1 Aug 2020

Category 1 Hurricane Isaias Moves Through Northern Bahamas, Set to Approach Southeast Florida Tonight
Category 1 Hurricane Isaias is moving slightly slower through the northern Bahamas Saturday morning before it descends upon southeast Florida tonight. Brevard County remains under a Hurricane Warning. Isaias is registering 80 mph max sustained winds and moving slightly slower to the northwest at 12 mph.

US House passes missile-defense budget for Israel valued at $500 mil.
US House of Representatives passed..an aid package to Israel valued at $500 million designated for assistance to Israel in missile-defense…$500,000,000 shall be for the Israeli Cooperative Programs…for the procurement of the Iron Dome defense system…for the Short Range Ballistic Missile Defense (SRBMD) program… for co-production activities of Arrow 3 Upper Tier systems in the United States and in Israel,”…

Eurozone suffers deepest contraction on record
Spain has been plunged into its deepest recession in modern times by the coronavirus pandemic. Its economy shrank by 18.5% in the April-to-June period, having already fallen by 5.2% in the first three months of the year. The country was the worst performer in the eurozone, which saw its overall GDP decline by a record 12.1%.

Coronavirus: Mexico’s death toll becomes world’s third highest
Mexico has become the country with the third highest death toll with coronavirus, with only the US and Brazil recording greater numbers. It has now suffered at least 46,688 deaths during the pandemic, with a total of 424,637 infections. Previously the United Kingdom had the third highest toll, and registered 46,204 deaths as of Friday.

TikTok: Trump says he will ban Chinese video app in the US
President Donald Trump has announced he is banning the Chinese-owned video-sharing app TikTok in the US. He told reporters he could sign an executive order as early as Saturday. US security officials have expressed concern that the app, owned by Chinese firm ByteDance, could be used to collect the personal data of Americans.

Anti-Kremlin protest in Russia’s far east attracts thousands for a fourth weekend
Thousands of people marched in the Russian far eastern city of Khabarovsk on Saturday for a fourth consecutive weekend in protest at President Vladimir Putin’s handling of a local political crisis. Residents of Khabarovsk…are unhappy about the July 9 detention of Sergei Furgal, the wider region’s popular governor, who was arrested on murder charges he denies.

UAE official tells Turkey to stop meddling in Arab affairs over Libya
The United Arab Emirates minister of state for foreign affairs said on Saturday that Turkey should stop interfering in Arab affairs, criticizing comments on Libya made by Turkey’s defense minister. Turkish media had reported the Turkish minister making remarks critical of the UAE’s actions over Libya.

Turkey ‘dreaming of empire in Libya,’ says Egyptian strategist
Egypt will not be dragged into a Libyan war designed to break the Egyptian army, a leading Cairo-based military strategist told Arab News. Maj. Gen. Nagy Shohood, a strategic expert and adviser at the Nasser Military Academy, accused Turkey of intervening in Libya to further its dreams of a restored Ottoman empire.

Patagonia reels from one of its worst winters in 20 years, agricultural emergency declared
Residents in South America’s Patagonia region are experiencing one of the area’s harshest winters in the last 20 years. Intense rains, heavy snowfall, and below-freezing temperatures also affected the agricultural sector, prompting authorities to declare an emergency. The National Meteorological Service issued an alert for persistent snowfall for…Mendoza…Neuquen, and…Rio Negro.

Dumping the dollar: Record gold price justifies Moscow’s choice to abandon greenback & bet on precious metal
Washington’s weaponization of the dollar in an effort to crush Russia’s economy seems to be backfiring. The policy encouraged Moscow to pivot to gold and this week the cost of an ounce broke the $2,000 barrier for the first time. Russia’s choice to move away from storing Benjamins as a reserve currency and to gradually replace the dollar in trade was accompanied by a relentless gold-buying spree.

Rabbi Kanievsky Announces: “The Messiah is Here Among Us”
In his book Siach Nechama (Discourse of Comfort), Rabbi Chaim Kanievsky writes that the Messiah lives and is with us right now, and the redemption is ready and waiting. When Israel merits it. The Messiah will be revealed and redeem them immediately.

In Rare Political Comment, Leading Haredi Rabbi Endorses Trump for President
In an extremely rare comment on politics, Rabbi Shmuel Kaminetzky, one of the most highly respected Ultra-Orthodox rabbis alive today, endorsed Donald Trump in his bid for reelection. In the interview, the rabbi was asked if he recommended that people vote for Trump. “Yes, I think people should vote for him,” Rabbi Kaminetzky said. “He’s done a good job. It’s hakaras hatov [recognition of good/gratitude].”

Israeli Flag Flown on Temple Mount: First Since 1967
A major step towards fixing the broken heart of the Jewish people on the Temple Mount was made on Tish B’Av, the day commemorating the destruction of the Temples: the Israeli flag was displayed for the first time since Israel conquered its holiest site in the 1967 Six-Day War. Despite coronavirus restrictions and threats of Muslim violence, almost 1,000 Jews ascended to the Temple Mount on Tisha B’Av.

Americans Face Danger if Biden Defunds the Police
Joe Biden has publicly vowed to defund the police in his 2020 campaign bid. Following the alarming rates of increased violence across America, it seems the last thing major cities should do is cut their police force. However Biden is willing to put American’s safety in peril to obtain support from radical voters and elites who support the movement.

Major Development: Jordan bans the radical Islamist “Muslim Brotherhood” as it prepares for parliamentary elections.
The extremist and often violent global movement known as the Muslim Brotherhood has been dealt a severe blow as five judges in a top court in the Kingdom of Jordan decreed the organization illegal. The Brotherhood is now being dissolved and will not be permitted to compete in Jordan’s upcoming November 10th parliamentary elections that were just announced. Jordan’s decision is major development — and an encouraging one.

America’s National Pastime Just Betrayed America
Major League Baseball (MLB)—America’s “national pastime” by affirmation of the U.S. Supreme Court—has turned itself completely backward. What do you get when you reverse the league’s initials? BLM for Black Lives Matter. The hallowed New York Yankees literally got on their knees and groveled in coordination with an avowedly Marxist, anti-white, anti-family, pro-abortion-on-demand organization founded to destroy the American family,

Nephilim Returns – These are the Days of Noah (video)

Violent hailstorm hits central Slovenia – Europe’s first giant hail event in 2020
A violent supercell storm produced severe hailstorm over central Slovenia on Wednesday evening, July 29, 2020. Ice stones up to 10 cm (4 inches) in diameter left enormous damage along its path in what is now the first giant hailstorm event of 2020 in Europe.

Bahamas bracing for Hurricane “Isaias”
Tropical Storm “Isaias” — the 9th named storm of the 2020 Atlantic hurricane season — has strengthened into a hurricane at 03:40 UTC on July 31, 2020. At the time, its center was located about 110 km (70 miles) ESE of Great Inagua Island, Bahamas, moving NW at 30 km/h (18 mph). NHC forecast calls for the center of Isaias to move near or over the southeastern Bahamas on Friday, July 31, 2020. Preparations to protect life and property should be rushed to completion.

Unsealed Court Documents Place Bill Clinton On Orgy Island With Jeffrey Epstein, Ghislaine Maxwell Suicide Up Next?
Court documents unsealed yesterday shed new light on the pedophilic activity of Jeffrey Epstein and his madame Ghislaine Maxwell, those same documents also place Bill Clinton on Epstein’s ‘Orgy Island’ where the rape and molestation of underage girls was known to have taken place. Is Ghislaine Maxwell about to join the Clinton Body Count? Sure looks like it.

Xi Hails Now “Fully Operational” China-Controlled Satellite Navigation System Which Rivals GPS
China joins a very few number of nations possessing its own independent global navigation system.

Donald Trump Suggests Delaying ‘Most Inaccurate and Fraudulent’ 2020 Election
President Donald Trump on Thursday predicted the 2020 election would be the “most inaccurate and fraudulent” in history, and even suggested delaying it as Democrats continue promoting vote by mail during the coronavirus pandemic.

Michigan Governor Closes Bars Statewide but Opens up Casinos in Detroit. Makes Sense Right?
Occasionally a story I choose to tackle makes me wonder if I should have taken up writing about science fiction and things that are make-believe. Lucky for me though, I live in Michigan during the time of COVID-19 and I STILL get to write about fiction that is based on pretend science that no one could make up unless they were high.

Heartbeat Laws Protect Human Dignity; the Recent Court Decision Against Georgia’s Law Does Not
On July 13th, a federal judge permanently blocked Georgia’s recent heartbeat law from going into effect. The law would have prohibited abortion, barring certain specific exceptions, after a heartbeat is detectable in the pre-born child, usually at around 6 weeks after conception.

With Blazing Hatred In Their Eyes, Every NBA Player In First Basketball Game Of 2020 Season Kneels In Contempt While American National Anthem Played
It is time to not only boycott basketball, but to turn off and stop watching every professional sporting event that is broadcast across America. Look at the hatred in the faces of these privileged, rich Liberals who have nothing but hatred and contempt for the country that made them wealthy bouncing a ball. They want real change? I say America turns them off starting immediately, and let’s see them have to get real jobs and actually have to work for a living.

Democrats Introduce Bill to Repeal Amendment Barring U.S. Funds to Provide Abortion Overseas
House Democrats launched a bill Wednesday that would repeal a long-standing amendment that blocks U.S. foreign aid programs from contributing to abortion overseas.

Seattle Moves To Replace ‘Racist’ Police With ‘Trauma-Informed, Gender-Affirming, Anti-Racist’ Organizations
Citizens On Patrol…