6 Jun 2020

Riots, like military org., ‘attack and dethrone God’ – Former FBI agent
Former FBI deputy counterterror director Terry Turchie told Fox News’s Laura Ingraham on Friday when speaking on the news that the riots occurring throughout the United States in response to the murder of George Floyd at the hands of Minneapolis police is not unlike the extreme leftist Weather Underground Organization (WUO), claiming one of its intentions was to “attack and dethrone God.”

All This Chaos Might Be Giving You ‘Crisis Fatigue’
When you’re faced with a threat, the adrenal glands…flood your body with the stress hormone cortisol…and adrenaline…But it can also be overwhelming…when our brains are being bombarded by an absolute onslaught of crises: the Covid-19 pandemic, economic distress, and nationwide civil unrest… You might at this point feel lost or numb, and that’s perfectly natural. Psychologists call it crisis fatigue…

Genetically Modified Mosquitoes Are Coming to the U.S.
This summer, for the first time, genetically modified mosquitoes could be released in the U.S. On May 1, 2020, the company Oxitec received an experimental use permit from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to release millions of GM mosquitoes…every week over the next two years in Florida and Texas. Females of this mosquito species, Aedes aegypti, transmit dengue, chikungunya, yellow fever and Zika viruses.

Looters who hit L.A. stores explain what they did: ‘Get my portion!’
The young man flanked the shattered entry of a ransacked CVS in Santa Monica, where people had swept the shelves clean of everything from diapers to detergent. The man, who did not cover his face, admitted he was a looter. He did not apologize. “We’ve got no other way of showing people how angry we are,” he said. Out of the store ran another young man, this one holding a carton of eggs…“We’re doing it because we can,” he said.

Indigenous deaths in custody: Why Australians are seizing on US protests
Anger over the death of George Floyd has spread to Australia, with Black Lives Matter protests being held across the country. But Australian demonstrators are not just expressing solidarity. Many are using the moment to vent fury about indigenous deaths in custody in Australia. So what is the situation?

Trump ‘approves plan’ to withdraw US troops from Germany
US President Donald Trump has approved a plan to withdraw 9,500 American troops from bases in Germany by September, US media say. Mr Trump, who has long complained that European members of Nato should spend more on their own defence, reportedly wants US troop levels capped at 25,000. Troops would either be redeployed elsewhere or return home, US media report, citing a government official.

Towards a global intifada
The ongoing protests over the May 25 police killing of George Floyd and the United States political establishment’s heavy-handed response to them are seminal developments in modern American history. They not only expose the deep-rooted racism of the American society but also provide yet another refutation to American exceptionalism – the widely-held belief that the US is fundamentally different from and superior to other nations.

Syrian defences intercept Israeli missiles in Hama
Syrian air defences have intercepted an Israeli attack near a central town that caused explosions and a large fire in the area. Syrian news agency SANA said the Israeli air attack occurred near the town of Masyaf in the Hama countryside. There was no immediate word on casualties or damage. Residents in neighbouring Lebanon reported hearing the Israeli warplanes flying at low altitude…on their way to bomb Syria…

Northern Ireland under worst drought since 1976
Farmers in Northern Ireland are facing the worst drought since 1976. It came after an unusually dry spell and the sunniest spring ever, with records dating back to 1929. Allan Chambers, a member of the UFU’s Seeds and Cereals Committee, said the lack of rainfall placed farmers under a dire situation. According to Met Office, this year’s spring, which spans from March to May, was the sunniest on record for the region.

Russian-U.S. Tensions Rise in Syria as Moscow Expands Presence – Reports
Tensions flared between Russia and the United States as the Russian military reportedly seeks to expand its presence in U.S.-controlled northeastern Syria, news outlets reported this week. The latest flare-up follows the Russian military’s reported attempt to build a base near the Turkish and Iraqi borders last week.

Russia declares state of emergency after second largest oil spill in Arctic Circle
Russian President Vladimir Putin has declared a state of emergency in Norilsk, Siberia, on June 4, 2020, following a 20 000 tonne-oil spill in the Arctic Circle. The World Wildlife Fund (WWF) described the disaster as the second largest in modern Russian history since the 1994 oil spill in the northwestern region of Komi. Meanwhile, Greenpeace Russia compared it to the 1989 Exxon Valdez tanker spill.

In Rare Statement, Soros Denies Paying Protesters To Riot
Following accusations that paid protesters are hijacking the George Floyd protests and inciting riots, George Soros’ Open Society Foundation has issued a rare statement claiming that he – nor anyone else, is funding the chaos.

May gun sales hit all-time record in face of COVID, riots 
Americans are in a better position to defend themselves and their families after another record month of gun sales.

D.C. mayor has ‘Black Lives Matter’ painted on street leading to White House
On Friday, photos and video went viral of the phrase “Black Lives Matter” being painted in giant yellow letters on a street in Washington, D.C., but the art project highlighted divisions between several of the key leaders in our nation’s capital, as President Donald Trump, D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser, and the D.C. Chapter of Black Lives Matter traded criticisms back and forth.

THUG LIFE: Pretend Christian Kanye West Joins Black Lives Matter Anti-Police Protests, Scrubs Twitter Feed Of Nearly All His ‘Sunday Service’ Tweets
Oh, it was such fun while it lasted, wasn’t it? Pretend Christian Kanye West deceived millions of biblically illiterate and lukewarm Laodicean Christians with his phony ‘Sunday Service’ garbage, where Ye was glorified and Jesus came in a close second. Remember how hard on me you were when I pointed out to you that he was deceiving you to make millions? Well, Kanye West made about $250 millions off of you people who bought his stuff. Remember you said that he was just a “baby Christian” and to give him time? Time’s up, welcome to reality.

Are You One Of the Spiritually Deceived And Mentally Deficient People Who Are Kneeling Before Black Lives Matter Repenting Of Your Whiteness?
That what I am writing about today is even a thing is beyond disturbing to me on not just many levels but on every level. As the end times insanity heats up, and ANTIFA and Black Lives Matter domestic terrorists continue to loot, pillage, burn, steal and destroy, white Liberals have begun kneeling before their captors and asking to be forgiven of their “whiteness”, and their “white privilege”. Are you one of those weak, pathetic, deceived and virulently pusillanimous people engaging in such behaviour? If so, do you think such ridiculous efforts will “stop racism” in America and around the world? Let me give you a much-needed reality check.

Shocker! Economy gains 2.5 million jobs in May
The economy gained 2.5 million jobs in May lowering the unemployment rate to 13.3%, the Labor Department said Friday in an employment report.

At least 50 handguns stolen in overnight heist in California, police say
More than 50 handguns were stolen in an overnight looting spree in California, marking another escalation in nearly a week of protests seeking justice for George Floyd.

The Lancet, New England Journal of Medicine turned into laughing stocks as widely-touted hydroxychlorine study found to be based on fabricated data organized by science fiction writer and adult content model
Just as the mainstream media utterly destroyed its credibility in trying to remove President Trump from office, the medical establishment is committing credibility suicide in a mad rush to try to suppress the truth about hydroxychloroquine, an off-patent drug that can save patients from covid-19.

George Soros Uses Black Lives Matter and ANTIFA to Turn Minneapolis Into A War Zone
Right now the city of Minneapolis is besieged and under attack, but not from Muslim terrorists or some other foreign national group.

Amazon allies with communist-funded Antifa terrorism
If you were wondering where Amazon stands on all the looting and rioting taking place across America, the company has indicated that it is in full support of it.