16 Aug 2020

Five countries that could be next to make peace with Israel
In the wake of the normalization of relations between Israel and the United Arab Emirates, there are rumors that several other states could be next to sign an agreement with Israel. While there are hurdles to normalizing relations with some states in the Middle East, there are others who view the UAE decision as a trial balloon, and will react positively based on how the next weeks and months play out between Jerusalem and Abu Dhabi.

China decries US-Israel deal to exclude country from 5G networks
Chinese media decried a reported memorandum of understanding (MOU) that would commit Israel to not using Chinese equipment in building its 5G networks, calling the move “ungrateful.” Chen Weihua, a journalist for the Chinese state media outlet the China Daily, called the deal “scandalous and ungrateful.”

More Americans Go Hungry Amid Coronavirus Pandemic, Census Shows
The number of Americans who say they can’t afford enough food for themselves or their children is growing, according to Census data, and it is likely to get larger now that some government benefits have expired. As of late last month, about 12.1% of adults lived in households that didn’t have enough to eat at some point in the previous week, up from 9.8% in early May, Census figures show.

Chinese Military Posts Video of Hong Kong Air Defense Drills as Warning to U.S.
The Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA) used social media on Wednesday to publish a short video clip of Hong Kong air defense drills. A military analyst told the island’s leading dissident newspaper, Apple Daily, that the incongruous 48-second video was meant as a warning to the United States against interfering with China’s oppression of Hong Kong.

Catholic Diocese of Lexington names 20 priests accused of sexually abusing minors
The Catholic Diocese of Lexington…released a list of priests…who have been accused of sexually abusing minors. The list names 10 priests against whom allegations of abuse were substantiated; four…who had “credible” allegations against them…six…who served in the Lexington diocese but were credibly accused…in another diocese; and one priest against whom allegations were found to be unsubstantiated.

Belarus: Thousands protest outside state TV building
Thousands of people have gathered outside the state television station in Belarus demanding full coverage of protests against the disputed presidential election. Opposition supporters outside the building in Minsk held banners with signs saying “show people the truth”. Mass protests erupted after President Alexander Lukashenko claimed a landslide victory in the 9 August vote.

Pompeo signs deal to redeploy troops from Germany to Poland
US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has signed a new defence agreement with Poland that will see American troops redeployed there from Germany. The deal will see the number of US troops in Poland rise to about 5,500. Polish Defence Minister Mariusz Blaszczak said the number could quickly be increased to 20,000 if a threat justified it.

US seizes millions of dollars of Iranian fuel bound for Venezuela
The US says it has taken control of four Iranian fuel shipments bound for Venezuela in the largest-ever seizure of its kind. About 1.1 million barrels of fuel were confiscated “with the assistance of foreign partners”, according to the Justice Department. Washington said the shipments violated US sanctions.

Israel’s Gulf endgame: Full ties with Saudi Arabia
The ink on the normalization agreement between the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Israel has yet to dry but Israeli officials are already working on Jerusalem’s endgame in the Gulf. A senior Israeli official told Ynet sister publication Yedioth Ahronoth that Israel’s ultimate plan is to normalize relations with the Gulf’s most influential nation – Saudi Arabia.

Israel strikes Gaza, closes fishing zone after fresh rocket fire
The Israeli army said Sunday it closed fishing zone off the Gaza coast and carried out fresh air strikes against Hamas positions in the enclave in response to a rocked fired at Israel’s south that landed near a residential home. The latest punitive measures came after two rockets had been fired into the city of Sderot, with one of them intercepted by the Iron Dome defense system.

Egypt, Sudan ‘optimistic’ over Nile dam talks with Ethiopia
The prime ministers of Sudan and Egypt have expressed optimism after talks in the Sudanese capital that stalled negotiations with Ethiopia on its construction of a controversial giant dam on the Blue Nile would bear fruit. The Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam, which is being built some 15km (9 miles) from Ethiopia’s border with Sudan, has become a significant source of discord between the three countries.

Report: Americans set new record of 3.9 million in firearm background checks in June
Americans set a new record for background checks to purchase a firearm, reaching 3.9 million in June alone, according to the FBI. The news continues a trend of high numbers of background checks for firearms purchases in 2020. This year has seen out of the 10 weeks with the highest number of background checks processed since the National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) began in 1998 with just 21,196 background checks recorded.

Appeals court rules CA high-capacity magazine ban unconstitutional
A panel of three federal judges ruled Friday that California’s ban on gun magazines capable of holding over 10 rounds is unconstitutional. The three-judge panel of the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals declared the California law violates the constitutional right to bear arms, codified under the 2nd Amendment, the Associated Press reported.

US Seizes 1 Million Barrels of Iranian Gasoline
Considering that the US has sanctions on both terror states, Islamic and Marxist, the oil deliveries never happened. The Trump administration has seized the cargo of four tankers it was targeting for transporting Iranian fuel to Venezuela, U.S. officials said Thursday, as it steps up its campaign of maximum pressure against the two heavily sanctioned allies.

The Progressives’ Inner Totalitarianism is Showing More by the Day
It’s not “screaming to get out” anymore. It’s out. Totalitarianism is just what it says it is: total. In a totalitarian state, the government’s power is absolutely unfettered and unlimited: it either controls the means of production or owns them outright. It controls what can be said and what cannot be. It asserts authority over every aspect of the citizen’s life. Most Americans complacently assume that totalitarianism could never come to the United States. But today it is advancing here at a rapid clip.

Torah Codes Reveal that Peace Between Israel And UAE Fulfills Ancient Biblical Prophecy
Mere hours after the newly-minted peace agreement between Israel and the United Arab Emirates was announced, Bible Codes expert Rabbi Mattityahu Glazerson turned to the text of the Bible to see what secrets are hidden there. He located what he called “the best appearance” of the Hebrew word ichud which means unity and the Hebrew for Emirates. “It’s unbelievable. It came once in the Torah in a significant way,” he noted. He also found the code for the coming Hebrew year 5781, which corresponds to 2020-21. The new Hebrew year, known as Rosh Hashana, begins in just five weeks, at nightfall on Friday, September 18. Glazerson commented that there are “many, many indications” that the year 5781 “is the time of Messiah.”

John MacArthur’s church can worship Sunday with singing, no attendance cap: judge
While Los Angeles County was seeking a restraining order to stop the pastor from holding any in-person services, Judge James Chalfant of Los Angeles Superior Court on Friday agreed with MacArthur and his church that it is the county’s burden to show why they should be permitted to infringe on the constitutionally protected rights of churches to freely exercise religion, the Thomas More Society said in a statement. Attorney Jenna Ellis, who is also a Trump campaign adviser and lawyer, called the ruling a “historic win.”

Most Americans oppose religious exemptions from COVID-19 lockdown restrictions: Pew
The survey also found that evangelical Protestants were less likely to believe that their churches should remain closed during the pandemic compared to other religious groups.

Trump orders TikTok to sell U.S. assets within 90 days, citing national security concerns
President Donald Trump ordered the Chinese parent company of TikTok to sell or spin off its U.S. assets within 90 days, citing national security concerns. In an order released late Friday, Trump warned of “credible evidence” that ByteDance “might take action that threatens to impair the national security of the United States.”

US releases cybersecurity advisory on new ‘Drovorub’ Russian malware
The malware is a set of hacking tools named “Drovorub,” the agencies said in a news release. It said a unit within Russia’s GRU military intelligence agency — the 85th Main Special Service Center (GTsSS), military unit 26165 — was deploying the malware as part of its cyberespionage operations.

“Ghost Town”: Shocking Dystopian Video Of NYC Shows An Abandoned And Boarded Up 5th Avenue
“This is all Manhattan, boarded up. Have you ever seen Manhattan look like this? The media will not report this.”

‘Sterilizing children’ bill heads to Calif. Senate floor amid public outcry 
A committee in the California state Senate voted earlier this week to approve a bill creating a fund for experimental medicalized gender-transition procedures, including cross-sex hormones and body-altering surgeries for both minors and legal adults.

16 Facts That Prove America Is in Deep Trouble and Why ‘The Return’ Is so Critical
Is this the generation that will witness the end of America? Throughout human history, every great society has eventually entered a period of decline, and sadly that is happening to us as well.

Israel rejects $1.5B Chinese water plant after Pompeo said it could affect working relationship with US
In an interview with Kan 11, a public broadcasting television channel, during his trip to Israel in mid-May, Pompeo said: “We do not want the Chinese Communist Party to have access to Israeli infrastructure, Israeli communication systems, all of the things that put Israeli citizens at risk and in turn put the capacity for America to work alongside Israel on important projects at risk, as well.”

California rejected 100,000 mail-in ballots because of mistakes
More than 100,000 mail-in ballots were rejected by California election officials during the March presidential primary, according to data obtained by The Associated Press that highlights a glaring gap in the state’s effort to ensure every vote is counted.

San Francisco Sen. Scott Wiener introduces bill to decriminalize men having sex with boys (and left-wing media DEFENDS it)
San Francisco state Senator Scott Wiener has introduced a new bill to decriminalize adult men having sex with boys and he and his allies in the media are smearing all opposition as “homophobic” and “anti-Semitic.”

Chicago Spent $66 Million on Hospital That Treated 38 Coronavirus Patients
Chicago mayor Lori Lightfoot’s (D.) decision to renovate a local convention center into a makeshift coronavirus hospital cost taxpayers nearly $66 million—though only 38 patients received treatment at the facility, the Chicago Sun-Times reported on Friday.

Islamists Storm Christian Church in Nigeria, Killing Four Worshipers
A band of armed jihadists stormed the Lion of Judah Christian church in Azikoro, southern Nigeria, last week, shooting four of the faithful dead.

VICTORY! California Judge Says John MacArthur Can Hold Indoor Church
A California judge today ruled that Pastor John MacArthur and Grace Community Church can hold indoor church services and they can even sing songs.

Fiend who raped, murdered two Westchester moms is being freed
A man who beat, raped and murdered two moms as their young children listened to their screams in a Westchester County home invasion is about to be freed by the state parole board… But this year, the coronavirus surfaced.

They Caved: Project Veritas’ James O’Keefe Emerges Victorious in Second Amendment Fight With FBI
Project Veritas’ James O’Keefe tried to buy a firearm and was denied a few days ago. He later discovered that he was on the prohibited person list regarding the National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS). Was this an error?

America Is a Hard Country to Kill and That Is Why Various Nation-Destroying Plots are Being Perfected in Australia, New Zealand, Venezuela
In the vernacular, this is a set up piece. The purpose of this article is to present a general overview of a theme. The theme is the takedown of the United States by any means necessary.

Drag Story Hour Twitter Account Claims ‘Love Has No Age’ in Controversial Tweet The UK Drag Queen Story Hour Twitter account was locked after drawing fury from various social media users due to a post containing a pro-pedophilia message.

The CHICOMS Have Troops and the Ability to Cross America’s Northern Border In Force
…At the present time, we have a large contingent of CHICOM troops operating in Western Canada just north of the US/Canadian border. The CHICOMS are moving drugs with the help of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. The CHICOMS control British Columbia’s largest port, just like they did Long Beach before Trump put a stop to it.