20 Jul 2020

Egyptian Military Convenes to Discuss Invading Libya in Potential Showdown with Turkey
The Egyptian parliament will meet on Monday to discuss President Abdul Fattah al-Sisi’s decision to send ground troops into Libya reports Aawsat. The president, who is also the military’s chief of staff, still needs the approval of two-thirds of Cairo’s lawmakers as well as a recommendation from the national defense council before deploying military forces into combat missions on foreign soil.

Civil Rights Attorney Leo Terrell Announces He Will Vote Republican for the First Time Ever
Civil rights attorney Leo Terrell, a frequent Fox News guest who has been a vocal critic of President Donald Trump in the past, announced on “Hannity” last week that he would be voting Republican for the first time ever in the 2020 presidential election. The news caught the attention of the Trump campaign, which made sure to tweet out Terrell’s announcement and give him a warm welcome:

North Minneapolis Democrat Says City Facing ‘Real Emergency’ Amid Ceaseless Violence
“The neighborhoods I represent in north Minneapolis are facing a real emergency.” Minneapolis experienced its 31st homicide of 2020 Tuesday night after five shootings in a six-hour span left two dead and four injured. From Thursday night into Friday morning, another nine people were shot in Minneapolis, killing one and injuring eight others. That brings the total number of homicides up to 32, double the number of homicides Minneapolis had this time last year,

People in Israel are Preparing Show-Bread for Service in Third Temple
Why is any of this relevant now? Saidel explained that, “We are in the throes of Moshiach (messiah). We have to learn how they did things in the Temple to be ready [for the Third Temple]. “Bread is an excellent medium to teach people how they did the avodah (service) in the Beit HaMikdash,” he commented. In their live workshops, participants have the chance to mix and bake and smell the bread and the levonah (frankincense) associated with it.

Eight Chinese fighter jets show up at Woody Island in the South China Sea
Satellite imagery reviewed by RFA showed the Chinese planes on the runway at Woody Island. At least four of them appeared to be J-11Bs, which are fighter jets in service with the People’s Liberation Army Air Force (PLAAF) and Naval Aviation Force (PLANAF). The other four appear similar to and fit the dimensions of the JH-7, an anti-ship fighter-bomber in service with the PLAAF and PLANAF as well.

Putin orders massive snap Russian ‘combat readiness check’
Russian President Vladimir Putin has ordered a snap “combat readiness check” involving 150,000 personnel and hundreds of aircraft and naval vessels to ensure security in Russia’s southwest, where he sees a “serious threat” from terrorism. Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu said on July 17 that the “check” had already begun and will test the readiness of Russian armed forces for the Caucasus-2020 military maneuvers scheduled for September.

Drought expands to 95% of Colorado, with more than one-third of state seeing extreme drought
Ninety-five percent of Colorado is now abnormally dry as the drought here, which is among the worst in the nation currently, continues to expand. Another 10% of Colorado reached abnormally dry levels over the past week, according to the U.S. Drought Monitor’s weekly report.

2020’s latest scourge: 50-mile-wide swarm of flying ants
From the year that brought us murder hornets, famine-inducing locusts and the global coronavirus pandemic, comes the latest airborne scourge: a 50-mile-wide swarm of flying, and mating, ants.

Italy’s Deadly Stromboli Volcano Suddenly Explodes Again Without Warning
A violent eruption jolted residents of the Italian volcanic island of Stromboli awake at 3 a.m. Sunday. The National Institute of Geophysics and Volcanology’s observatory at Etna reports that its network recorded a loud explosion and eruption, sending lava and debris falling around the crater of the volcano and slope known as the Sciara del Fuoco,…

‘We’re just a pile of misery’: Victims of Germany’s child molesting ‘experiment’ tell RT of their nightmare that lives on
Decades ago, they fought for survival every single day – now they have to motivate themselves to live. RT listened to heartbreaking memories of two German men placed in the foster care of a known pedophile by Berlin authorities. Last month, a damning report by Germany’s University of Hildesheim revealed that the Berlin Senate orchestrated a crackpot scheme that saw vulnerable children being placed in the care of known pedophiles for decades. Our lives have been destroyed, we are unable to work and we have become aware that we are just a pile of misery,” Marco said, with Sven adding bitterly, “I was and am a product of a child molester.”

Power-plant, Gas Pipeline: Latest Victims of Iran Mystery Blasts
An explosion was reported Sunday at the Islamabad power plant in Iran’s central Isfahan province, the latest in a mysterious set of explosions and blazes that have rocked the Islamic Republic. As of Sunday, there has been a total of 14 mysterious blasts at key Iranian energy sites in the past three weeks alone.

Convicted Terrorist Pardoned by Clinton Runs BLM Fundraising
It was recently revealed that a board member of a Black Lives Matter affiliated organization in charge of the tens of millions of dollars raised by the organization is a convicted terrorist that was pardoned by the Clinton administration.

Hungarian FM makes solidarity visit with Israel amid COVID-19, annexation
Staunch Israeli ally Hungarian Foreign Minister Péter Szijjártó is scheduled to visit Israel on Monday to sign a deal with regard to space research, as other European allies are warning of weakened ties due Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s plans to annex portions of the West Bank. Hungary and Israel have tight ties and the country is considered to be a very “close friend” of Israel…

Nikki Haley: ‘If Biden comes in, all of the progress we made goes away’
Former US ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley said…if Joe Biden gets elected president…he will rejoin the Iran nuclear agreement. Speaking at a virtual panel discussion hosted by the Republican Jewish Coalition (RJC), she mentioned President Donald Trump’s actions, such as moving the embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem and withdrawing from the 2015 Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), also known as the Iran nuclear deal.

IDF shoots down a drone near the Israel-Lebanon border
An unusual incident occurred on the Israel-Lebanon border on Sunday evening, as the IDF shot down a Lebanese drone that entered Israel’s airspace, according to the IDF Spokesperson Unit. According to the IDF Spokesperson Unit, IDF forces recognized a drone that was most likely operated from Lebanon and entered Israeli airspace. The drone was allegedly tracking IDF forces.

United Arab Emirates launches mission to Mars
The United Arab Emirates launched its first mission to Mars on Monday as it strives to develop its scientific and technological capabilities and reduce its reliance on oil. The Hope Probe blasted off from Japan’s Tanegashima Space Center at 1:58 a.m. UAE time/6:58 a.m. Japanese time Monday (2158 GMT Sunday) for a seven-month journey to the red planet, where it will orbit and send back data about the atmosphere.

IDF downs drone hovering over Israel-Lebanon border
Israel Defense Forces (IDF) have managed to control a drone that hovered over the Israeli-Lebanese border, landing it successfully in Israel, The IDF Spokesperson’s Unit said Sunday. In a statement, the IDF confirmed that “IDF troops spotted a drone infiltrating Israeli airspace from Lebanon. The drone was monitored by the forces who deployed various means [to stop it].”

Explosion hits Iran power plant
An explosion hit a power plant in the central Iranian province of Isfahan Sunday, state news agency IRNA reported, saying it was triggered by faulty equipment and caused no casualties. The blast was caused by the wear and tear of a transformer at the power plant in Islamabad, the managing director of the Isfahan electricity company told IRNA.

Kim Jong-un sparks war fears as he announces plans to ‘bolster North Korea deterrent’
North Korean leader Kim Jong-un is making plans to bolster his country’s armed forces – with fears he hopes to boost his nation’s nuclear weapon capabilities. The 36-year-old dictator gathered his top military officials on Saturday for a meeting to discuss strengthening the “war deterrent” capabilities of the East Asian country.

Arizona Gov Is Granted the Right to Forcibly Vaccinate and Indefintely Confine Indiviudals With Absolutely No Legal Oversight
Recently, Arkansas, alleged CV-19 victims, were transported what I would call a FEMA medical martial law facility. This is not an isolated incident. Arizona has granted governor, Doug Ducey, the authority to create, operate and maintain concentration camps.

Major explosion at Stromboli volcano, Italy
A sudden, major explosion took place at Stromboli volcano, Italy at 03:00 UTC (05:00 LT) on July 19, 2020. The explosion was about 10 times stronger than the average explosion at the volcano.

How Obama, Biden and Clinton helped Russia’s Putin weaponize energy
Russians secretly mocked Obama for so easily giving them American uranium, nuclear fuel contracts and technology, FBI informant reveals in excerpts from the new book “Fallout: Nuclear Bribes, Russian Spies and the Washington Lies that Enriched the Clinton and Biden Dynasties.”

Kentucky Couple Who Tested Positive For COVID-19 Placed Under House Arrest In Chilling Sign Of What’s To Come Under The Great Global Reset
As we get closer and closer to the November election, those of us who are paying attention know exactly where all this is headed. Unhinged hysteria over a virus with an 0.6% mortality rate is patently absurd by any metric except one, the metric scale of the New World Order who is using COVID-19 as the great mechanism to reset the entire world. You are watching it come to pass in glorious end times technicolor.

LGBTQ Catholic Ministries Gathering Presents A ‘Queer Christ’ As The Cornerstone For Their Vision Of The New Roman Catholic Church
The church started by the Roman emperors back in the early days of the fourth century is about to add a new jewel to their crown, or should I say tiara? A sweeping and powerful movement within the counterfeit Christian Church, better known as Roman Catholicism, is in the process of bringing in the LGBTQ+ P for Pedophile people into the RCC tent.

CDC Employees Made More Than 8,000 Federal Contributions To PACs And Politicians Since 2015. Only 5 Went To Republican Causes, FEC Records Show
Employees at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) have made more than 8,000 contributions totaling over $285,000 to Democratic candidates and causes since 2015, according to a Daily Caller News Foundation analysis of political contributions.

Chicago Mayor Tries to Cancel the Second Amendment: ‘Have a Problem? Call the Cops!’
After neutering the Chicago Police Department and allowing rioters to run rampant in the city, Chicago’s lesbian Mayor has now told the city’s gun owners to forget about their right to defend themselves.

Clintons, Haiti, & Swamp Roots of Adrenochrome?
Forced into black ops under MK Ultra mind control, I had cause to be in Haiti numerous times since it was a routine stop for NCL cruises in the 1980s. Neither Haitians, nor the rest of the world, knew true covert reasons why NCL docked in Port-au-Prince. Nor did Haitians anticipate that their conditioned livelihood from tourism would abruptly cease when New World Order perpeTraitors dropped Haiti as a Cruise ship destination in order to bury their crimes against humanity even deeper into the shadows and out of the public eye.

CIVIL WAR ANALYSIS: Black Lives Matter terror cells will carry out “armed flash mob” killing sprees on White communities while corporate America provides funding for illegal weapons
Civil war is now inevitable in America as left-wing terrorism groups such as Antifa and Black Lives Matter grow ever more confident thanks to 269 corporations funneling hundreds of millions of dollars into their hands, some of which is being used to purchase automatic weapons parts smuggled into the United After neutering the Chicago Police Department and allowing rioters to run rampant in the city, Chicago’s lesbian Mayor has now told the city’s gun owners to forget about their right to defend themselves. States by China.

Chinese Government Orders Low-Income Families to Abandon Their Christian Faith or Lose Financial Aid 
In the Chinese government’s continuing persecution of Christians, poor families are now being told to renounce their faith or lose welfare benefits.