17 Jun 2020

Torah Codes Reveal: Trump Wins Re-Election in 2020
Six months before the next presidential elections are scheduled to be held, Rabbi Matityahu Glazerson, an expert in Bible codes, made a bold prediction; President Trump will win his bid for reelection. Rabbi Glazerson uses software to find hidden clues in equidistant letters in the Torah and six months before the 2016 elections, at a time when Hillary Clinton was almost universally predicted to win the presidency, Rabbi Glazerson used his Bible-based technique to predict a Trump victory. “We are really exactly in the time of the Messiah.”

Three Indian Soldiers Killed in Border Clash with China
Three Indian soldiers were killed during a clash on the border with China, the Indian army stated on Tuesday. The deaths came on the heels of weeks of increased tensions between the two nations. The soldiers seemingly died from being beaten to death with batons as India also said that neither side fired any shots during the clash. The indecent makes it the first deadly confrontation between the two countries in decades.

Putin Stopped Obama from Destroying Israel new Report Reveals
It has recently come to light that a plot to potentially destroy Israel at the UN Security Council was upended by Russian President Vladimir Putin. Moscow apparently showed a rare willingness to use its UNSC veto power on behalf of Israel to block an Obama-led resolution that would have compelled Israel to establish a Palestinian state based on the 1948 borders. The 1949 Armistice Lines is akin to calling for the end of the Jewish state according to the ZOA.

Report: Greek PM Visits Israel for Help with Military Confrontation Against Turkey
Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis visited Israel on Tuesday. Mitsotakis and Netanyahu are expected to discuss energy as well as Jerusalem’s upcoming plans to annex parts of the Judea and Samaria. Mitsotakis might be seeking help from Israel over a recent border confrontation between Greece and Turkey.

New Horizons becomes first spacecraft to demonstrate stellar parallax
NASA’s New Horizons deep-space probe has, for the first time, returned images to Earth that show stellar parallax, or how the positions of stars shift when seen from two different places. This phenomenon could one day be used for interstellar navigation.

Artificial synapses and living cells communicate using brain chemicals
Now scientists have successfully bridged the gap between organic and artificial, with biohybrid synapses that let living cells communicate with electronic systems, not with electrical signals but with neurotransmitters like dopamine. This is a remarkable breakthrough, the team says. Similar devices usually still communicate using electrical signals, but this biohybrid artificial synapse is using the same electrochemical signals that an organic brain uses.

New bio-ink could be used to 3D-print body parts inside the patient
Although we’re hearing more about the prospect of 3D-printed replacement body parts, those parts need to be implanted via relatively large incisions. That may not always be the case, however, thanks to a new “bio-ink” that could allow parts to be printed within the body.

Rare ‘Ring of Fire’ Eclipse “from Book of Joshua” to Appear on June 21
The first solar eclipse of 2020, a rare annular eclipse, will appear in the heavens over Israel on Sunday. According to academicians, this type of eclipse described as a “ring of fire” was responsible for Joshua’s miraculous ‘stopping of the sun’ during battle exactly 3,227 years ago. The first solar eclipse of 2020, a rare annular eclipse, will appear in the heavens over Israel on Sunday. According to academicians, this type of eclipse described as a “ring of fire” was responsible for Joshua’s miraculous ‘stopping of the sun’ during battle exactly 3,227 years ago. …the Talmud (Sukkot 29a) specifically described solar eclipses as being a bad omen for the nations …

Hurricane forecasters tracking disturbance near Carolinas
As of 7 a.m., a non-tropical low pressure area was about 150 miles southeast of the North Carolina-South Carolina border, the National Hurricane Center said. It is producing disorganized showers and thunderstorms.

Russia: Scientist gave state secrets to China; charged with treason
A Russian scientist has been charged with high treason over allegations he passed classified information to China. Valery Mitko, the president of the St. Petersburg-based Arctic Academy, was charged on Monday. The charges allege Mitko, 78, took classified information with him during business trips to China. That classified information reportedly included information about methods for detecting submarines.

Grenada records more than 1000 small earthquakes at underwater volcano
Grenada has recorded more than a 1,000 small earthquakes at the underwater volcano, Kick ‘Em Jenny, last week and this has caused the National Disaster Management Agency (NDMA) to issue an advisory reminding marine traffic and communities within proximity about the build-up of activity.

Scandinavia is overheating – Sweden almost hit +30 °C on Sunday, Jun 14th
… unusually very warm to almost hot days have been reported this weekend – heatwave developed over Scandinavia. Sweden (Swedish Lapland) almost hit +30 °C! (86 F) Very warm weather is likely to continue through this week.

90,000 immigrants expected in Israel in next 18 months, says minister
Minister of Aliyah and Integration Pnina Tamano-Shata said on Wednesday that the latest forecasts estimate that 90,000 new immigrants will arrive in Israel from around the world in the next 18 months…organizations dealing with aliyah have all stated of late that the COVID-19 pandemic has prompted a large spike in the number of Jews around the world who have expressed heightened interest in immigrating to Israel.

Nasrallah: Hezbollah will keep its weapons, Lebanon will not starve
As the economic crisis in Lebanon worsens, Hezbollah secretary-general Hassan Nasrallah warned that if the situation becomes one of starvation versus weapons, the terrorist movement will keep its weapons. Speaking Tuesday evening, Nasrallah said, “Our weapons will remain in our hands and we will not starve; we will kill you.”.

Fed chair warns of ‘significant uncertainty’ around US recovery
Despite some recent positive signs, “significant uncertainty” remains about the recovery of the US economy from the coronavirus pandemic, Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell said Tuesday. And unless consumers feel confident COVID-19 has been defeated, “a full recovery is unlikely,” Powell warned in his semi-annual testimony before the Senate Banking Committee.

Soldiers fell to their deaths as India and China’s troops fought with rocks
The hand-to-hand combat lasted hours, on steep, jagged terrain, with iron bars, rocks and fists. Neither side carried guns. Most of the soldiers killed in the worst fighting between India and China in 60 years lost their footing or were knocked from the narrow Himalayan ridge, plunging to their deaths.

North Korea ‘to mass troops near border’ and slams ‘mongrel dog’ South Korea after blowing up ’embassy’ building
NORTH Korea has threatened to mass troops near the border with its “mongrel dog” neighbour South Korea, hours after blowing up an ex-embassy. The threat – reported by the dictatorship’s state media – is the latest in a string of increasingly belligerent actions by the North in recent weeks.

Japan Halts Introduction of U.S. Missile-Defense System
Japan suspended plans to introduce a multibillion-dollar American missile-defense system, citing major new costs and delays from modifications needed to ensure rocket debris from the system doesn’t endanger local residents. Two Aegis Ashore batteries were scheduled to be deployed around 2025 in southern and northern Japan that would provide the country with a new layer of defense against ballistic missiles.

U.S. scrambles jets to escort Russian nuclear-capable bombers near its border: RIA
The United States scrambled fighter jets to escort four Russian nuclear-capable Tupolev Tu-95MS strategic bombers as they carried out a planned flight near the U.S. border, the RIA news agency cited the Russian Defence Ministry as saying. The Russian aircraft carried out an 11-hour flight over neutral waters of the Chukotsk, Bering and Okhotsk Seas as well as the northern part of the Pacific Ocean…

Scientists made 1 small edit to human embryos. It had a lot of unintended consequences.
A human embryo editing experiment gone wrong has scientists warning against treading into the field altogether. To understand the role of a single gene in early human development, a team of scientists…removed it from a set of 18 donated embryos. Even though the embryos were destroyed after just 14 days, that was enough time for the single edit to transform into “major unintended edits,” OneZero reports.

Syria war: New US sanctions target Assad government’s foreign backers
Tough new economic sanctions aimed at deterring foreign business activity with Syria’s government have been imposed by the United States. The measures in the Caesar Act seek to compel the government to “halt its murderous attacks” on civilians and accept a peaceful political transition. But there are fears that the sanctions will make the plight of ordinary Syrians even more desperate.

8.5 million people affected, 63 killed as intense downpours continue to pound southern China
Intense downpours continue to batter southern China, leaving at least 63 people dead or missing and almost 8.5 million affected. Worsening floods have also displaced nearly 500 000 and caused direct economic losses of about 4 billion dollars or 21 billion yuan.

Google Begins Censoring Conservative Sites With Opening Shots At Zerohedge And The Federalist As Purge Of Anti-Left Voices Heating Up
If the currency of the 21st century is information, and it is, dystopian search engine giant and complete Internet dictator Google is old man Potter in charge of the bank. Google is the most-powerful company on the face of the earth, hands down, no question about it. When you control the information, you control everything. So when Google decide that certain voices will not be heard, and they do all the time, it has a very chilling effect and immediately conjure up images of Hitler burning books at the library.

Elon Musk And SpaceX Launched 58 Starlink Satellites And Three Planet SkySats Into Orbit On June 13 To Begin Circling The Planet With Internet
Elon Musk is riding high these days, on a wave of technological success not seen from a single person since perhaps the days of Tesla and Edison. Seemingly everything he puts his hand to succeeds beyond even his wildest expectations, he seems to have a limitless source of power and inspiration. Does that come from God, or is it coming from the ‘other guy’? Let’s take a look.

Trans activists bully author into ‘withdrawing’ from public life
The author of a book published in the United Kingdom encouraging children to appreciate the body in which they were born says “bullying” from transgender activists has forced her to retreat from public life.

Initial Publicized China Coronavirus Mortality Rates Were Garbage and Current Reports of a Second Wave In Progress Are Garbage Too
We’ve pointed out since March that predictions on mortality rates related to the China Coronavirus were garbage. Based on this alone, we know that current reports of a second wave of the China Coronavirus starting now are garbage too.

SCOTUS’s Transgender Ruling Firebombs The Constitution
In Monday’s ruling inserting “gender identity” into the word “sex” in a 1964 employment law, the U.S. Supreme Court called a man a woman, possibly leading to eventually forcing everyone else to do so also. The ruling will lead to a tsunami of polarizing court cases and further degradation of Americans’ natural rights to free speech, to free association, and to worshipping God as their consciences require. All this in the name of “equality,” a word that has become a totalitarian weapon.

Muslim Convert Convicted in Plot to BEHEAD Pamela Geller Asks for “Compassionate Release”
Nicholas Rovinski and his two coreligionists, Usaamah Abdullah Rahim and Daoud Wright, plotted to behead me for violating the speech laws under Islam. En route to jihad slaughter, Rahim was killed after he was stopped for questioning in Boston and threatened officers with a large knife.

The Monument Mobs Don’t Hate The Confederacy, They Hate America
Angry mobs are tearing down and defacing monuments across America. They make no distinction between Confederate and Union, abolitionist and pro-slavery, 15th-century figures and 20th. They don’t care when a monument was erected, who built it, or why. They have not come to debate or persuade their fellow citizens to relocate these statues to museums or private property. They believe the debate is over and that they have won.

UK begins trial of latest vaccine candidate for coronavirus
Scientists at Imperial College London will start immunizing people in Britain this week with their experimental coronavirus shot, becoming the latest entry into the race to find an effective vaccine to stop the pandemic.

Russian Scientist Charged with Treason for Passing State Secrets to China
Russian scientist Valery Mitko, president of the Arctic Academy of Sciences in St. Petersburg, was charged with treason on Monday for allegedly passing state secrets to China.

New Contact Tracing Policies: Marching In BLM and Antifa Protests Should Not Be Logged! The Hypocrisy of It All!
Contact tracing usefulness has come and gone as it is only effective in the first few days and only should be used to assess the degree of penetration of a virus in the early stages. This is a disguised snitch program that is being brought in through the backdoor.

The Democrats Are Signaling End-Game Atrocities In a Post-Trump Take-Over
…I apologize and I do not wish to call anyone ignorant and uninformed, who rejects the notion of FEMA Camps, but they are indeed woefully ignorant usually by choice. The above material can also be found in Obama’s Executive Order 13603. Both Obama’s Executive Order and FM 39.4 are public record and as such, are irrefutable in these claims. The fact that Obama’s 13603 EO is almost identical to this part of FM 39.4 demonstrates the resolve of the globalists to carry out this plot.