29 Aug 2020

Where are all the happy socialists?
But as the general anarchy continues, people are looking at these representatives of the socialist dream and thinking, “Is this what we really want?” Because, you see, socialists aren’t happy. They can never be happy. “It’s hard to know precisely what went wrong for these people,” continues Carlson. “Some of them are mad at their fathers; for others, life didn’t turn out in the way they’d hoped. Dashed dreams, the usual story. It can make people bitter. Many others are simply victims of their own affluence. Being rich for too long tends to destroy people from within, particularly when they didn’t earn it. The left, you see, thrives on discord and disunity. …

China’s Wuhan says all schools to reopen on Tuesday
Wuhan, Ground Zero for the COVID-19 pandemic and the Chinese city hardest hit by the coronavirus, will reopen all its schools and kindergartens on Tuesday, local authorities said. As many as 2,842 educational institutions across the city are set to open their doors to almost 1.4 million students when the autumn semester gets underway, the local government announced on Friday. Wuhan University reopened on Monday.

Turkey to hold military exercise off Cyprus amid Mediterranean tensions
Turkey said it will hold a military exercise off northwest Cyprus for the next two weeks, amid growing tension with Greece over disputed claims to exploration rights in the east Mediterranean.

ISIS spreading in Africa, seizes a city in Mozambique
Three years after ISIS appeared to be on its last legs in Iraq and Syria it has seized a city in Mozambique. The city is called Mocimboa da Praia and now there are fears it may have a foothold that is growing in the country.

CNN Has Turned Itself Into America’s “Baghdad Bob”
It’s apparent that, with this latest denial of objective reality, CNN has finally completed its transformation into Muhammad Saeed al-Sahhaf, whom many Americans remember almost fondly as Baghdad Bob, the Hussein regime propagandist who insisted that Saddam was winning even as U.S. troops entered Baghdad.

Franklin Graham Tells CBN News He Thinks Democrats Are ‘Opposed to Faith’
Evangelist Franklin Graham says he saw a sharp distinction between the Republican National Convention and last week’s Democratic National Convention, saying he thinks the Democrat Party is “opposed to faith.” In an exclusive interview with CBN News on Friday, he explained to David Brody why he’s asking God to spare the country under President Trump’s leadership before what he calls a vicious ‘storm.’

US Executes Fifth Federal Prisoner Convicted of Killing 10-Year-Old Girl
Keith Nelson, a convicted murderer who killed a girl in 1999, was executed on Friday afternoon, becoming the fifth federal inmate to be executed in 2020. According to The Associated Press, a prison official asked Nelson if he had any last words, there was only silence. Nelson didn’t make a sound or respond in any way. After about 15 seconds, the official began the execution procedure after Nelson didn’t respond.

3 dead, hundreds of thousands affected as destructive storms hit Victoria, Australia
Destructive storms packing winds of up to 158 km/h (98 mph) wreaked havoc in Victoria, Australia, on Thursday, August 27, 2020, leaving at least three people dead. Power was disrupted to 95 000 households, while 250 000 homes were affected by possible water contamination.

Egypt arrests acting head of Muslim Brotherhood
Mahmoud Ezzat, the acting head of the Muslim Brotherhood, was arrested in Cairo, Egyptian authorities said Friday, as cited by Reuters. The arrest was made as the police raided a safe house in the Fifth Settlement — a well-off area in the Egyptian capital, the agency reports.

Iranian man jailed for 9 years for beheading daughter, 14, in ‘honor killing’
An Iranian has been sentenced to nine years in jail for beheading his teenaged daughter in her sleep, local media reported Friday, adding that the mother wants him executed. Media said Romina was decapitated at the family’s home in Talesh in the northern province of Gilan.

UAE cancels Israel boycott, allows economic agreements – state news agency
The president of the United Arab Emirates scrapped an economic boycott against Israel, allowing trade and financial agreements between the countries in another key step towards normal ties… Israel and the UAE said on Aug. 13 they would normalize diplomatic relations in a deal brokered by US President Donald Trump that reshapes the order of Middle East politics from the Palestinian issue to the fight against Iran.

ISIS spreading in Africa, seizes a city in Mozambique
Three years after ISIS appeared to be on its last legs in Iraq and Syria it has seized a city in Mozambique…and now there are fears it may have a foothold that is growing in the country. This slow process of ISIS radicalization has taken place for a year or more. However it was largely dismissed…Now the group has infiltrated and some are concerned that it may be on the cusp of a larger offensive.

Russian navy conducts major maneuvers near Alaska
The Russian navy conducted major war games near Alaska involving dozens of ships and aircraft, the military said Friday, the biggest such drills in the area since Soviet times. Russia’s navy chief, Adm. Nikolai Yevmenov, said that more than 50 warships and about 40 aircraft were taking part in the exercise in the Bering Sea, which involved multiple practice missile launches.

US jets intercept Russian military aircraft off the Alaskan coast
US F-22 fighter jets intercepted Russian military aircraft in international airspace off the coast of Alaska late Thursday… The intercept took place amid heightened tensions between the US and Russian militaries, tensions that were thrust onto center stage this week when a collision between American and Russian military vehicles in Syria injured seven US service members…

Hurricane Laura death toll climbs to 14 in the US
Fourteen people are now confirmed dead in the United States after Hurricane Laura battered southern states. Ten of the victims were in Louisiana and four in Texas. Winds of up to 150mph (240km/h) caused severe damage, with power cuts to more than half a million homes and a chemical fire from an industrial plant.

Neuralink: Elon Musk unveils pig with chip in its brain
Elon Musk has unveiled a pig called Gertrude with a coin-sized computer chip in her brain to demonstrate his ambitious plans to create a working brain-to-machine interface. “It’s kind of like a Fitbit in your skull with tiny wires,” the billionaire entrepreneur said on a webcast. His start-up Neuralink applied to launch human trials last year.

Israel strikes Hamas in Gaza over rockets, fire balloons
Israeli tanks and warplanes struck Hamas positions in Gaza on Friday and Hamas forces fired half-a-dozen rockets toward southern Israel, as a three-week-old flare-up showed no let-up despite international mediation efforts, the military said. There were no reports of casualties on either side.

Israel lists first commercial passenger flight to UAE
Israel has listed an El Al flight taking off Monday for Abu Dhabi, which would be Israel’s first commercial passenger flight to the United Arab Emirates after the two countries agreed to a U.S.-brokered deal to normalize relations. The confirmation of the flight comes as the latest concrete sign of a deal that saw Israel agree to halt plans to annex land sought by the Palestinians.

Riots in Sweden after Quran burning by far-right activists
Far-right activists burned a Quran in the southern Swedish city of Malmo, sparking riots and unrest after more than 300 people gathered to protest, police said Saturday. Rioters set fires and threw objects at police and rescue services Friday night, slightly injuring several police officers and leading to the detention of about 15 people.

3 dead, hundreds of thousands affected as destructive storms hit Victoria, Australia
Destructive storms packing winds of up to 158 km/h (98 mph) wreaked havoc in Victoria, Australia, on Thursday, August 27, 2020, leaving at least three people dead. Power was disrupted to 95 000 households, while 250 000 homes were affected by possible water contamination. Almost 3 000 calls were made to the State Emergency Service (SES) for assistance as numerous trees were torn down and several properties were damaged.

Record-breaking rainfall submerges Karachi, leaving more than 20 people dead, Pakistan
At least 23 people were killed in weather-related incidents in Karachi, Pakistan, on August 27, 2020, as intense monsoon rains continued to batter parts of the country. Up to 223.5 mm (8.7 inches) of rain fell in just 12 hours on Thursday alone, marking the city’s highest single-day downpour in 52 years.

Engineer Creates ‘AI Jesus’ By Feeding The Entire King James Bible Into A Natural-Language Processing System Creating Terrifying Prophetical Results
The end times tide is rising very fast these days, as the spirit of Antichrist begins to cover the whole earth. The promised false signs, miracles and wonders of the Deceiver are starting to push against their bonds, and soon they shall break free. Deception is everywhere, and speaking of deception, allow me to introduce you to AI Jesus, the creation of engineer George Durendal. When you fully wrap your head around what you are seeing, it will terrify you. Antichrist is coming, and we who are saved are getting ready to fly.

Rioters Behead Trump Effigy, Macron Calls For New World Order As We Race Towards Impending Prophetical Climax
Earlier today, French president Emmanuel Macron tweeted that “In all crises, an old world disappears, a new one appears. This crisis can be an opportunity. Our goal with the recovery plan: that France, Europe, play their full part in the invention of the world after.” Last night, members of ANTIFA, Black Lives Matter and other various Democratic groups took an effigy of President Trump and placed it in a guillotine for beheading. VP candidate Kamala Harris says these riots won’t stop even after election day. Does all this seem like ‘business as usual’ to you? If it does, you’re either unsaved or so backslidden you can’t see prophecy being fulfilled before your very eyes.

Media Silent As Democratic Protesters At Republican National Convention Put Trump Effigy Under Guillotine Amid Calls For His Assassination
They are going to kill President Trump, all the signs are there, and last night at the RNC during Trump’s Republican National Convention speech they placed an effigy of the president in a guillotine and beheaded him. No, you will not see this story on any of the corrupt Liberal media outlets as they stand with the rioters who call for the president’s execution. Such is the climate in America in 2020. In the book of Revelation, Antichrist will execute all those who oppose him with exactly the same thing the rioters called for last night, beheading, and indeed we are watching the spirit of Antichrist rising rapidly across America.

Social Justice Warriors Dying For Neo Liberal Cult
Persons are dying across USA in pursuit of social justice goals, needlessly losing lives for poor decision-making, driven by false values. These folks put themselves in harms way following a new religion which encourages reckless self-endangerment to publicly highlight their woke state.

SILENCE IS CONSENT: Not One Democrat Condemns Vicious Attacks on RNC Attendees Including Assaults on Lawmakers, a Sitting Senator and a Wounded Warrior
President Trump spoke out against violence, looting and anarchy by the violent left during his RNC speech tonight.

Exposing The Waste In The Democrats’ “HEROES Act”
Taxpayers of America, you may soon be funding a $500 billion bailout of the 50 states, all U.S. territories, and the District of Columbia. But where is this vast sum of money going?

CHAOS comes to Washington: Lunatic, angry Leftists mob Sen. Rand Paul and other GOP members on the streets of D.C.
…The photos and videos below show the level of pure insanity and mind-wrenching lunacy to which left-wing mobs have now plummeted. As we’ve stated before, these sub-human creatures have now descended into goblin-like levels of animalistic hatred, and they can no longer be reasoned with or taught to respect any rules of civility.

DOJ: June attack on NYPD cops was Islamic terror – illegal alien used protests as cover
The man who attacked several New York City Police Department officers earlier this year is an illegal immigrant and Islamic extremist who used the chaos of recent protests as cover for his actions, the Department of Justice said Wednesday.

U.S. Marshals Recover Nearly 40 Missing Children In Special “Operation Not Forgotten”
The U.S. Marshals Service Missing Child Unit, in conjunction with the agency’s Southeast Regional Fugitive Task Force, the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC) and Georgia state and local agencies, led a two-week operation in August in Atlanta and Macon, Georgia, to rescue endangered missing children.

Torah Codes Reveal: Soros Uses Palestinians To Serve as Angel of Darkness Against Israel
A new Torah codes video reveals the dark Biblical roots of George Soros, the billionaire funding the left-wing and the evil anti-Israel movement.