19 Jun 2020

Kabalist Rabbi Launches 40-Day Worldwide Campaign to Reverse Sin of Spies: ‘Messiah is Very Close’
In a recent lecture, Rabbi Alon Anava has announced his intention to initiate a 40 day plan to reverse the sin of the spies and to “sweeten” God’s divine judgement upon the world.

Jews Worldwide Now Moving to Israel in Unprecedented Droves as Prophesied in Jeremiah
Meanwhile, Nefesh b’ Nefesh, a non-profit organization that facilitates the Aliyah process, reported that more American Jews applied to immigrate to Israel or inquired about it in May than in any single month over the last two decades.

Major mag. 7.4 earthquake – New Zealand on Thursday, 18 June 2020 – information
Date & time: Thursday, 18 June 2020 12:49 UTC, Magnitude: 7.4, Depth: 33.0 km, Epicenter latitude / longitude: 33.45909°S / 177.57637°W (New Zealand). Napier, Hawkes Bay. / MMI IV (Light shaking): I was in the living room and suddenly couch start to shake like zig zag move, i turned on my phone flashlight and saw the TV shaking as well it looks close to fall from the desktop. I couldn’t see anything else. And i didn’t went outside because i thought could be dangerous.

Namibia faces red locust invasion
Namibia’s Ministry of Agriculture said on Wednesday it had detected an outbreak of red locusts in central regions of the southern African country and had sent pest control teams to the affected areas. The large grasshopper species, which is marked by bright red wings, is common to sub-Saharan Africa and breeds abundantly under drought conditions followed by rain and rapid vegetation growth.

Rumors Of Wars: China, India, North Korea, South Korea, Israel And Turkey
As if we didn’t have enough already going on in 2020, now we are facing the possibility that several regional wars may erupt. China and India had both been pouring troops into a disputed border region, and now there has been an incident where they were actually killing each other. On the Korean peninsula, North Korea just blew up “a joint liaison office” that it had used for talks with the South Korean government. And in the Middle East, Turkey is warning of grave consequences if Israel goes ahead with a plan to annex portions of Judea and Samaria.

“I Was In The Room Too” – Pompeo Accuses “Traitor” Bolton Of Spreading “Outright Falsehoods”
In a statement entitled “I Was In The Room Too,” Pompeo slammed Bolton as a “traitor” who is spreading “fully-spun” lies. He also claimed Bolton “violated his sacred trust with [America’s] people”.

Hezbollah Chief: ‘We will Kill’ before Giving up Weapons
“Whoever puts us between the option of withdrawing our weapons or killing us with hunger, we say: ‘Our weapons will remain in our hands and we will not starve; we will kill you,’ ” Nasrallah announced in his speech

Russian schools getting surveillance systems called ‘Orwell’
According to the business daily Vedomosti, contracts exceeding 2 billion rubles ($29 million) have been signed for the procurement and installation in schools across Russia of surveillance cameras linked to a system that has facial-recognition capability and is called Orwell, after the British author of dystopian novels 1984 and Animal Farm.

Lebanese MPs to Nasrallah: We don’t want to be cut off from the West
The head of Lebanon’s Kataeb Party, Sami Gemayel, spoke out against the Hezbollah terrorist movement after the movement’s Secretary-General Hassan Nasrallah gave an address on Tuesday concerning the country’s financial and political crisis. “No one has the right to drag us into the place they want, and no one has the right to impose on us a lifestyle that we don’t want,” said Gemayel concerning Hezbollah…

New drone unit opens in the IDF’s secretive Unit 9900
A new drone unit which will serve under the IDF’s secretive Intelligence Division’s VISINT 9900 Unit, was officially opened on Wednesday. Unit 9900 is responsible for gathering visual intelligence including geographical data from satellites and aircraft, as well as mapping and interpreting the visual intelligence for troops on the battlefield as well as decision-makers.

‘Ring of fire’ eclipse could be sign of apocalypse sending ‘darkness over the Holy Land’
In a striking coincidence, the 2020 summer solstice will occur on the same day as a major annular eclipse. But some believe it’s more than a coincidence, and that the darkness that will fall on June 21 is a sign that the apocalypse is near. An annular eclipse takes place when the moon is too far away in its orbit to completely block out the sun, creating the eerie “ring of fire” effect.

Coronavirus: EU leaders in tense talks on rescue package
EU leaders are holding a video summit focused on an ambitious €750bn (£676bn; $840bn) EU recovery fund to deal with the coronavirus crisis. Several northern European nations oppose part of the EU Commission plan because it means jointly raising €500bn as grants for countries worst hit by the pandemic, notably Italy and Spain. The BBC’s Gavin Lee in Brussels says this fund is unprecedented in scale.

Trump renews threat to cut ties with Beijing, a day after high-level U.S.-China talks
President Donald Trump on Thursday renewed his threat to cut ties with China, a day after his top diplomats held talks with Beijing and his trade representative said he did not consider decoupling the U.S. and Chinese economies a viable option. The top U.S. diplomat for East Asia described U.S.-China relations as “tense” after their first high-level face-to-face diplomatic talks in months…

Turkish air strikes kill civilian in northern Iraq
Turkish air strikes in northern Iraq have killed a Kurdish shepherd, the first known civilian victim of Ankara’s air and ground assault on the region targeting Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) fighters. Ihsan Chalabi, an official from Iraq’s autonomous Kurdish region, told AFP news agency on Friday that the shepherd was killed on Thursday morning when Turkish air strikes hit the Bradost district.

New Zealand 7.4 magnitude earthquake sparks tsunami warning
A powerful 7.4 magnitude earthquake has sparked a tsunami warning in New Zealand after a quake rocked the Kermadec Islands northeast of the country. New Zealand’s Kermadec Islands were rocked by a 7.4 magnitude earthquake on Thursday, sparking a tsunami warning. The UNESCO/IOC Pacific Tsunami warning and mitigation system said: “Hazardous tsunami waves from this earthquake are possible within 300km of the epicentre.”

China Conducts Military ‘Show Of Force’ Drills With Tanks Near Indian Border
State media touts “warning” video of high altitude tank drills & special forces maneuvers after dozens killed in disputed Ladakh border clash..

‘Ring of Fire’ annular solar eclipse to grace the skies soon after the solstice
An annular solar eclipse will take place on Sunday, June 21, 2020. This is one of the most breathtaking celestial events when the Moon partially obscures the Sun, allowing a “ring of fire” on its edges. The eclipse will start several hours after the solstice.

Emergency powers invoked amid worsening drought in Auckland, New Zealand
Auckland’s Watercare Services is drawing about 15 million liters (4 million gallons) of water a day more from the Waikato River since June 16, invoking emergency powers in response to its worst drought in 25 years.

More than 20 000 people evacuated after landslide blocks major river in China’s Sichuan
Chinese authorities have evacuated more than 20 000 people after a large landslide blocked a major river in Sichuan on June 17, 2020. At least one person has been killed while 3 others remain missing across the province.

Teen Vogue is Now Pushing Karl Marx on your Teen Daughters
Karl Marx’s legacy is death.  Over 100 million human beings dead in 100 years of Marxism. This does not include the the suffering, pain and abject poverty Marxism brought to this world.

Iran slams latest U.S. sanctions on Syria as ‘inhumane’
Iran on Thursday denounced the latest round of U.S. sanctions against its ally Syria, calling the crippling economic penalties “inhumane.”

Atlanta: ONLY ONE Police Officer Showed Up to Work in Zone Six on Thursday Morning
On Wednesday night several Atlanta police officers called off after two police officers were charged in the death of Rayshard Brooks at a Wendy’s last weekend.

Chick-Fil-A CEO Dan Cathy Says White People Need To Get On Their Knees And Shine The Shoes Of Blacks To ‘Exhibit Remorse For Racism’
Chick-fil-a CEO Dan Cathy is a pampered and privileged multi-millionaire, and he wants the world to know that the occupation of shoe shining produces ‘shame and embarrassment’. I wonder how the families of unemployed black men during the Great Depression who shined shoes and were able to put food on the table might feel about that comment? But I digress. Cathy says that answer to our racial problems in 2020 just might be for whites to get on their knees and randomly start shining the shoes of black strangers. What tha…??

George Soros has been funding Antifa and BLM who are burning America.
I am literally watching my nation on fire. The fire has been started and fuelled by two domestic terrorist organisations. These are both funded by public enemy #1-György Schwartz, a.k.a., George Soros.

June snowstorm drops nearly 2 feet across northern Rockies…
Is it the middle of June or the middle of January? That’s the question some residents in parts of Idaho and Montana may have been asking this week as their communities were transformed into a winter wonderland.

Iran Holds “Art” Exhibition Depicting US Police As Nazis, KKK
Iran is one of the most systemically racist countries on the planet…