24 Aug 2020

Sanhedrin Petitions to Govt to Blow Shofar on Temple Mount for First Time Since Temple Destruction
A petition is currently being considered by Prime Minister which, if accepted, will permit a Jew to blow the shofar on Rosh Hashanna on the Temple Mount. Since the first day of Rosh Hashanna is on the Sabbath, it will be the only place in the entire Jewish world that a shofar will be blown and it will mark the first time since the destruction of the Temple that a Jew will be permitted to perform this powerful act at the holiest site in the world.

Prominent Rabbi Breaks Silence: ‘Messiah Coming this Year!’
Rabbi Shalom Arush, an Israeli Breslov rabbi and founder of the Chut Shel Chessed Institutions, made an entirely uncharacteristic announcement: On September 18, Jews will be celebrating the last New Year without the Messiah. “I am going to tell you with certainty that Hashem (God, literally ‘the name) will help us meet together after Rosh Hashanna,” Rabbi Arush said in an interview last week. “And remember well what I am telling you, that this Rosh Hashana will be the last one without Moshiach (Messiah). And it could very well be that on this Rosh Hashanna the Messiah will be revealed.” The rabbi emphasized that he has never made such a statement before.

ISS is leaking air AGAIN – two years after mysterious ‘drilled hole’ was discovered on board
THREE crew members aboard the International Space Station have been bundled into the Russian segment of the orbiting space lab following the discovery of an air leak. Nasa’s Chris Cassidy and cosmonauts Ivan Vagner and Anatoly Ivanishin are not said to be in danger but will spend the weekend in the Zvezda service module while searching for the source of the mysterious cabin leak. It follows a now-infamous incident two years ago in which a hole discovered on the International Space Station (ISS) was found to have been drilled from inside the spacecraft.

Tropical Storms Marco and Laura forecast to hit Gulf Coast at hurricane force
Tropical Storms Laura and Marco were both projected to approach the U.S. Gulf Coast at or near hurricane force. The current, uncertain track would take them to Texas or Louisiana. Two hurricanes have never appeared in the Gulf of Mexico at the same time, according to records going back to at least 1900,

Iran official says sabotage caused fire at Natanz nuclear site
“The explosion at Natanz nuclear facility was a result of sabotage operations, security authorities will reveal in due time the reason behind the blast,” said Behrouz Kamalvandi.

Banner on Los Angeles freeway overpass accuses Jews of pushing ‘race war’
The banners were spotted on the 405 Freeway in Los Angeles – Inglewood, and read “The Jews Want a Race War”.

Asteroid Expected to Hit the Earth right before Election
Many people are concerned about the potential aftermath of the 2020 US presidential election but a recent revelation by NASA has given residents of the Earth even more to worry about on the day before the election: an asteroid on a collision course with the planet. The asteroid 2018VP1 is expected to arrive on November 2 and, according to NASA’s Center for Near-Earth Object Studies (CNEOS), has a .41 % chance of hitting the Earth with three potential impacts.

Analysis: Trump to Back Sovereignty over Judea-Samaria before Election
Though peace in the Middle East has been an aspiration of many US presidents, recent developments indicate that President Trump may actually achieve this. “Doing that will bring out a massive response from the Christian voters,” Reinstein said.

Pope Francis backs ‘universal’ COVID vaccination ‘for all’, WHO thrilled
Pope Francis has backed global elites such as Bill Gates when it comes to a Coronavirus vaccination, saying that it should be “universal and for all.” “It would be sad if we gave priority for the COVID-19 vaccine to the richest people,” Pope Francis declared. “It would be sad if this vaccine became the property of this or that nation and was not universal and for all,” he continued.

Iran, Hamas and Islamic Jihad call for ‘uprising’ after UAE-Israel deal
The Middle East needs an uprising similar to the Islamic Revolution in Iran that will unite the “resistance” of the Islamic community against a “culture of defeat” that has affected Arab regimes, Palestinian Islamic Jihad’s representative to Iran recently said… A Hamas representative named Khalid al-Qaddumi was also present, the report said.

Turkey’s government obsessed with stopping normalization with Israel
Turkey’s government appears to be obsessed with stopping more countries from normalizing with Israel. This is apparent because pro-government channels such as Anadolu have been consistently pushing news about countries and political parties in the Middle East rejecting normalization. For instance Turkey has sought to highlight opposition among Muslim Brotherhood affiliates across the region.

Israel could lose twice in the US gambit against Iran in the UNSC
The US set off on a risky diplomatic gambit last Thursday, triggering “snapback sanctions” on Iran, a week after losing a UN Security Council vote to renew the 2007 arms embargo on the Islamic Republic. US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo cited “incontestable” evidence that Tehran has violated the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), as the 2015 nuclear deal between world powers and Iran is known.

Iran nuclear: Fire at Natanz plant ’caused by sabotage’
Iran’s nuclear body has said that a fire last month at a major nuclear facility was caused by sabotage. But the Atomic Energy Organisation of Iran (AEOI) did not say who it believed was behind the incident at the Natanz uranium enrichment site. Some Iranian officials have previously said the fire might have been the result of cyber sabotage.

Firefighters, military planes, troops arrive in California to fight massive blazes
Crews from across the U.S. West, military planes and National Guard troops poured into California on Sunday to join the fight against two dozen major wildfires burning across the state, as officials warned of more dry lightning storms approaching. The worst of the blazes…were burning in and around the San Francisco Bay Area, where more than 200,000 people have been told to flee their homes.

Federal judge issues stay in Trump challenge of mail balloting in Pennsylvania
A federal judge on Sunday ordered a stay in President Donald Trump’s re-election campaign’s lawsuit seeking to ban drop boxes and other changes to Pennsylvania’s mail-balloting procedures. The Nov. 3 election promises to be the nation’s largest test of voting by mail and the two major parties are locked in numerous lawsuits that will shape how millions of Americans vote this autumn.

Pompeo meets Netanyahu in Jerusalem on first leg of Mideast peace push
U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo met with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in Jerusalem on Monday, as the top American diplomat embarked on the first leg of a Mideast tour to press the momentum of the Trump administration’s Arab-Israeli peace push. Pompeo and Netanyahu discussed the…historic agreement between Israel and the United Arab Emirates, brokered by Washington, to establish diplomatic ties.

IDF hits Hamas targets as incediary devices launched in Gaza continue to cause fires
IDF aircraft and tanks attacked Hamas targets in the southern Gaza Strip late Sunday hitting military positions and underground infrastructure in response to the dispatch of incendiary devices…causing 28 fires. The strikes come after a 24-hour lull in Israeli attacks…that had been a nightly occurrence since Palestinians began sending incendiary and explosive devices towards Israeli communities…

Explosion at Arab gas pipeline leads to total blackout in Syria
An explosion on the Arab gas pipeline has caused a total blackout in Syria, the state news agency (SANA) reported on Monday, quoting the nation’s electricity minister. The minister said the explosion occurred between the Ad Dumayr and Adra areas in Syria. Syria’s oil minister said the explosion could be a terrorist act.

Destructive floods hit Turkey’s Giresun Province, leaving 15 people dead or missing
Heavy rainfall caused destructive flooding in NE Turkey’s Giresun Province, Black Sea Region on Saturday, August 22, 2020, leaving huge infrastructural damage, at least 4 people dead and 11 missing. Officials said heavy rains in the district of Dereli started at 15:00 LT on Saturday, with 137 mm (5.4 inches) accumulating before the end of the day.

Another NYC ‘War Zone’ Weekend: Over 30 Shot, Many Of Them Bystanders, In Violence Reminiscent Of 1980s
In June the NYPD disbanded a frontline anti-crime unit made up of plainclothes officers following pressure from Black Lives Matter protests…

Oregon May Soon Decriminalize Low-Level Possession Of All Drugs, Massively Reducing Arrests
Under the proposed measure, low-level possession of illegal substances would be reclassified from a misdemeanor to a violation…

China orders hospitals to abort, kill newborn babies of religious and ethnic minorities 
Hospitals in Xinjiang were ordered by China’s Communist government to abort and kill all babies born in excess of its mandated family planning limits — including newborns born after being carried to full term — or face hefty fines, claims a new report.

Pro-life groups laud Trump ethics board for rejecting fetal tissue research proposals
Pro-life groups praised the Trump administration this week after a federal ethics advisory board recommended against federal funding of fetal tissue research, saying tiny humans should not be aborted for exploitation.

Veterans groups say VA should offer IVF to unmarried, same-sex couples
Army veteran Toni Hackney has always wanted a family, but as a single woman with endometriosis, she knew she would need fertility assistance.

Trump issues Presidential Disaster Declaration for California
President Trump issued a disaster declaration Saturday for the California wildfires that have burned nearly 1 million acres in a week.

Twin Storms Head to Gulf of Mexico as Oil Workers Evacuated
Back-to-back storms will deliver a double hammer blow to the U.S. Gulf Coast this week, where more than half of offshore oil production is already shut and residents from Texas to Florida are warily watching the skies.

Destructive floods hit Turkey’s Giresun Province, leaving 15 people dead or missing
Heavy rainfall caused destructive flooding in NE Turkey’s Giresun Province, Black Sea Region on Saturday, August 22, 2020, leaving huge infrastructural damage, at least 4 people dead and 11 missing.

Typhoon “Bavi” moving toward the Korean Peninsula
Typhoon “Bavi” formed north of the Philippine archipelago on August 21, 2020, as the 8th named storm of the 2020 Pacific typhoon season. The system was located in conditions conducive for rapid strengthening and by 12:00 UTC on August 22, Bavi was a Severe Tropical Storm (JMA).

Hurricane Marco, Tropical storm Laura take aim at New Orleans
The Gulf Coast braced Sunday for a potentially devastating hit from twin hurricanes as two strong storms swirled toward the U.S from the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean. Officials feared a history-making onslaught of life-threatening winds and flooding along the coast, stretching from Texas to Alabama.

EXCLUSIVE: Private company offering “contract air support” using military jet fighters located in Lakeland, FL where live air-to-air missile was just found 
As you may recall, a live radar-guided, air-to-air missile was found last week on the tarmac of the Lakeland, Florida airport. We analyzed the serial number and data details of this missile and found that it was a “Matra R530F” missile, made by French weapons contractors and designed to be used on French-made mirage fighter jets.

Florida, Texas Join California In Topping 600,000 COVID-19 Cases; FDA Approves Plasma Treatments: Live Updates
Cali is the only other state to pass such a grim milestone…

Iran Rolls out 2 New Cruise Missiles in Tribute to Assassinated Leader
Iran has unveiled two new cruise missiles, one named after U.S.-assassinated Iranian Gen. Qassem Soleimani and the other after a deputy who was killed with him.

After Hagia Sophia, Turkey turns another museum into mosque
The Turkish government formally converted a former Byzantine church into a mosque Friday, a move that came a month after it drew praise from the faithful and international opposition for similarly turning Istanbul’s landmark Hagia Sophia into a Muslim house of prayer.