8 Sep 2020

American Airlines Faces Backlash After Allowing Employees To Wear BLM Pins
American Airlines has come under fire after announcing that flight attendants are now allowed to wear Black Lives Matter flair on their uniforms while on duty, angering some employees – including some whose spouses or relatives are cops that say BLM promotes or condones violence

NYC Commercial Real Estate Sales Plummet 54% To Lowest On Record
While Wall Street debates if it is time to move on from the Big Short 2.0 (malls) to the Big Short 3.0 (hotels), the broader commercial real estate market continues to implode and nowhere more so than in ground zero of the covid/riot crisis, New York City, where CRE deals have hit a brick wall as the pandemic continues to roil the local economy.

India Test Fires ‘NextGen Hypersonic Weapon’ As Border Tensions With China Surge
With a military standoff between India and China intensifying, the Indian military has decided to increase geopolitical instabilities in the region, on Monday, as it test-fired a new class of ultra-modern weapons that can travel at hypersonic speeds.

Gantz urges Netanyahu to end de-facto settler building freeze
Alternative Prime Minister and Defense Minister Benny Gantz lent his voice in support of the settlers as he urged Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to halt a de-facto freeze on settlement plans. Gantz sent a letter to Netanyahu on the matter on Sunday in which he asked for permission to convene the Higher Planning Council for Judea and Samaria, which last met in February.

Dubai official: Hamas can go to hell
A high ranking official in the Dubai police department said on Tuesday that the UAE’s newly brokered peace deal with Israel was a positive step for “for regional stability and security” and that Hamas can “go to hell.” “Israel never threatened us. [Turkish President Recep Tayyip] Erdogan has. Iran is threatening us,” Lt. Gen. Dhahi Khalfan Tamim, deputy chief of the Dubai police, told Kuwaiti media outlet Diwan al-Mullah.

Is Arafat’s widow ‘conspiring to undermine Palestinian issue’?
The PLO leader’s widow took her support of the deal a step further, and after Palestinian demonstrators burned UAE flags and pictures of Crown Prince Mohammed bin Zayed in protest of the deal, Arafat took to Instagram to apologize to the Emirati people. “I want to apologize, in the name of the honorable Palestinian people, to the Emirati people and their leadership for the desecration and burning of the UAE flag in Jerusalem and Palestine and for insulting the symbols of the beloved UAE,” she wrote.

Major trilateral agreement could link Israel to EU power grid by 2024
Israel will sign an agreement with Greece and Cyprus by the end of the year to lay a submarine cable that would connect it to the European power grid, Israel Hayom has learned. The project, which is expected to take about four years to complete, was finalized following a conversation between Israeli Energy Minister Yuval Steinitz with his Cypriot counterpart Natasa Pilides.

San Francisco Mayor Calls Trump a ‘Terrorist’ in Plea To ‘Move On’ from Pelosi Salon Scandal
The problem is not that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi flouted the rules by visiting a San Francisco salon, it is that President Donald Trump is a “terrorist,” according to San Francisco Mayor London Breed. “If it’s OK for Nancy Pelosi to go and get her hair done, and it’s OK for Kate Brown — our governor — to go get her hair done, then you need to open up America right now, because you are a hypocrite, and your actions speak much louder than your words, and your actions are saying that there is no fear of COVID-19, elitists such as Pelosi are the problem.

Hezbollah, Hamas Conspire to Conquer Jerusalem
The two leaders stressed the stability of the “Axis of Resistance” (a political alliance between Iran, Syria and Hezbollah) in the face of “all forms of pressures and threats.” The rocketsof “the resistance,” said Haniyeh, could reach Tel Aviv and beyond.

UAE-Israel hold Cross-Continent Shabat Ushering in Pre-Messiah Double Sabbath Described by Isaiah
As part of the growing relations between the United Arab Emirates and Israel, a cooperative virtual event was held bringing Jews together from the two countries welcoming in the Sabbath. Remarkably, Jewish tradition describes a double Sabbath as being the precursor to redemption.

First-of-a-kind electronic skin mimics human pain response
A prototype of the electric skin development at RMIT.

France protests Israel’s deportation of terrorist who planned to kill chief rabbi
France has registered an official protest against Israel’s planned deportation of French-Palestinian terrorist Salah Hamouri, who planned to assassinate former chief rabbi Ovadia Yosef, along with other attacks. Paris asked Israel on Sunday to postpone the expulsion and allow Hamouri, who is a French citizen, to be reunited with his family in Jerusalem.

Delegation from Chad to meet with Netanyahu, Ashkenazi
A senior delegation from Chad arrived in Israel on Tuesday to promote ties between the countries. The delegation is led by Deputy Director of Chad’s civil cabinet Abdelkerim Idriss Déby, who is also the son of Chad’s President Idriss Déby. He is set to meet with his Israeli counterpart, National Security Adviser Meir Ben-Shabbat.

As California burns, the winds arrive and the lights go out
New wildfires ravaged bone-dry California during a scorching Labor Day weekend that saw a dramatic airlift of more than 200 people trapped by flames and ended with the state’s largest utility turning off power to 172,000 customers to try to prevent its power lines and other equipment from sparking more fires.

Brexit: UK chief negotiator calls for ‘realism’ from EU
The UK’s chief Brexit negotiator has called for “realism” from the EU ahead of the next round of trade talks beginning in London. Lord Frost said there was “still time” for the two sides to agree a post-Brexit trade deal for next year. But he said the EU needed to recognise the UK’s negotiating position came from that of a “sovereign state”.

Eyeing China, Taiwan urges alliance against ‘aggressive actions’
Taiwan President Tsai Ing-wen called on Tuesday for an alliance of democracies to defend against “aggressive actions” and protect freedom, alluding to Chinese actions in the South China Sea and Taiwan Strait as major threats to regional stability. China…has ramped up its military activities around the island, as well as in the disputed East and South China Seas.

What is behind the hype about the new Iran-China partnership?
The mainstream US media and think-tanks based along the Washington, DC, beltway have been gripped by two recent…developments in the Middle East, both interpreted as escalations in the geopolitical conflict between the US and Iran: the news of a prospective strategic partnership agreement between Iran and China, and the normalisation of relations between the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Israel.

Syria seeks more Russian investment as US sanctions lash economy
President Bashar al-Assad on Monday said he wants to expand business ties with Russia to help Damascus cope with new United States sanctions on Syria’s already crippled economy that threaten to undermine military gains achieved with Moscow’s help. Al-Assad…said he wanted Russian investment in key areas of the economy.

EU warns Serbia, Kosovo over Israel embassy move
The European Union warned Serbia and Kosovo on Monday that they could undermine their EU membership hopes by moving their Israeli embassies to Jerusalem, as U.S. President Donald Trump’s surprise announcement about the change left officials in Belgrade and Pristina scrambling to limit the political fallout.

Schiff accuses Barr of lying about China election threat
House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff (D-Calif.) on Sunday accused Attorney General William Barr of lying when he said China posed the greatest threat to U.S. elections this year.

World Bank Document Lists COVID-19 Program Ending in March 2025
The World Bank’s COVID-19 Strategic Preparedness and Response Program documents, marked “For Official Use Only,” identify the Bank’s COVID-19 program as ending in March 2025, more than four years away from our current date (read page 1 of 60). The program’s start date was April 2020.

Judicial Watch Lawsuit Forces Declassification and Release of ‘Electronic Communication’ Used to Launch Obama Administration’s Spy Operation on President Trump’s 2016 Campaign
Judicial Watch announced today that it received the “electronic communication” (EC) that officially launched the counterintelligence investigation, termed “Crossfire Hurricane,” of President Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign.

D.C. committee recommends stripping the names of Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, Francis Scott Key and others from city government buildings
A committee reporting to D.C. Mayor Muriel E. Bowser has recommended renaming dozens of public schools, parks and government buildings in the nation’s capital — including those named for seven U.S. presidents — after studying the historical namesakes’ connections to slavery and oppression.

University Says False Positives Inflated COVID Numbers 600% Among Group of Athletes
A rash of false-positive coronavirus tests has led the University of Arizona to issue an apology to student-athletes who it claimed had the virus but did not.

Priest tapped to be bishop by Pope Francis resigns after sexual abuse probe
A Minnesota priest Pope Francis had recently tapped as bishop for the Duluth, Minn., diocese has resigned over allegations of sexual abuse of a minor.

Kentucky church has ‘Unborn Lives Matter’ sign defaced by BLM vandals
A Kentucky church pastor says their sign was vandalized with Black Lives Matter graffiti.

United Nations Forced To Admit That Bill Gates Funded Vaccine Is Actually Causing Polio Outbreaks In Places Like Africa Where It Had Been Eradicated
Let’s get something straight right from the start, the article is not an ‘anti-vaxxer’ article, rather it merely quotes from sources like the United Nations and the Associated Press, showing you that yes, the UN has admitted that a vaccine funded by Bill Gates actually reintroduced polio into Africa. Right at this moment, there are scores of Africans either dead or permanently crippled after taking the live polio vaccine Bill Gates had created and distributed. Kinda makes you excited to see what his COVID vaccine will do, doesn’t it?

NTEB PROPHECY NEWS PODCAST: The Long-Planned Marxist Overthrow Of America Is Succeeding Under ANTIFA And Black Lives Matter Movement
The demonic ideology of Communism came into vogue roughly around the same time that they started “updating” the King James Bible with the “new and improved” versions. In 1917, the Bolshevik Revolution merged Socialism and Communism, and the deadly new hybrid had a common enemy – the God of the bible. My own father served in WWII to help defeat the fascism of Hitler and Mussolini, but after the Great War ended, as America relaxed and prospered, Marxism came flooding back and by the end of the 1960’s, the godless “flower power” hippy generation was only to eager to do the bidding of their Communist masters.

New York City Residents Flee In Mass Exodus – So De Blasio Doubles Down With Call For ‘Redistribution Of Wealth’
After voting for left-wing Democrats like Bill de Blasio, rich liberal New Yorkers are fleeing in droves. Even Governor Cuomo has admitted it’s a problem, and they won’t fix it by scaring people away.

Why Won’t Deep State Release Which Outside Contractors Received Personal Data from Obama’s FBI and Why Were These Names Redacted in the First Place?
A stunning report released from the FISA Court received no publicity until nearly a year after it was released to the public.

Typhoon “Haishen” hits Japan with record gusts, makes landfall in Ulsan, South Korea
Typhoon “Haishen” lashed Japan on September 5 and 6, 2020, before making landfall in Ulsan, South Korea at around 00:00 UTC on Monday, September 7 as a Category 2 hurricane equivalent. At least 3 people have been killed, 1 in Japan and 2 in South Korea. However, 4 people are still missing in Japan.