5 Jul 2020

Gantz: Not everything that happens in Iran is connected to us
Israeli Defense Minister Benny Gantz…denied that Israel was behind a number of mysterious blasts in Iran, saying that not everything that happens there could be blamed on the Jewish State. “Not every incident that transpires in Iran necessarily has something to do with us…All those systems are complex, they have very high safety constraints and I’m not sure they always know how to maintain them,” Gantz…

Air defenses respond to rocket attack on US Embassy in Baghdad – report
Air defense systems responded to a rocket attack on the US Embassy in Baghdad on Saturday night, according to Al-Arabiya. The eastern entrance of the “Green Zone” in Baghdad where the embassy is located was reportedly closed after the attack. The rocket reportedly fell near a number of protesters near the suspension bridge in the Green Zone.

American protestors chant ‘Death to Israel’ at US Day of Rage
Calls have been made to end Israel’s existence at a series of rallies held across America and Canada. Pro-Palestinian group Al-Awda held a ‘Day of Rage’ in Brooklyn, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Miami and Toronto between July 1 and 4, at which numerous calls were made for a new intifada or uprising against the State of Israel. Speakers…linked the Palestinian cause…to others globally, including Black Lives Matter.

Ukraine’s Zelensky accused by ex-leader of hosting Russian ‘fifth column’
Ukraine’s ex-president Petro Poroshenko has accused his successor, Volodymyr Zelensky, of pursuing him in the courts out of a desire for “revenge”. Mr Poroshenko marched with several thousand of his supporters to a pre-trial hearing in Kyiv last week. He is facing more than 20 different investigations on what he says are politically-motivated charges.

Lebanese border town sounds alarm over Syrian ‘takeover’
Residents of Tfail, a Lebanese farming community on the border with Syria, say they are powerless to stop their farmland being destroyed by bulldozers watched over by gunmen who appear intent on taking control of the town. According to anxious residents, confusion over the boundary between Lebanon and Syrian is adding to the problem, with many sections of the border yet to be demarcated.

New Bubonic Plague Cases Send Mongolian Region Along Russian Border On Lockdown
In nearby Mongolia in a region near the Russian border the rare, ancient bubonic plague, or known in history as the ‘Black Death’, has surfaced once again, causing Mongolia to place ares of the Western region of Khovd province along the border on lockdown. Two cases have been confirmed after lab test results.

Dr. Fauci Is No Nostradamus: How COVID-19 Ran Amok Under His Watch
Dr. Fauci shared his foresight with medical peers at a Georgetown forum when he stated, “There will be a surprise outbreak during Trump’s first term.” Fauci’s prediction wasn’t conjured from the alignment of the stars and planets, or a passage lifted out of the Bible. No. He didn’t develop any such gift. Instead, he arrived at his foresight by steering the financing of zoonotic viruses “gain-of-function” research. …it appears Fauci helped initiate the release of the novel coronavirus, unleashing pandemic paranoia and now, fanning new fears about the coming “second wave,” while insisting that only a COVID vaccine will allow society to “return to normal.” We’re six months into this pandemic and we have only witnessed gross incompetence by the CDC, … Why is Dr. Fauci allowed to share state, perhaps classified, information with an executive at the Gates Foundation and the director of the Chinese CDC?

Texas Supremes: Father trumps mom’s boyfriend in custody fight
A ruling from the Texas Supreme Court has granted a man custody rights to his young daughter after the mother, from whom he had separated, died in a car accident. The high court “overturned the decisions of all lower courts, and declared the biological father must have full, permanent custody of his daughter. In a decisive victory for parental rights, the court affirmed that parents are presumed to be fit and that the actions of fit parents are presumed to be in the best interests of their children.”

Trump defends US history, blasts ‘radical left’ in ‘Salute to America’ celebration
President Trump evoked the history of American patriots who defeated Nazis, toppled communists and chased down terrorists, but warned of another threat now in today’s political climate — the “radical left.” “We are now in the process of defeating the radical left,” Trump said to hundreds at the White House lawn Independence Day celebration. “The Marxists. The anarchists. The agitators. The looters, and people who in many instances, have absolutely no clue what they are doing.”

Yet Another Explosion at Iranian Nuclear Site
A fire and explosion damaged a centrifuge production plant above Iran’s Natanz nuclear enrichment facility at around 2:00 AM local time on Thursday. Last week, a large explosion was reported in the Parchin military base that has been associated with nuclear weapons. Unconfirmed reports have claimed the explosion was the result of an Israeli cyberattack.

The Strategies of Dementia Politics
The earlier career of a healthy Biden illustrates that he was not especially sharp even when in control of most of his faculties. We recall the former sane/nutty Biden of Neal Kinnock plagiarism, his “put y’all in chains” demagoguery, the studied racism of Biden’s riffs about a “clean” and well-spoken Obama, and the sane/insane Corn Pop stories. All are the trademark of a once fool Joe Biden, who was at least alert when compared with his current catalepsy.

As C.O. drought emergency declared, Jefferson County farmers may be hit hardest
BEND, Ore. (KTVZ) — Gov. Kate Brown on Wednesday issued an executive order declaring drought emergencies for seven Oregon counties, including the three in Central Oregon, but Jefferson County farmers may feel the brunt of the conditions on the High Desert.

Report: Natanz ‘accident’ was Israel’s fault
Kuwait’s Al-Jarida newspaper on Friday reported that Israel was responsible for a Thursday “accident” at an Iranian nuclear facility in Natanz. It is believed that the Natanz facility is used to enrich uranium. According to the Al-Jarida report, the explosion was caused by an “Israeli cyber attack” which targeted the computers which control the pressure gauges inside gas containers. Tehran has allegedly lost 80% of the uranium hexafluoride gas it needs in order to enrich uranium.

Russia welcomes Fatah-Hamas pledge of unity against sovereignty
Russia on Friday welcomed a pledge of unity between Fatah and Hamas against Israel’s plans to apply sovereignty over Judea and Samaria, AFP reported. The two rival groups held a rare joint press conference on Thursday, in which they pledged a united campaign against Israel’s prospective plans to apply sovereignty in parts of Judea and Samaria.

JPMorgan Concludes The World Is Drowning In Too Much Debt For Stocks To Go Down Again
“More credit and more monetary stimulus in the form of QE, both imply more liquidity, i.e. extra money supply and cash balances, which in turn would result in more asset reflation.”

A heat wave forecast for the U.S. has scientists alarmed
A sustained blast of heat is expected to bake much of the United States with hotter-than-usual temperatures this holiday weekend, and forecasts suggest that the heat and the humidity could linger for several weeks.

Under oath, officials admit to harvesting organs from babies born alive with ‘beating hearts’
The nightmare is no product of imagination.  It is real: infanticide for the purpose of organ-harvesting is real.  Madeline Osburn of The Federalist reports on shocking new video of deposition testimony under oath confirming crimes worthy of comparison to Dr. Mengele:

Common Sense Tells You That If They Make You Wear A Mask, They Will Make You Take The Vaccine, And Make You Take The Digital Immunity Passport
I am not the world’s smartest person, and have never claimed to be, but it doesn’t take a genius to look at what’s happening right now, and then be able to rightly ascertain what will likely follow after. After all, does not Solomon in all his wisdom tells us that there is nothing new under the sun? History is a fantastic barometer of what the future will hold, and there is nothing like a King James Bible that has recorded the history to show us what the future will bring. So it is right now with mandatory mask wearing, you know what follows that.

New Intel: Communist China providing automatic weapons to Antifa, Black Lives Matter
We have bombshell new intel to share with you today that connects some recent dots on the emerging violence (and civil war attempt) from Black Lives Matter, the militant terrorism wing of the Democrat party.

Michigan Passes Controversial Bill To Microchip Humans Voluntarily “To Protect Their Privacy”
The Michigan House of Representatives has passed a controversial bill to microchip humans voluntarily in the state under the guise of protecting their privacy. The Microchip Protection Act would allow Michigan employers to use microchipping of their workers with their consent. However, research has shown that RFID transponders causes cancer.

New Bubonic Plague Cases Send Mongolian Region Along Russian Border On Lockdown
One among two brothers that ate marmot is in “very severe condition” with multiple organ failure…

MPs call for action from NATO and Britain as Christians in Montenegro face persecution
MPs Tim Farron and Steve Baker have called on the UK Government and NATO to take action to defend the freedom of Christians in Montenegro. In a bipartisan article in Newsweek, the MPs, who are both Christians, said that religious freedom “must be defended and protected everywhere” as they warned of increasing harassment towards Christians and clergy in Montenegro, including beatings and imprisonment.

Israeli researchers develop 30-minute coronavirus test
The testing kit developed by start-up NanoScent utilizes nano-scale sensor-based smelling system to identify virus in its earliest stages, scan the data and provide result within half an hour; method has 90% success rate

Airport chief warns Israeli aviation is ‘days away from point of no return’
The CEO of Israel’s main airport warned Friday that the country was “days away from reaching the point of no return” for its aviation industry, after long months of an almost complete lack of flights due to the coronavirus pandemic.

At UN Human Rights Council, 53 countries back China’s draconian Hong Kong crackdown
Fifty-three countries at the U.N. Human Rights Council, led by Cuba, came out in support of China’s national security law this week — a law that has formed the basis of the communist regime’s latest crackdown on the people of Hong Kong.