3 Aug 2020

Pastor, Church Member Die for Proclaiming Christ in Eastern Uganda
The Christians from Namuseru village, Gadumire Sub-County in Kaliro District would cross the lake to go fishing and, as they interacted with Muslims near Lugonyola village, become fishers of men, inviting them to evangelistic meetings there. In time, hard-line Muslims began warning the Christians to stop evangelizing in the area, sources said. The last warning came on June 21, a day before radical Muslims from Lugonyola village beat and drowned 25-year-old pastor Peter Kyakulaga and 22-year-old church member Tuule Mumbya in the lake,

Turkey has become a rogue state‏
By now it has become clear that Turkey is on the way to becoming a rogue state under the rule of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. Turkey is sowing conflict in Libya, Somalia, Yemen and Qatar, planning to renew the Ottoman Empire which Erdogan intends to head.

Is IED incident a dangerous escalation on southern Golan?
The apparent escalation on Sunday night that resulted in a clash on the southern Golan which Israel says involved a terror squad and an improvised explosive device, is part of a two-week cycle of rising tensions with Hezbollah. It is potentially of the utmost importance because it appears, even as the situation develops, to be part of the cycle going back years in which groups have increasingly sought to threaten Israel from Syria.

Iran Refuses to Negotiate with US over Nuclear Program
Ayatollah Ali Khamenei has rejected negotiations with the United States over the Islamic Republic’s ballistic missile and nuclear programs. “America’s brutal sanctions on Iran are aimed at collapsing our economy … Their aim is to limit our influence in the region and to halt our missile and nuclear capabilities,”

Israel’s Ambassador to Italy Defiantly Recites Psalms at Arch of Titus, Blasts Rome
Dror Eydar, Israel’s ambassador to Italy, made an impassioned video presentation on Tisha B’Av at the Titus Gate, the Roman victory arch. Eydar noted that the arch celebrated the destruction of the Temple that Jews have lamented every year on its anniversary for the past 1,950 years. “This year is different from previous years,” Eydar said in his video. “This year, I am in Rome, at the Titus Gate, built in honor of that victory over Jerusalem, over the Jewish people, in the year 70.”

NASA Misses Wave of Asteroids Setting Stage for End of Days
Early last Tuesday, the 2020 OY4 asteroid passed within 26,000 miles of the Earth, about 11% of the moon’s distance. The asteroid was discovered a mere two days before its near-miss. NASA assured the public that there was no danger as the space rock was estimated to be 7-17 feet across.

Assembly begins on ITER, the world’s largest nuclear fusion reactor
Lured by the prospect of nearly inexhaustible source of clean energy, scientists have been investigating nuclear fusion reactors for decades, but a new facility taking shape in southern France will provide them with their biggest proving ground yet. ITER is set to become the world’s largest fusion device when completed in 2025, and has just moved into a vital phase with the assembly of the millions components now underway. ITER, or the International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor, has been in the works since 1985 and is one of the most ambitious energy projects humankind has ever undertaken.

Quantum time travel doesn’t follow Back to the Future rules
“On a quantum computer, there is no problem simulating opposite-in-time evolution, or simulating running a process backwards into the past,” says Nikolai Sinitsyn, co-author of the study. “So we can actually see what happens with a complex quantum world if we travel back in time, add small damage, and return. We found that our world survives, which means there’s no butterfly effect in quantum mechanics.” Using an IBM-Q quantum processor, the team created a complex system using quantum gates and demonstrating cause and effect, running both forwards and backwards in time. The simulation involved two hypothetical people, Alice and Bob, who each have a qubit – a quantum bit of information.

Israeli forces thwarts attack along Syria border fence
As tensions remain high along Israel’s northern borders, IDF troops thwarted an attempt to place explosive devices on the border fence with Syria, the IDF Spokesperson’s Unit announced. “A short time ago, an IDF force foiled an attempt to place explosive devices along the border with Syria,” the army said in a statement.

Israel strikes Hamas sites in Gaza following rocket fire
Israel Air Force jets struck several Hamas sites in the central and southern Gaza Strip early Monday morning after a rocket was fired from the coastal enclave towards southern Israel, as residents of the town of Sderot took in a Drive-Through movie. The military said warplanes hit a cement factory used in the construction of tunnels as well as “underground facilities” used by Hamas.

Jordan reiterates to Israel, Al-Aqsa a place for Muslim worship only
The Kingdom of Jordan has requested that Israel “respect the sanctity” of the Al-Aqsa Mosque… According to Jordan’s official news agency Petra, “the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates has sent Israel, via diplomatic channels, a memo calling on Tel Aviv as an occupying power to respect the sanctity of Al-Aqsa Mosque/Al Haram Al Sharif, and end all provocations and violations there.”

PLO official lauds diplomatic complaint penned by 15 EU states
A top Palestinian official…Dr. Hanan Ashrawi…lauding the decision of 15 European countries to issue a formal diplomatic complaint…over construction in the E1 area and Givat Hamatos. France, Germany, Italy, Spain, the UK, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Ireland, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Slovenia, Sweden and the EU issued the demarche in a video conference…

Often on brink, Lebanon headed toward collapse
Power cuts that last up to 20 hours a day. Mountains of trash spilling into streets. Long lines at gas stations. It may seem like a standard summer in Lebanon…as it vaults from one disaster to another…Lebanon is hurtling toward a tipping point at an alarming speed, driven by financial ruin, collapsing institutions, hyperinflation and rapidly rising poverty — with a pandemic on top of that.

Federal Government and Yale Are Holding Clinical Trials on How Best to ‘Persuade’ Americans to Take COVID-19 Vaccines
The Federal Government and Yale are currently holding clinical trials on how best to persuade Americans into taking the Fauci-Gates COVID-19 vaccines.

Texas Downgrades COVID-19 Deaths After ‘Automation Error’
The Texas Department of State Health Services revealed this week that an “automation error” in a new method of reporting COVID-19 deaths led to hundreds of people being mistakenly reported as having died of the coronavirus.

Why so many Americans are buying up personal bunkers
Tom Soulsby, 69, and his wife, Mary, were one of the first to buy a bunker at Vivos xPoint — the self-proclaimed “largest survival community on Earth” — near the South Dakota town of Edgemont. In 2017, he made a $25,000 down payment and signed a 99-year land lease (with fees of $1,000 per year) to occupy an elliptical-shaped, 2,200 square-foot underground concrete bunker once used as a military fortress during World War II to store weapons and ammunition.

Oregon’s Youngest Coronavirus Victim Tested Negative for the Virus (VIDEO)
There is more than enough evidence today for the American pulic to demand an audit on the legitimacy of the coronavirus numbers. There have been hundreds if not thousands of reports of fraudulent cases.

Flash flooding in Afghanistan kills 16, many of them children
Flash flooding in eastern Afghanistan killed at least 16 people after heavy rains swept parts of a mountainous area, an Afghan official said Saturday.

Isaias slams Puerto Rico en route to US, harkens memories of Maria
Isaias is garnering attention for its potential landfall on the United States coast this weekend, but it smacked another U.S. area first. On Thursday morning, Isaias, then a tropical storm, dumped flood-inducing rain and drove heavy winds into Puerto Rico, leaving hundreds of thousands without power before eventually making landfall in the Dominican Republic, where it was blamed for at least two fatalities.

“You Don’t Have a Choice – Normalcy Only Returns When We Largely Vaccinate the Entire Population” – Creepy Bill Gates Gets Creepier (VIDEO)
This creepy video of Bill Gates is making the rounds again today. Bill Gates told The Financial Times, “You don’t have a choice… Normalcy only returns when we largely vaccinate the entire population.”

When the Democrats Takeover, Starvation Will Become Their FIRST Weapon of Choice
The next 90 days have the potential to change your lives forever. If the Democrats gain control, and that seems likely, a good meal, Thanksgiving feasts, and not going to bed hungry, will soon be a thing of the past. Starvation resulting in death will be commplace. Gangs will not fight over drugs, they will be seeking food. Nobody will be safe. In Part 3 of this series and overview of the coming famine will be examined.

Activists push for investigation over claims China is forcibly harvesting organs of Uighur population
For decades, the Chinese Communist Party depended on executed prisoners to bolster its organ transplant trade.

Red Flags Soar As Big Pharma Will Be Exempt From COVID-19 Vaccine Liability Claims
Last week we warned readers to be cautious about new COVID-19 vaccines, highlighting how key parts of the clinical trials are being skipped as big pharma will not be held accountable for adverse side effects for administering the experimental drugs.

Gretchen Whitmer Blocks GOP Bill That Would Have Kept Coronavirus Patients Out Of Nursing Homes
Michigan Democratic Governor Gretchen Whitmer vetoed a Republican bill on Friday that would have kept coronavirus patients out of nursing homes and placed them in entirely separate facilities — an effort aimed at protecting those most vulnerable to developing serious complications from the coronavirus, which originated in China.

Mysterious Drone Swarm Breached Secure Airspace Over Largest Nuclear Power Plant In US
Newly unearthed government documents suggest America’s energy infrastructure at high risk of attack or sabotage, likely “defenseless” against small drones…