18 Jul 2020

Israel making ‘secret’ IDF officials list fearing ICC arrests – report
Israel began creating a list of defense establishment officials likely to be arrested if the International Criminal Court (ICC) goes through with an investigation into alleged Israeli war crimes, Haaretz reported Thursday. According to the media outlet, the contents of the list remain confidential, as the ICC may view the officials inclusion as a confirmation of their alleged crimes against the Palestinians.

Mayor of Portland to Trump: Get your troops out of the city
The mayor of Portland demanded Friday that President Donald Trump remove militarized federal agents he deployed to the city after some detained people on streets far from federal property they were sent to protect. “Keep your troops in your own buildings, or have them leave our city,” Mayor Ted Wheeler said at a news conference.

How hot could US-China ‘Cold War’ get?
Tensions are mounting by the day between the United States and China, leading to talk of a new Cold War. Experts see important historical differences – but believe the two powers are entering dangerous territory. US President Donald Trump’s administration…pushing other nations to reject its strings-attached aid and telecom…Huawei, and siding unreservedly with Beijing’s rivals in the dispute-rife South China Sea.

Internet Was Not Under “Attack” During Global Outage…
The Internet is actually not under siege and you can still watch Netflix over the weekend, it turns out – though it certainly felt like the digital world had collapsed to PONG levels for a while today. There are still some dark spots out there…but one of the main providers of the routers that connect domains to their actual IP addresses says they have identified the problem and are watching out for more problems.

Florida church’s statue of Jesus beheaded, similar attacks occur across U.S.
A statue of Jesus Christ was decapitated and knocked off a pedestal at a Catholic church in Florida, another in a string of similar incidents nationwide. The Rev. Edivaldo da Silva, a parish priest of three years at Good Shepherd Catholic Church in Southwest Miami-Dade, discovered the desecrated depiction of Christ July 15. Police are now investigating.

Piracy incidents double across Asia during pandemic
Piracy incidents have doubled across Asia causing “deep concern”, according to a new report. There were 50 incidents in the region in the first half of the year, compared to 25 in the same period of 2019. The Singapore Strait, one of the world’s busiest commercial shipping routes, has seen 16 incidents since between January and June.

‘Once-in-500-years’ storm hits Northland, cutting off Far North from the rest of the country, New Zealand
Unusual interaction between two low-pressure zones caused intense storms over New Zealand’s Northland on July 17, 2020. The worst affected was Whangarei, where emergency services responded to more than 220 calls. “This is just diabolical for our people. We’ve gone from drought to dealing with a 1 in 500-year event. Unbelievable,” Whangārei Mayor Sheryl Mai said.

More than 3.5 million people affected as flood situation continues to deteriorate in Assam, India
Flood situation continues to deteriorate in Assam, India, with five more fatalities reported as of Thursday, July 16, 2020. More than 3.5 million people in 27 districts have been affected, and a total of 97 people lost their lives this year due to rain-related incidents.

Testing Will Begin In Africa For Biometric ID, “Vaccine Records”, & “Payment Systems”
Testing will soon begin in poverty-stricken parts of Africa for a biometric ID which will also be your payment system and vaccine record. The biometric digital identity platform that “evolves just as you evolve” is backed by none other than the Bill Gates-backed GAVI vaccine alliance, Mastercard, and the AI-powered “identity authentication” company, Trust Stamp.

Strong M7.0 earthquake hits Papua New Guinea
A strong earthquake registered by the USGS as M7.0 hit Papua New Guinea at 02:50 UTC (12:50 LT) on July 17, 2020. The agency is reporting a depth of 79.8 km (49.6 miles). EMSC is reporting the same magnitude and depth.

CDC will no longer control coronavirus data; hospitals to report directly to Washington
American hospitals will no longer send data related to the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). According to the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), the hospitals will now send the data directly to a central database in Washington instead.

IT BEGINS: Feds In Camo Nab Suspects In Portland, Drive Off In Unmarked Cars
Federal law enforcement officials have reportedly started to whisk suspected rioters off the streets of Portland in unmarked cars as the Trump administration begins to make good on its promise to “quell” the violence in the city.

Rocklin church to defy California’s COVID-19 restrictions
A Rocklin church is defying California’s COVID-19 restrictions by holding indoor services that include singing this Sunday. “I’m going to obey God. I’m not going to obey the governor’s mandate,” said Destiny Christian Church lead pastor Greg Fairrington.

Multiple Marxist And Fascist Groups Are Fueling The Race Riots That Are Designed To Take Down America
As most of us know by now, groups like ANTIFA and Black Lives Matter are not social protest groups, they are political entities that are highly-funded by rich, white global elites to the tune of hundred of millions of dollars. But that is just the tip of the iceberg, it goes a whole lot deeper than that. Marxist and fascist activist groups have successfully infiltrated America’s high schools, and are busy creating the next generation of fascist militants.

Twitter “Hack” an Inside Job – Reveals Shadowbanning Tool Is Manual and Not Accidental — Exposes Tech Giant’s Massive Censorship Operation
On Wednesday the Twitter account belonging to former Vice President Joe Biden was hacked, the account belonging to former President Barack Obama was hacked shortly after.

California Governor Newsom Bans ALL In-Home Bible Fellowship, Church Services, Meetings, Singing, and Church Gatherings
As of July 13th, 2020 ALL indoor Church services have been banned in at least 30 counties, even in-home Bible studies, and fellowship. In other counties, fellowship may be limited to 25% capacity or 100 people, whichever is less. Also, singing, chanting, praise, and worship have been banned. However, the exact same order also allows protests.

Pentagon Reveals Trump’s “Super-Duper” Hypersonic Missile 
“What he was referring to, really, was the recent flight test that we’ve performed in March where we flew 17 times the speed of sound.”