31 Aug 2020

CDC Now Says 94% of COVID Deaths Had an Underlying Condition
A new report from the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention shows that in 94 percent of the cases of those who died from COVID-19, another disease was also at work on the victim. “For 6% of the deaths, COVID-19 was the only cause mentioned,” the CDC stated in its report, under the heading “Comoborbities.” Overall, of the 161, 392 deaths covered by the report, 42 percent (68,004) of those who died also had the flu or pneumonia while 34 percent (54,803) had an underlying condition of respiratory failure.

Worst famine yet stalks millions as pandemic disrupts supply chains
The pandemic is upending food supply chains, crippling economies and eroding consumer purchasing power. Some projections show that by year’s end, Covid-19 will cause more people to die each day from hunger than from virus infections. What makes the situation unmatched: The huge spike is happening amid enormous global food surpluses. And it’s happening in every part of the world, with new levels of food insecurity forecast for countries that used to have relative stability.

Giantess Geyser, One of Yellowstone’s Largest, Roars Back to Life After 6 1/2 Year Silence
The fact that it came back to life on Tuesday and is still going is a big deal. It’s been 6 1/2 years since the geyser, one of the largest in Yellowstone, last erupted. And when it erupts, everyone knows. The eruption, according to yellowstonegate.com, can be heard a mile away and the eruption can last more than a day.

Heaven Or Hell: Can You Grasp The Concept Of FOREVER?
Truly grasping the concept of forever is not quite as simple as establishing its biblical truth because it involves the question of time. Perhaps the simplest way of making sense of this subject (from a Christian point of view) is to postulate there are probably two or three different types of time. The first is what we experience in this life: solar or earth time. The second is what those who have died experience: a kind of spiritualized time. The third is the unique way God himself lives out His own divinity. We can’t even label this last category as “time” because it’s impossible for us to conceptualize the nature of God’s life. We can, however, get some idea of the spiritualized time of the dead. In both heaven and hell, human beings will know things, think things, decide things and do things.

Peter the human cyborg’s mind-blowing journey to ‘cheat death’ as part man, part machine
In 2017, 59-year-old scientist Dr Peter Scott-Morgan was given the devastated news he had the muscle-wasting motor neurone disease – similar to that of Stephen Hawking. He is now fully committed to becoming part human, part machine as the world’s first full cyborg.

Engineer creates ‘AI Jesus’ that creates its own scripture verses
An engineer has just created a so-called “ AI Jesus ” that was programmed to learn about three topics, The Plague, Ceasar, and The End of Days. The AI has also learned the Bible and has produced its own bizarre verses. What could possibly go wrong here?

Here’s What We’re Watching in the Tropics Going into September
Three disturbances are being watched from Africa to the U.S. East Coast. A tropical wave could slowly develop in the Caribbean. A spin along a cold front could become tropical early to mid-week.

New Video From Before Kenosha Shooting Reveals One Detail That Could Save Teen Shooter
“Rittenhouse turns toward the sound of the gunfire as another pursuer lunges toward him,” Triebert continued. “He then fires four times with his assault rifle, and appears to shoot the man in the head.” If Rittenhouse fired in self-defense, it could nullify the intentional part of the homicide charge, meaning he committed a lesser crime, if any at all.

Israel-UAE flight – Kushner to Arab world: ‘We are all children of God’
Arabs and Muslims across the world should watch the airplane flying from Israel to the United Arab Emirates on Monday as a sign of what is possible through peace, Jared Kushner, senior adviser to President Donald Trump, said just before boarding the historic flight. It was the first-ever direct flight from Israel to the United Arab Emirates by an Israeli commercial airline on Monday morning.

Netanyahu: Palestinians no longer have a veto on peace
The Arab world is not waiting for the Palestinians to make peace with Israel before they do, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said…in remarks to the press with White House Special Adviser Jared Kushner and US National Security Adviser Robert O’Brien. “For far too long, the Palestinians have had a veto on peace, not only between the Palestinians and Israel, but Israel and the Arab states,” Netanyahu said.

Saudi Arabia downs Iranian-backed threat on eve of Israel-UAE flight
The United Arab Emirates has condemned an Iranian-backed Houthi attack on Saudi Arabia’s Abha Airport overnight. The attack was intercepted by aircraft from Saudi Arabia. Riyadh and Abu Dhabi are allies against the Yemen-based Houthis, who have fired missiles and drones at the Saudi Kingdom.

Turkey pushes new precision-guided weapons and rockets
Ankara is rapidly expanding its capabilities in rocket engines with the goal of increasing its domestic weapons industry. In the last years Turkey has increased its capabilities in the defense sector by investing heavily in new drones and missiles. It wants to achieve a kind of total independence from western manufacturers.

India accuses China of ‘border violation’
India has accused China of violating the border consensus reached between them during recent peace talks. It said Chinese troops carried out “provocative military movements” to change the status quo in Ladakh. At least 20 Indian soldiers died in clashes with Chinese troops in the region in June. China has not said if its soldiers also died.

State police returning to Portland following deadly shooting
Oregon State Police will return to Portland to help local authorities after the fatal shooting of a man following clashes between President Donald Trump supporters and counter-protesters that led to an argument between the president and the city’s mayor over who was to blame for the violence. Protesters were back on the streets for a demonstration Sunday night outside a public safety building.

Hurricane “Laura” aftermath: at least 54 people dead, widespread destruction across the Caribbean and US Gulf Coast
Hurricane “Laura” entered history books as a deadly, very powerful, and damaging hurricane that tied the Last Island Hurricane of 1856 as the strongest hurricane ever recorded to make landfall in Louisiana, U.S. Laura is the 12th named storm, 4th hurricane, and 1st major hurricane of the 2020 Atlantic hurricane season. At least 53 people were killed, as of August 30, 2020 — 31 in Haiti, 4 in the Dominican Republic and 18 in the United States (10 in Louisiana, 7 in Texas and 1 in Florida).

NYT: Portland Homicide Victim Had ‘Patriot Prayer’ Hat
The New York Times reported Saturday night that the victim of a deadly shooting in downtown Portland, Oregon, earlier that evening was wearing a hat associated with “Patriot Prayer,” a right-wing group.

New CDC report shows 94% of COVID-19 deaths in US had contributing conditions
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention released new data last week that depicts how many Americans who have died from COVID-19 also had contributing conditions.

Tomato gardeners: The latest victim in the government’s war on drugs
“They came again this morning at about 8:00 o’clock. A large cargo-type helicopter flew low over the cabin, shaking it on its very foundations. It shook all of us inside, too. I feel frightened … I see how helpless and tormented I am becoming with disgust and disillusionment with the government which has turned this beautiful country into a police state … I feel like I am in the middle of a war zone.”

Oops: It Looks Like the Vast Majority of Positive COVID Results Should Have Been Negative
Testing, testing, testing — that’s how Pelosi and the Democrats say we’ll defeat the coronavirus. Meanwhile, President Trump and his administration are conducting “operation warp speed” at breakneck pace to develop therapeutics, diagnostics, and a vaccine for the Wuhan flu. Unlike testing, treatments will actually do something for you when you come down sick with the disease. But now we’re learning the overwhelming majority of those who have tested positive for the coronavirus should really have been found negative after all.

Hawaii rolling out mandatory COVID-19 testing checkpoints on major Oahu highway… with mandatory vaccines and quarantine camps soon to follow
The State of Hawaii is turning the H-3 freeway on Oahu into a mandatory COVID-19 road block checkpoint, blocking traffic in both directions and subjecting travelers to mandatory testing, reports Hawaii News Now. It means that Hawaii is being rapidly transformed into a medical police state which will soon morph into mandatory quarantine camps like we’ve already seen rolled out in Australia and New Zealand.

Did Biden Use Brain Super-Pill During Convention Speech?
Donald Trump asked Joe Biden be tested for illicit substances before their first debate. Yet many already wonder if he took ‘pep pills’ before his recent speech. While Joe wasn’t sharp, he didn’t make his typical inane mistakes, confusing dates, people, or subjects. Instead, he was steady but out of sync, like an old Ma Bell ringer, dated 40 years, barely functional.

Liberal professor wants “morality pills” to be laced into water supplies to make people wear masks, socially distance
In order to force compliance among those who are resisting wearing a mask and socially distancing, Prof. Parker Crutchfield, a “bioethicist” from Western Michigan University, is calling for water supplies all across the nation to be laced with “morality pills.”

Everything the Left Touches It Ruins. Now Add Science.
More than two years ago, I wrote a column titled “Whatever the Left Touches It Ruins.” I listed eight examples: The universities, The arts: music, art and architecture, Sports: Mainstream Judaism, Protestantism and Catholicism, Race relations, Women’s happiness. Children’s innocence. And, perhaps most disturbingly, America’s commitment to free speech. One should now add the sciences.

The Attempt To Overthrow America
“Today our nation is facing the most serious threat to establish such a tyranny in our entire history…”