11 Aug 2020

Bubonic Plague: China Quarantines Region While Second Case Diagnosed in New Mexico
While the WHO declares that there is nothing to worry about, China is sealing off entire villages and a man died in New Mexico from a rare form of the plague that once killed off half the world population. China sealed off several villages in Inner Mongolia in a second attempt to contain the spread of a new outbreak of bubonic plague.

Graham Blasts FBI Over Newly Declassified Memo, Says ‘Somebody Needs To Go to Jail for This’
Sen. Lindsey Graham released an FBI memo on Sunday from 2018 that he says shows investigators lied to the Senate about statements that the primary source for the Steele dossier told the FBI regarding the salacious document. “They lied to the FISA court. They got rebuked the FBI did in 2019 by the FISA court putting in doubt all FISA applications, the FISA court just ripped a new one for the FBI, a year before they’re lying to the Senate Intel committee. It’s just amazing, the compounding of the lies.”

Derecho leaves trail of destruction in Iowa before sweeping through Chicago
An intense line of storms known as a derecho developed over the central United States on Monday, causing significant damage and widespread power outages as it blitzed eastward. Travel was disrupted on highways across the region, not only because of debris from the storms but also due to tractor tailors that were flipped on their sides due to the strong winds. Ahead of its arrival, the National Weather Service (NWS) warned residents around the Windy City that it was “an extremely dangerous situation with tornado like wind speeds expected.”

Trump Blessed By Sephardi Rabbis
Chera then introduced a group of rabbis he described as “very, very esteemed holy men” to bless the president. Trump approached the podium to wild cheers of, “Four more years.” The rabbis then recited the blessing for the peace and prosperity of the government which begins with a verse from Psalms To You who give victory to kings, who rescue His servant David from the deadly sword. Psalms 144:10

Chaos In Chicago: Bridges Raised To Prevent Gun-Toting Looters Getting Downtown
And that escalation, as Summit News’ Paul Joseph Watson details, prompted Chicago authorities took the decision to raise all major bridges in an effort to prevent looters reaching the downtown area after a night of chaos.

Goodbye EU! Boris told to form ‘superpower’ alliance with Australia, Canada & New Zealand
BORIS JOHNSON has been overwhelming told by Express.co.uk readers to form a “superpower” alliance with the old Commonwealth allies of Australia, Canada and New Zealand after Brexit as Britain waves goodbye to the European Union. Britain could be moving towards forming the “CANZUK Union”, the acronym for Canada, Australia, New Zealand, after finally freeing itself from the bloc at the end of the Brexit transition period on December 31.

Christians must defy Caesar’s attempt to control the church
Government attempts to regulate church attendance and worship practices violate not only the law of our land, the U.S. Constitution, they violate the law above the law, and because of that every Christian pastor should individually be in open defiance of restrictive “mandates” and collectively in active civil rebellion against the state and local governments issuing them. The daily news should be dominated not by violent BLM/Antifa rioting over phony “systemic racism” narratives, but by images of bold but non-violent men of God standing resolutely against tyranny – speaking forth the truth of the Gospel even if hauled off to jail

Lebanese cabinet resigns in wake of deadly port blast
In a brief televised speech, Prime Minister Hassan Diab said that he is taking “a step back” so he can stand with the people “and fight the battle for change alongside them.” He said: “I declare today the resignation of this government. May God protect Lebanon,” repeating the last phrase three times.

Angry Lebanese say Hezbollah worse than Israel
“Even Israel, an enemy and criminal state, with everything it has done to us, has never detonated an atomic bomb on us or anyone else,” Sadek said in her video.

US Attorney General Barr says the left wants to tear down system
US Attorney General William Barr mounted a partisan attack on the Democratic Party in an interview that aired Sunday, claiming the left believes in “tearing down the system” and pursues absolute victory as “a substitute for religion.” “They’re not interested in compromise, they’re not interested in dialectic exchange of views. They’re interested in total victory,” Barr said of the left. “It’s a secular religion. It’s a substitute for a religion.”

Honduras shaken by 5.7 magnitude earthquake near Caribbean islands
Northern Honduras was on Thursday shaken by a shallow 5.7 magnitude earthquake, according to the United States Geological Survey (USGS), which placed the epicenter in the Caribbean near the Bay Islands popular with tourists. There were no immediate reports of damage. The quake was 10 km (6.2 miles) below ground, USGS said.

Secret Service shoots armed suspect outside White House; Trump escorted out of briefing
“It seems that the shooting was done by law enforcement at that person – that suspect,” Trump said, adding that the suspect was armed before taken down by Secret Service. Trump said no other individuals were injured. “I just want to thank Secret Service. The job they do – it’s fantastic,” he said. “I feel very safe with Secret Service.”

20,000 fake licenses mostly from China seized at Chicago O’Hare airport in 2020
U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) agents intercepted 19,888 fraudulent drivers’ licenses at the International Mail Facility (IMF) at Chicago O’Hare International Airport in the first half of 2020 alone. Between the beginning of the year and June 30, officers at the IMF seized 1,513 shipments containing fraudulent documents including 19,888 fake licenses, … most of the seized documents came from China and were bound for neighboring states.

Netanyahu: US has kept me from annexing West Bank settlements
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu blamed the United States for his failure to annex West Bank settlements during an interview Monday with Channel 20. “It was clear from the start that the application of sovereignty would be done only with agreement from the United States. Otherwise, I would have already done it a while ago,” Netanyahu said.

IDF scales back troop reinforcements along Lebanon border
As tensions along Israel’s northern border with Lebanon subsided, the IDF began to scale back troop reinforcements and other heightened security measures that had been put in place there. “In accordance with the continuous situational assessment taking place in the IDF, some of the restrictions on military vehicles have been removed and a number of roadblocks have been opened in the area of the northern border,”…

Iran exporting over twice as much oil as US estimated – report
Despite harsh US sanctions, Iran is continuing to export over 600,000 barrels a day, over twice as much oil as a recent Congressional report estimated, according to NBC News. The NBC report, based on data from TankerTrackers.com, a company that tracks oil exports, brought up the case of the Indian tanker Gissel.

Lebanese government resigns as fury over deadly explosion deepens political crisis
Lebanon’s government resigned Monday as the fallout from last week’s deadly explosion deepened a political crisis in the country’s blast-ravaged capital. Prime Minister Hassan Diab said he would resign along with all of his ministers. “We will back down and stand with the people. We need to open the door for the people,” he said in a televised address…

Swarm of Salton Sea earthquakes sparks worry about the San Andreas fault
A swarm of small earthquakes in California, close to the Mexican border, is being closely monitored as to whether it might raise the chance of a much larger event on the San Andreas fault. The largest earthquake on Monday was a magnitude 4.6, reported at 8:56 a.m. under the southeastern part of the Salton Sea, according to the U.S. Geological Survey.

Greece on alert as Turkey sends survey ship to disputed waters
Turkey has sent a ship to conduct a seismic survey in a disputed area of the eastern Mediterranean – a move that has put Greece on alert. The search for potentially rich oil and gas deposits is to take place south of the Greek island of Kastellorizo. Greek PM Kyriakos Mitsotakis called a meeting with military chiefs on Monday, after Turkey issued an international maritime alert, known as a Navtex.

Chicago protests: Restrictions imposed after chaotic night of unrest
Chicago police will limit access to the city centre after a night of violence and looting following reports of a police shooting. Police Superintendent David Brown said the area will be restricted from 20:00 to 06:00 and a “heavy police presence” will continue until further notice. He said the “shameful destruction” was “fuelled by misinformation” about a suspect shot by police on Sunday.

Explosions hit U.S. coalition supply convoys in Iraq: sources, military
At least two explosions have hit convoys supplying U.S.-led coalition forces in Iraq in the last 24 hours, security sources said, the first on Monday evening near the southern border with Kuwait and the second on Tuesday north of Baghdad. The explosions, which caused no casualties but did some material damage, are the latest in a string of such incidents in recent weeks.

Israel closes Gaza crossing after Palestinians launch incendiary balloons
Israel on Tuesday closed one of its main border crossings with the Gaza Strip after Palestinians launched incendiary balloons that set fire to areas on the Israeli frontier. Israeli media reported that more than 30 fires were set around border communities by balloons carrying incendiary devices launched from Gaza.

China Faces Food Shortage As Droughts, Flooding, And Pests Ruin Harvest
The top officials’ emphasis on food supplies raised questions about whether China is facing a severe food shortage this year.

Amazon Removes Pro-Life Video Despite Mostly 5 Star Reviews
Amazon has removed a pro-life film from its platform, citing poor customer reviews as a primary reason for the action – the only problem with this claim is the movie had mostly 5-star reviews.

Cancel Trump and The Great Reset of the Globe
A socialist once said, “never let a crisis go to waste,” and it seems that the Covid-19 pandemic has offered such an unprecedented crisis that the globalists will gladly utilize to finally eliminate the U.S. as the only roadblock left to implementing their one world government goals.

President Trump Pulled Out Of Briefing After Secret Service Shoots Armed Man Who Approached The White House Who Refused To Drop His Weapon • Now The End Begins
I have long said that there is a plot to assassinate President Trump, and the closer we get to election, the more we will see events like what just happened moments ago. An armed man attempted to enter through the White House gate, was warned by agents to drop his weapon, he refused and was dispatched promptly. I do not think this is a lone, one-off incident, I think there are many more people just like this waiting in the wings.

New South Wales hit by strong winds and worst flood in 29 years, Australia
Torrential rain and strong winds lashed the New South Wales South Coast over the weekend, causing the worst flooding in the area for 29 years. High waves killed a 44-year-old surfer in Sydney’s Collaroy. At least 1 600 emergency calls had also been made during the day, while 2 000 customers were left without power.

At least 7 dead, 3 000 properties damaged as massive rains hit Evia, Greece
At least seven people– including an 8-month-old baby– lost their lives while 3 000 properties were damaged during a severe storm on the island Evia, Greece on Saturday and Sunday, August 8 and 9, 2020. According to the country’s meteorological service, parts of the island saw up to 300 mm (12 inches) of rainfal, which is equivalent to 80 percent of the annual rainfall of 375 mm (15 inches).

UK’s self-administered abortion pill program is killing women, leaked email indicates
If this doesn’t prove how callous, ghoulish and diabolical the Left’s head-long pursuit and defense of abortion at any cost really is, nothing will. A leaked email from the United Kingdom’s

BREAKING: Antifa terrorists in Austin, Portland just received a large cache of weapons in preparation for coordinated multi-city “TET offensive” against America
We’ve just learned that Antifa terrorist groups in Austin, Texas and Portland, Oregon have received a large cache of weapons that are being handed to them in preparation for a coordinated, multi-city uprising. Dubbed the “TET Offensive” by Dave Hodges (The Commonsense Show), this planned multi-city attack looks likely to take place before the coming election, as anti-American forces now realize Joe Biden cannot win.

“Financially Devastated” – 83% Of NYC Restaurants Unable To Pay July Rent
“…they are struggling to survive and absent immediate and sweeping relief so many will be forced to close permanently.”

Oppression of Christians has increased during Covid-19
Oppression and discrimination towards Christians has only worsened during the pandemic, says Release International. The charity, which supports persecuted Christians, said many had been denied food and relief aid by governments and NGOs because of their faith. Some countries have escalated their crackdowns on Christians.