13 Jun 2020

Hungarian foreign minister meets with Jared Kusher to discuss peace plan
Hungary’s Foreign Affairs Minister, Péter Szijjártó spoke with US senior presidential adviser Jared Kushner to discuss international relations and pandemic defense against the coronavirus, as well as the “Deal of the Century” and the situation in the Middle East regarding Israel, the Budapest Business Journal reported on Thursday.

CDC warns U.S. may reimplement strict coronavirus measures if cases go up ‘dramatically’
States may need to reimplement the strict social distancing measures that were put in place earlier this year if U.S. coronavirus cases rise “dramatically,” a Centers for Disease Control and Prevention official said Friday. “Right now, communities are experiencing different levels of transmission occurring, as they gradually ease up onto the community mitigation efforts and gradually reopen,”…

Minneapolis City Council Unanimously Votes To Get Rid Of Police
The Minneapolis City Council unanimously voted Friday to “dismantle” the city’s police department as their solution to police violence after George Floyd’s death. The City Council passed a resolution to focus on a community-based public safety system…council members made the announcement at a rally Sunday afternoon, saying they plan to “dismantle” their police department.

Taiwan fires missiles as it prepares for possible Chinese invasion of its island
Taiwan has fired missiles off its coastline as it boosts the island’s defence against the increasingly aggressive China. The test is understood to have taken place off the coast of the easterly Taitung county and at the Jiupeng military base in the southernmost county of Pinging on Thursday. Taiwan is an island of the south-east coast of China which is independent from the superpower.

Lebanon protests: Hundreds take to streets for second night
Hundreds of people have protested in cities across Lebanon for a second night over the handling of the country’s economic crisis. The Lebanese pound has fallen to record lows, having lost 70% of its value since October when protests began. The financial crisis has worsened during the coronavirus pandemic.

U.S.’s Pompeo to meet China’s top diplomat in Hawaii seeking to ease tensions: media
U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo will meet China’s top diplomat Yang Jiechi in Hawaii, trying to ease tensions between the world’s two largest economies over various issues, according to media reports. Pompeo was planning the trip “quietly” and the arrangements were not yet finalized, Politico said.

Russia launches nuke-powered submarine as fears rise of Moscow’s growing arsenal
Russia launched a nuclear-powered submarine today amid growing concerns of a developing arms race between Moscow and the West. The Knyaz Vladimir (Prince Vladimir) – designed to carry Bulava intercontinental nuclear missiles – was enrolled into the navy during Friday’s Russia Day celebrations. Russia’s announcement comes against the background of a rift with Western powers over Ukraine and fears of a burgeoning arms race…

Putin Says ‘Majority’ Back Plan to Change Russian Constitution
President Vladimir Putin said Friday an “absolute majority” of Russians back his controversial plan to change the Constitution, as he made his first public appearance after weeks of lockdown. Russia, which has the world’s third-largest coronavirus caseload, this week lifted tight restrictions as Putin set the stage for a vote on July 1 that could extend his hold on power until 2036.

Severe weather damages camps hosting 140 000 IDPs in Burkina Faso and Nigeria
Heavy rains since early June 2020 have triggered widespread floods in West Africa, causing damage particularly to camps accommodating more than 140 000 Internally Displaced People (IDP) in Nigeria and Burkina Faso.

Nearly 2 months’ worth of rain in just 4 hours inundates Ajaccio, Corsica
Heavy flooding hit the capital city of Ajaccio in the French Mediterranean island of Corsica on Thursday, June 11, 2020, sweeping away vehicles and trapping motorists on the roads. According to Meteo France, 44 mm (2 inches) of rain fell in just four hours, which is almost twice the country’s average rainfall for the entire month of June.

BREAKING: Trump finalizes rollback of Obama-era LGBTQ patient protections
The Trump administration is eliminating an Obama-era regulation prohibiting discrimination in health care against patients who are transgender.

Far-Left Laodicean Magazine ‘Christianity Today’ Demands That America’s Christian Churches Pay Reparations To Blacks For Slavery
Champions of the far-Left Laodicean Church, a magazine called Christianity Today and started by Billy Graham, has decided to throw their hat into the ring surrounding the discussion on racial tensions and domestic terror organization, Black Lives Matter. Their solution? America’s Christian churches need to pay reparations, or financial compensation, to descendants of black slaves from the 18th and 19th centuries. When all else fails, pay people off.

Military nurse at COVID epicenter hospital: ‘it’s murder’
Her name is Erin Marie Olszewski.  She’s a military nurse.  She worked at the hospital that’s touted as being at the very center of the global pandemic, in terms of numbers of cases and deaths.

Emmanuel Macron Resurfaces Defiantly Saying ‘There Is No One Opposite Me’ As Rumors Swirl He Plans To Resign Then Run For Reelection
The motto of the 33rd degree Freemasons is from the Latin ‘Ordo Ab Chao’ which translated means ‘order out of chaos’, meaning that they are the ones who will bring ‘order’ out of the chaos that they themselves have created. The New World Order operates this way though something known as the Hegelian Dialectic, from the German philosopher Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel. This is where False Flags come from and all the other tools used so effectively by the New World Order.

Report: National Guard Members Found Glass in Their Pizza from DC Restaurant While Deployed to DC to Save National Monuments from Leftists
..The South Carolina National Guard reportedly ordered pizza from a local restaurant. The pizza contained glass pieces according to guard members.

They All Lied To Us About Coronavirus To Justify The Global Lockdowns, Here Is What Will Likely Happen Next
We were told that we would not be allowed into the hospital to say goodbye to our dying loved ones because it was ‘too dangerous’, yet tens of thousands of rioters flood the streets with the government’s approval. We were told that funeral would not be allowed because of ‘social distancing safety precautions’, then watched at George Floyd was given 4 funerals attended in huge numbers with almost no one social distancing or wearing a mask. Starting to feel like you’ve been lied to? It gets worse.

Court Dismisses Satanist’s Challenge to Abortion Law
On Tuesday, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Eighth Circuit, in a 3-0 decision, dismissed the lawsuit filed by “Judy Doe,” who claimed a state law requiring abortion clinics to present women with a booklet that states life begins at conception violated her religious beliefs.

When America Is No Longer America: The Fall of the Empire
..small sample of what we spoke about..inevitability of full-blown civil war..soon-to-be escalation of the present conflict into mass casualty events as well as assassinations..overt attempt to eviscerate the church because as Bob correctly states, the Satanic Left can’t handle the power of Jesus Christ. Antifa’s Occupation of the heart of Seattle as the police are nowhere to be found. Extreme food inflation. The coming use of food as a weapon against the people and much, much more.

Meet a Vietnam vet became a diver in Israel 
Would you like to meet a man who fought in the Vietnam War, spent time on an Israeli kibbutz, served in the UN as a representative of the US Marine Corps, served as a UN observer on the Lebanon border, worked with explosives off US coastal waters, owns part of a diamond quarry which he works yearly, trims branches off trees overhanging sukkahs, and works as a lifeguard at the Dead Sea?