14 Jun 2020

Sanhedrin Decision Pertaining to Trump’s Deal of the Century
The Sanhedrin’s official statement opened with a prayer of thanksgiving to the God of Israel and Master of the World.   We congratulate the American leader, President Trump, for not failing and being punished like the British who divided the Land of Israel and were punished for the by the disintegration of the British Empire to shreds, precisely as the Prophet Joel writes of the “Great Judgment.”

60% Of People Naturally Resistant To SARS-COV2, New Study Reveals
if the authors are indeed correct in their estimation, this might mean SARS-COV-2’s infection rate (IFR) would need to be revised downward yet again. If 80% of those infected really do not produce antibodies then there is a live possibility the virus is present in many more people than usually supposed. Which would in turn potentially reduce the IFR, possibly considerably. …using blood tests looking for Sars-Cov-2 antibodies done across different populations all over the world, which routinely suggest that the IFR is closer to 0.3% than the WHO’s initial figure of 3.4%.

HHS Scraps Obama Rules on Gender Identity, Abortion
Federal health officials announced a final rule Friday scrapping an Obama-era regulation that forced medical workers to perform abortions despite their religious beliefs.

The Virgin Islands Battles Severe Drought
The territory has battled various droughts over the decade, some years more severe than others, but even after significant rainfall over the last couple weeks the territory is now considered to be in a severe drought according to the United States Drought Monitor Map.

Dry conditions may linger into July
Along with the dry conditions, temperatures will warm which will ultimately help draw out more and more moisture. In fact, 90-degree weather will return for some of us next week.

Drought and Fire Concerns Intensify as a Flash Drought Develops in Plains, Heat Builds in Southwestern, Central U.S.
Hot and dry conditions will prevail across the southwestern and central U.S. in the week ahead, increasing fire concerns and exacerbating a flash drought that has developed in parts of the Southern Plains. The jet stream will bulge northward over the central U.S., which will keep the heat in place and limit precipitation from the Southwest into much of the Plains into much of next week.

New explanation for Antarctic mystery doesn’t need “parallel universe”
Those are pretty out-there ideas, but one in particular took the proverbial cake. It suggests that these anomalies are evidence of a universe that’s a mirror image of our own, made of antimatter, where time runs backwards.

World-first 3D bionic eye could enable superhuman sight, night vision
Bionic eyes are emerging as a way to restore vision to people who have lost their sight, and possibly even those that never had it to begin with. Currently the most advanced versions are those from companies like Bionic Vision Australia and Second Sight, which have both already been implanted into patients.

Scientists induce “suspended animation” state in mice and rats
The team says that this finding suggests that the Q neuron circuits are conserved in a range of mammals, even those that don’t naturally go into hibernation or torpor. This could include humans – although for now, it’s unknown whether we do have them, let alone whether they could be activated in the same way.

New phase of liquid crystal opens door to “new universe of materials”
More than 100 years after a pair of imaginative physicists first proposed a new phase of liquid crystal, scientists at the University of Colorado Boulder have managed to produce it and have been left “stunned” by its behavior. This new “ferroelectric nematic” phase has proven highly responsive to electrical fields, and by improving the understanding of its unique behavior, the team is hopeful it could lead to an entirely “new universe” of materials. The newly discovered phase is a form of nematic liquid crystal, which offer a mix of fluid- and solid-like characteristics that allow for some unique abilities, namely an ability to control light.

While The Industry Crumbles, One Airline Is Making Money Hand Over Fist Shipping Pigs To China
The pigs are flown almost 6,500 miles in wooden crates and are being used to restore livestock levels in China…

State Bar Group Calls for ‘Mandatory’ COVID-19 Vaccinations, Regardless of Objections
Citing a robust collection of federal and state case law, a New York State Bar Association task-force group on Thursday said it should be mandatory for all Americans to have a COVID-19 vaccination, when one is available, including those who won’t want it for “religious, philosophical or personal reasons.”

62-year-old patient missing since May found dead in VA hospital’s stairwell
A 62-year-old patient at the Bedford VA Hospital in Massachusetts has been found dead in one of the facility’s stairwells after having been last seen over a month ago.

Seattle ANTIFA Soldiers In Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone Abuse Street Preacher While He Cries Out ‘You’re Choking Me’ As Jeering Crowd Laughs
Want to see what ‘peace and tolerance’ looks like to the radical Left of ANTIFA and Black Lives Matter, care to take a peek at their place to ‘end division and bring in harmony’? If you’re human you won’t like it much, and if you’re a bible believer you will ready yourself for war. ANTIFA verbally abused this street preacher, mocked and taunted him, then threw him on the ground and placed him in a chokehold until the bloodthirsty crowd had had enough. Now you know why God will give the Two Witnesses in the Tribulation the ability to destroy their enemies with fire from their mouths, because they will absolutely need it.

Stunning Revelations About the True Nature of the Organizations That Are Destroying America
The attempt to eviscerate the republic of the United States is beginning to take shape. To the average person, they see a montage of unrelated events which are making life miserable.

Devolution to Revolution: An Already Demoralized U.S. is Now Being Destabilized
The two destabilizing events recently occurring back-to-back, the response to the Wuhan coronavirus pandemic and the George Floyd rioting, illustrate well how America is now institutionally incapable of making decisions in her own best interests. That is, the overreaction to the disease and under-reaction to the rioting reflect a country long demoralized.

PLANNED DESTRUCTION: Coronavirus lockdowns eliminated African American employment gains from the past decade
Efforts to stall the spread of the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) not only brought the economy to a halt, but they also ended what had been the best African American job market on record.

Uncle Sam Finally Brings Charges Against Antifa for Riots
The Department of Justice has filed what looks to be the first tranche of charges against violent antifa protesters from coast-to-coast following weeks of rioting following the killing of George Floyd by police. As Antifa itself would say, “it’s going down.”

‘Most’ Arrested Protesters Immediately Released Due to NY Bail Reform Law
Over 700 arrests had been reported in New York City by the middle of the anarchist week filled with violence and destruction. Unfortunately, it’s all for naught. New York City police chief Terrence Monahan told the New York Post earlier this week that the majority of those arrested are immediately released due to New York’s new bail reform law.

Now Comes The Proof That George Soros And His Open Society Foundation Have Been Funnelling Money To The George Floyd Rioters
From the first day the race riots started in the wake of the protests surrounding the death by police of George Floyd, I made you two promises. I promised you that George Soros was helping to finance the looting, burning destruction of property and killings in cities across America, and secondly, I promised you that proof would shortly be forthcoming. You didn’t have to wait long, here it is. George Soros and Open Society Foundation, his social justice NGO that he has given billions in funding to, is now helping to fund the riots all across the country.

“It’s Over, America”: Tulsa Police Major Says Cops Across Country On Verge Of Quitting
“Every department, every officer you talk to is looking to leave.”