5 Sep 2020

Kosovo, Serbia to open embassies in Jerusalem
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on Friday that Kosovo has agreed to open its embassy to Israel in Jerusalem, making it the first country with a Muslim majority to do so. The Kosovo embassy announcement came shortly after Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said the two countries had agreed to establish diplomatic ties following a similar announcement by US President Donald Trump in Washington.

IAEA: Iran’s uranium stockpile is 10 times over limit set by nuke deal
Iran’s stockpile of low enriched uranium is more than ten times over the limit set by the Iran deal, according to a quarterly report by the International Atomic Energy Agency released Friday. Those documents showed that Iran had violated the terms of the 2015 Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, known as the Iran nuclear deal…

Creepy ‘Geofence’ Finds Anyone Who Went Near a Crime Scene
In 2018…Jorge Molina was arrested and jailed for six days on suspicion of killing another man. Police in Avondale, Arizona…told him they knew “one hundred percent, without a doubt” his phone was at the scene of the crime, based on data from Google. In fact, Molina wasn’t there. He’d simply lent an old phone to the man police later arrested. The phone was still signed into his Google account.

Why there are fears that Ethiopia could break up
The feud between Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed and the ruling party in the strategically important Tigray region is escalating, raising fears of military confrontation and the break-up of Africa’s second most-populous nation. The tensions revolve around the regional government’s decision to press ahead with organising its own election for the Tigray parliament on Wednesday…

India and China agree to ease tension on border
India and China said on Saturday they had agreed to work towards reducing tensions along their contested border, following a meeting of the defense ministers of the nuclear-armed Asian giants. Both sides deployed additional forces along the frontier running through the western Himalayas after a clash in June, during which 20 Indian soldiers were killed in hand-to-hand fighting.

Sudan declares 3-month state of emergency over deadly floods
Sudan’s Security and Defence Council has declared a national state of emergency for three months because of floods that have killed 99 people this year. The council also designated Sudan a natural disaster zone…in addition to the deaths, floods this year have injured 46 people, inflicted damage on more than half a million people and caused the total and partial collapse of more than 100,000 homes…

World Bank cancels loan for Lebanon’s Bisri dam, effective immediately
The World Bank…said it had canceled $244 million in undisbursed funds for the Bisri Dam project in Lebanon after repeatedly raising concerns about the project since January…the World Bank said it had notified the Lebanese government about its decision, which takes effect immediately. It said it has also repeatedly underscored the need for “an open, transparent and inclusive consultative process.”

Nearly 200 000 people affected by major flooding after record rains hit Chad
Some 190 000 people across Chad have been affected by severe flooding triggered by record downpours since early August. According to the International Organization for Migration (IOM), nearly 120 000 of these victims have been displaced– much of the affected were in the capital city of N’Djamena, where 10 people have died across seven departments due to flash flood-related incidents.

Sea of Galilee reaches highest level in 27 years, while heat wave breaks records – Israel News 
Lake Kinneret’s water level in September measured the highest for the month in 27 years, reaching 209.535 meters below sea level.

556K Louisianans Without Clean Water, 200K Have No Power After Laura
t’s been one week since Hurricane Laura thrashed the southwest coast of Louisiana as a powerful Category 4 storm, and residents of the Bayou State continue struggling with Laura’s after effects. Among them are major health concerns with continued loss of power and half a million people without clean water.

Dozens killed in Nepal’s biggest natural disaster of the year
At least 14 people have been killed and 41 others are missing after severe flash floods and a massive landslide hit northwest Nepal’s Baglung district this week. Rescuers noted that the death toll may increase as they search through remains of dozens of houses swept away by waters or buried in the mud.

Haishen becomes season’s first Super Typhoon, landfall expected in South Korea
Typhoon “Haishen” underwent a rapid intensification phase on September 3, 2020, and became the first super typhoon of the 2020 Pacific typhoon season. The system is forecast to pass over the Ryukyu Islands, west of Kyushu, make landfall near Busan, South Korea early September 7 (UTC), and enter North Korea on the same day.

The Hierarchal List of the Co-Conspirators Who Are Paving the Way for the Anti-Christ and the Complete Destruction of America | The Common Sense Show
In the last three parts of this series, CHICOM invovlement in the downfall of this country has been exposed  through a series of reports. Before going any further with this devastating globalist plot against America and all of humanity, it is important that we are going to look at the co-conspirators, and their goals,as a means to better understand the nature of humanity’s enemies.

Russia, China, Turkey And Israel Are All Jockeying For Power In Middle East As Mediterranean Ocean Becomes End Times Geopolitical Hotspot
In your King James Bible, we see the term ‘great sea’ mentioned 13 times, and it is referring to, of course, the massive Mediterranean ocean. Scripture also tell us that the full size of the land God gave to Abraham borders on the Mediterranean, and Daniel further tells us that this is where the 4 beasts who are political end times kings originate from. This is referring to nations that will rise to power in the time of Jacob’s trouble. So is it any wonder that right now we are seeing many key players from end times prophecy all trying to take control of the region?

The Normalization Of Pedophilia By Liberals Is Happening Right Now With One California University Already Teaching That To Their Students
Very quietly over the past few years the Social Justice Left has been working and lobbying to change the classification of pedophilia from a deviant mental sickness to a sexual orientation. Here at NTEB we have been warning you about this for some time.

19 aliens charged with voter fraud in North Carolina following ICE investigation
Nineteen foreign nationals face federal charges in U.S. District Court for the Middle District of North Carolina for illegally voting in the 2016 federal elections, according to federal charges publicly announced on Wednesday. These charges are the latest indictments to result from an ongoing years-long federal criminal investigation being conducted by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s (ICE) Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) Raleigh office.

Black Lives Matter Terrorists In Washington DC Now Calling For Police Executions To Begin Saying That ‘Cops Need To Be Killed’ For Justice
As BLM terrorists grow bolder and bolder, their calls for killing of cops to begin gets louder and louder. Truly these people have the spirit of lawless Antichrist, as they seek to do the will of their father, the Devil. Black Lives Matter as an organization is a terrific stain upon this nation, amounting to nothing more than a black version of the KKK, certainly their tactics are remarkably similar.

Antifa Aren’t Revolutionaries—They Serve The Powers That Be
Antifa rules the streets of Portland and sows chaos in many other American cities. Millions of Americans don’t like Antifa, but many struggle to figure out who these black-masked radicals really are.