17 Jul 2020

The FBI Has Launched An Official Inquiry Into Last Night’s Twitter Hack
For the full details on the hack, you can read our report on it here. In addition to the hack, a subplot emerged last night when we reported that sources “close to or inside” the underground hacking community leaked a screenshot of what is allegedly an internal software panel used by Twitter to interact with user accounts.

Scores injured following explosion on board U.S. Navy warship
Scores of U.S. Navy sailors have been injured as a fire continues to rage on board a U.S. Navy warship docked in the Naval Base in San Diego, California. “There have been 61 personnel, 38 US Navy sailors and 23 civilians, that have been treated for minor injuries, including heat exhaustion and smoke inhalation, apparently there are no personnel hospitalized,” Expeditionary Strike Group Three Commander Rear Admiral Philip Sobeck said

Trump says announcement coming on dealing with crime in Chicago, other Democratic-run cities
President Donald Trump on Wednesday referenced an upcoming announcement on how his administration intends to deal with crime in Democrat-led cities, again citing Chicago’s violence as a problem he will tackle. In a briefing with reporters about his ongoing efforts to deal with the MS-13 gang, Trump said he would have more to say next week “with the attorney general, the FBI and others concerning our cities, because the left-wing group of people that are running our cities are not doing the job that they’re supposed to be doing, and it’s not a very tough job to do if they knew what they were doing.”

Too Much Faith In Models
Between 2 million and 3 million Americans will die! That was the prediction from “experts” at London’s Imperial College when COVID-19 began. Politicians issued stay-at-home orders. They said we must trust the “experts.” Our actual death toll has been about one-tenth of that.

Georgia Governor Kemp Overrides All Local Mask Mandates
Republican Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp issued an executive order Wednesday prohibiting local municipalities from establishing mask mandates for people who go out in public. His order prevents any municipality from enforcing a mask order that is more restrictive than the one at the state level, The Hill reported. The order nullifies more than 15 mandates that have already been issued by local governments throughout the state,

PA said to have detained Palestinians for supporting Israeli sovereignty
The Palestinian Authority has detained some Palestinians who told an Israeli TV journalist Zvi Yehezkeli that they support Israel’s plan to apply sovereignty in parts of Judea and Samaria, according to Yechezkeli.

In Potential Alliance Against Turkey, Israel and Greece Strengthen Military Ties
The head of the Greek army, Hellenic National Defense General Staff Chief Konstantinos Floros, met on Tuesday in Israel with his counterpart, IDF Chief of Staff Lt. Gen. Aviv Kochavi, to discuss deepening military ties between their countries. “The Israeli-Greek military bond continues to grow stronger,” the IDF tweeted after the meeting, held to talk about “operational developments in the region.”

Former NYPD Commissioner Warns: American Jews in Grave Danger
Jewish communities in the United States should follow the example of their counterparts in Europe and place security measures in place in synagogues, Former NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly said in an interview. Kelly added “we are in a dangerous place in history.” Kelly’s sentiments echo that of an Israeli ‘oracle’ who also warned that Jews outside of Israel are in grave danger. The oracle, who goes by the name ‘Daniel’ warned: “I’m talking to all the Jews that live in the United States. Your life will not go back to what it used to be.

Trump Defends St. Louis Couple Who Brandished Guns, Hints He’ll Take Action
President Donald Trump on Tuesday defended the St. Louis couple who last month wielded guns to defend their home from activists who walked through their gated neighborhood, and hinted he may take action in the case. The president suggested in an interview with Townhall that the couple, Mark and Patricia McCloskey, had the right to defend themselves with their personal firearms. Authorities on Friday served a search warrant at their home, confiscating a rifle from the couple.

Strange star somehow survives supernova, shoots off across galaxy
On closer inspection with the Hubble Space Telescope, astronomers from the University of Warwick have found that the star is much stranger than previously thought. The researchers spotted signs of carbon, sodium and aluminum in its atmosphere, and its mass was found to be very small – only about 40 percent that of the Sun. Weirder still, this star is absolutely pelting through the Milky Way. The scientists measured its velocity and found that it’s traveling at around 900,000 km/h (560,000 mph).

Iranian air defense on high alert amid explosions – report
The US has several intelligence indications that Iran has put some of its air defense systems on high alert in recent days, CNN…citing a “US official…he or she confirmed that the Islamic Republic has changed the alert status on its surface-to-air missile batteries, in a move indicating it would fire at airborne targets perceived as a potential threat.

Iran vows to ‘decisively’ deal with anti-regime, economy crisis protests
Iran promised on Friday to deal “decisively” with further protests over economic hardship, a day after security forces fired teargas to disperse demonstrators in the southwestern city of Behbahan… Iranian police urged people in a statement on Friday to “vigilantly refrain from any gathering that could provide a pretext for the counter-revolutionary movement,” accusing “enemies” of whipping up discontent.

Russia is hacking virus vaccine trials, US, UK, Canada say
Western governments on Thursday accused hackers believed to be part of Russian intelligence of trying to steal valuable private information about a coronavirus vaccine, calling out the Kremlin in an unusually detailed public warning to scientists and medical companies..APT29, also known as Cozy Bear, is attacking academic and pharmaceutical research institutions involved in COVID-19 vaccine development.

Erdogan Defies the West to Make Turkey a Regional Power
When President Recep Tayyip Erdogan reopens Istanbul’s Hagia Sophia for prayers next week, it will be the crowning symbol of his mission to reassert Turkey’s role as a Muslim power on the global stage. Yet Turkey’s rarely seemed more alone. From conflicts in Syria and Libya to strikes in Iraq, NATO’s second-largest army is at work day and night with armed drones, warplanes and tanks.

Is Social Distancing Effective? Navy Considers Employee-Tracking Wearables to Find Out.
Equipping personnel with wearable devices that track their movements and proximity to others is among near-future actions the Navy is considering to ensure employees keep appropriate space amid the pandemic—and to determine the efficacy of the government’s social distancing policies.

Weekly jobless claims rise by more than 1 million for 17th straight week
The number of Americans who filed for unemployment benefits rose more than expected last week as the country continues to grapple with the economic impacts of the coronavirus pandemic. Initial weekly jobless claims came in at 1.3 million for the week ending July 11, the Labor Department said Thursday. Economists polled by Dow Jones expected 1.25 million.

China says a US travel ban on Communist Party members would be ‘pathetic’
China says any US travel ban on members of its Communist Party would be “pathetic”, in the latest sharp exchange amid souring bilateral ties. The New York Times had earlier reported the Trump government was considering the move, although it is still in draft form and could be rejected. The Chinese Communist Party has 92 million members and how a ban would be enforced is uncertain.

U.S. Congress set for battle over next coronavirus aid bill
The U.S. Congress returns to Washington on Monday with Democratic and Republican leaders agreeing that they need to pass something to salve the heavy toll of the coronavirus pandemic but $2 trillion apart on what that something should be…Extended unemployment benefits…are scheduled to end July 31 and with the Nov. 3 election looming, the two-week summer session may be lawmakers’ last chance to pass a major bill this year.

Israeli water infrastructure hit with more cyberattacks
A cyber-attack targeted two Israeli water infrastructure facilities, with the Israeli Water Authority confirmed on Thursday. According to officials, the attacks were aimed at agricultural water pumps in the Upper Galilee and infrastructure in the center of the country. The hacks did not cause any damage, the authorities said.

Coronavirus could cause US to lose Iraqi Kurdish region to China
The coronavirus pandemic created an opportunity for China to strengthen its burgeoning relations with Iraq’s semi-autonomous oil and gas-rich Kurdish region of northern Iraq (KRI) through medical aid. On March 8, the Chinese government sent 200,000 face masks to KRI to help the Kurdish Regional Government’s (KRG) efforts to stem the spread of the virus in the region.

Israel supporter’s dramatic shift shocks establishment
An influential American commentator has sent shock waves through the Jewish establishment and Washington policy-making circles by breaking a long-standing taboo: He has endorsed the idea of a democratic entity of Jews and Palestinians living with equal rights between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean, arguing that a two-state solution — Israel and Palestine — is no longer possible.

Moderna coronavirus vaccine causes side effects in over 50% of patients; antibodies disappear in 2-3 months, rendering the vaccine pointless 
The widely-hyped Moderna coronavirus vaccine caused adverse events (side effects) in over 50% of clinical trial participants, including, “fatigue, chills, headache, myalgia, and pain at the injection site.” While it generates antibodies in the short term, new studies indicate those antibodies fade very quickly, rendering the vaccine pointless in the face of the coronavirus pandemic.

Gates Foundation Member’s Confidence In the “New” Vaccine Is Unfounded
How would Fauci’s newly expressed confidence in the vaccine carry any validity? Did he do the research himself. Can he predict the future and know that patient and efficacy and safety are going to be validated in ADVANCE of the testing. Or, were his unfounded statements about the coming vaccine motivated by his membership on the Board of Directors of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and they all stand to make a lot of money!!!! Here are the details…

Heavy rains and hail cause fatal flooding and landslides in Oaxaca and Jalisco, Mexico
Heavy downpours hit Mexico’s southern states of Jalisco and Oaxaca this week, resulting in fatal flooding and landslides. In Oaxaca, two casualties were reported as flooding damaged houses and roads. In Jalisco, a hailstorm struck the Guadalajara and Zapopan municipalities, causing severe flooding up to 1 m (3 feet) high.

Extreme, record rains lead to deadly floods and massive disruption in Sicily, Italy
Deadly flash floods caused by severe thunderstorms lashed parts of Sicily, Italy, on Wednesday, July 15, 2020, resulting in massive disruption. Palermo City’s astronomical observatory recorded 74 mm (3 inches) of rain in just a few hours, breaking the previous wettest July day record set 85 years ago.​ Palermo mayor described the downpour as the worst since 1970 — ‘equal to what the city registers in a year.’

Breaking: Trump Admin Wisely Strips CDC of Control of Coronavirus Data — Information Will Now Be Sent to Central DC Database
The Trump administration announced new guidelines on Wednesday. Starting today hospitals will be ordered to bypass the CDC and send ALL COVID-19 patient information to a central database in Washington DC.

Portland ‘Under Siege By Anarchists’ As City Officials Twiddle Thumbs, Says DHS Chief
“Instead of addressing violent criminals in their communities, local and state leaders are instead focusing on placing blame on law enforcement and requesting fewer officers in their community.”

BLM Organizer Charged on Six Counts of Child Sex Abuse, Possession of Images of Underage Girls
Christopher Devries, organizer, and leader of a Black Lives Matter/defund the police protest he named ‘skate away the hate’ has been arrested on six counts of possession of child sex abuse images.

Prepare Yourself, They Are Now Building A System That Will Use Smart Cameras To Force You To Wear A Mask And Observe Social Distancing
There is an old expression that talks about the fog coming in on “little cat’s feet”, which is to say it came in slowly and stealthily. You never really saw it coming but all of a sudden it was right there in front of you. That’s precisely how the New World Order is bringing in the full-time, always on, human monitoring system, slowly, certainly, and stealthily.

North Carolina City Unanimously Approves Reparations For Black Residents
The city of Asheville, North Carolina has voted to provide reparations to the city’s black residents and their descendants – not through direct payments, but via ‘investments in areas where black residents face disparities,’ according to the Citizen Times.