18 Aug 2020

Rabbi Inspects Red Heifer in Secret Location in Israel for Use in 3rd Temple
Rabbi Azaria Ariel, traveled to an undisclosed ranch in Israel to lead the Temple Institute’s efforts to raise a red heifer for the performance of the commandment of producing the purifying ashes of the red heifer. He recently inspected the current red heifer candidates and shared their status.

Pompeo Convinces Israel not to Let China Install 5-G Networks
Israel and the United States are reportedly close to signing a memorandum of understanding (MOU) that would have the former not use Chinese equipment in building its 5G network.

Trump: Evangelicals Value Jerusalem more than Jews: ‘Psalms 126’ says Rabbi
“Hashem can use Trump, He can use the Evangelicals, or He can use the Jews to accomplish His purpose.” “I can totally understand Trump’s frustration,” Rabbi Glick said. “He understood that Jerusalem should unite all the Jews. He was shocked that after he announced that Jerusalem was the capital of Israel, the American Jews turned their backs on him. Some even criticized him for moving the embassy. I can understand his frustration.” “This is what we are seeing in the US right now,” Rabbi Kahana said.”The non-Jews are happy that God is acting towards the Jews with love.” But some Jews, especially the ones who stayed behind in exile, run away because they are ashamed of being Jews. ”

China Warns of ‘Imminent’ War Against US: ‘Potential Gog-Magog’ says Rabbi
As US aircraft carriers sail the South China Sea, many Chinese military analysts are warning that a military confrontation is inevitable. Rabbi Pinchas Winston, an end-of-days expert, notes that, as prophecy states, a military confrontation is inevitable and China, though not explicitly named in the Bible as the aggressor, has a clear role to play as the nemesis of Israel. “With two US aircraft carriers loitering in the Indo-Pacific, bombers stationed in Guam, and surveillance planes conducting frequent runs around China, the intention of the US is no longer a show of strength through training, but more of preparing for battle,” Chen wrote.

Iran sentences pastor, wife to prison for security crime of ‘Evangelism’
Iranian courts have sentenced Pastor Victor Bet-Tamraz to 10 years in prison for “conducting Evangelism” and “illegal house church activities,” while his wife Shamiram Isavi was given a five-year sentence for “membership of a group with the purpose of disrupting national security” and “gathering and colluding to commit crimes against national security.” As noted by CSW, these charges seem more similar to normal church activities, rather than issues of national security.

Trump rips Ilhan Omar: She’s a horrible woman who hates our country
Speaking during a rally in Minnesota, Trump asked how Omar defeated a Democratic primary opponent during voting last week, joking that she probably cheated. “I mean I hear the boos. How the hell did she win the primary? How the hell did she win? This woman is crazy. She’s a horrible woman who hates our country,”

‘Palestinians’ Issue Fatwa Against UAE Citizens: Stay off Temple Mount
There have been many different reactions to the announcement of negotiations on a peace agreement between the United Arab Emirates and Israel but perhaps the most strident came from the Mufti of Jerusalem, Sheikh Muhammad Hussein, who issued a fatwa (religious proclamation) declaring that Muslim citizens of the UAE will not be permitted to pray at al-Aqsa Mosque on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem.

Jewish Pop-Star Releases Song Praising Trump: ‘God Hear our Prayers for 4 More Years’
In honor of the visit of U.S President Donald J. Trump to Deal NJ, orthodox singer Yaakov Shwekey created a special song. Taking an old classic, he adapted the lyrics to fit the moment, paying tribute to our glorious country and its great leaders.

Two-for-one eye cell injection boosts vision in severely blinded mice
The breakthrough comes courtesy of a new form of a hydrogel, a biomaterial that the team has been investigating for a number of years with mixed results. Loading up hydrogels with photoreceptor cells and injecting them this way had brought some vision improvements in mouse studies before, but the scientists have now come up with a recipe that allows the RPE cells to go along for the ride.

Black silicon photodetector hits record-breaking 132% efficiency
Researchers at Aalto University have developed a photovoltaic device that has an external quantum efficiency of 132 percent. This impossible-sounding feat was achieved using nanostructured black silicon, and could represent a major breakthrough for solar cells and other photodetectors.

YouTube Will Ban Videos that Could ‘Interfere with the Election’
The newly announced policies come just ahead of the Democratic National Convention which starts on Monday and will be followed by the Republican National Convention later this month. Earlier this week, several tech companies including Google, Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, and Microsoft, announced a coalition that will work with U.S. government agencies to protect election integrity.

Keeping an eye on 2 disturbances in the tropics
As of Monday morning, the National Hurricane Center is monitoring a tropical wave just southeast of what was Tropical Depression Josephine. This area of low pressure located several hundred miles east of the Windward Islands is moving west and has a medium chance of becoming a tropical system within the next five days.

Kuwait’s anti-Israel rhetoric in spotlight after UAE deal
On the surface there’s no reason why Kuwait, the kingdom at the end of the Persian Gulf, would be a leading critic of Israel. Not only does it have no historical connection to Israel, either positive or negative, it is also far away from the Jewish state. However, in the wake of the UAE decision to normalize relations with Israel, Kuwait has appeared to be the coldest toward Israel of all states in the Gulf.

Edelstein: I won’t let us create a Palestinian state on our territory
Health Minister Yuli Edelstein [Likud] personally pledged to work against any initiatives to create a Palestinian state in Area C of the West Bank during a visit the Barkan Industrial Park in Samaria. Such a thing “will not be and will never happen,” he said. “A Palestinian state will not be created on our territory in Judea and Samaria. Neighborly relations, ‘yes.’ Co-existence, ‘yes.’ Working side-by-side, ‘yes.'”

Illegal U.S.-Mexico Border Crossings Are Rising Again, Driven by Single Adults
Illegal crossings are back on the rise at the southern U.S. border after having plummeted at the start of the coronavirus pandemic, driven by a large increase in single adults from Mexico. It is a marked shift from the past five years, during which a surge of asylum-seeking families and children from Central America accounted for most of the people entering the U.S. without legal authorization…

North Koreans are ordered to hand over ‘decadent and bourgeois’ pet dogs for ‘restaurant meat’ as the country is rocked by food shortages
Kim Jong-un has declared that pet dogs are a symbol of capitalist ‘decadence’ and ordered that dogs in Pyongyang be rounded up – and owners are fearful that their beloved pets are being used to solve the nation’s food shortages. Dictator Kim announced in July that owning a pet is now against the law, denouncing having a dog at home as ‘a tainted trend of bourgeois ideology’.

Trump dangles cash for US firms moving from China
US President Donald Trump wants to offer tax credits to entice US firms to move factories out of China. He has also threatened to strip government contracts from firms that continue to outsource work to China. In a speech on Monday, Mr Trump vowed to create 10 million jobs in 10 months saying “we will end our reliance on China.”

IDF strikes Gaza after 20 fires caused by incendiary devices from Strip
Israeli aircraft bombed Hamas underground targets in the Gaza Strip overnight Monday in response to the continued launching of incendiary devices from the Strip towards Israeli communities. Attacks by Israel on Hamas targets have been carried out every night in the past week. There were 20 fires reported along the border with Gaza during the day, caused by the devices attached to balloons.

Kushner: US will not approve Israeli annexations for ‘some time’
The United States will not consent to Israeli annexations in the occupied West Bank for “some time”, preferring to focus on the Israel-UAE normalisation deal and wider regional peace efforts… The United Arab Emirates has said its move to formalise relations with Israel…put paid to an annexation plan that had angered Palestinians, who want the West Bank as part of a future state, and upset some world powers.

Opening Al-Aqsa mosque will limit tensions between Israel, Muslim world: Kushner
Tensions between Israel and the Muslim world will be reduced following the opening of Al-Aqsa mosque to all Muslims, state news agency WAM reported citing…Jared Kushner… “Israelis are very excited that they can get cheaper flights now by flying through Dubai, and I know a lot of Muslims are excited that they can now fly through Dubai to Tel Aviv to go and visit the Al-Aqsa Mosque,” he said.

Trump’s Joe Biden Is ‘Against God’ Is Legitimate
A deafening howl arose from aggrieved Democrats when Donald Trump called Joe Biden’s ideas an “attack against God.” Apoplectic liberals seethed knowing the disadvantage in defending their grim beliefs. Most progressives eschew any divinity. But given how many Americans self-identify Christian, they scrambled to fight back against “godless liberalism.”

Historic August 2020 derecho destroyed over 1 million acres of crops, U.S.
A devastating derecho ripped through several Midwest states on August 10, 2020, leaving a path of destruction, more than 1.5 million customers without power, and more than 404 600 hectares (1 million acres) of destroyed or damaged crops. Northern Illinois University meteorology professor Victor Gensini described the event as one of the worst weather events of 2020 in the United States.

MANDATORY “quarantine camps” were just rolled out in New Zealand, a globalist testing ground for the mass extermination of humanity
After outlawing firearms possession by citizens, New Zealand’s government is now exploiting its power monopoly to roll out mandatory quarantine camps for people who might be infected with COVID-19. And some people will never be allowed to leave those camps, the NZ Prime Minister insists.

CDC reports thousands of coronavirus deaths involve other contributing causes, raising questions about America’s real death toll
According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), three percent of Americans who died from the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) had a range of “adverse events” listed on death certificates that seem far removed from the disease such as “contact with venomous animals and plants” and “air and space transport accidents.”

The Pyramid of Subjugation
..In this article, I am coining a phrase, Progressive Subjugation. I have chosen the term because is it precisely what is happening in the United States as well as the rest of the G-20 nations.  As was pointed out in yesterday’s article on the ever-increasing level of tyranny in New Zealand, the Prime Minister is following the progressive them of turning up the heat with her people.

Red Alert! Frightening Developments In New Zealand with Implications for US 
In Part One of this series, it was documented that New Zealand was one of the locations that is actively eta testing strategies for the takedown of the United States. The examples are so numerous,that one article cannot document all the avenues that are being implemented.

Amnesty calls out countries with ‘most dangerous’ contact tracing apps
Norway, Bahrain, and Kuwait are amongst the “most dangerous” for privacy in their deployment of COVID-19 contact tracing apps, as they track their citizens’ locations on a live or near real-time basis. These apps adopt an “invasive centralised approach” and pose a “great threat to privacy”, according to an Amnesty International study.

Former CIA Officer Alexander Yuk Ching Ma Arrested and Charged with Spying For China
The Justice Department announced Monday that a former CIA officer was arrested and charged with espionage.

JOEL 3: Jared Kushner Makes Shock Announcement That Israel Has Agreed To The Creation Of A Palestinian State By ‘Process Of Division’ Of The Land
OK, now we are ‘off to the races’, as the old saying goes. Jared Kushner today said that Israel has finally agreed to give up land to create a Palestinian state, Kushner ever used wording that was very much in line with Joel 3 where God warns against dividing His holy land of Israel.

FRIGHTENING: Vote For Sleepy Joe Biden and Kiss Your Privacy Goodbye – Biden Proposes 100,000 Federal Contact Tracers to Spy on Your Every Move!
In May we reported on our concerns with contact tracing and our loss of freedom as a result of this practice. We reported that contact tracers will track you and tell you what you can and cannot do. You will be a puppet of the state. You must do what they say for the greater good. Freedom will be lost forever.

87 Politicians Exposed For Their “Horrific” Crimes Against Children
Americans, the list below should come as no surprise as to what is taking place in your country today. It explains why we have seen that our said representatives are continuously bearing forth corrupt fruit. For decades, we have known of this corruption and now, it is all coming to the light (Hebrews 4:13).

Doctors Pen Open Letter To Fauci Regarding The Use Of Hydroxychloroquine for Treating COVID-19
Anthony Fauci, MD National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases Washington, D.C. Dear Dr. Fauci: You were placed into the most high-profile role regarding America’s response to the Coronavirus pandemic.

Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed From Trump’s ‘Abraham Accord’ Also Helped Pope Francis To Create Chrislam With Higher Committee of Human Fraternity
Buckle up, bible believers, new information coming into NTEB this weekend has found the smoking gun connecting President Trump’s ‘Abraham Accord’ with One World Religion of Chrislam efforts by Pope Francis and the Declaration On Human Fraternity covenant signed in Abu Dhabi back in February of 2019.

China Was Biggest Dumper Of US Treasuries In June As Foreign Central Banks Resumed Selling
…official entities cut their holdings by $20.6bn as private buyers bought $50.3bn

California Facing Largest Power Outage In Its History
Blackout For Millions
As California struggles to rebound from the coronavirus pandemic, wilting heat and wildfires, it’s facing another dangerous crisis: blackouts. As temperatures broke records across the state, California energy officials announced the first rolling blackouts in the state since 2001 and warned that the state was bracing for what could be the largest power outage it has ever seen.