19 May 2020

US Navy sends subs to sea as message to China
The Pacific Fleet Submarine Force took the unusual step this month of announcing that all of its forward-deployed subs were simultaneously conducting “contingency response operations” at sea in the Western Pacific — downplaying the notion that Navy forces have been hampered by COVID-19. The sub force said the missions were mounted in support of the Pentagon’s “free and open Indo-Pacific” policy aimed at countering China’s expansionism in the South China Sea.

The Sun “Has Gone Into Lockdown”, And This Strange Behavior Could Worsen Global Food Shortages
At a time when the world is already being hit with major crisis after major crisis, our sun is behaving in ways that we have never seen before. For as long as records have been kept, the sun has never been quieter than it has been in 2019 and 2020, and as you will see below we are being warned that we have now entered “a very deep solar minimum”. Unfortunately, other very deep solar minimums throughout history have corresponded with brutally cold temperatures and horrific global famines, …

Trump Admin Warns ICC to Keep Its Hands Off Israel
America will “exact consequences” if International Criminal Court prosecutes alleged Israeli “war crimes”

Saudi Arabia Turns Against the Palestinians
“Our public has turned against the Palestinians in general; It’s in our interest to maintain real relations with Israel”
For decades, the Arab world maintained a fiery hostility toward Israel, and a widespread belief that “Palestine” must be liberated at all costs. It was easy to do in the pre-Internet era when the people at large, the so-called “Arab street,” could be kept in ignorance regarding the facts of the situation.

Heavy-thumbed Democratic guvs a boon for Trump, says pundit
the continued restrictions being imposed by Democratic governors in four key swing state economies will help President Donald Trump capture those states again in November. “The latest survey data show Trump running very well in those states – and one of the reasons he’s running well is the Democratic governors of those states have put a hammerlock on their population,”

Bill Gates Admits That As Many As 700,000 People Could Die From The COVID-19 Vaccine He Keeps Insisting Everyone Must Take When It’s Ready
Isn’t it interesting that Bill Gates is pushing a COVID-19 coronavirus vaccine that he freely admits will seriously injure or even kill upwards of 700,000 people while at the same time saying what a great thing it will be when everyone is forced to take it? You can’t make this stuff it, you really can’t.

Update on Ravi Zacharias’ health: ‘The time for him to be with the Lord … is drawing near’
World-renowned apologist Ravi Zacharias, whose family recently announced that no other treatment is available for his advanced stage of cancer, still smiles and nods when messages of encouragement are read out to him, but “it appears that the time for him to be with the Lord he loved to serve is drawing near,” said Michael Ramsden, president of Ravi Zacharias International Ministries.

Report: Israel behind cyberattack on Iranian port
The attack on May 9 targeted the shipping traffic at Iran’s Shahid Rajaee port terminal. Computers that regulate the flow of vessels, trucks and goods all crashed at once, creating massive backups on waterways and roads leading to the facility.

Holy Jewish site of Esther and Mordechai set ablaze in Iran
“Disturbing reports from Iran that the tomb of Esther & Mordechai, a holy Jewish site, was set afire overnight. We hope that the authorities bring the perpetrators of this antisemitic act to justice & commit to protecting the holy sites of all religious minorities in Iran,” Greenblatt tweeted.

Iran’s Khamenei calls to “arm” Palestinians
Iranian Ayatollah Khamenei called for the West Bank to be “armed” and compared the Palestinians there to Hamas in Gaza. “The only thing that can reduce Palestinian hardships is the hand of power,” he tweeted on Tuesday morning. Iran appears to be calling for Palestinian attacks on Israel.

Now is the Time for Sovereignty in Judea and Samaria!
I and my fellow Jews living in these areas believe strongly that we have not conquered another nation but have returned to the center of our ancient land, settling the land that is ours, that does not rightfully belong to anyone else.

A Solar Cycle Mirroring Bible’s Creation Is About to Cool the Earth
The list of crazy catastrophes characterizing 2020 just got longer as the sun entered a phase scientists call ‘solar minimum.’ Accompanying the 11-year quasi-periodicity in sunspots, the large-scale dipolar (north-south) magnetic field component of the Sun also flips every 11 years. Solar activity can affect climate fluctuations on scales of centuries and longer. “Solar Minimum is underway and it’s a deep one,” Dr. Phillips said. “Sunspot counts suggest it is one of the deepest of the past century.

US asking Israel to eliminate China ties in sensitive areas
The US is asking its allies, including Israel, to sever ties with China in areas with security risks… The demand marks an escalation, since previous public statements US Ambassador to Israel David Friedman and State Department officials had focused on the establishment of a more robust review process for foreign investments that could pose risks, and a reduction of reliance on China for emergency equipment…

Cyber warfare, Israel, Iran and the new way of total war
A report by The Washington Post indicating that Israel was behind a cyberattack on Iran has lifted the lid on the way cyber conflict is the new field of conflict in the Middle East. The report says that Israel carried out a cyberattack on Iran’s Shahid Rajaee Port on May 9 in retaliation for an Iranian cyberattack on Israeli infrastructure days before.

Archaeologists discover 2000-year-old unique complex by the Western Wall
A unique system of underground rooms dating back to 2000 years ago were discovered by a group of archaeologists just adjacent to the Western Wall in the Old City of Jerusalem, under the lobby of the Western Wall tunnels in the “Beit Straus” complex. The rare discovery sheds light on Jewish life in the holy city ahead of the destruction of the Second Temple…

Alan Dershowitz: State has right to ‘plunge a needle into your arm’
Harvard Law School emeritus professor Alan Dershowitz claimed…the government has a constitutional right under the 10th Amendment to forcibly vaccinate a citizen… “Let me put it very clearly, you have no constitutional right to endanger the public and spread the disease, even if you disagree. You have no right not to be vaccinated, you have no right not to wear a mask, you have no right to open up your business,” he said.

Coronavirus: Chile protesters clash with police over lockdown
Protesters and police have clashed on the outskirts of the Chilean capital Santiago amid tension over food shortages during lockdown. Local television showed police using tear gas and water cannon to quell unrest on the streets of El Bosque, where poverty is high. President Sebastián Piñera, in a televised address after the protests, pledged to get food to those in need.

White House panel: Build new tech infrastructure for future jobs
A White House advisory panel on Tuesday will call for the government and private industry to work together to build new technological infrastructure to support future jobs and provide the underpinnings critical to a solid economic recovery from the coronavirus pandemic, an official briefed on the plans said.

Bennett says Iran starting to withdraw from Syria
Iran has begun withdrawing its forces from Syria, Israel’s outgoing defense minister said on Monday, without offering any evidence to support his assertion. Naftali Bennett also urged his successor, Benny Gantz, to maintain pressure on Iran, adding that the trend might otherwise reverse.

Iraq: Rocket lands near US embassy inside Baghdad’s Green Zone
A rocket has hit an empty house in the Iraqi capital’s heavily fortified Green Zone, a military statement has said. The rocket was launched from an eastern district of Baghdad, according to the statement, and was the first to land in the high-security zone in weeks. There were no reports of casualties in the attack.

Over 100 Million in China’s Northeast Face Renewed Lockdown
Some 108 million people in China’s northeast region are being plunged back under lockdown conditions as a new and growing cluster of infections causes a backslide in the nation’s return to normal.

Faux-Libertarian Musk Criticizes Fed For “Massive Currency Issuance”, Says Bitcoin Looks “Solid By Comparison”
“Massive currency issuance by government central banks is making bitcoin internet ghost money look solid by comparison.”

Major flooding hits Chicago, city on pace to break the monthly May rainfall record, U.S.
Severe thunderstorms, including two probable tornadoes, ripped through the Chicago area on Sunday, May 17, 2020, causing major flooding and leading to numerous water rescues.

Amphan unexpectedly intensifies into Super Cyclonic Storm — strongest named storm of the 2020 northern hemisphere season
Tropical Cyclone “Amphan” unexpectedly intensified into a rare Super Cyclonic Storm on May 18, 2020 — becoming the northern hemisphere’s strongest tropical cyclone in 2020. This storm can have a high humanitarian impact based on the maximum sustained wind speed, exposed population and vulnerability.

Late season snow and unusually cold May temperatures from North America to Europe
A late-season cold blast has been dumping spring snow from North America to parts of Europe since early May, causing records to tumble in several areas as the cold Arctic air ripped through west to east.

Bill Gates Admits That As Many As 700,000 People Could Die From The COVID-19 Vaccine He Keeps Insisting Everyone Must Take When It’s Ready
Isn’t it interesting that Bill Gates is pushing a COVID-19 coronavirus vaccine that he freely admits will seriously injure or even kill upwards of 700,000 people while at the same time saying what a great thing it will be when everyone is forced to take it? You can’t make this stuff it, you really can’t.

As Israel Swears In A New Government, The Trump Middle East Peace Plan Is Suddenly Front And Center Again
Israel made history yesterday by signing into a law a unity government that will be jointly run by Benjamin Netanyahu and Benny Gantz for 18-month periods respectively. Netanyahu’s stated desire to annex large portions of both Judea and Samaria is irrevocably tied to the Trump Middle East Peace Plan. The Trump administration supports annexation but only if it is bundled with Israel accepting the Trump plan for peace with the Palestinians at the same time. It is at this juncture that we make the leap from politics…to prophecy.

Newsom’s Budget Closes Veterans Nursing Home, But Gives $80 Million To Illegal Aliens
After giving nearly $80 Million to illegal aliens from the cornovirus emergency funds, California governor Gavin Newsom doesn’t have the funds to keep a veterans nursing home up and running in the town of Barstow, in San Bernardino county. Shuttering the home will save the state $2.6 Million, as the state government searches for ways to close a multi billion dollar budget gap.

Peter Schiff: It’s Not A Crisis Until It Very, Very Quickly Becomes One
“Just because we’ve gotten away with it for this long doesn’t mean we’re going to get away with it forever…”

‘God TV’ Spat Exposes Tensions With Evangelicals
An evangelical broadcaster who boasted of miraculously securing a TV license in Israel now risks being taken off the air over suspicions of trying to convert Jews to Christianity.

The Coming Nuclear Menace: Hypersonic Missiles
“Apocalypse will be highly likely….the benefits of hypersonic weapons compared to the risk they create are ‘widely unclear,’ as well as the benefits of the AI systems that inform them…”