12 Jul 2020

Court rules against Obama ‘deep state’ job-security strategy
Political appointees are just that, appointees, and they can be removed from their jobs just about any time for any reason. Civil service employees, however, are another matter. They have more job protections than just about anyone else in the country.
So it was a hit to the “deep state,” the entrenched bureaucrats who wield immense power in the government, writing rules and imposing agendas, when a court released a recent decision. It ruled an employee who maneuvers around some of the requirements of the civil service system to change jobs – from appointee to civil servant – can be fired.

Conservatives rally around Goya amid calls for boycott over CEO’s pro-Trump remarks
A number of prominent conservatives have offered their support for Goya Foods as it faces mass calls for boycott over its CEO’s decision to praise President Trump. On Friday, Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, tweeted: “Goya is a staple of Cuban food. My grandparents ate Goya black beans twice a day for nearly 90 years. And now the Left is trying to cancel Hispanic culture and silence free speech. #BuyGoya”

Turkey vows to ‘liberate Al-Aqsa’ after turning Hagia Sophia to mosque
Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan vowed to “liberate al-Aqsa mosque” from Israel after “resurrecting Hagia Sophia” as a mosque on Friday. The decision to change the status of the ancient Hagia Sophia church, which had been transformed into a mosque in 1453 and then into a museum in 1934, was made controversially last week.

Danon: “Obama’s Decision to ‘Abandon’ Israel Was Lowest Moment of My UN Tenure”
Danon noted that his “lowest moment in the last five years [was] the moment the U.S. decided to abandon Israel” at the U.N. Security Council under the Obama administration, when it supported Resolution 2334 against Israel. He further accused the Obama administration of working behind the scenes to promote that resolution, which condemned Israel’s presence in Judea and Samaria, as well as eastern Jerusalem.

Evangelical Lutheran Church Becomes Branch Of The Radical Left
I spent many years as a pastor in the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America until I led my congregation out for a more Biblical branch of Lutheranism. “Liberal” is no longer the word for the ELCA, it has become radical. Here is what I mean: The ELCA pays for abortion for any reason in the denomination’s healthcare plan which is funded by offering dollars. That’s right, “your offering dollars at work” can go to kill unborn children. The ELCA ordains practicing homosexuals and now also transgender pastors.

NYPD sees 411% increase in officers retiring in a single week
Filings surged between June 29 and July 6 as 179 uniformed officers filed for retirement: a 411% increase from the same period last year when just 35 uniformed officers filed, … “There have been 306 retirements, 40 resignations and 503 have filed for retirement [since May 25],” O’Donnell said. “2019 numbers for comparison: 254 retirements, 49 resignations and 287 filed for retirement.”

Report: US planning big South China Sea announcement next week
Tensions between the U.S. and China have been intensifying in the South China Sea recently as China is increasing its aggressive behavior and the U.S. is increasing its freedom of navigation patrols in the region. “Conducting military exercises over disputed territory in the South China Sea is counterproductive to efforts at easing tensions and maintaining stability. The PRC’s actions will further destabilize the situation in the South China Sea,” the DOD noted.

Has Israel infiltrated Hamas’s military wing?
A senior commander of Hamas’s military wing, Izzadin al-Qassam Brigades, has reportedly fled the Gaza Strip amid suspicions that he had been collaborating with Israel, Palestinian sources said on Saturday. The man, who headed Hamas’s commando frogman unit, fled the Strip aboard an IDF boat, the sources told the Palestinian news website Amad.

Hamas, Hezbollah seek to unite ‘Islamic ummah’ against Israel – Iran media
Tasnim News agency stressed on Saturday an alliance between Hamas and Hezbollah against Israel over recent annexation plans. While Hamas and Hezbollah have not apparently been in close contact about coordinating efforts, the Iranian media outlet, which is close to the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, suggested that the two terror groups were both confronting Israel over recent policies.

Explosion shakes buildings in Tehran – report
An explosion was heard in Tehran, shaking buildings in Iran’s capital on Saturday night, according to international media. Jalal Maleki, a spokesman for the Tehran Fire Department, stated that the explosion took place in northern Tehran in the basement of an old two-story house containing about 30 gas cylinders, according to the Iranian ISNA news. Several of the cylinders weighed five kilograms.

Coronavirus Surge Challenges Struggling Food Supply Chains
Grocers are having trouble staying stocked with goods from flour to soups as climbing coronavirus case numbers and continued lockdowns pressure production and bolster customer demand. Manufacturers…say they are pumping out food as fast as they can, but can’t replenish inventories. Popular items such as flour, canned soup, pasta and rice remain in short supply.

Psychedelic Mushrooms Could Pit D.C. Against Congress
District of Columbia residents are likely to vote this fall on whether to effectively decriminalize certain plant-based hallucinogenic substances, including psychedelic mushrooms, raising the prospect of another fight between local leaders and Congress, which can intervene in the city’s affairs.

Thirty gunmen storm South African place of worship and leave five dead after ‘feud between warring Christian religious factions’
Five people have been killed and dozens arrested in an ongoing church massacre in Johannesburg. The bloodbath took place at the International Pentecost Holiness Church in Zuurbekom… It is believed the killings came amid a leadership battle at the church, as officers scrambled to the church at 3am local time following reports that 200 people were taken hostage.

Tel Aviv protests turn violent amid clashes with police
As economic protests in Tel Aviv came to an end on Saturday night, protesters began to block roads and clash with police throughout the city.
Dozens of protesters blocked HaHasomnaim and Hamisgar-Yitzhak Sadeh roads and the exit to the Ayalon Highway. The intersection in front of the Azrieli towers was blocked by protesters leaving the protest in Rabin Square. The chief of the police station for central Tel Aviv addressed protesters blocking the Azrieli Junction saying “You are in an illegal gathering.

China raises flood alert to second highest level
China raised its flood response alert on Sunday to the second highest level as heavy rain battered regions along the Yangtze River, with the eastern provinces of Jiangsu and Jiangxi among the worst hit… Flooding in the Poyang county of Jiangxi pushed water levels of Lake Poyang, China’s biggest freshwater lake, to above 22.52 metres (74 feet), a historical high and well above the alert level of 19.50 metres (64 feet).

Libya: Haftar’s LNA says blockade on oil will continue
Renegade military commander Khalifa Haftar’s self-styled Libyan National Army (LNA) has said it would maintain a blockade on oil production and exports that…has cost the country $6.5bn in lost revenue. Friday’s loading of a first tanker since January with oil from storage had led NOC to lift force majeure on all exports, though it warned…it would take a long time to fully restore production.

A Never-Before-Seen Bacteria Is Killing Tens of Thousands of Fish in Victorville, California
A bacteria identified as Lactococcus garvieae, which had never been found in the state until April, has caused a mass outbreak of disease killing up to 60,000 fish at the Mojave River Hatchery in San Bernardino County…around 3 million rainbow trout and other species have been quarantined as scientists try to understand the novel pathogen that has resisted treatments to cure it.

Cops Raid Mansion Of St. Louis Couple Who Defended Home From Protesters, Confiscate AR-15
Defend your home in St. Louis, get disarmed…

Record snow and freezing temperatures hit parts of South America
Parts of South America were hit by record snow accumulations and below-freezing temperatures this week. This included Mendoza City in Argentina, which recorded about 1.5 m (5 feet) of snow– the highest volume of snow in the city this early in the season.

Hong Kong Forced to Delete Movies, TV Shows That ‘Threaten’ China
China’s state-run Global Times reported approvingly on Thursday that Hong Kong has been forced to suppress countless movies, television shows, books, and online posts that could violate the new security law imposed by Beijing because the material could be judged to “threaten” Communist China, and those who display or sell the “threatening” material could be held legally liable.

Minneapolis business owners: “The government has abandoned us!” 
Flora Westbrook’s salon, Flora’s Hair Designs, had been serving her neighborhood in Minneapolis for about four decades now. That four-decade run, however, ended when the salon was burned down during the riots sparked over the death of George Floyd.

After the Lockdowns and Race Riots, This Is What Will Take America Down
…In the modern era, the breakup of the United States first appeared in Richard Nixon’s division of America into 10 FEMA Regions. This is becoming a rough draft model for the planned break-up of the United States. Today, these regions exist as FEMA regions, but many fear they could return as an organizational structure which replace the United States territorial organizational format.

Remember The Psy-Op Called The Great Toilet Paper Shortage? Now We Are Pretending There’s A National Coin Shortage So We Go Cashless
By this point I’m sure you’ve noticed that there has been no let up of any kind in the relentless onslaught by our government and governments around the world to keep us afraid and looking over our shoulders. The toilet paper psy-op sent people into a near catatonic frenzy, hoarding the rolls like it would never be seen again. Meanwhile, the New World Order elites did nothing but chuckle as they counted their overflowing toilet paper supplies in warehouses told to stop delivering it. That’s how psy-ops work, it’s supposed to mess with your head.

Microchip Protection Act – Michigan Prevents Mandatory Microchips
If you adopted your pet from a rescue shelter, they probably have a microchip embedded just beneath the skin on the back of their neck. It’s a tiny radio-frequency identification (RFID) chip that’s no larger than a grain of rice, and it helps you find your furry friend if they ever get lost.

Sports Illustrated Putting A Transgender Fake Woman On Its Swimsuit Issue Cover Is A Perfect Metaphor For A Hopelessly Lost And Dying America
Have you read the headlines lately? They are a consistent and unmitigated chronicle of the slow-motion train wreck of the United States of America, as it sputters and spasms its way to the grave. Everything that surrounds us is fake, a cardboard cutout of what used to be life in the greatest country on the face of the earth. Sports Illustrated is proudly featuring a man named Valentina Sampaio pretending to be a woman as its 2020 face of beauty, and it perfectly represents the end times freak show that our nation and our society has become.

Gas explosion in Tehran injures one person
A gas explosion shook a residential building in Tehran, Iran, on Saturday, injuring one person, Iran’s semi-official ISNA reported.

Five Guys Fires Employees Who Refused to Serve Police Officers
Fast food restaurant chain Five Guys has fired multiple employees after they refused to serve members of the police.