29 Jun 2020

Apocalyptic Scenario
The current hostility being displayed towards the Jewish state – especially the belligerence of surrounding nations – makes me wonder if we are not rapidly approaching what theologians refer to as ‘Daniel’s 70th week’.

Major power orders Christians: Renounce God or we’ll cut off food and housing
Bitter Winter, the online magazine about religious liberty and human rights in China, reports the Communist Party is threatening “to take away the last means of survival from elderly believers,” the government benefits of “housing, food, clothing, medical care, and funeral expenses.”

BDS groups plan anti-annexation ‘Day of Rage’ across the US
The demonstrations are set to take place in Chicago, San Diego, Brooklyn, Los Angeles and San Francisco, as well as in Toronto, Madrid and Valencia. Among the groups organizing the events are Students for Justice in Palestine, Jewish Voice for Peace, and American Muslims for Palestine.

fall armyworm havoc and Covid-19, locust invasion is new threat to food security
Massive invasions like those in Pakistan and African countries could spell catastrophe for Nepal where food production is already low, experts say. On Saturday morning, when Santosh Budhathoki of Sindhuli walked up to his corn field, he saw some strange bugs flying around. The number started to grow–and it was soon in the thousands. For farmers like Budhathoki who recently had to bear the brunt of American fall armyworm that destroyed their crops, swarms of this new pest hovering over their plants set off an alarm. “We don’t know how to get rid of this insect,” said Budhathoki. “We are extremely worried.” Government officials later confirmed that the invading species was a desert locust, which in huge numbers had made their way into Nepal.

2020 Economic Predictions: This Series of Unfortunate Events Guarantees the Epocalypse
The troubles listed here in my 2020 economic predictions are so severe and so likely to get even worse that it’s more difficult to imagine they won’t get worse than to believe they will. Just a few of these misfortunes would be enough to plunge us into an abyss of social and financial catastrophes.

At least 107 people were killed by Lightning in India: Dozens Injured
At least 107 people were killed by lightning in India on Thursday and dozens more were injured. Of those killed, 83 people were killed in the eastern state of Bihar after being struck by lightning, and another 24 in northern Uttar Pradesh state. The death toll could rise further as the government was still waiting on casualty reports from the interior parts of the state.

Coronavirus-Shaped Hailstones “the Size of Eggs” Fall in China: An End-of Days Omen?
The Beijing Meteorological Observatory issued a yellow warning signal for thunder and lightning early on Thursday but residents were shocked when the warning went on to include a rare summer hailstorm. Perhaps the most shocking aspect of the hailstorm were the photos on social media showing oddly shaped hailstones powerfully reminiscent of the spiked shape of the coronavirus.

Mossad Chief Visits Jordan’s King Abdullah to Discuss Israeli Annexation
Mossad chief Yossi Cohen visited King Abdullah of Jordan to discuss Israel’s plan, starting in July, to annex parts of the West Bank, according to Israel’s Channel 13. Cohen reportedly made the trip last week to the neighboring country, which which it has a peace treaty, to deliver a message from Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, though the specific details were not revealed.

Iran, Turkey could Unite to Wage War Against Israel warns Mid-East Experts
The notion of a joint Iran-Turkey invasion of Israel is a realistic scenario according to several Middle East experts. According to Jpost correspondent Seth Franzman‘s analysis, both Ankara and Tehran have been cooperating in various Middle East conflicts including their opposition to American involvement in Syria as well as battling Kurdish dissident groups. And the once rivals also now share a hatred of Israel combined with the support of Hamas which could translate into a united front in a potential war against Israel.

Shaked: Netanyahu has given up on sovereignty over the Jordan Valley
Israeli plans to apply sovereignty over portions of the West Bank will not include the Jordan Valley, Yamina MK and former Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked told Army Radio. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu “has given up on the Jordan Valley” because of the opposition from the Arab world, Shaked said adding that her party has received reports to this effect.

Palestinian factions call for ‘day of rage’ to foil annexation
Palestinian factions in the Gaza Strip have called for a “day of popular rage” on Wednesday to protest Israel’s plan to apply its sovereignty to parts of the West Bank. The call was issued after a meeting of several Palestinian factions in the Gaza Strip on Sunday. The factions called for the formation of “popular protection committees” in the West Bank to confront the annexation plan.

New Yorkers will lose paid sick leave benefits if they travel to states with high COVID-19 infection rates says Governor Andrew Cuomo
Employed New Yorkers risk losing their paid sick leave benefits if they travel to states with high coronavirus infection rates under a new executive order signed by Governor Andrew Cuomo. The order applies to anyone who is employed in New York State and voluntarily travels to states with infection rates of 10 per cent or more.

Accidental discovery leads to Parkinson’s disease cure in mice
Sometimes, scientific breakthroughs occur when researchers aren’t exactly looking for them. While attempting to better understand the function of a protein in connective tissue cells, UC San Diego School of Medicine scientists found a way to transform multiple types of cells into neurons. This discovery has led to the development of a treatment that eliminates symptoms of Parkinson’s disease in mice.

Taiwan stages LGBT pride parade ‘for the world’
Taiwan has hosted one of the world’s few gay pride marches at a time when most countries have cancelled them because of the coronavirus pandemic. More than 200 people thronged Liberty Square in Taipei, saying they were “marching for the world” during the LGBT pride season. Organiser Darien Chen said it was an honour to march when nearly 500 other events globally had been cancelled.

In pictures: Huge Nevada wildfire turns Las Vegas sky red
A wildfire raging in Mount Charleston, Nevada, has sent up a large plume of smoke visible from nearby Las Vegas. The fire started as a 10-acre (four hectares; 0.04 sq km) brush fire on Sunday afternoon. By the early evening local parks officials said it had engulfed about 5,000 acres (20 sq km)…US Forest Service fire prevention…told the Las Vegas Review-Journal that the wind was too strong for firefighters to work safely.

China unveils wealth management scheme for Hong Kong, Macau and mainland
China unveiled on Monday a long-anticipated scheme linking up investment in wealth management products in Hong Kong, Macau and neighbouring mainland Chinese cities. The “Wealth Management Connect” pilot scheme will allow individuals in Hong Kong, Macau and a group of nine cities in mainland China’s southern Guangdong province, which together form the “Greater Bay Area”, to buy such products in each other’s markets.

Netanyahu: I am ready for peace talks with Palestinians
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said overnight Sunday he is ready to sit down with the Palestinians for peace talks. “Israel is ready for negotiations, I am ready for negotiations and believe that many Arab states hope we will enter such negotiations with the Palestinians,” Netanyahu said in a pre-recorded video aired at the virtual summit organized by the “Christians United for Israel” group.

Utah wildfire sees emergency evacuation of thousands of homes
Thousands of people have been forced to evacuate their homes as a wildfire continues to spread, causing a risk to life. Officials have ordered for 3,100 homes in Saratoga Springs, Utah, to be evacuated after a lightning strike in the area caused a fire to break out. Residents are being relocated to a school in the area, with dozens of vehicles arriving in the car park at Westlake High School.

Exit Poll Shows Russians Strongly Backing Constitution Reforms
Russian state pollster VTsIOM on Monday published an exit poll showing a vast majority of Russians backing proposed constitutional reforms, days before the end of voting. Some 76% of respondents voted for the package of amendments, which range from better pensions and minimum wages to a reset of term limits that would allow President Vladimir Putin to run again in 2024 and potentially stay in power until 2036.

Siberian Wildfires Swell Amid Historic Heatwave
Forest fires in Siberia have grown at least threefold amid a record-breaking heatwave in the region, according to Russia’s agency for aerial forest fire management Aviales. The figures state that 1.37 million hectares (3.4 million acres) were burning in areas unreachable to firefighters as of midnight Monday.

China: 200 communist officials demolish church, beat Christians
A Christian man was arrested and at least two women were injured in China’s Henan province after 200 communist officials stormed into Sunzhuang Church, which is part of a network of government-run churches, and brought it down using cranes and heavy-duty machinery.

Israel Is On Brink Of War With Iran & Hezbollah: Top Israeli Officials
Tel Aviv being “pushed to brink” over Iran’s uranium enrichment and recent successful satellite launch…

West Nile Virus infects ten people in Southern Florida
The fear mongering of democrats.com laid bare: “In the midst of a deadly pandemic, no one should be forced to risk their life to exercise their Constitutional right to vote.”

How the Democrats are Well on Their Way To Stealing Election 2020
The fear mongering of democrats.com laid bare: “In the midst of a deadly pandemic, no one should be forced to risk their life to exercise their Constitutional right to vote.”

COVID-19 Hype Is Essential…
In order to support the most important political objectives of the DNC writ large in the 2020 election, COVID-19 hype is essential:

Man charged with tearing down Ten Commandments monument with chain and pickup truck
NBC Montana reports a Columbia Falls man is behind bars after police say he took down the Ten Commandments monument in Kalispell with a chain and a pickup truck.

The Chinese Social Credit System Has Already Been Fully Implemented In America
32% of Americans between 25-34 have been denied loans solely based on their social media profile. This is the beginning of the beast system!

Officer fired for Facebook post, without even a dialogue
A Savannah Police officer was fired for a Facebook post because community activists said the post was “racist.” Edwin Myrick shared another person’s post that was a definition of “privilege.”

Europe On Alert After Unknown Radioactivity Spike Detected Over Baltic Sea
Almost a year ago Russia admitted to releasing significant amounts of radiation into the air that triggered warning alerts in the region of the far north Arctic Circle port cities of Arkhangelsk and Severodvinsk, after a failed weapons test involving a “small-scale nuclear reactor” that killed Russian scientists – which was believed connected to Russia’s hypersonics program.

Chesapeake Files For Bankruptcy, Wiping Out $7 Billion In Debt And Any Existing Equity Value
After years of melting, the Chesapeake icecube is finally history: at exactly 350pm on Sunday afternoon, the company that launched the US shale boom, finally gave up and filed for a pre-packaged bankruptcy in the Southern District of Texas. In so doing, the company with roughly $9.5 billion in debt has become one of the biggest victims of a spectacular collapse in energy demand from the virus-induced global recession, and follows the collapse of another high-flyer in the US oil patch

China forces birth control on Uighurs to suppress population
The Chinese government is taking draconian measures to slash birth rates among Uighurs and other minorities as part of a sweeping campaign to curb its Muslim population, even as it encourages some of the country’s Han majority to have more children.