22 Aug 2020

‘Gates of Hell’ crater has burned in remote desert for 50 years
One hundred feet deep and 230 feet wide, it was created when a drilling rig collapsed into a sinkhole leaking methane while prospectors were on the hunt for natural gas. At some point it caught fire, although Kourounis said no one is sure if the blaze was set intentionally or not, and it has remained on fire ever since, for nearly half a century.

At least 5 people killed in Northern California wildfires
Dozens of wildfires raging throughout Northern California have now claimed at least five lives and threaten tens of thousands of homes, authorities said Thursday. In addition, three civilians had died in Napa County since the fires began, said Daniel Berlant, a Cal Fire assistant deputy director. In all, more than 30 civilians and firefighters have been injured.

Hillary Clinton Gave Ghislaine Maxwell’s Nephew “Very Powerful” Position At State Department: Report
Alexander Djerassi, the son of Maxwell’s sister Isabel, went from working on Hillary Clinton’s 2008 Presidential campaign, to a “very powerful and prestigious position” within the state department, … Clinton gave Alex a job in one of the most sensitive areas of Obama’s executive apparatus,” an anonymous source told OK!. “The fact Alex Djerassi, fresh out of college, was put in charge of the State Department’s Bureau of Near Eastern Affairs, covering the Middle East, was an interesting move.”

Army investigating after uniformed soldiers appeared at DNC
The U.S. Army is investigating after two soldiers appeared appeared during the Democratic National Convention’s livestream. The two service members appeared on video behind the official Democratic nominating delegation from American Samoa as the party held a roll call vote to officially nominate former Vice President Joe Biden for president.
Additionally, the Army told the outlet it is “investigating two soldiers from the 9th Mission Support Command who appeared in uniform during the Democratic National Convention.”

The mass exodus from cities: Could it be permanent?
Why would anyone want to live in a city? Especially now? It seems every amenity that attracts people to urban areas has disappeared. Jobs, culture, theater, shopping, the arts, museums, restaurants, coffee shops, even the urban “energy” is gone from so many places. Altucher is merely voicing what’s being called “a mad rush for the exits as New York City goes down the tubes.”

Support for Black Lives Matter repeats a lethal error of history
In the 20th century, thousands of progressively minded people supported Soviet communism. Believing this ideology was the key to a better world, they refused to acknowledge the horrific abuses under Stalin when millions were brainwashed, murdered or starved to death. Today’s progressives are behaving in similar fashion in response to another onslaught on civilized values, perpetrated in the name of an ideology with the same roots as Soviet communism. And just as in the last century, a dismaying number of its cheerleaders are Jews. In both America and Britain, Jewish leaders and community groups overwhelmingly back Black Lives Matter.

US government seeks reinstatement of Boston bomber’s death penalty
The US Justice Department will ask the Supreme Court to overturn an appeals court’s recent decision to quash the death penalty for Boston Marathon bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev. “Our hope is that this will result in reinstatement of the original sentence and avoid a retrial of the death penalty phase,” Massachusetts prosecutor Andrew Lelling said in a statement late Thursday, according to AFP. Tsarnaev, 27, was sentenced to death in 2015 for planting two home-made bombs near the finish line of the race in 2013, killing three people and injuring 264 others.

Two storms head for US Gulf in rare hurricane season event
A pair of tropical cyclones forecast to become hurricanes early next week are headed for the US Gulf Coast and will spin over the Gulf’s warm waters simultaneously, a rare weather event that could cause massive disruption as they make landfall. There have never been two hurricanes in the US Gulf of Mexico at the same time, according to the National Hurricane Center. The closest event was in 1933,

Israel Amb. to UN Erdan: We stand behind US in Iran snapback decision
Israel Ambassador to the United Nations Gilad Erdan expressed Israel’s full support for the United States’ triggering of the snapback mechanism at the UN, which would reinstate international sanctions against the Iranian regime, during a meeting with US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo on Friday. “Israel stands firmly with the United States, and will do all in its power to assist the US government in stopping Iran’s malign activities and aspirations,”

Rabbis in Judea Teaching the Nations About the Feast of the Tabernacles, Fulfilling Zechariah
Two rabbis located in Judea are spreading words of Torah to the nations, preparing the world for the Sukkoth feast described by the Prophet Zechariah in which all the nations will make a pilgrimage to Jerusalem.

Ancient species of grapes used in First Temple have just been Revived in Hebron
The wine used 3,000 years ago in the Temple service was made from a rare species of grape that no longer exists…until now, That’s because one farmer nestled in the vineyards near the ancient city of Hebron is recreating that particular species of grape which could be used for the third Temple.

First functioning mini human hearts grown from stem cells
Scientists have created the first-ever functional miniature human hearts in the lab. Grown from stem cells, these heart “organoids” are made up of all primary heart cell types and have functioning chambers and vasculature. They could help us understand how hearts develop and build better models for treating disease.

Internet speed record shattered at 178 terabits per second
The fastest internet speed in the world has been clocked at an incredible 178 terabits per second (Tb/s) – fast enough to download the entire Netflix library in under a second. Engineers in the UK and Japan have developed new ways to modulate light before it’s beamed down optical fibers, allowing for much wider bandwidths than usual. That new top speed is an insane feat. It’s 17,800 times faster than the current fastest internet connections available to consumers – 10 Gb/s in parts of places like Japan, the US and New Zealand. Even NASA can’t compete, with its 400 Gb/s ESnet.

Rockets intercepted in South, IDF strikes Hamas posts
The IDF struck Hamas targets in Gaza in retaliation for a rocket launched toward Sderot late on Friday night, the IDF Spokesperson’s Unit said. “IDF tanks struck military posts of the terrorist organization Hamas in the southern Gaza Strip,” the IDF said in a statement. “The strike was carried out in retaliation for the rocket launch from the territory of the Gaza Strip towards Israeli territory overnight.”

Incendiary balloons spark 22 fires in southern Israel
Incendiary balloons were launched throughout Friday, sparking 22 fires in Israeli towns surrounding the Gaza Strip, according to a statement by the Israel Fire and Rescue Services. Consisting of volunteers and members from various authorities, teams spread out across various areas in southern Israel in order to contain the fires and prevent them from spreading to nearby towns.

UN nuclear chief Grossi to visit Iran ‘this week’, Iranian envoy says
The UN nuclear watchdog’s chief Rafael Grossi will make his first trip to Tehran…to pressure Iran to grant inspectors access to two suspected former atomic sites… The International Atomic Energy Agency’s 35-nation Board of Governors passed a resolution in June raising pressure on Iran to let inspectors into the sites mentioned in two quarterly IAEA reports…

Corporate America Is Choking on Debt and Imperiling the Recovery
After tapping the bond market at a record-shattering pace in recent months, Corporate America is more indebted today than ever before. And while much of that fresh cash — more than $1.6 trillion in total — helped scores of companies stay afloat during the pandemic lockdown, it now threatens to curb an economic recovery that was already showing signs of sputtering.

Turkey’s Erdogan converts another former church into mosque
Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan on Friday ordered another ancient Orthodox church that became a mosque and then a popular Istanbul museum to be turned back into a place of Muslim worship. The decision to transform the Kariye Museum into a mosque came just a month after a similarly controversial conversion for the UNESCO World Heritage-recognised Hagia Sophia.

Turkey’s Erdogan hails huge natural gas find
A Turkish drilling ship has discovered a big natural gas reserve in the Black Sea. President Recep Tayyip Erdogan told reporters that the drilling ship Fatih, which has been operating in the area since July, had found 320bn cu m (11.3 tr cu ft) of gas. He said it was Turkey’s biggest natural gas find to date.

Tropical Storm “Laura” forecast to move near or over portions of the Greater Antilles through Monday
Tropical Storm “Laura” formed on August 21, 2020, as the 12th named storm of the 2020 Atlantic hurricane season. Laura is following the trend of record-early storm formations this season and is now the 12th earliest Atlantic named storm on record. The previous record was held by Louis — August 29, 1995.

Explosive fire activity in California – at least 5 people killed, more than 690 000 acres scorched and 770 structures destroyed
At least 5 people have been killed and more than 30 injured as destructive wildfires continue burning across California. More than 770 structures were destroyed, nearly 283 279 ha (700 000 acres) of land scorched, more than 60 000 people evacuated and 100 000 more placed under evacuation warnings. Entire California is under a state of emergency since August 18.

Storm Ellen brings record winds and heavy rain to parts of Ireland and UK
Storm Ellen brought winds as strong as a Category 1 hurricane and heavy rains to parts of the UK and Ireland through Wednesday night, August 19, 2020, leaving nearly 200 000 properties without power. Winds up to 180 km/h (112 mph) were reported off the coast of southern Ireland. Flood warnings remain in force for Scotland, England, and Wales as of Friday, August 21. Early figures from Met Eireann said the storm set new weather records in Ireland for the month of August, including the mean wind speed records. Ellen formed over the Atlantic Ocean, driven by the remains of Hurricane “Kyle” and was named on Tuesday evening, August 18.

There’s a reason that Netflix is sexualizing young girls
Thursday was a bad day for Netflix, one of the largest video content providers in the world, as well as being a left-leaning organization that partners with the Obamas and other well known Democrats.  Thursday was the day when thousands of people got upset that Netflix was screening and promoting a new French film about tweens twerking as a form of liberation.

Black Lives Matter Rioters Take Over Portland Neighborhood In Dead Of Night And Begin Terrorizing Sleeping Children With Violent Chants
Forgive me for having to include profane language in this article, but honestly, you need to see it and hear it for yourself if you are ever going to comprehend just how dangerous this battle is that we are in right now. You need to be shocked, you need to get mad, because if you don’t these people will take over and create an America that will look like any other third world nation.

Virginia Plans Mandatory COVID-19 Vaccinations For All Residents
As Friday’s hospitalization numbers across the Sun Belt appear to confirm CDC head Dr. Robert Redfield’s assertion that the American COVID-19 outbreak has peaked and is starting to fade, the State of Virginia is setting a new precedent by seriously discussing forcing Virginians to be vaccinated with whatever rushed-to-marked candidate the FDA approves first.

MEDICAL GENOCIDE: UK government pushing for more blacks and minorities to participate in coronavirus vaccine trials 
Not enough black and brown people are signing up for Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccine trials in the United Kingdom, which has prompted the UK Vaccines Taskforce to issue a plea for more “diversity” in its human guinea pig medical experiments.

DNC Used Deported Woman To Attack Trump. She Was Deported Under Clinton, Flagged Under Obama.
The deported illegal alien that the Democrat National Convention used this week to attack President Donald Trump was previously deported under Democrat President Bill Clinton and was flagged under former Democrat President Barack Obama to be deported after she illegally re-entered the United States.

 2020 Is The Year That The Whole World Was Set On Fire As God Begins To Prepare The Earth And Its People For Judgment
Yesterday I saw this amazing photo that to me absolutely was a metaphor for this entire crazy, awful year the world has been experiencing, and I made it the main image in this article. Read the words on the sign urging people to “wear a mask”, make sure you’re “social distancing”, telling you to “stay safe and come join us” as it is being engulfed by roaring flames. That’s an actual photo from the current California wildfires, and the perfect image for 2020, the year that God began to judge the earth and its people.