10 Aug 2020

Alleghany County officials speak with White House, declare state of emergency after earthquake
ALLEGHANY COUNTY, N.C. — Sunday morning’s 5.1 magnitude earthquake with an epicenter near Sparta, NC left more than 100 buildings damaged in Alleghany County, but no injuries have been reported, according to officials. “We’ve got some pretty significant foundation issues. Building cracks. Chimneys in the process of falling or have already fallen,” Roten said. “Parking lots cracked, roads cracked, water main breaks around town.”

Gallup: One-Third of Americans Would Not Get a Coronavirus Vaccine
“If an FDA-approved vaccine to prevent coronavirus/COVID-19 was available right now at no cost, would you agree to be vaccinated?” Gallup asked. Sixty-five percent of all Americans said yes, compared to 35 percent who said no.

Hunter Biden’s $450,000 Tax Debt Mysteriously ‘Resolved’ Despite His Having No Discernible Income
The Washington Free Beacon reported Saturday that despite the younger Biden’s reported personal and financial woes, he was able to resolve a six-figure tax debt in a short period of time. “Hunter Biden was hit with a $450,000 lien in July over delinquent state income taxes, which he paid off in six days despite having no discernible income,” the Free Beacon’s Alana Goodman reported. The ability to pay nearly half a million dollars in back taxes in less than a week seems to contradict statements from Biden to an Arkansas court that he could not afford to pay child support.

Active hurricane season fueled by unusually warm water and light steering winds
NOAA’s Climate Prediction Center updated its seasonal tropical storm forecast by an average of six storms, to between 19 and 24 named storms through the remainder of the year, including 7 to 11 hurricanes, with 74 mph sustained winds or greater. Three to six storms potentially could reach major hurricane status (Category 3 or higher, with winds of 111 mph-plus …

Locust plague panic: Alert issued as swarm heads to one of Earth’s most vulnerable regions
A SWARM of locusts are moving west from the Horn of Africa to the Sahel that is the transition zone between the Sahara desert and the equatorial regions of Africa – one of the world’s most insecure places for food-security.

As drought deepens, Iowa farmers pray for rain to cut corn losses, add soybean yield
Part or all of 13 Iowa counties are in extreme drought territory, a national report indicated Thursday. All together, 23 counties in west-central Iowa, including Polk, Dallas and Madison in metro Des Moines, are experiencing extreme or severe drought, according to the U.S. Drought Monitor,

Volcanic, revolutionary rage building against Lebanese government and Hezbollah. Massive protests. Government ministries stormed. Resignations begin. But will any of it be enough to set Lebanon free?
Volcanic rage at the government and at Hezbollah is rapidly rising all across Lebanon. The economy is melting down. Hyperinflation is ravaging the country. And since September, the Lebanese currency “has lost 85 to 90 percent of its value,” noted a recent news report. Then came the devastating twin explosions on August 4th that killed at least 158 people and injured more than 6,000.

California Census Partners with CAIR Radical
It’s a choice at odds with the U.S. Commerce Department, which runs the national Census. A year ago, CAIR’s national office announced it was “proud to partner with the U.S. Census Bureau to ensure American Muslims are fairly and accurately counted in the 2020 Census.” Less than two days after the IPT reported on the partnership, however, pointing out CAIR’s roots in a Hamas-support network and other radical ties, the U.S. Commerce Department dropped CAIR from the Census work.

Torah Codes: Beirut Explosion was “Pillar of Fire and Smoke” Protecting Israel
Rabbi Matityahu Glazerson, an expert in Bible codes, he used software to find hidden clues in equidistant letters in the Torah referring to the catastrophe in Beirut. He described his findings in a video. Remarkably, he found a table centered around the verse describing the pillar of smoke and fire that protected the Children of Israel in the desert. The table included the Hebrew year, 5780, and the name ‘Lebanon.’ It also included the word ‘Hezbollah’ and ‘Amalek’, symbolizing a deep spiritual connection between the terrorist organization and the eternal enemy of Israel.

Hamas launches missiles towards the sea ‘in warning to Israel’
Hamas fired a barrage of close to a dozen missiles towards the Mediterranean Sea on Monday morning in a warning to Israel that the calm along the border with the Gaza Strip wouldn’t last. The rocket fire came hours after the Israeli Air Force struck Hamas observation posts in northern Gaza near Beit Hanoun in response to the launching of incendiary balloons into southern Israel over the course of the day.

Radical Turkish publication calls for a neo-caliphate
A Turkish magazine, Gercek Hayat, (True Life) praised the Islamic restoration of the Hagia Sophia church back into a mosque and declared the need to re-establish a Turkish caliphate, according to the Simon Wiesenthal Centre. Recep Tayyip Erdogan, who became Turkish president in 2014 and has ruled Turkey since, has sought to strengthen Turkey’s regional role as well as a leading state in the Islamic world.

Saudi Arabia Turns Off America’s Oil Taps Again
For the second time in three years, Saudi Arabia is slashing the volume of crude it’s sending to America in an attempt to force down stockpiles in the world’s most visible oil market and thereby hasten the rebalancing of supply and demand. Weekly U.S. oil inventory data…is routinely pored over by oil analysts and traders alike.

Belarus election: Clashes after poll predicts Lukashenko re-election
Protesters and riot police have clashed in Belarus’s capital Minsk and other cities, after a state TV exit poll said long-time leader Alexander Lukashenko was re-elected in Sunday’s election. Police used stun grenades, rubber bullets and water cannon. A human rights group said one protester was killed and about 120 arrested. Mr Lukashenko won 80% of the vote, according to a preliminary count.

China sends fighter jets as U.S. health chief visits Taiwan
Chinese air force jets briefly crossed the mid-line of the Taiwan Strait on Monday and were tracked by Taiwanese missiles, Taiwan’s government said, as U.S. health chief Alex Azar visited the island to offer President Donald Trump’s support. Azar arrived in Taiwan on Sunday, the highest-level U.S. official to visit in four decades.

Powerful eruption at Mount Sinabung, ash up to 10 km (32 000 feet) a.s.l., Indonesia
A high-level eruption took place at the Indonesian Sinabung volcano at around 03:16 UTC on August 10, 2020, ejecting ash up to 10 km (32 000 feet) above sea level and forcing authorities to evacuate nearby communities. The Aviation Color Code was briefly raised to Red. The Alert Level remains at III (Siaga/Alert).

China sanctions 11 US politicians, heads of organizations
China has announced unspecified sanctions against 11 U.S. politicians and heads of organizations promoting democratic causes, including Senators Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz… Foreign ministry spokesperson…said the 11 had “performed badly” on issues concerning Hong Kong, where China has cracked down on opposition voices following its imposition of a national security law…last month.

Guess What Happened When New York Put Homeless People In Luxury Hotels
The homeless problem in New York City is bad and getting worse. City leaders decided to fix the problem by putting up hundreds of sex offenders, mental patients, and drug addicts in Manhattan luxury hotels…“It doesn’t feel safe anymore,” nanny Michele McDowall…told The Post.

Shallow M5.1 earthquake hits Sparta, North Carolina – the strongest in the state since 1916
A very shallow earthquake registered by the USGS as M5.1 hit Sparta, North Carolina, U.S at 12:07 UTC (08:07 LT) on August 9, 2020, causing widespread damage. The agency is reporting a depth of 3.7 km (2.3 miles). This is the strongest earthquake to hit North Carolina since M5.2 in 1916.

What happens when the Italian government gives Muslim invaders from Africa a paid holiday vacation to an Italian beach?
The seven Muslims, all aged from 18 to 22 are said to have targeted children. They stole mobe ile phones, money, and credit cards. The gang is said to live in Turin and came to the seaside town using money provided to them by the government.

Seattle is set to implode in a cauldron of violence and lawlessness as lunatic Leftists seek to abolish police and jails
What’s the best way to destroy the civil society? If you answered something to the effect of, ‘Get rid of all deterrents to crime and unrest,’ you’d be correct.

President Trump declares war on Big Pharma to save America from the criminal pharmaceutical cartels
..I was contacted by a person very close to the president who assured me Trump was absolutely NOT jumping in bed with Big Pharma and that he would be, in fact, taking strategic steps very soon to protect Americans from Big Pharma’s predatory practices.

While Allowing BLM Protesters, Rioters to Scream at Cops, California Bans Singing in Church
The State of California has just banned singing in church, even with masks on, under new guidelines issued by the Department of Public Health, while at the same time allowing protests to continue that feature protesters and rioters screaming at cops, often right in their faces.

U.S. health chief arrives in Taiwan on trip condemned by China
U.S. Secretary of Health and Human Services Alex Azar arrived in Taiwan on Sunday as the highest-level U.S. official to visit in four decades, a trip condemned by China which claims the island as its own, further irritating Sino-U.S. relations.

US Christians increasingly departing from core truths of Christian worldview, survey finds
As part of the ongoing release of the Arizona Christian University-based Cultural Research Center’s American Worldview Inventory, the latest findings — exploring perceptions of sin and salvation — from George Barna, the group’s director, show that nearly two-thirds of Americans believe that having some kind of faith is more important than the particular faith with which someone aligns.

Furious Democrats Faced With A Daunting Question: Will They Dare To Challenge Trump’s Stimulus Orders
Three weeks ago, when looking at the staggering amount of cash piled up at the US Treasury thanks to a historic T-Bill issuance spree over the past three months, we said that it’s just a matter of if not when Trump gives the green light to unleash a historic spending spree to put as much of this record $1.8 trillion in the hands of American people and, more importantly, voters ahead of the November 3 election:

Shipments Of 20,000 Fake IDs From China Seized By Feds Ahead Of Election
“These counterfeit driver’s licenses can lead to disastrous consequences.” 

Police, demonstrators clash after Belarus presidential vote
Belarus police and protesters clashed in the capital and the city of Brest on Sunday night after a presidential election in which the country’s longtime leader sought a sixth term despite rising discontent with his authoritarian rule and his cavalier dismissal of the coronavirus pandemic.

Coronavirus tests in Israel to increase to 60,000 per day
The Health Ministry has committed some NIS 4 billion for the next year-and-a-half to ensure that the country is able to screen an average of 60,000 people per day for the novel coronavirus, the Health Ministry said Sunday.