19 Jul 2020

Netanyahu’s trial to start January 2021, calling witnesses 3 times a week
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s criminal trial for bribery and breach of public trust will begin in January 2021, Judge Rivkah Friedman Feldman announced to the court Sunday morning. Witnesses will be called to the trial three times a week. The schedule is a compromise between the positions of the prosecution and defense teams.

Iran’s Zarif arrives in Iraq to pressure Baghdad to stay in Iran’s orbit
Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif is traveling to Iraq to pressure Baghdad into keeping its strategic alliance with Iran amid US-Iran tensions. In recent months, the US and Iraq have also engaged in strategic dialogue. Iraq has been a battlefield between the US and Iran, with Iranian-backed militias which are part of Iraq’s government attacking US forces and America killing a top Iranian commander.

Qatar finances Hezbollah terrorism, declares ‘Jews are enemies’ – report
A German private security contractor, who has worked for the federal republic’s intelligence and security services, leveled bombshell allegations against Qatar’s regime, stating Doha finances the US and EU-designated terrorist movement Hezbollah and has declared Jews to be the enemies of the tiny Gulf state.

In latest in series of blasts, explosion reported at Iranian oil pipeline
An explosion was reported in an oil pipeline in Iran Saturday, the latest in a mysterious series of blasts and blazes that have occurred throughout the country. Several of the recent disasters have struck sensitive Iranian sites, leading to speculation that they could be part of a sabotage campaign engineered by Israel or another Tehran foe.

China floods: Huai river alert level raised amid heavy rains
China has raised the flood alert level on a river in the east of the country after days of heavy rainfall. Officials have moved the alert warning on the Huai river from Level III to Level II, the second-highest tier, amid fears of further torrential downpours. Heavy rains have swept across China for weeks, from the southwest to the east coast.

‘Ugly face’: U.S. and China trade barbs in Myanmar as South China Sea rift deepens
China’s embassy in Myanmar…accused the U.S. of “outrageously smearing” the country and driving a wedge with its Southeast Asian neighbors over the contested South China Sea and Hong Kong…Responding to…claims Beijing was undermining the sovereignty of its neighbors, the Chinese embassy said U.S. agencies…were doing “disgusting things” to contain China and had showed a “selfish, hypocritical, contemptible, and ugly face”.

Floods in India, Nepal displace nearly four million people, at least 189 dead
Nearly four million people in India’s northeastern state of Assam and neighbouring Nepal have been displaced by heavy flooding from monsoon rains, with dozens missing as deaths rose to at least 189, government officials said on Sunday. The overflowing Brahmaputra River, which flows through China’s Tibet, India and Bangladesh, has damaged crops and triggered mudslides, displacing millions of people, officials said.

Iran’s message to its people: If you revolt, you die
Since late June, 11 Iranian citizens – three in Tehran and eight in Isfahan – have been sentenced to death for taking part in mass anti-government protests in November 2019. Iranian journalist Ruhollah Zam, who was accused of fuelling anti-government protests through a popular Telegram channel in 2017, also received the death penalty during the same period.

Blow to Erdogan as US boots Turkey out of F-35 strike fighter program
The removal of Turkey from the list of “global participants” on the US F-35 joint strike fighter program’s official website carries political significance in terms of showing the Pentagon’s determination to push its NATO ally to make a final decision about its controversial purchase of a Russian air defense system.

Mystery as Hundreds of Sea Stars Wash Up Dead in Chile
The Bío Bío region of Chile is facing a large starfish mass die-off. The dead animals are washing up in hundreds along beaches in the commune of Coronel, scaring residents. The Sernapesca is now investigating the causes of the massive death of hundreds of star fish. Experts believe the die-off is due to a storm offshore.

“They Just Take And Take” – AOC Aims To “Soak The Rich” With Proposed New York Wealth Tax
If passed, New York will become the first state in the country to pass such a progressive wealth tax.

At least 12 killed as buildings collapse amid Mumbai’s third worst July rain since 2015
Two separate cases of building collapse killed 12 people in Mumbai, India, on Thursday, July 16, 2020. The disasters occurred as the city recorded its second-highest July precipitation this monsoon season and its third-worst since 2015– with 191.2 mm (7.5 inches) of rain in a 24-hour period to Thursday morning.

China Faces ‘DISASTER’ Between Now and September With a Giant Plague of Locusts Already Invading the South
Swarms of yellow-spined bamboo locusts have destroyed about 26 square miles of fields in Pu’er after raiding the city from China’s border with Laos, the local government said.

Bank of America proudly partners with George Soros in ‘social impact investing’
Bank of America has gone out of its way to assert itself as one of the most enthusiastic backers of “social change” to be found among the many monolithic corporations active in funding radical groups.

Hardin Co. couple gets ankle monitors after COVID-19 quarrel with health dept.
A Kentucky couple is wearing ankle bracelets after a run-in with the health department. After testing positive but without showing any symptoms, Linscott said the health department contacted her and requested she sign documents that will limit her traveling anywhere unless she calls the health department first. She said she chose to not sign the documents.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel finances Antifa Supporter with 1 Million for Left-Wing Propaganda
Ever since Donald Trump announced he would designate “Antifa” as a terrorist organization, calls have emerged to pursue the violent far-left mobs and their shadowy backers internationally. Official budget number from the German government show this includes German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

Dr. Anthony Fauci Has Subverted The Trump Administration To Carry Out Bill Gates ‘Global Vaccine Action Plan’ With Mandatory COVID-19 Vaccinations
Anthony Fauci is, as you are starting to see is absolutely not one of the good guys, not by a longshot. He has lied repeatedly about the mortality rates, as recently as just last week calling for between 100-200,000 death bodies when nothing remotely close to that has happened. Not only that, he is a longtime member of the vaccine cabal with Bill Gates. Have you figured out yet why he has been so against using the anti-malaria drug hydroxychloroquine? Because he and his buddy Bill Gates want to give everyone a vaccine instead. You mad, bro?

Exlosives at Federal Building While Barricading Agents Inside
Portland Antifa and Black Lives Matter launched explosives at the Federal Courthouse and Justice Center while attempting to barricade agents inside on the 50th night of riots in the ultra liberal city.

SF Police Commission: Black Lives Matter Posters in all Stations
The San Francisco Police Commission voted this week to require police stations throughout the city to display Black Lives Matter posters, despite pushback from union members.

Four States Help Trump Get Accurate Count of U.S. Citizen Population
Four states, thus far, are helping President Trump’s administration get an accurate count of the American citizen population after the United States Supreme Court blocked such a question on the 2020 Census.

BREAKING VIDEO: Self-Proclaimed “Communists, Anarchists and Democrats” Join BLM, Shut Down Traffic In NYC…Threaten ”We are getting organized for a revolution to overthrow the system”
Only moments ago, Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) tweeted a video of Lileth Sinclair an “Afro-indigenous, non-binary, local organizer” in Portland who is organizing for the “abolition of the United States as we know it.” In his tweet, Cruz warned Americans to take these radicals seriously: “When the radicals tell you they want to destroy America…believe them.”

Pfizer, which ran vaccine experiments on Nigerian children, gets “fast track” approval for its coronavirus vaccines by the FDA
The same drug giant that once faced serious criminal prosecution for illegally testing experimental drugs and vaccines on innocent Nigerian children has more recently been awarded “fast track” status by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to produce a new vaccine for the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19).

BREAKING: FAA declares flight restrictions over “Battle Ground Vortac” near Portland, cites “active national defense” operations and warns unmanned aircraft may be shot down
We have now confirmed that the FAA has declared NOTAM flight restrictions at the Battle Ground Vortac (BTG) near Portland, Oregon, described as, “Temporary flight restrictions for Special Security Reasons.”