10 Jun 2020

Amid Global Uncertainty, Record Numbers of Jews Return ‘Home’
The results are in: In May, the number of North Americans applying to make aliyah was double what it was last year at this time (814 vs. 424). In fact, last month was the biggest ever in the 19-year history of Nefesh B’Nefesh, the nonprofit that with the help of Israel’s government and the Jewish Agency for Israel has already shepherded some 60,000 North American Jews to new homes in Israel.

US In Moral Freefall As Everyone Does What Is Right In Their Own Eyes
In those days Israel had no king; all the people did whatever seemed right in their own eyes. Judges 21:25 “The consequences of rejecting God’s truth are undeniable. We know that what we believe dictates how we behave. Today, we are seeing the moral breakdown permeating the culture around us, and it is playing out with devastating consequences in our culture. The poll revealed 58 percent of respondents said they look to themselves or other people when making moral decisions. Less than one third said that they look to the Bible.

Syrian currency collapse throws country into uncertainty
The Syrian regime thought it was finally out of the woods in its almost decade-long civil war. From a pre-2011 exchange of some 50 Syrian pounds to the dollar, the rate now appears to be 1,920 pounds to the dollar – almost 40 times as much.

5.7 magnitude earthquake hits southern Iran
A magnitude 5.7 earthquake struck Fars province in southern Iran on Tuesday, the official IRNA news agency reported. There was no immediate information about possible casualties or damage from the quake …

Chicago Mayor Begs Businesses To Stay as Major Retailer Mulls Abandoning City
Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot, whose job it is to protect her city, is now pleading with Walmart and other retailers not to leave the market. National retail chain locations have been attacked, looted or burned and are now closed in many parts of the city, … Walmart, according to reports, might not come back, at least not fully.

Iran builds fake US aircraft carrier to practice blowing it up
Satellite images obtained by The Associated Press Tuesday show the model of the U.S. style aircraft carrier, complete with 16 mock up fighter jets on the deck. The model carrier measures in at about 200 meters (650 feet) long and 50 meters (160 feet) wide, while a real Nimitz class carrier is about 300 meters (980 feet) long and 75 meters (245 feet) wide.

Trump’s Plan Inspires Israelis to Expand Israel to Inside PA Controlled Regions of Judea-Samaria
the message featured a call to action including protesting, building and to double the size of the Jewish presence in Judea and Samaria with no differentiation between areas A, B and C. Area A is currently controlled by the Palestinian Authority and according to the law, Israelis are not even allowed to enter that area let alone settle it. A call for Jewish Israelis to build new towns in that jurisdiction is unprecedented and is likely to enrage the violently antisemitic Palestinian Authority.

Iran to execute alleged US-Israel spy who Helped Kill Soleimani
Iran announced on Tuesday that it will execute a suspected spy for the U.S. and Israel who relayed to those nations information regarding the location of former Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps commander Gen. Qassem Soleimani, who was killed by an American drone in Iraq in January. Iranian Judiciary spokesman Gholamhossein Esmaili gave the alleged spy’s name as Mahmoud Mousavi Majd,

Russian: Major Eco-Disaster Turns River Blood Red
Ten days ago, a section of the Ambarnaya River in Siberia, Russia began turning bright red, forcing Vladimir Putin to order a state of emergency. Though everything that happens in the world does so out of God’s will, there was a much more mundane immediate cause for the shocking change of color: Twenty thousand tonnes of diesel fuel spilled into the river from a power plant’s fuel reservoir at a near the city of Norilsk, 190 miles north of the Arctic Circle, that had collapsed three days prior due to melting permafrost under its supporting pillars. This is one of the biggest oil product accidents ever to have occurred in the Russian Arctic.

Rabbis Agree: Kneel Before No one Except God
The racially motivated protests and riots taking place in the wake of the horrific murder of George Floyd have elicited an unusual response. Many people, including prominent politicians and law enforcement officials, have “taken the knee” in acquiescence to or in complete agreement with the claims of the protesters that America, and in particular the police are racist. “I have been asked why I will not kneel at events like the one from earlier today,” Mei wrote. “Because of my faith, I will never kneel to anyone but God. You will see me kneel in church, but you will not ever see me kneel at any other event except in prayer.” All the king’s courtiers in the palace gate knelt and bowed low to Haman, for such was the king’s order concerning him; but Mordechai would not kneel or bow low. Esther 3:2

Somalia: Over 500 People Killed By Cholera in Somalia Since January-UN
More than 500 people have succumbed to cholera and acute diarrhoea and left tens of thousands of others sick in Somalia since January,

Forestry officials predict severe and complex wildfire season amid drought and COVID-19; still searching for money to pay for it
State forestry officials told lawmakers Friday they are operationally prepared for what could be a severe and complicated wildfire season given drought conditions and the difficulties of dealing with COVID-19 on the fire line. What they don’t know is how they’re going to pay for it. Jason Miner, the governor’s natural resources policy adviser, said Friday the financially troubled agency has the funds it needs to get it through the 2020 fire season. But that’s not actually the case.

Artificial intelligence chips benefit from a good night’s sleep
Artificial neurons are already far more human-like than traditional computers, and now it turns out they might also need sleep to function at their peak. And it’s not just a matter of turning them off every now and then – a new study shows that the neurons benefit from exposure to slow-wave signals like those in a sleeping biological brain.

Hidden pattern discovered in repeating radio signal from space
New clues have been uncovered in the mystery of fast radio bursts (FRBs) from space. One of these strange signals has been repeating seemingly at random – but with years of observation, an international study has now found a pattern hidden in the noise, which could help reveal what causes them.

High Court nixes Settlements Law as annexation approaches
The High Court of Justice on Tuesday night struck down the 2017 Settlements Law as unconstitutional as the country nears a major decision about annexation in the West Bank. The law, which in a rare situation, was opposed by Attorney-General Avichai Mandelblit, would have retroactively legalized over 4,000 unauthorized settler units in the West Bank.

Israeli judges send tacit message to ICC: ‘We respect international law’
Israel’s High Court of Justice sent a strong but tacit message on Tuesday to the International Criminal Court that the Jewish state is still one that respects international law. Technically speaking, the issue at hand was whether or not some 4,000 illegally built settler homes on private Palestinian property could be retroactively authorized.

Iran’s Rouhani: We broke the knee of America that was on our throat
Iranian President Hassan Rouhani gave an inflammatory speech at a cabinet meeting, according to Fars News Agency in Tehran. Referencing the police killing of George Floyd in the US. He claimed that America has had a “knee” to the throat of Iran for years and that Iran has broken its will. “Our dear nation broke this knee by breaking their unity and now they no longer have the knee to put pressure on the Iranian nation.”

Russia, China build case at UN to protect Iran from US sanctions threat
Russia and China have started making the case at the United Nations against Washington’s claim that it can trigger a return of all sanctions on Iran at the Security Council, with Moscow invoking a 50-year-old international legal opinion to argue against the move. Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov and the Chinese government’s top diplomat, Wang Yi, both wrote to the 15-member council and UN chief Antonio Guterres…

More Food Shortages Loom With Outbreaks at 60 U.S Plants
A caravan of vehicles decorated with black ribbons and memorial pictures crawled through Yakima, Washington, last week to mark the death of David Cruz, a 60-year-old fruit warehouse employee who died after contracting coronavirus. The county, a hub of agricultural activity where workers jam into often crowded factories to package apples and other foods, has the highest per capita infection rate on the West Coast.

Lawsuit Accuses Nation’s Top Meatpackers Of Conspiring To Boost The Price Of Beef
A class action lawsuit filed over the weekend accuses the nation’s top meatpackers — Cargill, JBS, National Beef, and Tyson — of conspiring to artificially increase the price of beef and thereby boost their profit margins. The lawsuit, filed in Minneapolis federal court on behalf of a Chicago grocer, says that the meatpackers…used their position to limit the supply of cattle and fix the price of beef…

Chinese companies put U.S. listing plans on ice as tensions mount
Chinese companies are putting off plans for U.S. listings as tensions between the world’s top two economies rise, lawyers, bankers, accountants and regulators involved in what has been a major capital-raising route told Reuters. The drop in interest…is the result of a proposed U.S. legislation that would make it harder for some Chinese firms to debut in America…

Hong Kong police arrest 53 pro-democracy activists, more rallies planned
Hong Kong police arrested 53 people during protests on Tuesday evening that saw hundreds of activists take to the streets, at times blocking roads in the heart of the global financial hub, before police fired pepper spray to disperse crowds. The protests…also came amid heightened tensions due to a proposed national security bill backed by the central government in Beijing.

Settlers launching campaign to fight Trump peace plan
Settlement leaders are embarking on an aggressive campaign directed at Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and U.S. President Donald Trump against current formulation of the American plan for Middle East peace. The campaign will include massive posters with the slogans”No to a Palestinian State” and “Sovereignty – Do It Right!” accompanied by images of Netanyahu and Trump.

German FM warns Israel against West Bank annexation plans
Germany’s foreign minister…warned Israel that its plan to begin annexing parts of the West Bank would violate international law, but he declined to say how Germany or Europe would respond. The visit to Jerusalem…comes just weeks before Israel intends to extend its sovereignty over Jewish West Bank settlements, in line with President Donald Trump’s controversial Mideast plan.

Paul Craig Roberts Asks “Can We Survive Our Collective Stupidity?”
As kids we used to say, “sticks and stones might break my bones, but words will never hurt me.”  Today for the woke weaklings the wrong word is like a nuclear weapon…

The aftermath of catastrophic Edenville Dam collapse, Michigan
About 10 000 people living in the towns of Edenville, Sanford, and Midland in central Michigan were forced to evacuate on May 19, 2020, after days of heavy rainfall caused catastrophic failure of Edenville and Sanford dams.

Anomalously cold temperatures and summer snow hit Nevada, Montana, Idaho, Utah and Colorado
A cold front has started dumping unseasonal record snow in parts of the Western U.S. over the weekend, including in Nevada, Montana, Idaho, Utah, and Colorado. The National Weather Service (NWS) warned that an anomalously cold and vigorous upper trough for early June is moving through the western U.S. and northern Plains, posing threat for severe weather.

Sydney’s coastal ecosystems suffer ‘once-in-a-generation’ mass mortality event, Australia
Marine ecosystems along a wide stretch of coastline in Sydney, Australia, have been devastated in recent months by a combination of bushfire debris, drought, and severe storms. Researchers for The Abyss Project, a scientific group of divers, described it as potentially the worst “mass mortality event” in decades.

ANTIFA Seizes Seattle Police Department, Sets Up ISIS-Style ‘Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone’ As Mayor Durkin Orders A 6-City Block Area Abandoned 
As the carnage continues to rise, the dead bodies start piling up, and the hundreds of millions of dollars in damage to America’s cities decimates mostly minority-owned businesses, just keep telling yourself that this is about ‘police brutality’, just keep telling yourself that these actions are to ‘honor the memory’ of George Floyd. Just keep lying to yourself that this is all about freedom and ‘new beginnings’, it’s nothing of the kind. What is happening is as old as mankind itself, it’s wicked sin straight from the tap and stunningly unfiltered. It is wickedness.

The Leftist Riots That Began In Minneapolis Were Planned Long Before George Floyd Was Killed On The Street That Day With A Knee On His Neck
The speed in which the protests over the death of George Floyd at the hands of police morphed into highly-funded and well organized riots that saw whole city blocks go up in flames was not only astounding, if you were paying attention, it was also suspicious. Highly suspicious. And for those of you aware and awake, you know that the Left had multiple NGO’s and social justice groups, funded by George Soros, chomping at the bit for an excuse to wreak havoc. The death of George Floyd was that excuse, and today, we bring you proof.

George Floyd’s Family Asks United Nations to Disarm Police in U.S.
The family of George Floyd, the black man illed while in police custody in Minneapolis on Memorial Day, has sent a letter to the globalist United Nations to ask for its help in disarming police officers in the United States of America.

PSYOP? George Floyd “death” was faked by crisis actors to engineer revolutionary riots, video authors say 
Numerous videos are now surfacing that directly question the authenticity of the claimed “death” of George Floyd by Minneapolis police. Several trending videos appear to reveal striking inconsistencies in the official explanations behind the reported death of Floyd.

The WHO just obliterated every argument for mandatory vaccines or contact tracing by declaring asymptomatic carriers don’t spread COVID-19
Today the WHO declared that COVID-19 almost never spreads through asymptomatic carriers, all at once wiping out the entire justification for mandatory vaccines and contact tracing. As CNBC.com reported:

L.A. Teachers’ Union Calls for Elimination of School Police Force
The United Teachers Los Angeles (UTLA), representing teachers and support staff in the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD), called Monday for the elimination of the 400-member police force protecting schools in the district.

Most Voters Think The US Is Spiraling Out Of Control
It has been a turbulent year for the United States…