Belarus last month following the disputed presidential election. Mr Putin recognises Mr Lukashenko as the legitimate Belarusian leader and says he has forces ready to intervene if the protests get out of control.

Pompeo signals that U.S. ambassador to China is leaving post
U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo indicated early Monday that U.S. Ambassador to China Terry Branstad was leaving his post. Pompeo did not give a reason for Branstad, 73 years old and a former governor of Iowa, leaving at a time when relations are strained, notably over bilateral trade, allegations about information security, and the coronavirus pandemic.

Hungary only EU country to send minister to Israel-UAE accord signing
Hungarian Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto will be the only EU diplomatic leader to attend the signing ceremony on Tuesday in Washington for the Israel-United Arab Emirates peace deal… “At the invitation of U.S. President Donald Trump…Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto will also attend … the signing ceremony in the White House on Tuesday,” Mate Paczolay told Hungarian news agency MTI.

Israel normalisation may partition Al-Aqsa Mosque: Analysts
A statement embedded in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Bahrain normalisation agreements with Israel, brokered by the United States, may lead to the division of the Al-Aqsa compound because it violates the status quo, analysts say. According to a report by NGO Terrestrial Jerusalem (TJ), the statements mark a “radical change in the status quo” and have “far-reaching and potentially explosive ramifications”.

Deadly West Nile virus outbreak adds to Spain’s woes as Covid-19 surges in hotspots
A sharp spike in cases of the deadly West Nile virus has added to the problems facing Spanish healthcare workers already stretched to breaking point by the coronavirus pandemic. In the past month, 52 new cases of the disease have been reported – mainly in the province of Andalusia. Prior to this latest outbreak there had been just seven cases reported over the past 10 years.

California bill to lower penalties for sexual relations with minor heads to Newsom’s desk
A California bill that would remove a requirement for offenders to register as a sex offender after committing certain sex acts with minors within a 10-year age difference is set to go to Gov. Gavin Newsom’s desk after passing in both legislative houses.

The Gulag Archipelago: An Incredibly Relevant Book from 1973
’ll be honest at the beginning of this book review, The Gulag Archipelago is not a fun book to read. That’s not to say it’s a bad book or poorly written. It’s a great, excellently written book that does an excellent job of showing the evil, brutal life lived by those under the repressive hand of socialism.

NYC could lose $3B in federal aid over incomplete census forms
Gotham’s ritziest neighborhoods are among the biggest laggards when it comes to filling out the 2020 Census — potentially risking the loss of $3 billion in federal funding over the next decade, a Post analysis shows.

Tropical Storm “Sally” strengthening, hurricane and storm surge warnings issued for portions of the U.S. Gulf Coast
Tropical Storm “Sally” formed at 18:00 UTC on September 12, 2020, as the earliest 18th named Atlantic storm, beating the previous record set by Stan on September 22, 2005. At the time it formed, Sally’s center was located about 60 km (35 miles) SSE of Naples, Florida.

Hurricane “Paulette” intensifying on its way toward Bermuda
Tropical Storm “Paulette” formed at 15:00 UTC on September 7 as the earliest 16th named Atlantic storm, breaking the previous record set by Philippe on September 17, 2005. The storm intensified into a hurricane at 03:00 UTC on September 13 — the 6th of the 2020 Atlantic season to date. The average full Atlantic hurricane season has 6 hurricanes. A Hurricane Warning is in effect for Bermuda.

Florida Governor DeSantis Lays Out Covid Statistics Which Show a Flattening Curve
As the state is about to reopen here are all the reasons why it should.

Netanyahu Will Sign Abraham Accord Then The Nation Of Israel Will Be Placed On Coronavirus Lockdown Starting On The Feast Of Trumpets For 21 Days
Today is September 13th, 2020, and the time of this writing is 7:37 PM EST. As you are reading these words, Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu is in the air, flying to Washington to sign the Abraham Accord peace covenant at the White House. When he turns, Israel will be placed on a 21-day coronavirus lockdown which will begin at sundown on September 18th.

Jeremiah Ellison — Keith Ellison’s Son And Minneapolis City Council Member — Says ‘We Are Going To Dismantle The Minneapolis Police Department’ 
Jeremiah Ellison, the son of Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison and a member of the Minneapolis city council, wants to “dismantle the Minneapolis Police Department” and “dramatically” reform public safety.

Two Los Angeles Police Officers Ambushed And Shot In Compton As BLM Rioters Begin Protesting At Hospital Shouting ‘We Hope They Die!’
Are you starting to see the true agenda of the Black Lives Matter Movement? It is a fiery agenda of hate and radical ideology, so vile that BLM rioters surrounded the hospital where two Los Angeles officers who were ambushed and shot at point blank range and began shouting ‘we hope they die!’ as surgeons worked feverishly to save their lives. That is a demonic hatred and the spirit of Antichrist.

The Great Culling Is Underway
The great culling is here and is present in places like New Zealand, Arkansas and Ohio. Most will recoil at this statement. So let’s start at the beginning and it will be clear that we are not just losing our economy, our civil liberties, our culture, our collective souls that still want to buy and sell, we are on the edge of losing our very lives and eternal future.

Time for an Investigation: Dr. Fauci and NIAID Accused of Collaboration with China on the COVID-19 Virus
Americans are unaware of the extent of China’s infiltration of U.S. medical research, the degree to which U.S. officials and scientists facilitated it, the possibly dangerous transfer of technology, including that related to the likely creation of the COVID-19 virus, and the continuation of such collaborative programs.

Former NSA Head Lawyer Testifies: The Trump Team Was Subject to Political Surveillance
The topic of Trump-Russia collusion has been promulgated by many in the legacy news media. Often, skeptics of this narrative are pushed by institutional news media towards conservative news outlets. In recent days, there has been a major revelation buried in a Lawfare article, a publication that is no ally of the right.

Bill Gates: We Can Only Go Back to ‘Normal’ When the Population is ‘Widely Vaccinated’
Billionaire Bill Gates has warned that life can only return to “normal” once the population has been “widely vaccinated” for COVID-19.